Butterfly Effect

Yahallo, fellow butterflies! Today, I will be taking a break from delusions and syndromes. After all, it does get a bit undeniably boring sometimes to read about mental disorders. Instead, I will be writing about a psychology topic called Butterfly Effect. So, let's take a look at it 🙂

Butterfly Effect : A Flap Of The Wings

Butterfly on a flower

It's fascinating how one small action can bring about wide changes, not only in our life, but also in the people around us, or even the people we don't know.

Consider it this way : A butterfly flaps its wings somewhere, which thereby changes the air pressure around it. Over time, it changes the direction of the wind. This leads to a series of events which may cause a hurricane in another place. And then, this hurricane has a lot of effects on others as well.

That is how the name Butterfly Effect came into existence.

Some events create a wide amount of changes in the world.  Every action we take can render a variety of changes. This theory basically means that a small decision taken in life can alter the entire course of your life.

United Thinking

Last Butterfly - Jerry8448

There can be another viewpoint to this topic. I was reading an article by Elizabeth Waugaman, and her view regarding the butterfly effect is absolutely wonderful. As she said, and I quote,

Recently, meteorologists made a startling discovery about monarch butterflies. A discovery for which they have no explanation. Monarchs migrate in a gigantic cluster that forms the shape of a butterfly. The implications of this discovery are startling. Could it be that, like small fish, the monarchs gather together to form a large group that looks like a very large, inedible, butterfly? If this is the case, like small fish, butterflies have a sense of their identity. What is the message for us?

If fish and butterflies unite for safety in numbers, surely humans have the same ability. But, instead, we divide ourselves into myriad groups that take precedence over our humanity. We need to re-learn that to survive, we have to be united. With the butterfly effect, we can be. Quote Source

A beautiful quote, isn't it? I'd agree with her. Instead of staying united and respecting each other, humans have take a trip down south. There are more and more disagreements, even among people who were once close to each other. We need to be united, fight against the injustice. All of us should respect every other individual, and accept their opinions. Only then can we come to one proper conclusion through compromises. As a result, we can achieve some stability in life. Can't we count that as a butterfly effect?

What else can it mean?

Butterfly Girl
Release The Butterflies

Futhermore, we can also interpret the Butterfly effect in a different way. A small butterfly is something completely harmless. Yet, it is able to have such a large impact on its surroundings. Could it mean that everyone has some amount of potential in them? None of us are worthless. Consequently, we have the ability to render wide changes in the functionality of our surroundings. One single person can reach out to the masses. He or she can make them question everything! We, as individuals, can control everyone around us. We can affect everything around us.

A small cause can have a large effect.


1. If you had a chance to change Something in the past, would you do it? Would it have changed your situation now?

2. Do you agree with the butterfly effect?

3. Finally, what is your interpretation of this?



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  1. If I would be able to change something in my past, there would be enough things to choose from. Starting at my first love which changed my entire life in a negative way, to stopping someone who hurt one important to me.
    I agree with the Butterflyeffekt and think of it not only in a way of “everone can change something”, but also see it as a motivation for many people which helps a lot of people to live a better life

  2. I’d definitely change something if I knew it would benefit the lives of many others since I consider utilitarianism very highly. This butterfly effect is kind of obvious though so yeah, I agree with it.

  3. I love to change the past but I wouldn’t do it because that makes me like myself today.
    Yes, I agree with the butterfly effect.

  4. Agree with Butterfly effect being a real life possibility & many would love to look back & change something in past life. It will be true for me also. If I look back I can find some instances where I would have changed something. Great article thanks.

  5. Very good article. I would keep this thought for a time when I’m older though. Will definitely have something I would like to change. Agree with butterfly effect.

  6. I wouldn’t change the past. I do believe in the butterfly effect. The thing about the monarchs was actually very interesting

  7. Thoughts…

    The Butterfly Effect already has a meaning (the first one mentioned). It’s a good introduction to chaos theory. It’s also a common source of self-deception, as people tend to latch onto one step the in the chain and blame it for the outcome. “If #37 hadn’t missed that one kick, our team would have won.” Ignoring that other possible scoring opportunities which also affected the final score.

