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Updated on: 01/08/2023

Searching for Chinese novel recommendations??? Then you have landed incredibly at a perfect place. Here, in this blog, you will be getting the best titles of Chinese Novels to spring your reading journey.

Chinese web novels are vividly popular worldwide, and readers breathlessly wait for the titles to get translated. If you are a beginner, who is impatiently searching for the best Chinese novel recommendations, then you are undoubtedly at a perfect place. We have brought you an exclusive list of the best Chinese Novels. The titles provided in the lists get recommendations from most readers. So, why wait??? Divulge into the blog post to know the best titles with which you can start. Also, we have brought to you brief intros of the Chinese novels that will help you choose your favourites.

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List of Chinese Novel Recommendations

Check out the list of the best Chinese Novels below!!! Do let us know your favourite ones!

The story of Qin Hao is loved by millions
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51. Super Urban Master

Genre: Action, School Life, Romance

Author: Peng Cheng Wan Li

Story: The Chinese Novel revolves around Qin Hao, a good-for-nothing man, marries beautiful Ye Siyu. Qin Hao was excited for his first night until he gets thrown out of bed. Getting hurt on his self-esteem, Qin Hao writes a divorce letter to his wife in anger and runs away from the place early in the morning. This letter gave Ye Siyu a chance to prove here;f innocent and tell that Qin Hao was the one who ruined the marriage.

After running away from the place, Qin Hao met an accident where he nearly lost his life. However, this accident turned out as a blessing for him. It helped him to get rid of the stranger soul residing inside his body. Thus, he gained medicinal skills and also obtained invincible martial arts. Afterwards, he went on to get his great dreams achieved with his skills.

The romance between the sweet secretary and the playboy has gained a special place among readers.
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50. Sweet Chief Secretary

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Author: Qing Cheng Xiao

Story: The Chinese novel follows Xia Yu. Xia Yu is a beautiful and tough girl. She losses her job as the secretary of Shengda Group’s CEO after the eldest young master of Shen, Shen Mo, became the new CEO for he wanted to maintain his image for which he fired female employees. That led Xia Yu to become the secretary of the young master of the Shen family, Shen Yan, who was a playboy.

Now, Xia Yu not only had to deal with Shen Yan’s enemies but also had to help him deal with women. Slowly, she realized that Shen Yan is coming close to her and thus decided to remind him of their limits. At this, Shen Yan said, if they do not cross the limits, how will they fall in love.

Immortal Mortal is one of the famous chinese novels
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49. Immortal Mortal

Genre: Action, Adventure, Martial Arts, Sci-fi

Author: Goose Five

Story: The Chinese novel is about spiritual roots, cultivations, etc. Mo Wuji has only mortal roots. However, the people with mortal roots are destined to stay mortal. But people with spiritual roots can cultivate.

Now, the question arises will Mo Wuji will be the only one to remain just mortal.

The enchanting story of a brilliant father is iinteresting to read.
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48. Godly Stay-Home Dad

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi

Author: Shan Wang Zhang

Story: Hero Zhang Han was frustrated with his original life. However, when luck changed he found himself in the cultivation world. There he possessed natural divine and crossed the obstacles step by step. However, his luck was not as faithful as he thought. He incurred God Thunder for violating norms of fate.

Then Zhang Han found himself reborn in a world different to the previous one where he had a lovely daughter. Now, in this fast-paced urban life, he loves his daughter a lot. As his daughter loves cooking, he opens a restaurant for her. He made a lot of money with his business. Also, he wrote songs in his spare time and did romance with the mother of his daughter. He became a godly stay-home dad. The main aim of his life became to protect his daughter from evils and to love her. 

The sweet love story of gamers comes in the list of the best Chinese Novel recommendations
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47. A Slight Smile is Very Charming

Genre: Comedy, School Life, Romance

Author: Gu Man

Story: When student Xiao Nai first saw Bei Wei Wei, he fell for her slim and slender fingers that were running through the keyboards. It was odd for the gaming expert and campus prince not to fall for the extraordinary beauty of Bei Wei Wei but to fall for her fingers. Xiao Nai was commanding his guild war at the same time and was winning it, being unaware of the fact that the cupid is nearby. The campus prince tries his best to lure Bei Wei Wei, both online and offline, making the novel full of romance.

