Date A Live Season 2

Date A Live Season 2 Review (Not Spoiler Free)


Date: 14/05/2018

Date A Live Season 2 Review

Animes that have serializations nowadays aren’t always prized with a sequel. Especially animes that fall under categories, such as, ecchi/harem. Be it for the lack of any linear when it comes to their storylines or just sales in general. A way that these types of shows either gets a second season is by, selling good and so making other potential studios take interest upon it. Or, for a complete decently minded studio to drop the series and for a more retarded studio to pick it up for their disgraceful work. Such is the feat of Date A Live Season 2.

Date A Live Season 2

Date A Live Season 2

Oh, Surprise, Surprise, it’s the second option. Not like the sales were something completely off the chart, but they managed to coop their way out of demise. To capitalize on the situation before Date A Live Season 2 was even made. The studio that adapted the first season of Date A Live decided to abandon the series, leaving it wide open for another season. Or, to leave it there without getting another adaptation, in this case, the second season.

Date A Live Season 1 Link Review

Disclaimer: This review contains spoilers

An Anime’s Fate Lies Within Its Studio

This left an option on many studios, but the truth is predictable as the sunshine. No studio would honestly adapt these, at least the decent ones. That’s when studios from the underground take scene. By underground, I mean studio that deserves to be treated without any sort of degree, a very low at it.

Which studio would pick it? Who would have the audacity to continue it? Or could it be that a brilliant studio would pick this up and move the second season’s strings like a true puppet? Ah, valiant dreams are always admirable efforts that we humans tend to execute a lot in our fantasies, isn’t it? My bad for thinking too high, it only shows how desperate this anime needed a backup call. Well, which studio did we get?

Production IMS, The Manhood Pride

Production IMS. This studio is of a very integral level of performance in the last few years. Seriously, the way it manages to grab its viewers is supreme to any other. Not even 8bit manages to be this bad, which is… surprisingly shocking? If something is worse than 8bit, then this world has fallen to true ruin. What studio could be more looming and fluid than Production IMS when it comes to highlighting skin and making virgins forget about a factual and constant truth about manhood. If you don’t speak up to a woman, then you will most likely die a virgin.

Date A Live II

Itsuka Kotori


That’s the very harsh truth about it, right? Nah, apparently, I’m just wrong, how could such banal thought hold any value upon Japan? Facing reality? We don’t need that. Let’s instead just adapt only animes where our protagonists, the face, and body of the show is supposed to illustrate the true fundamentals that no other mere dynamics can make its viewers stay absorbed into it.

Japan’s Industry True Might

Fear not, this studio does that with a vividly amount of vigor. There is no need to have any sort of akin towards any of their shows. Because all of them, represent a supreme vast concept demonstration. Essentially, the core of it, being that as long as you are the Main Character, any girl will be craving for your meat stick. As long as your presence is there. No, you don’t have to say a word about it. You just need to exist.

That’s it really. Don’t you just love those sort of animes? Why bother with something incredibly innovating when this studio brings down absolute mediocrity to exposure with no such sense of scale on how to adjust any innovation mixed with originality along with it. Such masterful formulas being applied over and over again to gain the fanbase trust and loyalty.

Of course, I’m not talking about your average fanbase. Well, actually, it’s a pretty big one, mainly the one that crafts their desires in creative ways to watch these types of animes. While I’m at it. Let me highlight some of these masterpieces to you. To start off, we have Hundred. Very, very, high thought and developed in terms of marbled themes. Next, Shinmai Maou no Testament. Basically a cheap hentai, but hey, Hundred does take it to another level. Lastly, Masou Gakuen HxH. I can’t describe such beautifully and hard thoughted masterpieces such as this. I truly advice them to check yourself out.

Free Skin Exhibition Is The Ultimate Technique For Ultimate Profit

Especially if you are a fan of self-satisfaction and white skin exhibition, then holy hell, you will be baffed all over their adaptations. If by some chance you haven’t noticed, most of my previous words were sarcasm, it was just to make you realize what sort of studio adapted Date A Live Season 2. Still, I have to say, it did a better job than the previous studio, which was not a hard task honestly. You just had to put a reasonable plot line, characters with a different set of personalities and most of all, a decent pace for the anime that it would be suitable for any viewer. Now, does this anime do all of that? That is, what we are gonna find out.

Before that, I should explain one thing about this anime, a standard thing, really.

Date A Live Season 2 Categories Mini Review/ Synapse

Categories/Genres/Tags: Comedy, Harem, Mecha, Romance, School, Sci-fi

Now you might be wondering as to why I even bothered putting those there. You see, there is often a slight contrast and unusual method of baiting viewers into watching an anime. Thus the usage of categories, but are all of them truthful to the core as they should be? Let’s take a deeper analytic approach to each category then. As obvious as it should be. Date A Live Season 2 continues with the same genres as the last season, and whenever you see the tags of “Comedy” and “Romance” mixed up, it is designed as RomCom. So it’s a fundamental essence of these types of animes that often are reliant on this solid method.