    Ms. Waugaman should come up with a new name for the new idea she wants to spread.
    I am an individual. I do not think it would be good for individual humans, nor, ultimately for the species, if we marched in formation, each locked into their pre-ordained role, speaking in unison, and of course, forcibly “correcting” anyone who strayed out of position. I think that would be slavery for the individual, and inflexibility for the species.
    Would I change the past in hopes of a better present? Nope. Like the butterfly, I cannot know whether flapping east instead of south would have prevented the hurricane or made it worse.

  8. Can’t expect much more from you than that.
    Anyway, do take a moment to look back and realize how lame your roasts and comebacks are. Ima start ignoring you now. Good luck with becoming “savage”.

  9. 1.No I wouldn’t change any actions of mine I have done in the past no matter how retarded they were. My current self is a result of actions,decisions and consequences from the past. To make it more simple it’s like maths,but the final result is not defined “right” or “false” only by strereotypes,but also from your own self . What I mean by stereotypes? If you are a good /successful single entity of the society,for some people matter a lot,for some others not so much,depending from the person.
    Changing any action from the past is like selling your current self or just proving you’re to hypocritical with yourself,much less accept what you are. Yes you’re right fellas thinking about critical mistakes you have done as big regrets of your life,but what matters is the present and the future ,not your unique “scars” which actually more or less make you more different than other people

    2.Yes I do and in fact it sounds perfectly reasonable if you think about. Actually this is so elementary that I can’t think of decent example,except music. Every second different sounds being added or removed and in the end if added nicely they can become world famous masterpiece or just another one unknown song. If you think about it,you can make music in a lot of ways,make it sound every time different. Simply majestic.

    3. I need to find better hobbies than this shit tbh

  10. :/ i was so evil when i was a kid
    i used to kill ants
    i used to cut butterfly wings and let it live
    and i used to umm kill lizards and frogs so so brutally
    i should be in jail rn

    1. never, cause my mom said if i hold butterfly wings and accidentally rub it on my eyes, i could go blind. so never ever tried to lol. i can be stupid

          1. I don’t have a heart
            u stole it ,dyded it black and the ripped it to shreds b4 u tossed it out ;-;

      1. when they start typing a few seconds after the message had been sent and then become a hypocrite to sound cool ;smh;

    1. She was ugly before and had some physical changes, like a larva undergoes metamorphosis and becomes a beautiful butterfly?

      Shit im answering my own question..
      Sign to leave the room now. Lol

  11. in the old days
    i mean before when people started to find answers for their questions
    did people realized that caterpillars and butterflies are same?

  12. Your each and every action will somehow affect not only you, but everyone around you. I always thought of this ever since I was little. Imagine if a certain person wasnt born or they didnt do certain actions, then it might change the world. Also, we are who we are now because of the environment we grew up with. Everyone is important to some degree. It’s just that some people, even themselves fail to recognize it

  13. its really wonderful isn’t it
    when a ugly caterpillar change into a beautiful butterfly ‘-‘
    thats the beauty of the world
    i wish i can change my ugly self like that ;-;

  14. everytime i think of something about the topic, my inner self comes up with a contradiction to what im thinking. smh, too dumb for this

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  15. People just wanted to say: YOLO – Fck It
    Do and try every options you have for it will lead you to something good or bad. Take risks as much as you can.
    #shitpostTimeTravelEffectʕ ͡°; ͜ʖ ͡°ʔ

  16. 1)Change something?
    Sounds risky af, I’m just glad I’m still alive
    2)I’ve never given anything this much thought so idk
    3)Butterflies are just fancy moths, get em outta my sight

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  17. 1. If you had a chance to change Something in the past, would you do it? Would it have changed your situation now?

    if i say anything in the past that changes the entire timeline
    for example. i bought a shittiest pc..and.my pc got rekt on 2015 dec 21st i think…. and in that time i was fucking bored i dnt know what to do everything is in my pc..and then i started watching anime cartoon blah blah blah ..
    and in the way i found disqus 😮 i met wonderful people here and seriously my boredom gone away
    but just think about it if i go back and change the time where i bought a shittiest pc
    and bought a great pc…the whole timeline won’t be happened in other words
    i won’t be even here in the 1st place

  18. To answer condensed milk
    the butterfly theory also known as chaos theory is similar to a paradox
    butterfly is used as the symbol cause 1 the person who discovered it did after realising that even the flap of a butterfly could cause a hurricane
    2.it shows how harmless actions (butterflys) can also lead to disaster

      1. Foolish we all are,so why care for it,there will be always a person above us,not like it wll matter whether we die foolish or not,we should live on free will always

