BTOOM! is getting a spin-off manga by Ouroboros’ Yūya Kanzaki


Date: 21/02/2018

BTOOM! is getting a spin-off manga, the news that made me happy. To be honest I’m quite a fan of Btoom. I remember a friend recommended it to me a few years ago.  Though not the manga itself, what he recommended was the animation. The first season of anime was very interesting. There was a lot of potential in that high action-packed story. Although, everything that has the potential for greatness has the potential for failure as well.

And, even though I do not know why the anime did not continue. Or, actually, I did not know. Just went to research it. It would appear there is some information about it. However, it isn’t that trustworthy. It’s a few forum posts. And basically, what they say is how the anime has very low sales. Apparently, the same thing happened to Deadman Wonderland. Which was in my opinion on the same level as Btoom. I hope they rerun both.

BTOOM! is getting a spin-off manga - Wallpaper

BTOOM! is getting a spin-off manga – Wallpaper


BTOOM! is getting a spin-off manga: News Details

Shinchosha’s Monthly Comic magazin has revealed that BTOOM! is getting a spin-off manga. A spin-off manga named BTOOM! U-18 by Yuya Kanzaki is going to debut in the next issue in March.  This was pretty exciting to hear. As I said before, as a fan of this series I was very excited to hear about a spin-off. Now usually spin-offs don’t really end up as they should. Like Better Call Saul for an example. However, I will give this one a try. Another thing that excites me is the fact that the manga is ending.

Last 2 chapters are about to be released. And with that I hope that the anime could perhaps get a rerun as well. Like one made by a company with a good animation studio. Anyway, whatever is needed I hope it happens. On February 9th we can expect the ending of BTOOM!. The ending will feature a choice. Readers will be put with a question, and they will have to choose. The question intertwined with the main characters final choice. Depending on the anwser, readers will be presented one of the endings.


Personally, I will be waiting for the spin-off manga and the last chapters. Can’t wait to read them with the hopes of new anime getting a rerun from BTOOM! And can’t wait to see the new spin-off manga. Hoping it will be interesting to read. If you’ve liked reading this, I’d suggest checking out our manga chapter 1 review of Crueler Than Dead

BTOOM! is getting a spin-off manga - visual

BTOOM! is getting a spin-off manga – visual


Fun Facts:

Oda is considered to be one of the most dangerous BTOOM! players.
Junya Inoue began publishing BTOOM! in 2009
When BTOOM! first aired it was compared to SAO
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  5. About time they give this something
    It was to gd to just leave to rest

  6. I’ve only seen the anime. It was intensely lit!! imma definitely check out the spin off~!!

    • Ayy, im hoping for something good

  7. l loved the anime, should check out the manga.