With that said, the Comedy and Romance are supposedly always present in this types of series. Because they are apparently, the tropes of gold, the diamonds in a rough. Jesus Japan, what has become of your industry… Either way, the comedy is generic,  like every other anime that follows the same comical formula. If you don’t know what the formula is, I’ll enlighten you. It even worked on me this second season. Although I’m in deep shame to admit it, it is very effective, but it’s a lecherous plethora that doesn’t work in any rational way.

The Comedy Overused Formula That Manages To Escape The Eye

So here is how it flows. There is character development, more character development, more cute scenes, plus the character development from season 1. Do note one thing, there is basically no character developed portrayed from the first season so you are sort of in a blind spot here when it comes to comedy, furthermore, all of the scenes are rather predictable and cliche. Does that stop you from laughing at them and feeling a glimpse of comedy?

Yes and No. In my honest standard thoughts, I believe that every person is different, hence the different visions took toward this show by many. If you still have a soft spot for cute scenes with cheesy and lazy developed romantic comedy atmosphere settings, then it will still prove to be vital.  However, However. If you have seen the same scenario in your mind all over again, sparkled all over your mind, then it will just turn out to be bland and boring no matter what approach you take.

Your expressions will most likely grow more despicable as your taste for animes like this instead of being more sugar sweet goes down to the pure sour salt flavor. Did I enjoy it though? Honestly, I’m in the middle of both these categories, from one perspective some scenes that attempted a comical endeavor managed to be lackluster to the maximum. Yet a good portion of other scenes managed to crack me up a bit. It comes down to personal preference.


Romance-wise, it’s a bit hard to even give it a positive outlook. It doesn’t fir the show to have a romance category. It would make all kinds of rational sense if the Main Character Itsuka Shido was in love with any of the characters, but, that is not the situations whatsoever. His supposedly “romance” spiels only abruption and the word “harem” in general. For one aspect that I mentioned in my last article, or maybe not, my memory fails me here. Essentially, Shido’s purpose is to save all the spirits, and that’s all there is to his character, to save the spirits and only that.

That recoils any sort of pervasive romantic effect towards any other female characters, mainly Tohka, Miku, Kurumi, etc. Not to mention he is dense as condensed milk levering for 1000+ Helios degrees. Although his character comes, later on, you get my reasoning, since all the romance revolves around him and the author designed him that way, it is impossible for any sort of romance to exist in this anime.

Unless you call one-sided crushes that are destroyed because the author is simply too damn great to even design and flesh out a bit of his character, rather he makes his character only have a trait. Disappointing. So yeah, that’s why romance doesn’t work around Date A Live Season 2, and honestly, if this pseudo-future damage to the elements of the categories doesn’t change, then no truth can ever be achieved here.

Sometimes It Makes Me Think That True Romance Holds No Value Over Profit In Japan

The most obvious and oblivious present element through in and out of this anime is the harem. I have nothing against harem. To me it’s a way to say: “Okay we don’t really want to flesh out our protagonist over here, because we lack brain cells and dedication to do so. Furthermore, we shall address all girls to have carnival desires to feast upon the protagonist in all sorts of romantic ways”.

It’s not all that bad though. The protagonist is a lost cause to its flaws in its own characteristics and characterization depictions. In fact, it’s a good get away from the author, to put all of his worthless unthoughtful efforts into other characters, mainly the harem. This ended up not paying off. On the other hand, it did. Thanks to an actual character that saved this anime from even more demise. Can’t wait to talk about her naturally.

Mechanized Teenagers Are The Light Of Tomorow

All of the other categories fit generically well. I won’t say that the mecha is on some Gundam level, in fact, it is mediocre when it comes down to mecha, especially when it only plays a purpose because the AST(Anti Spirit Team) uses a lot of mechanized mechanisms to engage combat with the spirits every time. But they also fail every time, which leaves you thinking: “Hey, perhaps it’s time to see some actual different methods being used that are and will eventually be effective against the Spirits?”

If there is a thing that goes under the shadow in Date A Live season 2 is the amount of uselessness each character carries along with its tropes. The Anti Spirit Team is, unfortunately, one of those cranks, not only did they provide particularly nothing the last season but they provided little as well this season. I’m serious, some events make you think that they do, which I’ll explain along with this article, but they ultimately contribute nothing to the plot. Oh, wait, what plot?

Pseudo Schools Aren’t Real In Actuality, So, Praise Date A Live Season 2 Once Again

Among the last, resides the subtitular settings, like School. It does take a great portion of the setting, but not much, mainly around 2-3 episodes and it was only for one festival in the end. It never is around the school where all the cynical events collide along with its characters, yet still, it somehow remains as a genre. It’s nearly forgettable I swear, the only reason I can remember it is because my favorite character of this anime took its first moment there. She is the most outstanding character in this whole anime by a huge amount of enjoyment. Partially from that, the final of the categories being Sci-Fi manages to not stand out a bit, in fact, it’s fused with the Mecha category, well they are only relevant through the co-existence of one another so it’s fairly rational if you think about it.

