Captain Tsubasa episode 7 Review, Nankatsu versus Shuutetsu

Captain Tsubasa episode 7 dives are back into the highly expected Nankatsu vs Shuutestus game. Episode 5 and episode 6 of Captain Tsubasa have prepared us. They were pretty good build ups for this match, which is the reason why I was so excited to start watching this. The episode was great, and the animation improved a lot since the beginning and their first matches. I guess they did not focus much on it during the start. And the visuals for Captain Tsubasa are also stunning, the flow of it just looks awesome.  Captain Tsubasa episode 7 was packed with intense action, dribbling, and turnarounds. I gotta say this was probably one of the best episodes I have seen from Captain Tsubasa. And I’m now very excited to watch the eight-episode that is coming out next week.


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Captain Tsubasa episode 7 Review

The more I watch Captain Tsubasa, the more I admire Tsubasa. He is one badass main character, definitely a great break from the usual weak main characters.  Captain Tsubasa episode 7 focused mostly on the first half of the game that lasted 20 minutes. In this half, Roberto had instructed them to play on the offensive and not let Shuutetsu put any goals in.  Tsubasa played as the center back, and he was doing great. When observed from the sidelines, there was some commentary on Tsubasa being an awesome center back. However, there was one kid that understood Tsubasa does not play that position usually.  This is probably the new character that will join up with Nankatsu in the upcoming episodes. It will most likely happen after their battle with Shuutetsu.

The only thing that I’m wondering is if they will actually beat Shuutetsu as they are planning. Or will they lose and then build up their strengths and practice hard.  At the extra time of the first half, Tsubasa got challenged by Wakabayashi to score him a goal.  Being as he is, he could not ignore it and went in for the goal. Tsubasa tackled everyone right from the other side of the field just to get in the position and shoot. Wakabayashi barely defended it and it became a corner kick. We saw a flashback of Tsubasa being taught something by Roberto. And then he actually used it, it was a cross-in curve shoot towards the goal. The shoot was good, and Wakabayashi could not touch the ball. However, it unfortunately curved into the sidebar.


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Nankatsu managed to fend off Shuutetsu in the first half. But then, in the second half, they scored. And this is when Tsubasa went on the offensive. Now I’m wondering how they will do against Shuutetsu without Tsubasa as a center-back. It is obvious that they can’t score without him. However, they would have also suffered a lot of goals without Tsubasa in the back.  Will everyone suddenly show the fruit of their training, or will they lose? Now that’s something that I’m excited to see. They always seem to be ending these episodes with cliffhangers, just so you want to watch more but can’t. Captain Tsubasa episode 7 ending was awesome, and it had that good cliffhanger that makes you want more. Definitely one of the best episodes of Captain Tsubasa so far.



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