Hidden Marriage is one of the great novels to start with your chinese novel reading journey
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46. Hidden Marriage

Genre: Drama, Romance, Action

Author: Jiong Jiong You Yao

Story: The story of the Chinese Novel is about Ning Xi ho has returned after five years to take revenge on her sister and childhood sweetheart who betrayed her for her sister. Now, she focuses on becoming a popular actress, but her sister has not done enough of scheming against her. One day, Ning Xi falls into the trap set by her sister and end up saving an adorable kid. Then she finds herself staying with the kid in his autistic house and helping him come out of his shell. Meanwhile, the kid’s father, Lu Tingxiao, starts falling for her.

The novel is also popularly known as Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband.

 The story of the novel follows Chu Fen
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45. Martial God Asura

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts

Author: Kindhearted Bee

Story: The story of the Chinese novel follows Chu Feng. Chu Feng is a regular outer disciple of the Azure Dragon school. After five years, when an unexplainable and mysterious phenomenon occurs in the nine provinces, Chu Feng awakens one of the mysterious nine lightning beasts. Also, he discovers an egg sealed inside him. From here begins his path of cultivation.

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44. Versatile Mage

Genre: Fantasy, Action.

Author: Chaos

Story: Mo Fan wakes up in a familiar world. However, this world has changed vastly. In this new world familiar to him, the school teaches magical powers and encourages all the students to become mighty magicians. Also, many beasts and monsters prey on humans outside the city.

Now, his world of advanced science has changed into the one that praises magic. Despite all these changes, his social status and personal life have not changed much. He is still the miserable one who has a struggling father and a disabled step sister who cannot walk. But Mo Fan discovers that his magical powers are different from others. While most people can only practise a single major element of magic, he was a Versatile Mage.

Read out the Chinese Novel to explore a world full of magic.

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43. The Heartbeat at the Tip of the Tong

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama

Author: Jiao Tang Dong Gua

Story: The female and male lead of the novel have two different views of the world. For one, the food is just something to fill up the tummy, while for another, it is art. For the female lead, the male lead is someone impossible and she would never want to date someone who is a peculiar weirdo. On the other hand, the female lead is too stupid for the male lead, so no one else can handle her except him.

The story of the Chinese novel is about how the arrogant male idol successfully PKs the childhood playmate of the female lead. He does so before bringing the female lead along in his domination over the world of gourmet food. However, the male lead has only one problem that he cannot see. Due to this, his other senses are hyperactive and he can understand the real intentions of a person just by their voice.

The story of Shan Shan will entertain you a lot.
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42: Come and Eat Shan Shan

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Author: Gu Man

Story: The story of the Chinese novel is about Shan Shan, who is a low ranking staff. However, her Big Boss oppresses her. Shan Shan tries her best to fight but realises it is of no worth, so she surrenders. Now, she is waiting at the front of a delivery room at the temporary blood bank as the Big Boss sent her to check whether the pregnant lady is doing good. Since the lady’s condition is critical, the obedient Shan Shan ends up donating blood. It brings her a lot of thanks and praise at the hospital.

After she left the hospital, she laments, ‘Capitalists really are blood-suckers, heartless, heartless.’ While she expressed her grief, her big boss was behind in his black limousine, hearing all her laments and sighs. After a conversation with her, he repeats her phrase, ‘capitalists are heartless.’

The Medical Guru is one of the most recommended Chinese novels
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41. The Medical Guru

Genre: Action, School Life, Supernatural

Author: Bu Xing Tian Xia

Story: Fang Qiu was the youngest guru of martial art. He was also the perfect Mr McDreamy of most girls, with outstanding talents. However, Fang Qiu is now just a freshman at the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. He wants to learn Chinese Medicine as he loves to cure sick patients. He also wants to get into a relationship with a girl but in the most low-key way possible. Things changed for him after he performed at a Mid-Autumn Festival party. His performance shocked the audience, and this marked the beginning of his journey at the university. Later on, he met Jiang Miaoyu, a school beauty who shook his heart slightly.

He also met Dr Shen, who gave him a chance to practice after he discovered his skills. Also, his three roommates add to the fun and beautiful experiences in his university life. But not everything is happy as he faces hurdles many times. Besides, his enemy, the domiciliary President of the Students’ Union Li Qingshi, never allowed him to live a peaceful life. Also, the stubborn and hardworking martial arts practitioner Chen Cong keeps challenging him. All these extraordinary people around him make his life journey awesome.