Fanservice Apparently Doesn’t Equal Ecchi

To finalize the categories analysis, I’m accurately disappointed for this studio not putting an ecchi tag. I mean, you exhibit girls in swimsuits and the whole harem doing Madonna wanna-be things while there was a beach episode that involved and indicated the presence of the element of erotism. But instead, you are saying: “Nah this isn’t an ecchi, it’s just plain conveniency for other female individuals to droll of the protagonist to the point where he has to escape his own bedroom because his boxers apparently were escaping his belly one. Oh wait, that was the rest of the harem going into his bed in a sneaky way, that would entice that they wanted to get the mighty clock and its 2 bells from him, but, it is no ecchi after all.”

You know, I’m really glad, all the virgin plebs out there can proudly spill all their beans to all of your amazing detailed animes, by detailed, I mean skin wise and it’s locals. Seriously Production IMS, you are a phenomenon of an existence to be reckoned with. Well done, if only you managed to actually have a successful show in your whole existence as a studio.

The Mini Synapse Point

That covers particularly all the categories, even though ecchi was not a part of it, for some unknown reason. The whole purpose of this category mini- synapse was to not overlook what they essentially portray to the series, that way you won’t be as blind as you are even without having watched it in the first place. It’s very easy to judge an anime by its genres, and I myself do that a lot because they are there to serve a purpose which is to give a brief insight on what you are about to dive into.

Meandering as it may sound, even the mighty Production IMS couldn’t put their most valuable essence in the categories. The ecchi was not worth of in Date A Live Season 2, hence the non-existing presence upon the category list, not on the anime though, as explained. After all this information on certain substances that were to be interpreted as a potential better vision towards the show, I will now begin the review, at long last.

Date A Live Season 2 Plot

Alright, I apologize for the delay. Let’s get right into it. This sequel which was picked up by Production IMS, in which I mentioned all of its glory and strongly motives. To believe that it’s probably the worst studio when it comes to adapting anything innovating. Anyways, the first season ended on a blank page. The events were set in basically no motion. A non-existent linear was present through the whole series, even sporadic vile chances dropped by, but all ignored.

So what this means, is that this season had to pick up something from a seed, not from something that has been attempted to be cultivated. In other words, the last season didn’t fit as any sort of sequel sequence, unless you go by this logic: “But there are tons of spirits out there and Shido will meet them and save them”. Which, erm, ends up being the actual summary for this season. I’m not even joking, I could just summarize this whole review by that statement alone, but, I love writing, so no way.

The Perks Of Having A Deus Ex-Machina As A Protagonist

Itsuka Shido now has to set up for yet another ride with the spirits to make him more overpowered. Yeah, he himself doesn’t notice, but all of the spirts he meets and takes their powers through the kiss is essentially his main source of strength this season. That’s extremely overpowered. In the first season, we saw him conquering 3 spirits, those being: Tohka, Kotori, and Yoshino. If there is also another ridiculous and labeled fetched fact about him is that he has all their powers. I don’t know if it’s true, but assuming from the events of this second season I would assume so. I mean, how else would he be able to use the Sandalphon?

Note one thing, actually, two things. First off, this season has only 10 episodes, and for the second one, is that in those 10 episodes there are only 2 arcs, and they don’t come close as to being as relevant comparing one to another. Although, I see many people complaining about the fact that there are only 10 episodes, and at first I thought succinctly to myself that way as well. But then I asked: “Hey what’s so wrong with it, if the plot isn’t rushed then it should be no problem, right?.”  Not exactly the scenario, sorry. While parts of the main plot tend to get deeper and deeper from the viewer’s perspective, they do some errors in the execution, and most of all, in the explanation department.

Cheap Tactics Always Prevail

Light Novels have a specialty when it comes to foreshadowing. Because they know that their stories and characters are so badly written. That they have to rely on foreshadowing twenty-four hours per day. Before that, let me delve into one more point of the main plot. Which, is generic but at least created a good pseudo-interest upon the viewers. New characters appeared, well that’s damn obvious of course. What I’m talking about are villains! Yes, this series lacked any sort of evil element in it since the first season. I’m also sorry to say, but I don’t really consider a character like Kuromi a villain. She is like Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter. She has her own interests, yet she seeks them through smart and wild moves. Hence her personality disorder, leading to the Yandere archetype.

The new villains are a company or organization called “DEM”. Accurately enough, their title abbreviation means something a lot that represents the main character, which is “Deus Ex-Machina”. Such an implosion on this name, right? Along the lines of originality, instead of making something accurate, they decide to remind us that there are constant flaws and wide upon plot holes that are influenced by things like Deus Ex-Machinas.


They do stabilize an element that this series was lacking, and that was seriousness. Through its morbid premise, Date A Live Season 2 did not keep these interesting starks for a very stellar performance. As they went away because foreshadowing reasons deem it so. I swear, it’s so much easier to simply explain things step by step instead of giving blind hints that are revealed through stereotypical stances.

Eventually, the Monomaniacs behind this whole show decide that it would be a better Light Novel sellout. Rather than making the anime decently well built, but no, instead we get rushed plot scenes. Inconsistent characters without any sort of backstory deep insights. Except one, which I’ll mention her. Lastly, the supposed story-line in this series builds such momentum that it’s amazing. Amazing how fast that momentum is destroyed.

