Captain Tsubasa Episode 3 Review, Time For A Kickoff


Date: 25/04/2018

Captain Tsubasa episode 3 was recently released and it was a thrilling episode. Roberto arranged a practice match for Tsubasa’s new team so he can judge them and then create a strategy and training regimen. Even though everyone thinks he’s a drunk, it’s clearly obvious that he knows what he is doing. With Tsubasa on the team and Roberto as their trainer, there might actually be some hope of Nankatsu beating Shutetsu at the school tournament. With that being said, it would seem that Roberto has not joined up with Tsubasa just on a whim. It seems like Tsubasa’s father was the one to convince Roberto to come and train Tsubasa. Even though we still do not know how, and it might never be explained.

Captain Tsubasa episode 3

Tsubasa’s Mom – Captain Tsubasa episode 3


Captain Tsubasa episode 3 review

Captain Tsubasa is overall a very light and relaxing anime as portrayed through the first 3 episodes. I have good expectations of this shounen sports anime. Tsubasa seems like a great character, and even Roberto said that he makes others play better and more relaxed when he’s on the field. That probably explains how he becomes Captain, even though he is still not the Captain at this point in episode 3.

Perhaps in episode 4, he will become the captain. Nankatsu is the team that Tsubasa will be playing with. We also found out that Tsubasa was originally supposed to go to Shutetsu, but decided to transfer to Nankatsu, so he can beat Wakabayashi. I hope their rivalry makes them both stronger, even though I do not like Wakabayashi now. However, it’s still too soon to hate on him, he might become a lovely character at a later point of the anime.

In Captain Tsubasa episode 3

Nankatsu faces off against Nishigaoka. It would seem that Roberto had arranged this practice match as a present for Tsubasa.  An interesting fact that we learn in this episode is that Nankatsu lost 30-0 to Shutetsu last year. It is really a shameful result. I’m surprised they have not disbanded as a club and stopped playing. A lot of other people would have given up. Before the match started Roberto asked them who would be the captain. And Ishizaki volunteered himself as if it was something natural. Leading the team is Ishizakis job. However Tsubasa seemed more like he was leading them.

Tsubasa really felt like a cool captain when they were playing. The game progresses in the favor of Nankatsu and Tsubasa scores the first goal. The game itself lacked a bit of animation, but I have noticed that most football anime are like that.

Captain Tsubasa episode 3 roberto

Roberto Hongo


In Captain Tsubasa episode 3 we see some new characters thrown at us, and Tsubasa’s skills in leading the team. I was a  bit skeptic on how they will make a bad team improve so fast, but it would seem there was no reason to worry. WIth Tsubasa and Roberto on their side, we will be only looking forward to more exciting matches and improvements from their side. I also hope to see an improvement of the animation part where they play. If you love sports anime then you might enjoy Major 2nd,








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