  19. Last thing, we don’t need to learn shyt from lower creatures.
    Fishes and butterflies and other small creatures value unity cause they are too weak and insignificant. We are not like them.
    The more advanced a creature is, the more individualist they become. Self-enlightment, self-prosperity and self-actualization becomes more important for a species that has proven itself to be the top.
    We don’t need to travel in large human shaped group to fend off alien UFOs

  20. 1. If you had a chance to change Something in the past, would you do it? Would it have changed your situation now?
    -I’d like to, but if I was honestly given the chance to, I probably wouldn’t.
    I’ve made my own decisions up until now, and I believe I should have to live with those choices, in life there isn’t a “reset” button, you should always be held accountable.
    “You reap what you sow”
    2. Do you agree with the butterfly effect?
    -Yes, I think that even the smallest decisions can have the biggest impact. However, since we are unable to see alternate timelines where different outcomes of choices are apparent, we will never truly know if those choices actually do have such an impact, I believe they do though.

    3. Finally, what is your interpretation of this?
    -My interpretation of the Butterfly effect? The article itself? What am I interpreting exactly?.

  21. Lovely topic, would love to contribute to it by saying something smart but can’t think of anything ( then again I never say anything smart, to began with )

  22. Raven question, why do you think butterfly is used as a symbol, why not a bee, bee is more of hardworking and really helping in the process of pollenation.

  23. Do u think that the possible repercussions of a butterfly flap include the possibility of Fallen getting unbanned 😮

  24. I wonder if going back to the past would be a bad thing,I mean we are gonna die either way so whats so wrong about it?
    In the end most humans care about happiness after all,even if its selfish.
    We simply just get delayed due to relevances we get each day

  25. What’s important to keep in mind, is that the butterfly effect isn’t absolute. 99.999999999% of those reaction chains probably ends within a few steps.

    Everyday, billions of butterflies in the world flaps wings trillions of times. If every single one of em created hurricanes, i wouldn’t be making this comment rn.

    So, not many “small” things actually end up doing something big. The conditions are often downright delusional. If you’re small, you stay small. That’s the truth

  26. But seriously moths can be mistaken as butterflies tbh. They are smaller and not too colourful tho they look like a triangle shaped like when resting.

  27. Fatcat asked me yesterday if all humans on the world jumped at the same time , would the earth move ? My reply was no, tho what do you think ? I was reminded of it because it’s similar to butterfly effect somehow

  28. A moth and a butterfly sure can look alike, and they both belong to the same insect family (Lepidoptera) but there are a few differences to look for so that you can tell them apart: Butterflies usually rest with their wings closed, while moths rest with their wings open.

  29. Oh gr8 and almighty butterflys flap your wings and prelude to horny dying a miserable and painful death ~desu

  30. Imagine you can change your life to better but that makes a change in the world where an entire continent is wiped out due to natural disasters (not the continent you live on).

    Would you still change it ?

  31. I don’t want to look at butterfly effect in a way that it indicates that everyone is worthy. No one is useless.
    Human worth isn’t determined that way. The chain reaction of butterfly effect is a natural course that involves many actions from many other things. The butterfly has no credit here.
    Also it takes a lot of time. If there was that much time to prep, that kid from Home Alone could defeat superman. But that doesn’t mean he’s stronger than Superman.
    Also, it takes a lot more for a human to make wide changes. It’s not that simple. If you’re a trash, you’re trash. No point feeling good about yourself from some theory

    1. Honestly no other human or matter can make you more useless in the except except for oneself.
      Other humans can influence it,but only you can decide whether or not to change it.

  32. 1. If you had a chance to change Something in the past, would you do it? Would it have changed your situation now?
    Hell yes.
    So much
    2. Do you agree with the butterfly effect?
    3. Finally, what is your interpretation of this?
    small things can create great impact for a life time ig

  33. A butterfly life expectancy last for about 2-6weeks.

    But before it even becomes a butterfly the cycle is about 4weeks in the making.

    And thr notion abt butterfly dies after laying its eggs isnt true. They die because of the weather, they die because of the cold winter, the summer heat.

  34. In all of my stories butterflies are always included in them because they represent so much. Such as being able to just fly away and have everyone adore them… which is something a lot of people wish for

  35. Butterflies travel in a large swarm looking like a huge butterfly
    Fishes swim in a large flock that looks like a huge fish.

