Captain Tsubasa episode 9, who will win? Shuutetsu vs Nankatsu!


Date: 01/06/2018

Captain Tsubasa episode 9 was finally released, it has been an exciting wait. After watching Captain Tsubasa episode 8 I was really excited to see this anime progress further on. In the last episode, we saw the ending of Nankatsu and Shuutetsu match. Although Nankatsu is now losing against Shuutetsu, Tsubasa still managed to score against Wakatoshi. Tsubasa won his challenge with him, however, I do not believe that this will end their rivalry. But, I also do not think that the whole anime will focus on it. From what I have researched about the original Captain Tsubasa, I noticed that the anime was very long. We could see Tsubasa grow up actually and face new opponents. I did not watch the original so I do not know what will happen. But there is the possibility that Wakatoshi and Tsubasa might play together for Japan.

Captain Tsubasa episode 9

Tsubasa and Taro shocked

Captain Tsubasa Episode 9 Review

Captain Tsubasa episode 9 starts off with the 2nd half of extra-time, and it’s Nankatsu’s kick-off. The game is still not over and anything can happen. Will Nankatsu win against Shuutetsu? Now that is something to look forward to in Captain Tsubasa episode 9.  Kicking it off, and using passes to reach the goal, Nankatsu team displays well their improvement in handling the ball. The ball reaches Iwami and he manages to dodge a tackle and cross in the ball. Taro and Tsubasa were running towards the ball, however, Wakatoshi jumps out and catches the ball in mid-air before it could reach them. Now it’s time for Shuutetsu to strike. It seemed like Shuutetsu would score their 3rd goal, but then Tsubasa and Taro Misaki intervened. Actually, to be precise, Misaki got the ball before it reached the goal.  If their goalkeeper does not improve, it will be troublesome for them when they face off against even stronger opponents.

Right when it seemed like they would lose, a combination play between Misaki and Tsubasa made them score another goal and tie the match. After the tie there was a lot of tension in the field, everyone was trying to steal the ball. You could see the improvement in Nankatsus team and their will to fight. Shuutetsu exhaustion also made it a lot easier to steal the ball. The ball kept on jumping around from each side. Until Misaki stole the ball from one of Shuutetsu players and went in to cross for Tsubasa. Tsubasa and Wakatoshi bother jumped in at the same time. Tsubasa tried to do a head kick but failed ot score the goal. It seemed to me like at this point Tsubasa and Wakatoshi become friends. They both smiled at each other and agreed that the game was good. The referee ended the game as a tie and nobody had won. Tsubasa and Wakatoshi agreed to meet again someday on the field. We can definitely expect to see a Shuutetsu versus Nankatsu rematch sometime in the anime.

Captain Tsubasa episode 9

Wakatoshi and Tsubasa becoming friends


I also have to say that it was quite captain-like for both of them to greet themselves at the end of the game. After the game, we can see Taro and Tsubasa practicing while the rest of the Nankatsu team is relaxing. They were commenting on how Tsubasa and Misaki have the endless stamina and who is a better player among them. But it is unclear and they would probably have to face off in a match. There is also talk of the national tournament, and there is a hint about their rematch with Shuutetsu. We can clearly see them commenting that they will be playing against at the inter-prefecture tournament.  However, Ishizaki came in with some bad news. It seems that we will not be seeing Nankatsu playing anymore. Instead of selecting a team to play in the tournament. This year the city decided to gather the best players from all the schools and form the Nankatsu Youth Football Club which will be representing them in the tournament.

We also saw a bit of past from Roberto and him saying that he will be going back to Brazil. I ain’t really sure what’s going on about that because I thought Roberto will be coaching Tsubasa. However, it seems that Wakatoshi and Tsubasa might actually play together since Nankatsu city is gathering members for their football club. At the end of the episode, we see the Nankatsu Youth Football Club tryouts. They went over it really fast, I expected them to wait for the next episode. However, it went off really fast. And it seems that Tsubasa will be playing in Japan until the National Tournament since it is his goal to win it. Although he plans to play, he will be leaving with Roberto to play in Brazil when this is all over. To be honest, I have no idea how this anime will end up actually. Where will Tsubasa play in the end? Well, that does not matter, I am really excited to see the National Tournament now.


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