When food connects you. Read the novel, Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire.
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40. Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Author: Ban Li Zi

Story: The story of the Chinese novel tells you the increasing warm affection between the male and female protagonists. 

Yu Yi is the CEO of a Restaurant Chain Corporation. Despite being ignorant about baking, he is very pickier about taste. However, the most delicious dessert he has eaten is Tang Mi, nicknamed Sweetheart.

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39. The Rice Pot Next Door

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Author: Jiu Xiao Qi

Story: The story of the Chinese novel is of Qiao Feng and Lan Shan. The two meets for the first time in an exhibition and creates misunderstanding. Later on the day, Lan Shan finds out that Qiao Feng is her neighbour. However, after the misunderstandings and fights between them, Lan Shan decides to mend up things as she was the one responsible for the mistake.

She fells in love with Qiao Feng’s cooking, and for that sake, she tries to make peace between them. Soon, Shan Shan starts figuring out ways to eat delicious dinners cooked by Qiao Feng, eventually coming close to him.

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38. Hard to Escape

Genre: Romance, Mystery, Drama

Author: N/A

Story: Yan Xiao meets an accident and losses all her memories. When she wakes up, she sees Yin Li’s handsome face and beautiful mild eyes. However, she starts bashing him with her words and thinks that he is the person who hit her with the car. However, Yin Li explains to her and finally makes her believe that he is her fiance. Now, Yan Xiao’s ambitions were to persuade Yin Li that she is not perfect for him now.

Black-Bellied Dad is one of the most Chinese novels recommendation
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37. Black-Bellied Dad

Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Drama

Author: Yin Su

Story: The story of the Chinese novel runs around Huang Shang Rong and her assistant Xu He Jun.

Huang Shang Rong is a demoness. She runs her office with an iron fist. Xu He Jun becomes her miracle cure, nope, her assistant, who has got the job because of the good deeds of his ancestors who blessed him with a strong Yang aura. Just by touching Xu He Jun or drinking his coffee, the bad temper of Huang Shang Rong gets curbed. Suddenly, Xu He Jun applies for a lengthy leave. It turns out that he has a baby on the sly, and the baby’s mother has abandoned his baby at his doorstep. It creates a storm in his life, making his romantic relationships deteriorate with his current girlfriend.

Xu He Jun is already very poor, and now he gets another burden of the baby. It is very tough for him to afford the expenses of the baby. As his boss, Huang Shang Rong steps in to help him. She helps him manage his finances and time and sets up infant care for him at the office. Huang Shang Rong also offers him to volunteer his baby’s God Mother. Huang Shang Rong gets shocked when she meets Xu He Jun’s parents, who live at Di Bao (a high-class residential area). Now, the question arises, why Xu He Jun pretended to be poverty-stricken all this while when he was rich?

Stellar transformation will bring put exclusive action and adventure on a road of martial art for you.
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36. Stellar Transformation

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Martial Arts, Fantasy

Author: Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi/ I Eat Tomatoes

Story: Qin Yu is a young boy who lacks innate abilities to practice internal techniques. Due to this, his father has no hope for him. Hence, Qin Yu embarks on a painful and difficult journey for practicing external techniques. As he grows up, there are many changes in him. However, these changes were mainly because of a mysterious meteoric crystal stone – the Meteoric Tear, which gets absorbed in his body and remains unnoticed. As a result, he goes through drastic changes, after which everything changed for him. He now possesses astonishing abilities and, now his father realizes it. 

My Whole Family are Villain is one of the best Chinese novels to read
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35. My Whole Family Are Villain

Genre: Comedy, Drama, School Life

Author: Xián yú lǎorén

Story: The Chinese Novel follows Su Bei.

Su Bei, 14, got transmigrated into another world when thought that she would die due to a very high fever. Here, she realises the shocking truth that the original world, where she was, was actually a world in a novel and her entire family is a villain. The lady who gave birth to her was cannon fodder, which was mention in the additional chapters of the book. The extra chapters of the novel described Su Bei and Su Xiaobao this way. One among them is a bully who eventually gets thrown into prison for bullying the male lead’s daughter. And another one is an escort who eventually gets killed after failing to seduce the male lead.

They also realise that the main villain of the novel is their father, whom they never met. After coming back to her original world, Su Bei takes Su Xiaobao to find their father. Standing in front of Mr Qin, who looks at them in disgust, Su Bei asks Su Xiaobao to call him ‘Dad’, but she refuses and asks her to do that. Eventually, Su Bei calls Dad.