    So what’s the message for us?
    Basically that humans should travel in grps that’s formed in the shape of a human. Abandon all traffic system of the world.
    Or idk, make human shaped bus, train and planes.
    Cuz philosopher sama said so

  36. 3. Finally, what is your interpretation of this?

    I think that all decisions in your life can affect not only you but others as well, as it affects others it also affects the people who are connected to others thus creating a world wide link. Unless you have no friends

  37. This is in the description of chaos theory in Wikipedia


    A double rod pendulum animation showing chaotic behavior. Starting the pendulum from a slightly different initial condition would result in a completely different trajectory. The double rod pendulum is one of the simplest dynamical systems that has chaotic solutions.

    Isn’t that basically the butterfly effect something small yet big outcomes ‘_>’
    It also says alot of mathematical shits i do not understand ( ´,_ゝ`)

  38. I didn’t know butterfly effect had anything to do with unity.
    Wasn’t it exclusively about how a small action can cause some very large-scale reaction over time via a chain of reaction? It’s to show the relevance and effect of small events, something often used to describe effects of time travel
    Why does the article focus more on importance of unity instead

    1. If you think about it the topic and the comment you just put can relate but not from the topic for the most part,but for the points you putted.

    2. Apparently yes, if we take it in the more broad aspect, all objects in the universe are simultaneously and interactively working together for all time, past, present, and future. You can see it in our solar system. All planets are together, going round the sun, in their planned paths. The sun is also going round the core of our galaxy on its own path. All galaxies are also moving in the universe

        1. As i have mentioned below butterfly effect happens simultaneously, and it does have to do with time and distance. Not patterned but correlated in a non linear system.

  39. Tsunamis at not caused from harmless small waves, they are a result of sudden large scale diastrophic forces originating from inside the Earth.

  40. If I would get a chance to change something in the past, I wouldn’t change it? Why? Because of the butterfly effect. It may look like I’m altering just a small part which won’t affect the order much, but you never know, if you change something bad from the past, maybe you wouldn’t get to experience hundreds of good things.

  41. I’m talking about the comments about love and all the edgy stuffs he posts not the questions, not sure how you get to love from the butterfly effect

      1. it was a guy dreamed of being a butterfly, the dream was so life-like that he thought whether he was a man dreaming of a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming of being a man.

  42. Future – it is just a potential, only an information also. World may reconfigure itself to certain “future”, maybe not. If there is no one who can predict, future also does not exist.

    There is only “NOW” and nothing beyond it, strictly speaking.

  43. “It’s fascinating how one small action can bring about wide changes, not only in our life, but also in the people around us, or even the people we don’t know.”

    Everything affects the future, and our future affects the future of others.

    For example:

    Person 1 starts smoking
    Person 2 loves person 1 but does not say anything about smoking
    Person 1 gets cancer 10 years after
    Person 2 suicides because person 1 died
    Person 3 suicides because person 2 was his/hers child
    Person 4 suicides because person 3 was her/his lover
    Person 5 suicides because person 4 was his/hers best friend.

    And rip you have a massive suicide just because of one mistake.

    1. I agree cause we expect the negative outcome more but that’s much better imo tbh rather than being depressed cause you expected a lot.

  44. Ever had those moments where you put so much trust into your actions,but,when it comes down to the moment you fail,due to unexperience?

  45. As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.”

    -Albert Einstein

    Even the man himself believed in this theory.

    1. Oh he was referring to fractal theory not butterfly. Shit. Wrong one. But still fractal is somwhat related to it. Its the pattern thing.

  46. 1. If you had a chance to change Something in the past, would you do it? Would it have changed your situation now?
    – Probably not, cause if i changed, current state would change too. And I don’t want that to happen. ‘ / / v / /’) so yeah, I’d rather not change anything.

  47. Tho regardless of the fact that it seems like we don’t “group” we do, but rather not like butterflies, we group like swans, into couples and stay safe like that with one partner.

          1. Im saying make topic comments this chain is offtopic,but lets take aside from this and make a good experience,shall we?

  48. I once had such bad time in my life,wasnt eating anything on daily base went to school and stood up for almost everything to the point of being humiliated and not giving any care to the world,even the things that matter.
    I cant tell what and still cant at this day of age but I changed into a being which im mostly almost proud of,but,I cant tell what did the change.
    Maybe I was simply tired of it.
    Ever happened to you?