Light Novels Are The True Relevance Apparently

Take the first arc, for example, now an odd event happens, as I try to recall the characters name, it fails to come to my mind, not because I also have a bad memory, but because they lacked any sort of presence when their arcs were over. I think it was the two blondes that the only difference that was noticeable to any viewer was the breast size(yes seriously). There is no luxury such as unique characteristics for them.

Date A Live II

Novel Illustration

It’s like they are Mexicans, trying to be relevant by crawling through the United States. It’s also infuriating the way the show intoxicatingly doesn’t care to cover that up. To the point where a simple scene was enough. The sisters were in training, well, Dating training to be exact, because, well they have a unique tradition that invokes a competition between them, and for the very original moment, they choose Shido as their pawn and judge to decide whichever would win.

Good Premise, Bad Execution

This whole tradition of them had a good interesting premise, the winner would get to kill the loser, in a sense one of the sisters would die. Not when Lord and Savior Shido is around though. Such foolishness to think of such things as “Deaths”. Going full Fairy Tail over here, playing with the concept of Death and not doing anything along its lines of the process.

Date A Live II

The Yamai Sisters

My point is, one of the twins was a kuudere and the other a tsundere. The most ironic part about the training is that the tsundere trains with Tohka, which is a natural tsundere, she is not as much though. Tohka isn’t a Taiga/Shana/Lousie clone, so it’s not over the top either. While the other sister trained by Origami, which happens to be a kuudere. Do you get the point here? There is no dedication on creating unique characters because all of their reactions and actions are limited to their archetypes, which is sad considering that the next arc contained a tsundere as well, yet it managed to save this series.

10 Episodes Are As Common As A Myriad Of Nebulas

Before closing the Plot department, I did say that the main flaw was the rushed plot. It was obvious that 10 episodes would not cut the deal. Why 10 episodes I wonder? Was the budget that bad for you Production IMS? That’s what you get for investing money on skin only hoping for the virginity abundance to take over. Well done rational humans for denying a studio like this, you are the true heroes of tomorrow.

Date A Live II

Itsuka Shido and Yamai Kaguya out on a date

Still, the pacing manages to be blithering most of the time, dreadfully written foreshadowing plus no explanations helped this problem to become more of an issue than anything. It’s superb how the show never tries to establish a proper rhythm and a time space for the number of questions that are still to be answered by this franchise. I hope that the next season, which is on its way, delivers a more multiversal and immersed explanation towards the plot concepts. It’s for one simple motive that I want this, it’s never satisfying when you invest yourself into an anime and get questions instead of answers.

I know for a fact that in these types of animes you never get what I’m talking about, but it doesn’t erase the fact that it’s supremely annoying. Also, it’s a cheap advertisement for the Light Novel, it doesn’t matter now since the season 3 will be released this year. Lastly, I wish that they tone down on the foreshadowing, it’s incredibly unpleasing.

Tendencies and Premises Are Overlooked

An anime’s tendency often lies in its characters, and how they either avoid being the downfall of their own anime or completely stagnate the whole fiesta. I have to say though, this drastically changes over this season. Even the Main Character gets reasonably, well not reasonably because this show doesn’t invoke sense in any manner of aspect, but Shido gets a decent amount of development. Because having a Deus Ex-Machina as the protagonist while being a scared person most of the time isn’t exactly how the breakthrough would resolve.

The way that his new development was shaped was through yet another dumb essence that remained ever since the season 1. Remember, it makes perfect and polished sense if you continuously scream “Tohka” over and over, and then you get a free version of Sandalphon because apparently, Shido is just that overpowered. I knew God would be powerful, but damn, not this powerful. I can’t even say he is suicidal anymore because he has Kotori’s power, which makes him immortal and invulnerable. Yeah, no other character had this much-unparalleled power at its hands ever, except Itsuka Shido.

The Harem Torch

His composition is also based on many other harem main characters. If I had to say, he is a 86% Yuuki Rito and a 16% of Saito from Zero no Tsukaima. The Yuuki Rito part is obvious, he is basically a women magnet and has several introverted moments along with his harem. As for the Saito part, is when Shido is more relaxed and has a chilling expression upon his visuals, also his battle prowess somehow makes up for his lack of personality, presumably.

His main problem is the personality, and I truly feel sorry for him to be designed that way. In my eyes, he had a potential to be a very interesting character that could flow in a deep sense of scale, but he suffers the fate from being stuck at the hands of a bad writer. Some may even find his character to have a unique personality, believe me, it is possible. Only such feat can be achieved, if you have never watched a harem series in your whole life, if so, then man, you are going to love him.


Moving on to the other characters, since this is a new season, there is a hastily need for a new cast because most of the cast gets dull and old at the second season. Worry not, most of it was dull and generic from the start, so no big difference, although, there is a big difference. The cast that was presented in the first arc was the Yamai sisters and the DEM corporation along with a random character that had a hatred for Kotori’s organization.

I would say that his character is probably the worst maybe because he never had a name to begin with, to the point where he does not appear on MAL’s characters section for Date A Live Season 2. With much honesty, the only thing that was noteworthy about him was his big ego. That’s no surprise though because every character that has a great amount of ambition is bound to have a big ego anyways. The superior purpose of his presence was to make Kyouhei a more interesting character. His whole character is a mystery, at first, he appears to have a masochism sentiment for Kotori.