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34. My Wife is My Life!

Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy

Author: NA

Story: The Chinese novel follows the life of Ji Qingqing and Lu Lixing.

Ji Qingqing was at the edge of poverty when she found a system that told her that Lu Lixing has enormous wealth and is very ill and can die at any moment. So, after she marries him, she can be the owner of the enormous wealth. Since Lu Lixing is seriously ill and was about to die, he gained a system. The system told him that Ji Qingqing had great vitality and Lu Lixing can continue living if he marries her. After listening to the system, when Ji Qingqing came near Lu Lixing’s sickbed, he woke up.

Lu Lixing’s friends were shocked after his changed behaviour after waking up. Lu Lixing not only seemed different in person but also had gotten married. It was difficult for them to concede that the person who never allowed any woman to come near him was a very clingy lover for his wife.

Lu Lixing never allowed Ji Qingqing to even disappear for a moment. When Ji Qingqing had left him for half an hour, his heart almost stopped beating. She was his life.

Don't Fall In Love With The Boss
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33. Don’t Fall In Love With The Boss

Genre: Romance, School, Life

Author: Ye Fei Ran

Story: The last mistake of Qian Wei’s life was when she offended Lu Xun, known as the “Light of the Law School” when she was 19. She had helped her brother to pry at Lu Xun’s corner and robbed Mo Zixin.

But twist occurred. And Lu Xun became her boss at the workplace and, she is left only to work like a cow or a horse to recompense. Now, she got the luck of going back at the age of 19. This time she said that she would help Lu Xun and ensure that he stays with Mo Zixin. However, she mostly seems to offend Lu Xun thoroughly. Things become complicated as well as intriguing when she realises that she has to make her future boss fall in love, not she falling in love.

How will Su Ran manage her life in the novel world? My son might be a Villain is one of the famous Chinese novels.
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32. My Son Might be a Villain

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama.

Author: Gongzi Shang

Story: The story of the Chinese novel follows Su Ran.

Su Ran is a music prodigy. Unfortunately, she lands into a novel world where she finds out she has to play a villainess female supporting character. And now the main arc of the novel is over the moment she lands in the book. She needs to live now the poverty life of the pitiful owner.

She also realizes that her son will become an evil villain after ten or more years from then. In one extra chapter, we will see him pick on the children of male and female leads. She asks him to learn music, but he refuses and tells her that he wants to do business and support her.

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31. The Former Wife of Invisible Wealthy Man

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Supernatural

Author: Bixia Bu Shang Chao

Story: After Ye Sui gets transmigrated into a novel, she becomes the venomous villain of the novel. Since she looked similar to the white lotus female protagonist, the male lead regarded her as a replacement. Ye Sui was also married to Chen Shu, the main lead’s third uncle. Chen Shu is cursed to destroy the life of the person who marries him.

When Ye Sui got transmigrated to the novel, she found that she is already married to Chen Shu, who is going to divorce. Also, she can see ghosts, but they would disappear as soon as she touches Chen Shu. While Chen Shu was preparing for the divorce, he was shocked by his wife’s reaction after returning home. Ye Sui was pleading with him not to divorce her.

Rumours were that Ye Sui had a doomed life full of poverty.

But now, after marrying Chen Shu, who was good for nothing, she soon found out that he is a super-rich and invisible wealthy man.

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30. Good Morning, Miss Undercover

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Author: Guan Jiu Bian

Story: The Chinese novel beautifully depicts an incredible love story that is worth reading.

When the female protagonist met the male lead for the first time, she foolishly warns him not to wander around with all his sultry charms. Later on, when she met him the fourth time, she was in school uniform. This time, she told the male lead that he would be a good match for her teacher and she would be the flower girl at their wedding.

Finally, when she met him the fifth time, he chased her till the street reached a dead end. He asked that she wants to be a flower girl despite being twenty-four. When the female lead asks him not to get excited, he tells her that he cannot help being excited and asks her if she has heard a bride being a flower girl?

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29. Believe It or Not, I Already Caught You

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama

Author: Grumpy Crab

Story: Many rumors were going around in the riches of the capital city lately. Some of them said that Mayor Chen’s family daughter was abducted and has suffered a lot. Some said that she has gone crazy as she claims that she can see ghosts. And some said something unbelievable yet almost true. They told that Mayor Chen’s daughter kissed Minister Lou’s family’s third son, Lou Ming. That is something they can only concede with frightened faces- Someone provoking Lou Ming.

