Captain Tsubasa episode 10 review – The Arrival of Kojiro


Date: 12/06/2018

I finally got some time to watch Captain Tsubasa episode 10 and I gotta say the episode was pretty good, and we also got to see a new interesting character. Following up with episode 9, episode 10 of Captain Tsubasa puts it focuses on the upcoming tournament that everyone will be aiming to win.  In the previous episode, we saw Tsubasa, Misako, and Ishizaki getting selected from the try-outs for the Nankatsu Youth Football Club. Nankatsu, Shuutetsu, Nishigaoka, Yamabuki, and Mizukoshi are the school’s whos clubs went to tryouts.  Only the best players were selected, so I do not really know why they chose Ishizaki. Perhaps there was a misjudgment on their part that gave Ishizaki a chance to shine.


Captain Tsubasa episode 10 review

Captain Tsubasa episode 10


At the beginning of the episode, we’re introduced to a new character that Tsubasa will be facing. His name is Kojiro Hyuga. He plays a very violent form of football, he harms people and goes through with sheer force.  He even got into a fight with his own teammates. After that, we saw Roberto thinking about what would be the best for Tsubasa. I’m glad how Roberto was presented because he does not only want to polish Tsubasa’s talent. He genuinely thinks about his well-being and how things would affect Tsubasa. I love how he is concerned about Tsubasa, and what he said also makes me wonder if they will really go to Brazil. Roberto being skeptical as he is, he told Tsubasa that he will only take him to Brazil if he wins the tournament.

We don’t really know what will happen yet, however, it could easily be that Tsubasa gets defeated. And why is that? Well, I think Kojiro might play a big role in this part. Later on in the episode, while Nankatsu SC was having another tryouts match, Kojiro barged in and stole the ball. He rushed towards the defense and scored against Wakabayashi. Even though Wakabayashi was injured at the time, he clearly stated that even if he was not injured, that he would have a hard time getting that ball. Meaning, Kojiro will definitely be Tsubasa and Wakabayashi rival. Even though, at first I thought that Wakabayashi will be Tsubasa’s rival. I did not expect them to end up playing together.


Tsubasa and Wakabayashi are set on going against Kojiro. Which is great, because they have a good rival to go against. At first, I disliked Kojiro a bit. Then, they have shown how he helps his mother. His father died, and since he is the oldest among his brothers and sisters. he tries to help his mom quite a lot. His mom is working few jobs so she can support her family. And Kojiro wants to become a professional player so he can help his mother. At the beginning of the episode, we saw Roberto kicking a wooden plank and destroying it with his foot. He told Tsubasa that once he develops he will be able to do that. Near the end of the episode, we saw Kojiro doing the same as Roberto.

Meaning he has already developed a lot of strength and might prove to be a tough opponent for Tsubasa and Wakabayashi. I am quite excited to see how this anime will progress. After Kojiros background story we saw Tsubasa and Nankatsu SC playing their first qualifier games. Before first half has ended, Tsubasa had already scored a hat-trick, and at the end, Nankatsu won 7-0. Since Tsubasa is the main character, I think that he will also progress quite a lot. So having a strong rival such as Kojiro might prove as a great obstacle for him. Overall Captain Tsubasa episode 10 was great and hyped me for wanting to see more.



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