Kyouhei The Pedo Saint

It’s certainly unique, you don’t see every day a character who is a mild-adult to let himself and his dream to be abused by a teenage loli. Instead, he presents a more foreshadowing complexion upon his own persona. Not only is he a genius who has immense knowledge when it comes to airships and such, but he is badass. The sad part is, he only gets highlighted for one episode.

Date A Live II

Kyouhei’s aesthetic looks

Characters like Kyouhei suffer from a heavy weighted simple persona that tends to make them seem funny, but in reality, they tend to be one of the most interesting characters. If he was a supposed mastermind behind all of this, then I wouldn’t be too much baffled. Think about it. He is clever, doesn’t like to stay as the one who gets all the attention, except for Kotori, but that’s due to his transient loli fetish.

Why Do Deus Ex-Machinas Have To Be A Thing Really?

Of course, that’s not even a speculation, since it has no base, to begin with. Speaking of masterminds, the villains. Oh yeah, they were, how do I say this… Well first off, there are 3 villains in this whole 10 episode show. They are, Ellen, Westcott, and Tohka herself. As previously mentioned, there is an enemy corporation named “DEM” Deus- Ex Machina corporation.

Their main goal is to capture Tohka, or “princess” as you would prefer it. They had some integrity on their own action. A feeling of a reminiscence of evilness was given birth with this. How great, Date A Live Season 2 finally managed to have a good coherent flow in terms of seriousness for once, what else could we wish aside from all the billions of flaws in this horrible story, right? Not only does this have a good tendency but the way it’s executed manages to fail epically, which brought me to tears.

Date A Live Season 2 gives no regards to what the viewers want, it’s more as if they want to demonstrate something that they are not, and yet, they want to be that something. It generates a serious amount of confusion as to why the villains would just go away and leave more foreshadowing to the viewers to be blind at.

Tutorial To A Terrible Execution

Building foreshadowing is incredibly important in this anime by the looks of it. As if its tropes weren’t bad already, they add more schizophrenic avenues into it. The author must be really convinced that to capture the viewer’s attention he must make a convenient enough storyline without developing its supposed “characters. Hence why the villains failed miserably, although, Westcott has an interesting amount of appeal into himself as he says things that will make you wonder and bring more questions, because, that’s also one of this show’s specialties and most recognizable traits. Ellen on the other side is your typical cold character at first which is incredibly excellent at the Mecha department, because, her purpose in life is to actually just kill Tohka.

Date A Live II

Isaac Westcott and Tohka

It was obvious from the get-go that a character like Ellen was doomed from the very beginning due to its generic characterization choices. There is more to it though. Remember the annoying trio? Well, they are back for more cringe punchlines. It’s a good thing that they stopped consuming that many screen time. I believe that they only occupied 15 minutes of the show this time around, which is actually bad.

Uselessness Only Has One Purpose And That Is To Be Even More Useless

It should be 0 of course, but for the sake of some uselessness controversion, a fair share of 5 minutes would do them good. If there is a purpose for them this season, it’s legitimately only two. One, to waste frame slides for no apparent reason. Two, to make Ellen fall for childish traps that you would fall for when you were playing Hide and Seek during the 5th grade. Isn’t that just lovely? Ah, I forgot to mention, it does a great job at taking all off her seriousness, from Ellen that is.

And that’s not exactly a good thing honestly. Her supposed charisma and personality revolved around being an infiltrator who has her cold blood personality going for her. Yet every damn time these annoying pests get screen time this season it was only to make her potential fall to ruin. I have no worries, because, Ellen is just among the many characters that had potential to be something good, but ended up being on the “To ever be well thought if ever” type of character in the author’s brilliant pocket list.

It must be similar to the abortion list that the hospitals have on their documents every month, if not year. Because I see no difference at all. Since I’m getting tired of ranting and explaining how badly each character truly is, I think I gave enough demonstration to you to the point where you don’t have to question or not if you should ever invest your emotions on to a character in this series, if you ever watch this second season, that is.

For A Vast Cast, There Are Always Good Characters

However, hold your horses for a second. There are actually 2 characters in this anime that managed to not disappoint me, in fact, one of them made this show a complete luxury, when she does get screen time, that is. Before I condense all my genericism away and start to talk some really nice things, let’s go over one of the two characters, which is the fan favorite yandere, Kurumi. I’ll be honest, I was disappointed at how little screen time she got, it really brought me to tears to see a controversial and interesting development out of her in the last episodes.

She appeared when Shido was attempting to rescue Tohka from “DEM” organization. While she has her crazy persona that can go along many metaphors, it always manages to unfold a more depth feeling into her actions. Unlike most of the characters she doesn’t have a sense of shame, well not literally, she is simply way more capable than the rest of the whole harem, almost at least.