Chen Yu pushed Lpu Ming on the sofa and had kissed him. Lou Ming was stunned at this. She told him not to worry and assured him that she would take care of him. While saying these, she wondered about the time she needs to wait to kiss him another time.

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28. I am A Matchmaker on Taobao

Genre: Romance, Superjatural

Author: Yan Yan Xia Ri

Story: After Shen Chuchu woke up after an accident, she found out that she has gained a unique power. With the help of this power, if she sees someone’s picture for three seconds, she comes to know about the person whom and when they will be marrying. Shen Chuchu was an 18th tier small-time actress. With this skill, she can now make money and will never starve to death. She builds her presence on Weibo (a social media platform) and sets a matchmaking store on Taobao (Chinese eBay/ Amazon).

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27. The Reborn Otaku’s Code of Practice for the Apocalypse

Genre: Action, Mature, Adventure

Author: Warm Charge

Story: The protagonist of the Chinese Novel is an ordinary man who is living a life full of suffering in an apocalypse for ten years without power, a pocket dimension, and other three life advantages, which are power, money and looks. Unexpectedly, he died after being caught in a fight between two gangs.

But after he opened his eyes, he found himself a decade back_ three months before the apocalypse. Though he lacks the pocket dimension again and is an ordinary man, he has ten years of experience living in the apocalypse. With this experience, now he can find a safer place to build a farm and live a peaceful life. Also, the protagonist wishes to find someone who can make his heartbeat so he can rely on the person forever.

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26. The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care

Genre: Comedy, Romance, School Life

Author: Mexico

Story: The Mu family’s original daughter was switched by the nanny since she was a child. The family did not go to bring her back until seventeen years.

After Xu Xinduo, the original daughter of the family, came back, there was no affection for her in the family except sympathy. The parents said that she had a deep relation with Yaoyao and could not let her lose face. The only thing they could do was to announce Xu Xinduo as their adopted daughter. Even the fiance of Yaoyao said to her that Yaoyao could only be his fiance. He also insults her and asks her to get out. Above all, her elder brother Mu Qingyi’s attitude was more complicated. Apart from all these, Xu Xinduo indifferently said that it does not matter for her.

However, Xu Xinduo had the unique power of swapping her body with a particular teenager. She has helped him a lot whenever he wanted to skip his piano lessons. Xu Xinduo has also helped him hone his piano skills and build a name by winning many trophies.

However, everyone was amused to see the sudden change in the indifferent attitude of Xu Xinduo at the banquet. When a young master of the wealthy family walked towards her and asked her to be his girlfriend, Xu Xinduo replied as she as already started to miss her parents.

Read the Chinese novel to explore the romantic story of the indifferent real daughter of the Mu family and a filthy rich despotic young master.

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25. I Refuse to be a Supporting Character

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance,

Author: Jiang Li Yuan

Story: After being transported into a novel, Gu Jin became a supporting character, the best friend of the female lead, Cheng Xin. Handsome and rich men always surrounded Cheng Xin. But Gu Jin had to settle with the one left by Cheng Xin. 

Both Gu Jin and Cheng Xin had thought that their friendship would last forever. However, this was until Gu Jin discovered her destiny which was doomed. Her marriage failed with Shao Chong. The female lead always fought with the male lead and came to seek the consolation, comfort, and presence of Shao Chong. When Gu jin told Shao Chong to focus on his marriage and be less occupied with Cheng Xin, he waved it off and said that he and Cheng Xin are just friends and nothing is going on between them.

However, Gu Jin understood what’s the truth on the day when she got kidnapped. But her good-for-nothing husband was with Cheng Xin and accompanied her to the hospital. That was the time when Gu Jin decided to change her fate and refused to be the supporting character. Now, she would be the protagonist of her own romance.

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24. Reincarnation- Lord is Extremely Hardcore

Genre: Horror, Romance, School Life, Drama

Author: NA

Story: The protagonist reincarnates. She died at the young age of 20. But the person who killed her in front of everyone was comforted for murdering her by her beloved ones.

The father of the protagonist said that it was not the murderer’s fault. Her mother said to the murderer that she was far better than her real daughter. Her brother said that the protagonist should have died earlier as her existence made him feel embarrassed. And the beloved man of the protagonist said that he only loved that murderer from the beginning. Now, the murderer was moved into tears and was being comforted by her beloved ones.

