Captain Tsubasa Episode 4 Review, Roberto’s Past Revealed


Date: 28/04/2018

Captain Tsubasa episode 4 starts off with Roberto talking about Tsubasa’s transfer.  Apparently, Tsubasa was in a bad football team in his last school. And despite his skill in football, he lacks experience. He was supposed to go to Shuutetsu elementary school. There he would hone his skills with a lot of good athletes. However, Tsubasa had chosen to go to Nankatsu. Nankatsu school football team is among the worst in the area. Although Tsubasa has befriended them and wants to play with them. Roberto seems a bit worried about it. But I think it will be fine. The whole team is bad, which will make the transcendence towards good better to watch. Everyone will be working hard to improve their skills at playing.


Captain Tsubasa episode 4 Review

At the beginning of the episode, we see a letter from some medical facility for Roberto. It seems at this episode we will finally get a revelation as to what is really going on. I think many fans who have not seen the original series have been wondering this question. Why has Roberto quit soccer to start drinking? One of the characters in episode 3 assumed it could be due to alcohol. Which would mean that Roberto quit so he can enjoy his drinking? But I didn’t think that was the case and was actually waiting for this.

Captain Tsubasa episode 4

Roberto’s Past – Captain Tsubasa episode 4

Tsubasa enrolls

Tsubasa’s friend whose name I forgot talks about him in the school.  They talk about their last practice match. And everyone is surprised about their victory. We are seeing new characters here, which are supposedly the cheerleading squad of Nankatsu school. So I assume we will be seeing them in the anime often a lot. The music in the show is also pretty good, it feels like something that children would watch. If I had a child, I’d definitely watch Tsubasa with him. It just feels like a  pure friendly shounen.

Tsubasa’s team is starting to practice for the inter-school tournament. However, before the practice starts, we see Tsubasa mom looking at Roberto’s letter. One fact is sure, mothers are known for breaking privacy. Robertos letter came from Ophthalmology. Ophthalmology usually takes place in covering the area of the eye. It can also involve those fancy surgical operations on the eye and such.

Captain Tsubasa episode 4

Ignored Teacher – Captain Tsubasa episode 4

Robertos past

Roberto came to Japan to get a diagnosis on his case. Roberto is diagnosed with Retinal Detachment.  If he keeps on playing football any longer he might go blind due to some shock.  However, Roberto is not sad that he can’t play any longer. He has retired as a player and has decided to teach everything he has to Tsubasa. Roberto is planning on leaving his knowledge to the next generation. He loves football and wants to stay in it. Being a coach is the perfect fit for him in this situation. Ricardo will still be enjoying football, even though he won’t be playing.


Captain Tsubasa episode 4 was a cool episode. We got to see more about Roberto, and his plans for coaching Tsubasa. At the end of the episode, he said that he wants to make Tsubasa a world level player. This could mean that this series is actually long, I would not know since I have not seen the original one. And haven’t even done any research on it, don’t want to spoil anything.  And if you like sports anime, you might be intersted in Major 2nd




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