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We give our cats attention and love on a daily basis. But, in cat owner lives there is always a question: Does my cat loves me too? Every person and every animal have their own way of showing love. So do cats! They can’t tell us if they love us or not and we also can’t read their minds. To make it easier to every cat owner and every cat lover we have listed 17 signs and behaviours that show cat affection. Find out if your cat really loves you!

Cat affection sign #1: Your cat brings you “presents”

One way you can see a cat affection towards you is when she/he brings you a present. What kind of presents are we talking about? The thing you certainly know already is that cats are natural hunters. They will hunt down all sorts of birds, mice, squirrels, frogs, snakes or rodents. And, when they really do kill some of these animals, they will bring it to you as a gift. Even thought you certainly wont like it, and you might even thing it is disgusting, you should be happy. That’s just the way your cat can show you her/his affectionate towards you, her love and her gratitude. We can even say that she is offering you a nice meal.

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Why is that the case? That is because cat mothers usually teach their kittens how to eat their food by bringing them dead or injured animals. When she brings a dead animal to you it just means that she is completing her role as a mother ans teacher. This way of showing love is usual for cats that like to go outside. If your cat is firmly indoor type and has no interest in going out she might bring you one of her toys that she/he managed to catch. So, next time when your cat makes a mess by bringing a dead animal to your home, don’t be mad. They don’t know any different. In fact, if that doesn’t happen you should be worried and ask yourself why doesn’t your cat loves you and what are you doing wrong.

Cat affection sign #2: Tummy flashing

Like most cat owners already know, cats are a really shy animals. They are also very careful when they have to choose for whom will they lower their guard. The thing is that most cats wont just show their stomach to anyone. That means that if you see your cat flashing her/his tummy to you she really trust you. How do they do that? Cat will just come to you and roll on his/her back. In addition, that means your cat really loves you and trust you. It is important to mention that this position is leaving them undefended and that means they feel protected and comfortable with you.

Cat affection sign #3: Head butting

It is not such a great thing when you get a head butt from another human. But, it is a big deal and a great thing when you get it from a cat. It is another sign of cat affection towards you. To understand why is that the case, it is important to mention one fact. Cats have secret glands placed on the certain parts of their bodies. While they head butt you they are releasing their scent all over you. It is because they want to mark you. With that, cats are showing their possession toward you. This scent is also marking you as theirs, and that means that they really respect and love you and that they are considering you as a part of their family. We can say that cat head butting is like a head hug. That is really cute, don’t you agree?

Cat affection sign #4: Cheek rubs

This is a similar way of showing affection like the previous one. One of those secret glands we wrote about are placed on cats cheeks. That means that if you see your cat rubbing her cheeks on you it is yet another sign of her love.

Cat affection sign #5: Bites you

People have their own love bites. So do cats too, but in a different way. Before you get a little bit scared, we are not talking about big, harmful bites. We are talking about small, playful, tickling bites. My cat usually bites my finger and I have to say it is a really cute thing. And now, when I know it is yet another way of cats showing you affection, I can be really happy. Also, cats can give these love bites to other cats and animals and it’s one way of interacting between each other.

Cat affection sign #6: Licks you

Bites are not enough! They just have to show their love with licks. Sometimes I wonder are there really so much difference between cat and dogs. We all know that cats spend plenty of times grooming themselves or grooming another cat. But, the thing is that they will groom other cats only if there is some sort of love involved. Basically, if your cat licks you, it means that she really likes you and she recognize you as a part of her family.

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Cat affection sign #7: Following or lingering around you

Every time you turn around, wherever you are, you see your cat? That is a good thing! It just means that your cat really loves you and likes to be with you. When your cat has that sort of feeling towards you, she will follow you wherever you go. And I definitely know that feeling. No matter where I go, even in the bathroom, my cat comes immediately. sometimes, that can be a real struggle, but be patient and understanding because your cat doesn’t have bad attentions. Just sit back and enjoy her affection.

Cat affection sign #8: Trying to come to you

As we mentioned in last sign of cat affection, your cat will try to be as much as she wants with you. Because of that, if you leave a door closed behind you, your cat will start to scratch it. She will also start meowing loudly. But, that only means that she really loves you and she wants to be with you, and in this way she is calling you. Sometimes, you might even hear her meowing like she is crying when you leave your home.