Now, when everything has reset, she is set to take everything back from the vicious murderer who desires to be the princess.

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23. Reincarnation — The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Genre: Action. Fantasy, Romance

Author: Chao Shuang Hei Pi

Story: An immortal brings Tang Long into the world of Immortal Cultivation. He was brought to this world as the immortal who brought him here saw his affinity with cultivation and wood. Depending on his extraordinary skills, he became one of the top five emperors of the world.

However, he failed his Heavenly Tribulation, which made his soul shatter into many pieces. But one of the pieces found a way to Qin Haodong on Earth. Now, with his excellent medical skills, he became a skilled doctor of Chinese traditional medicine. He also met the pretty cute girl whom he made before going to the Immortal Cultivation World. The mother of the girl was also lovely.

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22. The General’s Genius Daughter

Genre: Drama, Romance

Author: Zhuo Hua

Story: Hua Qiyue got cheated on by her husband. And the lady with whom her husband cheated her dug out her eyes and told her son was not her husband’s. The homewrecker tortured her to death. Also, her parents were killed brutally by them. And her son was tortured by the adulterers.

However, when she opened her eyes, she found herself in the body of a general’s daughter whose first name was the same as her. But the body was useless as the Qi veins are blocked. However, she did not want to waste this glorious chance given to her by God. She sets out to seek revenge on her husband and the woman as well as to save her son. The moment she stepped out, she found herself surrounded by many handsome men. Follow Hua Qiyue in her journey of unravelling mysteries and fighting against her enemies.

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21. I Seem Unsuited for Dating

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Author: Ban Li Zi/ Chestnut

Story: There was a day on the Internet when two forums with the same title ‘I Seem Unsuited for Dating’ appeared. The two people had different problems, which they shared through the posts.

One wrote that he has a severe case of mysophobia and possessiveness. He cannot accept that his girlfriend had any dating experience. He had also consulted a psychiatrist but has not got any better. Thus, he might be very unsuited for dating.

The other user writes that she likes the phase of ambiguous feelings. But once the relationship becomes official, she can’t bear the person approaching her for a hug or kiss. When anything like this happens, she feels nauseous. Hence, she is unsuited for dating.

At these posts, the internet users reacted. They said that both of them should go for each other rather than destroying anyone else’s life.

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20. To Be a Virtuous Wife

Genre: Historical, Romance

Author: Butterfly’s Shadow Beneath the Moon

Story: What does it take to be a virtuous wife? Does it mean that you need to endure the concubines of your husband as well as tolerate his mother and the other family members?

To learn this, fate gave today’s women a chance to transmigrate into the past so they could learn the three morals and four virtues of life. With this, she can now live with satisfaction and die rather than acting like a coward and die.

The Campus clash between the king and queen will definitely entertain you
Image Credits: Webnovel

19. Campus Clash (Love Riot)

Genre: Romance, Drama

Author: NoteKing

Story: The Chinese novel is the story of a clash between the Campus King and Campus Queen.

Image Credits: Webnovel

18. Ghost Blows Out the Light

Genre: Adventure, Horror, Supernatural

Author: The Ruler Under The Heavens

Story: The story of the Chinese novel sets in the 1980s. It follows the adventures of a former soldier, Hu Bayi and his partner while raiding tombs in search of valuables. The two gets involved with an American archaeologist after they become victims of a curse revolving. To remove the curse and make them free they require to seek the clues available among the ancient mythical sites across China.

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17. Why Not Soar Your Majesty

Genre: Comedy, Romance.

Author: Er Hua

Story: The story of the Chinese novel follows Tang Xiao, who only had two wishes. One, to sponsor Mu Cheng, and the other to help every enemy of Su Muzhe.

Tang Xiao does two things every day. One was to kiss and pat the naked posters of Mu Cheng that were all over her room and the other to play online games. Tank Xiao played with a male ID and created havoc every time she enters the game. She would confess to girls, killing men around and harassing people in public. But every time she creates havoc in the game, a female ID, named Su Muzhe, would knock her to bring her to her senses. This way, a marriage happened between Su Muzhe, a female ID with a man behind it, and Tang Xiao’s ID, a male ID with a female behind it.

Meanwhile, she tries her best ways to come in the sheet of her idol Mu Cheng, without knowing that she already had connections with him in the 2D world.