Date A Live II

Kurumi Tokisaki

The funny part is, Shido has yet to seal Kurumi’s powers. This alone can make up for her lack of presence, it sort of makes her be a little wittier and original by the way she performs. Not to mention that whenever she gets on your screen you don’t know what you are gonna expect from her except craziness. What Kurumi has, it’s what the show should have as a whole. It’s called unpredictability. Along the lines of originality, there is a necessity for an element of surprise. If you combine originality with that element of surprise, you get unpredictability. If there is one trait about her that makes her somewhat pseudo-away from the harem, is that she doesn’t have actual feelings for Shido.

Kurumi’s True Intentions

Now, calm down, and let me explain as to why it is so that case. It’s actually quite simple if you haven’t noticed already, she is only after Shido because she is after “Phantom”, who is apparently, the first ever spirit to come into existence. So she uses Shido as a tool to have fun with and to get clues on the phantom. Would be nice if Kurumi actually had a dark past caused by the Phantom that triggered her crazy personality disorder.

Itsuka Shido and Kurumi’s moments

Either way, she is a pretty good character. She lacks screen time though.  While I don’t worry too much about it since there is an encore OVA for her only with Shido. That still doesn’t excuse and eliminate the fact that she barely got any screen time. One could say that there was no salvation to this anime when it came down to characters. Unless there is a character that would spend 5 episodes and for that character to be somewhat unique.

Episode Numbers Aren’t Always Relevant As They Seem To Be

That’s why I can agree that it was a good choice to make this a 10 episode anime, I wish it would be a 10 episode adaptation based on the second arc only. I won’t say that the second arc was rushed, but it was without a doubt awfully bad paced. This show tends to focus on its vitals points way too much. The thing is, this show only has one vital point, which is Itsuka Shido. An example of this is when Shido is skirmishing through the insides of the towers and the Anti Spirit Team is fighting out there.

Date A Live II

Dark Tohka

I should sacrificially mention that. In the middle of the last episodes a break out between the Anti Spirit Team and some other random team has a break-off. I seriously could not afford to give a damn about it. Not because I didn’t want to. Trust me I did, but because I wasn’t allowed to. You get to witness such scenarios when random melodrama is introduced and forced upon the viewers through the usage of invocation. Now, this invocation only summons an abrupt conjecture without any duality. It’s a primal shame. But you essentially get used to it, which is never a good thing.

Izayoi Miku, The Savior Of This Anime

I think it’s time to speak my mind about the character that changed perhaps my whole negative point about this anime. I really thought that this anime was simply not capable of functioning in terms of characters. And mainly over how bad mannered the author is when it comes to fleshing them. Expecting something good from the author would be a banishment when it comes to giving praise. Fret not, he actually managed to introduce a character which would bring a good light to this show. I’m talking about Izayoi Miku. So, let me explain as to why she is so great.

Date A Live II

Izayoi Miku

Izayoi Miku makes her entrance in this show as a girl who is a famous singer. Her feature being this brings up the sound department quite high. I’m not even joking, I even sang along the lines of her music during the episodes that it covered it. As you might have noticed, aside from Kurumi, most of the other harem members just fall in love with Shido without an actual reason, as to why one would question mark the romance category, due to its obvious gigantic flaws.

Why Izayoi Miku Is Fantastic

What the author does with royal style, is to introduce someone to the story that is completely different from the others. The main difference is that Izayoi Miku is a lesbian. Yes, Yuri fans, you heard me, she is lesbian. Well, was, until she got the Shido special that is Although, it was well executed, so I can’t even raise a single complaint about it. The archetype that she belongs to is the tsundere. That methodology only becomes warrant in the middle of the conclusion. Until then, you only get a beautiful look at how an interesting character can unfold.

What made her extremely unique, is not only the presence of a dramatic backstory, but that transcended the trauma she has for the male species making her despite the males so much to a point where she only hangs out with girls, and eventually goes full winky with them. Her persona may seem like a bother for some, but I was grateful for it, it has its set of different proportions all over the place. Her characteristics get more visible once you take a more deep interest in her background. And yes, she actually has a background, unlike all the other characters in this show.

Date A Live II

Miku and Shido kiss

That alone completely makes a show worthwhile. I mean it’s an actual fleshed out character. It would be over the top to put a character like that only just because of the reasons I pointed out. Here is the deal, Shido wins her trust in a very romantic and noble way. While his lines might have been cliche and standard, for the most part, it created a certain impact on the viewer base, especially when Miku was about to die and flash her whole life regrets upon her eyes.

A Bond Is Forged

Shido remembers the important promise that he would save her no matter what, even if he had to sacrifice his life for her. He wouldn’t die either way, not like the promise had any sort of actual danger. While it did not have any sense of danger, it had an emotional weight on Miku, a heavy one at it. Her trust issues come from the past trauma, that’s for sure, hence the harsh words at Shido every time. She simply never expected anyone to ever respect her in a truthful way without the usage of her power, which allowed such events to become a reality.

Date A Live II

Shido saving Miku with an epic expression

In the past where all the development that this author tried to portray this storyline and then get a “romance” was a cheap attempt at a cheating tactic. No, no, no, that’s not how it works for once. I’m glad he realized that, although, I’m positive he will just do it again, because, his embellished cliched formula deems it so. The romance here feels actually real. For once in this whole franchise did I ever feel such joy Shido’s words actually had some vivid expressions into it.