  49. 2. Do you agree with the butterfly effect?
    Cause im freak.

    3. Finally, what is your interpretation of this?

    Already explained but its again a bit of mind blowing theory, some were abt the hurricane in China, which they believed was connected to the buttrly flapping its wings in Mexico.The time occured at the same time. It sounds funny but who knows, If the butterfly had not flapped its wings at just the right point in space/time, the hurricane would not have happened.

  50. oh dem we’re moving to the articles now I c
    tfw can’t take that gif seriously after what eva made with pepe, question time.

    – There is one thing I’ve always looked back on, which is not staying in contact with a group of old friends. They were one of my first ones, and in that short span of 2 years it was probably the happiest days I’ve ever had. it felt like we never said our goodbyes properly, something that can’t be let go of easily. If I had the chance to do it properly, I wouldn’t be writing this rn. Even the smallest changes can impact something, so yes.

    okie time to stop sentimental feels in the middle of the night ‘>’

    – I do, perhaps not as dramatic as how fluttering of wings can cause natural disasters but more so in a way that little things build up over time can result in bigger consequences or making up our present day. As with the quote, I do agree but it is quite scary to think about complete unity. Although much can be achieved, that can go both sided. This may not be correct but in a sense I do feel people will lose their sense of individuality depending on how it is managed.

    – Very cool concept, there’s definitely some truth to it. As a whole, we’re less than a speck on Earth and even as a whole, much less in the universe. One person or perhaps a group of people may be able to leave a considerable impact, but it is the constant building up of things that really make a splash imo.

  51. The real message is that everything is connected and that decisions of one person can affect the world, unless he/she is disabled and can’t move

  52. 1. If you had a chance to change Something in the past, would you do it? Would it have changed your situation now?
    Yes, I would change the fact that I slacked off on my final year examinatons which I really regret until now cuz everyone’s in a good stream while I’m not and I have to repeat an extra year of school e.e

    2. Do you agree with the butterfly effect?
    Not really, how can something just change with the flap of a butterfly’s wings?

    3. Finally what is your interpretation of this?
    It seems cool. It tells me how something as simple as the flap of a small creature’s wings can create a huge impact on your life. It also teaches me that I should watch out for butterflies now onwards :3


  53. Aww a nice read desu ‘//v//’) It is truly intriguing. It’ll make you realize that even a small speck of action can cause a major phenomena ‘ o ‘)b One shall be careful indeed but regrets always happen in the end ‘ n ‘) I guess some people really need to learn the hard way.

  54. 1. If you had a chance to change Something in the past, would you do it? Would it have changed your situation now?
    To be honest it was only one wrong move, and If id change it, I wont be here anymore. I may be somewhere or someone now, i may have not met a lot of significant people I am spending my life with (daily basis), so my answer still is NO. I may have chosen a wrong decision once but it is okay now, I have learned to correct every wrong decision I made in the hardest way, but yet no pain no gain..eh?

  55. Butterfly effect can be used in a theory about chaos. If you read an article abt it, they arent just coincidence but relatively connected to one another.

  56. “The butterfly effect is the concept that small causes can have large effects. … In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state.”
    Let me elaborate this in a layman’s world.
    Everything thats happening at this very moment whether it is just a blink of an eye or you hold on you breath or take a one step forward, how small and simple it is, there is a bigger and more catastrophic that is also happening somewhere out there. Therefore DISTANCE is equivalent to SPEED x TIME.

  57. 1. If you had a chance to change Something in the past, would you do it? Would it have changed your situation now?
    I honestly would love to had listen to old advices people gave me,I wonder how good I would become as a person compared to now,but that right now if off the question.

    2. Do you agree with the butterfly effect?
    Yeah,of course,in life what decision we take will up a path to always a new one,but its not only one path,normally it opens up to a whole lots of others,its fun I do it all the time,sometimes regret and sometimes dont.

    3. Finally, what is your interpretation of this?
    I would say its mostly a riddle,that no matter how decisive you are into one path you will always have more then one option and never be locked in life

  58. 1. If you had a chance to change Something in the past, would you do it? Would it have changed your situation now?
    Yes, and yes.

    2. Do you agree with the butterfly effect?

    3. Finally, what is your interpretation of this?
    Indifferent, I don’t care much.

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