Image Credits: Webnovel

16. Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Genre: Historical, Drama, Romance

Author: Xue Shan Lan/ Snow Mountain Mists

Story: The Chinese novel follows Chu Lian, who lands up in a novel she just read. Chu Lian read a novel where the female lead cheats on her handsome husband. She wondered the reason behind this. But, somehow, she got transmigrated into the body of the same female lead.

She got excited at having such a handsome husband. However, the personality of the husband was opposite to what she had read. He was rude and left her beloved wife alone on their wedding night. Then after five days, he left for enlisting in the army.

Then Chu Lian decided to live on her own. She managed her household in order and also opened a side business. Chu Lian was living her life in leisure until she came to know about her husband being troubled at the frontline. She decides to go and help him rather than waiting for him to plead for her help.

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15. Night Ranger

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Action.

Author: Dark Blue Coconut milk,/ Deepblue Coconut Juice

Story: After Marvin transmitted into a weak noble body, he realised that the world he has entered is that of the game he played in his previous life. But it was just six months ahead of the Great Calamity.

As a top player of the game, he should fight the odds ahead. But he can also use his knowledge to plan and prepare for the events coming instead of fighting the Gods.

Follow Marvin’s journey in the Chinese Novel.

Image Credits: Light Novel Pub

14. I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child

Genre: Romance, Drama

Author: Master Whenzheng

Story: The elder sister flees from her wedding. Thus, the younger one takes her place. However, things turn different ways and, the elder one transmigrates into the body of the younger sister, who gets married to a powerful man. But this man is an irredeemable villain. And villains are bound to have bleak endings. Now, as his wife, she is afraid of her ending, too.

Luckily, the elder sister can get back to the time where things turned on. Now, she asks her younger sister to give her husband back. The younger sister tells her that nothing happened between her and her brother-in-law. But later, it was discovered she was pregnant with the villain’s child.

After a while, when Ye Zhen sees the great villain changing the diaper of the baby, she realises that she cannot go back now and leave all this as it is too late now.

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13. The First Order

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy

Author: The Speaking Pork Trotter

Story: After a great catastrophe struck the earth, the world went back several years. People began to live in an era where there was no rule, no law, only confusion. The ones who were stronger could survive, and the weaker ones were left behind ruthlessly. Humans had become distrustful and ruthless who could do anything. Ren Xiaosu was born in this era, and now he had to fend for himself. Suddenly, he got some unique supernatural powers.

Read out the Chine Novel to know the adventures and changes Ren Xiaosu encounters in this world filled with anarchy.

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12. Release That Witch

Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Action, Adventure

Author: Er Mu

Story: Chen Yan travels between worlds and finally ends up being in a fantasy world. Witches abound the land while the fight between the churches and kingdoms going on, paving the way to scary wars.

Roland is regarded as the worthless prince by his father and others. However, he spends most of his time developing a poor town into a modern and powerful city. Roland does this while fighting for the sword with his siblings. He makes allies with the witches.

Be a part of Roland’s journey through this Chinese novel.

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11. Union of Enemies

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Author: Xiao Yao Hong Chen

Story: The Chinese novel follows two enemies, Zhen Lang and Gu Jing, who pretends to be the best friends in front of their parents for over twenty years. The main source of their entertainment and happiness was defaming each other at every possible opportunity that came their way. However, their parents decide to make them a match.

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10. The Sacred Ruins:

Genre: Action

Author: Chen Dong

Story: The story of the Chinese novel sets in the post-apocalyptic world. The world is roughly equal to ours in terms of technology. However, we will encounter our protagonist to grow in this move, from a college student to a warrior. Mysteries unravel, secrets decipher, and lots of action takes place in his journey.

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09. The Path Toward Heaven

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Action

Author: Mao Ni

Story: The Chinese novel is a unique story. The synopsis talks about a sword that talks about killing a man amidst a thousand miles. Everyone needs to take their own path towards heaven.

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08. The Earth is Online

Genre: Sci-fi, Action, Adventure, Mystery

Author: Mo Chen Huan

Story: Suddenly, tens of thousands of black phantom towers appeared floating above the earth, and no one could do anything. After six months, people got used to it and did not pay much attention to them, and continued with their lives. But, one day, Tang Mo saw a flying insect. The insect crashed into the tower instead of going through it.

Then the next day, a child-like voice announced the humans stating the earth is online.