The Presence Of Romance Is A Blessing

To be remembered as one of the moments between Miku and Shido was when he said: “If none will listen to your voice, then I will forever”. This might sound cliche and it is, but as I said, it doesn’t erase the emotional eruption that it caused. This was only possible for one good reason. This whole development was spent on 5 episodes. But it was so damn good, I’m breathless about it. To add a more romantic appeal to it, Shido seals her powers through an emotional kiss by the end of the final episode. She even accepts herself as a human only loyal to Shido. Yet it was with a good indicated intent thus the potential love relationship between these two.

Date A Live II

Shido and Miku having an intimate moment

Of course, I feel sorry for myself to have such high hopes among the lines of: “I want to see more Miku x Shido moments in the future please”, “No harem only Miku and Shido please”, “Stop making me suffer author, you did a good job, at last, creating an amazing character, don’t throw her down hill like you did with all the others” and “Lastly, please make a side story between Miku and Shido, I rather have them out on their own date, like Kurumi got her encore OVA”. Okay, it’s not impossible for the last one right, right? Let’s rationally think for a minute, no minutes needed actually, just a tiny second is all you need.

Miku x Shido Is Love, Miku x Shido Is Life

Miku is best girl hands down. She and Shido deserve to be happy together for all eternity. If you think otherwise, check the nearest hospital. I’m sure they will try to cure whatever disease you have, not sure how to qualify it, let’s go with autism. In the end, Miku called Shido “Darling”, and the most rejuvenating moment came along with his reaction. Every single harem main character is mostly dense as a blazing heat in the middle of the summer. Shido this time around reacts maturely, let’s her speak her mind about it and embraces the moment. I couldn’t believe my eyes for once in my whole life when watching this second season.

Date A Live II

Itsuka Shido and Izayoi Miku and their moments

It was like if Michael Bay movies graduated from explosions to multidimensional wide shots. It’s worth to mention, that in the last concert where Miku exposes her voice to the public without being able to use her powers. She goes all the way to thank everybody for listening to her.Furthhermore, she makes a calling for Shido calling him “Darling” in front of a couple of hundreds of people. The whole harem get’s mad, even though, I don’t exactly care about the harem, I would rather see more moments like these.

The Harem Members

My conclusion for her character is that she was brilliantly developed, in comparison with any other character of the show and only that. And for that, I’m willing to say this… even though it somewhat pains me. But, watch this show, just for her moments. You won’t regret it. Before closing the characters section, let me recap on a vagrant collection. That being  Shido’s harem, so let’s see them:

  • Tohka
  • Origami
  • Kotori
  • Mana
  • Yoshino
  • Miku
  • Yuzuru
  • Kaguya

What a playboy honestly, still, nothing compared to Rito’s harem which consists of 31 girls, seriously what sorcery does even that qualify as? Also, if you are wondering as to why I didn’t include Kurumi, I already explained as to why in the previous paragraphs. And with that, I think I presented a fairly honest review on each character, well not each, because, some are completely nonidentical based on their non-existing personalities, so the most relevant ones. So let’s move forward to the next theme.


The animation was pretty average. I have to say though, for Production IMS did a fairly good job at adapting wide shots. Unlike 8bit studios that constantly uses Wide Shots, but without an actual knowledge as to when to apply them, leading into jagged scenes that eventually have cut objects suddenly out of the scene for no apparent reason. Still, this isn’t about 8bit, the judgment for them will come around sometime until then, let’s not spread more sodium than necessary.

Production IMS managed to adapt angle shots quite well in almost every scene. That’s their specialty though, the focus applied to each frame to exhibit the body panels are highly common in this studio. The reasons and motives are clear as a sunshine. It’s to highlight the fan-service aspect. It certainly worked yes. It proved to become lackluster in the Mecha fights for, example, the shots and beams were jagged in all honesty. Not only that, but some scenes that involved a dark-colored atmosphere made the climax a bit better.

The Contrasting Consequences

Unfortunately, it remained constant the overshadowing on the constant contrast of the shades within every scene in the “DEM” organization’s building. Furthermore, to add a positive side of the coin. It definitively has its own sterilizations along with its standardization. Some of the aspects combined with the colors of the climax. Making an odd yet beautiful mixture of colors in the between in and out fights. Not to mention that it looked way more detailed than the first season. As I said in the beginning, this studio change wasn’t all that bad. But it certainly didn’t improve the change realized on it. Lastly, I believe that the graphics and visuals effects are way too superior compared to the ones that the season 1 had.

Even though the usage of some CG elements, the show managed to hold out pretty fine on its own when it comes to animation-wise. This studio, in all clarity, doesn’t disappoint when it comes to animations. It is average as issued, but average means that it lies within the borderline of “sufficient” and “decent”, note that those words have different meanings, so there is a signification between them. Even so, not bad for 2014 standards, going with standard visuals is a sophisticated option that should be considered nowadays instead of saving budget through the use of bad CGI’s.


