Book Debt : How A Good Book Can Make A Difference

Come with me, to a place where dreams are born and time is never planned. I speak of a book, my dear.

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Books never fail to impress you. Be it day or night, be it the scorching summer or the pattering drops of monsoon, a book will always keep your thoughts occupied. Often, I have spent time reading books while seated on the window. The green potted plants concealed my location; thus creating a lovely serene crevice for my own enjoyment. These books helped transport me to unreal locations; from Egypt to Sweden, the Royal Palaces or War Zones. It didnt matter where I was, the fine print served as a medium of imagination, which was not bound by restrictions.

Try to imagine ‘A large desert with a strip of water running across it. There are date trees in the distance. Furthermore, along the side of the river, is a small caravan of travelers.’ First of all, what did you imagine? What was the color of the river? How tall where the trees? What patterns did the sand create? How many people were in the caravan? What are they wearing? Are they tired? Are they happy? You see, this scenario will differ for every person. A writer may try to make you see what he has, but it will never be the same.

And this is why books hold such high regard in my heart. They are just so open to possibilities, to variety! Moreover, there are no limitations, nor can anyone say otherwise. Books leave the reigns of visualization up to you. To create a place where you reign, and no one can question it. Thus, an eternal paradise, all for you.

For most people, it is an escape from the real world. But in reality, it is the real world, just with different perspectives. Isn’t it fascinating? Books, in my opinion, are greater than any human other creations. These harmless stacks of writings have been able to influence generations of humans to think, teach, understand, revolt. They are memories of someone, only eternal as they pass from the minds of individuals. Shakespeare has been long dead, but we still haven’t forgotten him! As each book gets passed on from generation to generation, they become more and more alive.

Benefits Of A Good Book

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There is never any harm in lending a good book. It is an amazing source of information. Maybe, it will be useful to you in case of a variety of situations; who knows?

First of all, it stimulates your mental capacity. You tend to remember more. Moreover, it increases your knowledge and vocabulary. These are essential in life in a various scenarios! But thats not all, books also create your personality. People regard the one who reads a lot and is knowledgeable more than an ignorant person. Reading helps to relieve stress, how wonderful! Also, it improves your capacity to solve problems easily ( more info —> better solutions! )

Lastly, books make you imagine. They take you to the past, they take you to the future; they take you to space and also down under. There are no limitations to the places you can travel simply having seated in one place. In a nutshell, books are timeless creations that accentuate aspects of your life, making it mmore enjoyable and worthy.

Some Books I Enjoyed

Tunnel In The Hedge – Gorosart ( Deviantart ) Check them out!
  • Nefertiti – Michelle Moran
  • A Thousand Splendid Suns – Khaled Hosseini
  • Howls Moving Castle – Diana Wynne Jones
  • Sons Of Fortune – Jeffrey Archer
  • Mrs Funnybones – Twinkle Khanna
  • The Room Of Many Colors – Ruskin Bond


  1. Do you prefer books or other forms of entertainment? Why?
  2. What do books mean to you?
  3. E-books or traditional paperbacks?
  4. Do you think that eventually books will become extinct? Or will they live on?
  5. Lastly, which books would you recommend?

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16 Replies to “Book Debt : How A Good Book Can Make A Difference”

  1. I read books depends on the story other is documentary videos.

    Books let you go wild, Wild I mean you can create things in your mind, you can explore many thing with books and it really helpful in many ways.

    I prefer traditional paper paperbacks

    In modern world today most people prefer internet but I hope the possibilities of the books to be extinct won’t happen.

  2. Now that theres a technology called ‘internet’ I rarely read physical books

    Now I prefer e-books and online articles

    Heck I even read the news online now

  3. Do you prefer books or other forms of entertainment? Why?

    – I prefer books sometimes, but when I’m with someone I prefer video

    What do books mean to you?

    – well, books takes me to other place, it really makes me forgot where I am, sometimes I don’t feel that my butt is sore, I only feel it after reading a book

    E-books or traditional paperbacks?

    – I prefer real books, but sometimes when I really want a book but I don’t have money, I search it on google

    Do you think that eventually books will become extinct? Or will they live on?

    – No, for me, books are essential.

    Lastly, which books would you recommend?

    – A song of ice and fire series, The bible,

  4. I prefer movies because it have more that vision in it’s elements.
    Books means every type of knowledge and theories.
    I prefer traditional paperbacks rather than E-books, that’s more interesting.
    Books will live forever.

  5. 1. Do you prefer books or other forms of entertainment? Why?