It mentioned three rules and asked the humans to follow.

Firstly, the black tower will be explaining everything. Secondly, the game time will be from 6 o’clock to 18 o’clock. Third and lastly, all humans should strive to attack the tower.

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07. Battle Through The Heavens

Genre: Action, Fantasy

Author: Li Hu/ Heavenly Silkworm Potato

Story: The Chinese novel follows Xiao Yan, who lost all his powers three years ago. Living in a land full of alluring treasures and beauty yet unforeseen dangers, Xiao Yan lost all those extraordinary powers he had been showing for decades. But what made him lose everything_ all his powers, reputation and a promise to his mother? Also, what made his fiancee suddenly show up?

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06. Just Blame Me for Being Blind in the Beginning

Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy

Author: Ban Li Zi/ Chestnut

Story: The Chinese novel is a story of two different people, Pei Ying and Song Nanchuan. Pei Ying is an 18th tier actress who hasn’t even had her first kiss, while Song Nanchuan, a rich heir who appears elegant and disciplined, takes kisses without even telling.

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05. A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You

Genre: Drama, Romance

Author: Ye Fei Ye

Story: The story is about Ji Yi, for whom life stopped at eighteen, and He Jichen, who is an opportunist with a good face.

Now, Ji Yi wants to pick up from where she left as all her career and life now depends on it. There have been many misunderstandings between them which have turned out to be fatal. After ruining or losing their prime years, He Jichen wants to spend his entire life with Ji Yi. But the question is will she trust him?

This Chinese novel is one of the most recommended one
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04. Lord of the Mysteries

Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror, Mystery

Author: Cuttlefish That Loves Diving

Story: While stuck in facing mysteries, Zhou Mingrui finds himself reincarnated as Klein Moretti in an alternate Victorian era. Here, he sees a world filled with machinery, dreadnoughts, airships, cannons, as well as Potions, Divination, Hexes, Sealed Artifacts, Tarot Cards, and a lot more.

The Chinese novel follows the journey of Klein Moretti, who gets entangled with the churches of the world- both orthodox and unorthodox. He also develops newfound powers.

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03. Bringing the Nation’s Husband Home

Genre: Drama, Romance

Author: Ye Fei Ye

Story: The Chinese Novel depicts the story of Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian. Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian secretly admire each other for thirteen years. Now, both of them cannot hide their feelings any longer, and there is a possibility of them being finally together though the circumstances are not ordinary.

Forced into a false marriage, Qiao Anhao approaches the cold Lu Jinnian carefully. Will their love last long after their last shot for love, after all the near-missed opportunities and misunderstandings all these years.

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02. Why Fall in Love If You Can Attend Tsinghua University

Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy, School Life.

Author: Ten-tailed Hare

Story: When Gu Xuejiao woke up, she found that she had become the stepsister of the novel’s male lead, arrogant and willful. Gu Xuejiao finds that the speciality of her character resided in breaking the relationship between the male and female lead.

Gu Xuejiao thought about the ending of her character. Then she decided to continue the Wu San workbooks, which she had read. The entire Chen family went silent when she asked them for applying for Tsinghua University or Beijing University with simple expressions. The silence and awkwardness were justifiable as she was arrogant, rebellious and only served to let others worry.

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to work hard is one of the best Chinese novels to start with. Most readers will recommend you to start with the novel.
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01. Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard

Genre: Romance, Drama

Author: Passion Honey

Story: Tangning finds out about her fiance, Han Yufan, and his mistress, Mo Yurou, a night before their wedding. However, Han Yufan does not appear on the marriage registration day. In anger and overwhelmed with emotions, Tangning was going back until she finds out Mo Ting, the CEO of Hai Rui Entertainment, is getting married on the same day. However, his fiancee is late and is searching for a woman to marry as soon as possible. Tangning hastily goes to him and offers him to marry her.

The two registers their marriage. Before marriage, Tangning tells him that even if they share the bed, nothing will happen between them. After marriage, he says if they won’t try, how will anything happen. The novel incredibly explores the unique ways of revenge taken by Tangning in which Mo Ting somehow helps her.

The aforementioned is a list of the best and unique Chinese Novel Recommendations you can start your reading journey. Perhaps, you have chosen which title you are going to start reading. So, Happy Reading. Well, let me also add one more fact to help you. You can read most of the novels at Webnovels, Novel Updates, and many more.

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