The sound is probably the best aspect of this show in all its prime form. When I highlighted Miku and her beautiful traits, I did say that she brought the music element to the show more than just simple soundtracks. I feel in love with the soundtracks of this show obviously, the first thing as you start off the first episode is the opening, which, by the way, is outstanding. I’m well aware that some people think of it as “average” and “typical J-pop” type of music. I bet those people didn’t try to pay close attention to its lyrics.

Date A Live II

Shido, The Yamai Sisters and Tohka singing in the Festival as a band

The lyrics are essentially on track with the show theme, which is a big hit that most animes don’t have going on for them. You could see this an utter meaninglessness, but the truth is obvious, it isn’t meaningless. Even if you want to count out the lyrics, the music itself has a nice euphoric theme to it. An extraordinary rhythm for a melodic wavering piece of art like “Trust in you” as quoting the anime opening.

The Key Core Essence Of A Good Opening

The scenes in the opening don’t have any necessary spoilers in them. Which helps to establish a simple background, unlike One Piece openings. That spoil you any sort of surprise elements you were supposed to be excited for. Surprisingly enough, I loved the ending, far more than the opening. Don’t get me wrong here, the opening is a blessing that came down from the heavens, but the ending is like the first time you venture through the world of women. Only satisfaction lies in it. The ending could have kept the melancholic pace during the 1 minute all long, yet it drifted away by adding a more grave tone to it.

It was superb, this change made the opening open for a true ecstasy. it created an odd shift between the calm and followed up with a beautiful sequence of guitar and sweet battery drums being played. It can only be experienced once listening to it. The song is named “Day to Story”. Furthermore, each scene of the ending illustrates each character, which was somewhat unnecessary and lazy, to be honest. What I’m really glad about the opening were the frames that represented Shido holding Sandalphon.

The Ending & Voice Actings

You could definitely see a more mature version of Shido through every second of the ending. It presents us the actual reality in the end. Shido is maturing slowly and slowly. I wish for this way to continue, he was decently badass in the last episodes, can’t lie about that. Regarding any other soundtracks, well they aren’t memorable, and so, end up being easily forgotten in the result. I do have to say, in the last episode, when Shido defended Miku, the soundtrack being played was epic.

Of course, some of the soundtracks were damn good. “Monochrome”, the music that Miku sings, is absolutely breathtaking, I advise you to listen to it, along with “Attention, Question” from episode 7, when Tohka and the rest sang in the festival. This anime is supremely rich in terms of music, that I can tell, so if you love music, you could very well dive into this.


This is a hard task honestly. I’ve explained most of my standpoints along with a variant sets of examples so you could get where my point would drift from my perspective. This anime has a lot of problems, in fact, one of the main plot holes that I find laughable about it is the fact that Shido is supposedly given the power to seal the Spirit’s powers, yet for some unknown reasoning, they can just activate it whenever they so, please.

How does that make any type of sense!? A massive vast amount of plot holes followed up with bombarding questions isn’t exactly the most healthy way to appreciate an anime, especially this one. So that takes this anime’s enjoyment degree to a certain level. Adding up the number of useless characters that are mixed with its generic tropes and overused personalities that lie in their archetype isn’t also the key answer to this either. It’s clearly evident that it doesn’t try to incorporate any other type of formulas, making the approach stances becoming rather satirical.

Despicable Formulas End Up Winning Only Demises

It doesn’t help with all the viciousness along the pacing, plus the unnecessary pace was a bit of a waste, hence the exaggerated foreshadowing that felt upon the curtain call at the end of Date A Live Season 2. The forced comedy was at least taken away because by episode 4-5 it went into a more serious flow, which made the enjoyment bar raise up a little. This was when I started to accept Date A Live Season 2 comical interactions. Because it didn’t feel forced anymore, especially at the end of Date A Live Season 2, after Miku’s arc. The reason as to why it didn’t feel forced was due to the heavy development upon Miku has a character herself.

I believe I mentioned all the bad and good traits that this show can wield against any viewer. Be it positive or negative is up to you to choose. Not sure if I can say that I enjoyed this anime to the maximum, but it felt more sophisticated this time around. The enjoyment in the Miku arc and Shido’s fighting scenes and determination towards his goal. But as for the titanic flaws about this anime, I can’t exactly excuse them, as much as I would like to.

Date A Live Season 2 Conclusion

Despite all the negative reviewing on Date A Live Season 2 by me, I still believe that Date A Live Season 2 is not worth the watch. Because the main story is essentially so poorly written and tells only stupidity and nonsense masked in other catch lines. However, However, while you should still stay the hell away from this franchise, I have to say that, this was a good waste of time, especially the last 5 episodes that contained Miku and Shido.

So…well…this might sound out of the picture and I’m really ashamed to say this, but do check Date A Live Season 2.  It is a billion times superior to the first season in numerous ways. But still it doesn’t erase its main flaws, it just makes it seem so by introducing new concepts. But you can’t-fool me, author, never in my life-span. Still, the anime is bad. Although, this second season is a better waste of time. So give it a go, if you have 3 free hours. Otherwise, you are better off listening to Miku’s “Monochrome” for 3 hours. The enjoyment is quite pleasing I must say.




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