Cat affection sign #9: Kneading

I’m sure many of you have already heard about this type of showing affection. Cats start doing that in their young age, when they were just kittens. They knead against their mothers breasts to induce milk to be released. This behavior continues even in adult cats. But, this time they do it because they want to show you that they feel relaxed, content and loved. Sometimes it can be painful because of their claws or because of their weight. If your cat does that, it is recommended to move her on a part of your body where it will be less painful or to put a thick, soft barrier like blanket between the cat and your lap. You can also roll on your stomach and let your cat knead all over your back. It will be just like a massage.

Cat affection sign #10: Twitching the tips of their tail

As many of you already know, cats tail can be a good indicator of their mood and feelings. With their tails they can show you all sorts of feelings, from anger and aggression to affection, love and happiness.  When you see that your cat is holding her tail straight up with slightly tipped end it means that she loves you and cares for you. We can compare it with dogs and the way in which they show happiness by waving their tails. This way of showing affection also starts in kitten age. Kittens greet their mother with tails flagged high in respect and adult cats continue this behavior with people they love.

Cat affection sign #11: Purring

Cats usually purr when you are cuddling them and when they are feeling happy. But, if you hear your cat purring even when you are not cuddling them that is a really satisfying sign. This means that your cat is happy just by being beside you. It is a really relaxing sound that shows you how much your cat loves you. On the other hand, cats can purr when they are uncomfortable or even hungry. They do that to alarm you and make sure you pay attention to them, But, this is a very rare reason for purring.

Cat affection sign #12: Meowing

The thing you might not know is that cats rarely talk or meow to other cats. Only kittens meow at their mothers as a way of interaction. So why do cats meow to humans? The thing is, they wont meow to any human, especially if they don’t like them. But, when your cat meows at you it is out of love. She/he is trying to interact with you in the only way they know, meowing.

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Cat affection sign #13: Eye contact

As we already mentioned, cats are shy animals and they wont do everything for everyone. Some of their behaviours are served only for the people and animals they like. One of this behaviors is direct stare at you or, in other words, direct eye contact. In this way, your cat is showing you love and trust. In addition, she can also show you love by one or more slow blinks. We call head butting as head hugging and in the same way we can call these blinks as cat kisses. Pretty interesting, right? Next time when you see your cat staring at you and blinking, be sure to send some of the kisses back.

Cat affection sign #14: Choosing where to sleep

We all know that cats love to sleep. Some researches even indicate that cats tend to sleep or nap sixteen hours every day. That is a lot! Moreover, while they are sleeping they are most vulnerable. Because of that, if your cat loves to sleep beside you or in your lap, it is a great sign of her love. It means that your cat trusts. It also means that she/he is feeling secured beside you. Do you like sleeping with your cat?

Cat affection sign #15: Greets you at the door

Yes, cats can also greet you at a door just like dogs. My cats, for example, can sense me even when I’m not home yet but close to home. And, when they sense me, they tend to wait for me near the entrance doors until I finally come. Now, that’s a real love and affection!

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Cat affection sign #16: Gets jealous and mad

What is love without some problems? Cats have a problem a too. Dont you dare not paying attention to your cat or even take long time before coming back home. If you have something else to do and no time for your cat she will definitely get mad and jealous. Also, if you don’t come home to her for a longer period of time she will sulk. Why? Because she loves you and misses you!

Cat affection sign #17: Tolerates your affection

The last sign of your cats love towards you is when she tolerates your affection. We all know that cats are pretty much introverts and that don’t like to be touched to often. Thus, if your cat lets you hug her, kiss her and do all sorts of things to her, that means she really likes you and that she will tolerate you in any given situation. Even though she might not like it.

Now, you know if your cat loves you or not. If not, you might consider doing some things differently. So, tell us. What signs of affection does your cat gives you? Is there any other sign that could be a sign of affection and is not listed here? Whatever it is, give your cat plenty of love and enjoy it when she gives it back in her special way.

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  1. My cat is almost 2 years old. We have had him for almost his whole life, and ever since he turned about one, he has done this thing where he puts his paws on each of my shoulders, and rests his head on/ nuzzles my head/hair/ears. Is this okay? He never wants me to let go when he does this, so Im hoping its a sign of affection. This article helped me so much in understanding my little brat cat. Thanks!!

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