Boku No Hero Academia Season 3 new villains revealed

Boku no hero academia Season 3 new villains finally announced. Since the first season aired Boku no Hero academia got a lot of attention. One Punch man broke the ice with the hero genre for anime. And Boku no Hero academia took on the torch of shounen anime and jumped straight into the hero business. When I was a kid One Piece and Naruto were airing. And everyone was hyped about it, not Boku no Hero academia takes its place in the industry. How long will it take depends on the authors.

After season 2 I could not help myself but to go and read the manga. So I mostly already know of everything that is going to happen. However, seeing it again in a form of animation is something I’d like to do. And that is why the news for Boku no Hero academia season 3 new villains made me excited. The third season will premier on April 7th.


My Hero Academia Season 3 Preview

Boku no hero academia season 3 new villains  

Boku no hero academia season 3 new villains  – Visual poster

This paragraph may contain a bit of spoilers. Mustard, Moonfish, and Muscular are characters you have probably not heard of if you have no read the manga. However, the anime is about to adapt the school trip arc. And these characters are going to have a lot of screen time in it. The trio ambushes the kids while they are at camp. And students then have to deal with them facing a near-death situation. Will they die or survive? It’s a shounen so probably survive.

Mustard, voiced by Kiyotaka Furushima

Boku no hero academia season 3 new villains  - Mustard


Moonfish voiced by Shuhei Matsuda

Boku no hero academia season 3 new villains  - Moonfish

Muscular voiced by Takaguchi Kousuke

Boku no hero academia season 3 new villains  - Muscular

Bonus information

An upcoming movie Boku no Hero academia The Movie will premier this summer. The story-line is set on revealing a previously unseen past of certain characters.  Class characters will get a lot of screen-time. Bandai Namco is planning to release an upcoming Boku no Hero Academia One’s Justice game. The game is set for PS4 for release in Japan later this year. As well as PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and PC this year in Europe.

Final notes

As I read the manga I gotta say I am pretty excited about season 3. The story becomes a bit tenser, and there is a lot of action. Overall it is worth the wait. The only thing that saddens me is the fact the anime will be 13 episodes again. I know that this way they are letting the manga get further out so they don’t overtake it.  Regardless of that, I’d still prefer to see a longer anime especially when it is an anime like this that makes you want to binge it. If you enjoyed reading this you might like to see our Shokuegki no Souma anime review by thepanda

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