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Color Pencils

Colors make the world more enjoyable for us. Just think about it, how boring would it be to live in a world without color? Each color has some meaning in different parts of the world. So without further ado, let me introduce you to the different meanings of each shade in this world.


Color Blue

Considered the safest color
denotes trust, security, authority
represents sadness depression ( hence the phrase - I have the blues )
used in amulets to ward of evil eye
Used to show divinity and joy in India


Color Green

luck, nature, freshness, spring, environmental awareness, wealth, inexperience, and jealousy
Also, in Indonesia, this color is forbidden ( I didn't know that )
national color of Mexico
In China, green hats for men are taboo because it signals that their wives have committed adultery!


Color Red

excitement, energy, passion, action, love, and danger in Western cultures
Furthermore, communism and revolution is denoted by red in Russia.
In Asian cultures, red is a very important color, it symbolizes good luck, joy, prosperity, celebration, happiness, and a long life
In India, red is associated with purity, sensuality, and spirituality.
Africa associates red with death, and in Nigeria, it represents aggression and vitality.
Lucky charm in Egypt and Good Fortune and Courage in Iran.


Color Yellow

In Western cultures, yellow is associated with happiness, cheeriness, optimism, warmth, joy, and hope. Also, it means caution and cowardice.
In Germany, yellow means envy, but in Egypt, it means happiness and good fortune.


Color Orange

Orange represents autumn, harvest, warmth in Western cultures.
Another meaning, In Hinduism, saffron (a soft orange color) is considered auspicious and sacred.
In the Netherlands, orange is the color of the Dutch Royal family. It represents sexuality and fertility in Colombia.
In Eastern cultures, orange symbolizes love, happiness, humility, and good health. Buddhist monks’ robes are often orange.


Color Purple

This color is often said to be royalty, wealth. It  means spirituality, and nobility around the world.
Purple is also associated with piety and faith, and in Catholicism, penitence.
Also, in Brazil and Thailand, purple is the color of mourning. It’s also a color of honor


Color White

In Western cultures, white symbolizes purity, elegance.
In addition, China, Korea, and some other Asian countries, white represents death, mourning.
Also, in Peru, white is associated with angels, good health, and time.


Color Black

It symbolizes sophistication and formality. But it also represents death, evil, mourning, magic, fierceness, illness, bad luck, and mystery.
Furthermore, in the Middle East, black can represent both rebirth and mourning.
Also, in Africa, it symbolizes age, maturity, and masculinity.
In addition to that, it is an auspicious colour during Makar Sankranti festival in India.

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  1. Whats your favorite color?
  2. What does it mean in your country?
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