    I prefer books, but i don’t reject other forms of entertaiment in the meantime. I prefer books mainly cause i can basically read anywhere. Only tool i need is the book itself. Other than that, reading is a great tool of expanding my vocabulary, and (depending of the type of the book) other kinds of knowledge can be gained form it as well. Plus i love the smell of books >.>

    2. What do books mean to you?

    Entertaiment, remedy against boredom and depression. Sources of various kind of knowledge.

    3. E-books or traditional paperbacks?

    Traditional paperbacks. As i mentioned, i love the smell of books uwu Also e-books are just not the same. Of course it’s easier the read like on our smartphone, we can download any kind of book and read it , i do it as well, in case of books or other kind of literature i simply can’t find or purchuse in psychical form. However, i just want stick to the “old traditions” a bit. I can’t really pharse it well enough, but traditional paperbacks just have a kind of relieving aura, which i love.

    4. Do you think that eventually books will become extinct? Or will they live on?

    I don’t know. I do hope that they will live on though.

    5. Lastly, which books would you recommend?

    Whatever interests you 🙂 The great thing is that no matter what kind of crazy things you want to know more about, you can find a book about it.

    Awesome articale, thank you Raven ~

  6. 1.Do you prefer books or other forms of entertainment? Why?

    If this was the past,I would have prefered other forms of entertainment,simply because books didnt caught my interest as much as they do now.
    Its not like in this current present state I prefer books,no,I overall have no preference,I read books or a book at least for one month straight in classes really.
    As to why I do that,it gives me knowledge and the prespective of the mind that the author is trying to pass it on,within the book form itself.

    What do books mean to you?

    Books to me are forms of Classified knowledge that one must unravel it so they can hope to grasp it,and so to conquer that knowledge.
    It is never easy,you might need a very high vocabulary sometimes to do so.
    Books also sometimes help me make me feel superior from time to time when I gather the knowledge that the current ones around me do not hold.
    Just what I can do with it in this present and possibly in the future is just too tempting.

    E-books or traditional paperbacks?

    Traditional paperbacks honestly.
    E-Books to me are a sign of disrespect.
    Especially to those authors who have such great masterpieces.
    Although this prespective of mine might just change in a future not so far.

    Do you think that eventually books will become extinct? Or will they live on?

    I would say within the next 50-100 years they will live on,but not after that,simply because the technology will be too high and the need for books at that time will be useless.
    But,then again,I Cannot predict the future so I might just be utterly wrong on this one.
    One thing though,I wont be alive in the next 100 years,so thats good.

    Lastly, which books would you recommend?

    Well since I only recently have gather the interest in books,for about 9 months now it makes,I think,here they are:

    ⦁ Classic Mythology Myths,Gods and Heroes-Pierre Grimal;
    Im still on the 124 page of this book,but its very good,if you like Greek Mythology go for this.
    ⦁ Five Conferences about Psychoanalysis-Sigmund Freud;
    Freud is a genious,probably the smartest person I have read on about when it comes to the usage of the human mind,if you enjoy psychology,this is the one for you,well many of them are for you.
    ⦁ The Interpretation of Dreams-Sigmund Freud;
    Another Freud book,but this one is very,very long has about 450 pages in it.
    What caught my interest in this book was the word “dreams”.
    Freud’s theory on the concept of dreams in this book has got to be the smartest thing I have ever wondered on about.
    Simply a must read if you are a Freud fan or a psychology lover.
    ⦁ Art of War-Sun Tzu;
    YES,this book is my favourite from all the books I have read seriously.
    This book will tell you how to win every single problem you have,in this case war,but if you can relate the concept to your concepts,then you get what I am saying.
    Its my 2nd time I have read this book,but this book is not to be read only once,but too many times.
    The Art of War is one to be adored.

    Anyways,good article Raven!

  7. Do you prefer books or other forms of entertainment? Why? Yes I do,reason:I’ve been an avid reader since childhood
    What do books mean to you?they give me perspective and knowledge,as well the ability to see things in motion around the world-in the past,present and future alike from the comfort of my couch
    E-books or traditional paperbacks?paperbacks>>>>>
    Do you think that eventually books will become extinct? Or will they live on?I dont see much hope for books given how technologically oriented this generation is becoming
    Lastly, which books would you recommend?I’m a fan of old school ones:Charles Dickens would be one.O.Henry and Maupassant’s short stories if I dont have the time for novels.Amongst newer ones I’d definitely recommend The Alchemist

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