Captain Tsubasa Episode 1 – A 2018 Remake Of A Classic


Date: 07/04/2018

Yesterday I have watched two new anime, it was Megalo Box and Captain Tsubasa. Captain Tsubasa episode 1 was very good, and I can’t really say how it will go because I have not seen the original show. However, most people told me that it is a complete remake of the original series. So we can safely assume that it will be after the original storyline. Regardless of you watching the original or not, everyone told me that the anime is really worth watching. And being a fan of sports anime myself, I really enjoy watching new ones. This season we have 3 new sports anime, and I still need to see the third baseball one. Although most people told me that it was not really anything worth mentioning. They might be wrong so I will watch it regardless

Captain Tsubasa episode 1

Captain Tsubasa episode 1 – Bus

Captain Tsubasa Episode 1 Review

This is probably the best idea I’ve ever seen in terms of remakes, considering the amount of success it had in the past. It lacked one thing obviously which were the overused graphics that remained constant within this series. However, the new series solves that problem.  The show has a lot of potential. Following the story of Tsubasa a boy who loves Football since his very own birth, he gets into an accident where he is saved from his own ball, I always laugh at that scene due to its stupidity. Although the scene makes you think of the chances of that actually being possible, the impact would have just been lethal. And I doubt that little Tsubasa could have survived it, I mean he was a kid and that was a truck.

However, I still think that was one of the funniest scenes I have seen in an anime and hence I still love it.Then there is the famous goalkeeper being able to deflect anything thrown at his way. Literally everything, to the point in the scene where he had to defend against the other senpai’s. Some kid wanted to get control over a football field and hence he called in backup. There were a lot of strong athletes and they used all sorts of different balls and even a tennis ball. However, he withstood all the balls thrown at him without any sort of fret, he kept his coolness up to the top making the senpais look so bad that even after their mighty vows they felt absolutely underwhelming in face of him.. Captain Tsubasa episode 1  was really amazing and it brought in some interesting characters.

Captain Tsubasa episode 1

Captain Tsubasa episode 1 – Goalkeeper


 Ah I swear watching every scene being more powerful than in the past just made me rejoice so much. You can’t imagine, when the kicks were being played you could feel such vibrant new visuals. I’m absolutely hyped for this remake. The opening and the ending were the same,but way better. Since it is a remake the nostalgic feeling was too strong,also the amount of characters in the first opening and ending are too much. So it’s obvious this won’t be a 12 episode anime, I hope it has more than the original in fact. It even has new scenes, if you remember the original version well, you could see the differences perfectly well. This has the potential for pure greatness, not gonna lie, I seriously am hoping so much for this.

  • By Cloud

To quote Cloud, one of our readers, we can clearly see that many people are very excited about this serious. Watching this anime brings up the chills for me, it is very thrilling and exciting to think about it. I know he mentioned how he is excited to see it as a remake. And all the nostalgic feelings welling up inside of him. However, I still believe that this anime has had a very cool impact even on people such as myself. People that have not seen the show in the past. And due to this, I must recommend to you to check out Captain Tsubasa episode 1.  Before you go, just one question.  What is your opinion on Minions?

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