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Date: 08/02/2018

So I have explored some news and new projects about anime because it is always good to prepare for upcoming seasons. Scouting out promising anime before they get released has its perks. And yesterday I came across an amazing project actually which I wanted to share with you all. The name of the anime is Blossom Detective Holmes, apparently, it made by one of the top directors of Voltron and The Legend of Korra. I do not know much about Voltron, but I know that I enjoyed watching Korra.  They have already finalized their first episode. You can check it out here.



Blossom Detective Holmes Summary

You and I can both assume it could be one of those next big projects in the anime industry.  I have seen a lot of anime and one thing I dislike is repetitive art style. I know it’s hard to create original art style. And often when it’s made people neglect it. Like for example Mob Psycho or Devilman crybaby. Which both have pretty interesting art. However, I have seen countless of people dropping them for its art.

Blossom detective Holmes has its own unique punch to it if you know what I mean. The story revolving around Holmes is not something of an original concept, however, I do like the blossom part of it.  Detective and her partner are presented as teenagers. Though it’s anime so they could actually be older than they look. And what I really liked is how he has a daisy in his mouth and at the end of the pilot episode, you could see the daisy forming in the shape of a pipe resembling the pipe that famous detective Sherlock Holmes always had.


Skylar Holmes - Blossom detective holmes

Skylar Holmes – Main character in blossom detective holmes

What made me donate for this project

This project has me really hooked on it and made me donate.  More than anything else, what intrigues me most is how the characters will end up and who the murderer is. In the pilot episode, we see a chase, a pretty good high paced chase with a bit of dialogue from the characters. Skylar Holmes and his acquaintance Jamie chase over a suspect for a murder investigation after being hired by Mr. Edvard. Could Jamie be the replacement for Watson? The characters are very interesting and have the potential for a good story.

What interests me is how the story will progress. How will they develop the characters further, and so many more questions?Which is why I hope they raise enough funds. And complete this project with later perhaps creating a sequel.  I have also so many questions I want answers to. It’s bad when you get hooked on something you don’t even know will air for sure. To be honest, I love seeing new things, and this is definitely an anime I believe could hit TV’s big time if done right. That’s why I hope that anyone who likes it will support it like I did.


Jamie - Main character of blossom detective holmes

Jamie – Main character of blossom detective holmes

About the characters

Both characters are female, another interesting thing which is pretty rare to see in a seinen anime. As they often tend to combine a male main character and female secondary male character. Or just one female main character. However, the story of Blossom detective Holmes at this point revolves around two characters. We will see how it further develops.  Both characters have special abilities which make me wonder if other characters will have special abilities as well. And if they do what are they bound with. Would be interesting to see some world settings explained in the upcoming episodes.

Skylar is the type of detective that relies on instinct, she has a heightened sense of smell, almost like a dog. In the preview episode, we can see her sniffing the evidence from afar and concluding many interesting points derived from the smell.  The points are so detailed that it’s almost a bit creepy.

Her partner Jamie has a different kind of ability. She carries a special camera that makes her able to transport herself. As far as I can tell she can transport herself to any place she has last remembered. And also likes to take a lot of selfies. Besides that, the official kick-starter page has revealed Jamie as the type of detective which uses visible evidence and logic, for most of the cases.  A combination of these two characters is very interesting and hopefully, they are both main characters as you don’t often see that kind of anime.

Blossom detective holmes visual

Why is Blossom Detective Holmes a kick-starter project?

This is something I have wondered when I first opened this and read who is producing it. The producer of it being one of the directors of already popular animations. Obviously, you would expect him to have connections with major studios. And in reality, that is the case. However, the team behind blossom detective Holmes did not want to go to any of the major studios.  Due to the series animation style, they believe that the market for anime in America is tricky.  This kind of market is hard to reach through production studios.  However, that is not the only reason why they chose kick-starter.

They believe they need to bring out fresh ideas and new content for an audience that is waiting to see something original is no other than taking a financial risk. And that means they are producing the anime themselves. The team believes that with this project they can reach out to a new audience. And with that bring forth more mature content with a new kind of genre and story telling.

And to be honest, I am a fan of seinen and have been dying to see something good lately. Japanese industry does not produce much seinen, there was actually one good anime recently produced. I think its name was “Boku Dake ga inai machi” or also known as “The town without me”. I suggest you watch it.  It’s only 12 episodes long and the story is very well made even though it gets a bit predictive towards the end.




How can you help?

If you wish to support this project you can go fund it on kick-starter. The Holmes team offers special rewards to all fans that support this series. You can read more about it in detail with the link I just gave you.  If you are not one of those that are financially stable to support it. You can then join the hype and talk to your friends about it. If you enjoyed reading this you might enjoy reading a lonely perspective on life and death reviews. It is a review of Death Parade written by one of our lovely authors Raven.  If you have anything else to add to this I’ll be seeing you in the comment section.

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  2. As a huge Sherlock Holmes fan I am very delighted to learn about this upcoming anime.

  3. ooh interesting, yea I’m assuming Jamie is the replacement for Watson too since their first name begins with the same letter (though it is a little harder to see the resemblance in comparison to Holmes.)
    Aye, and also since they’re straying from big companies, this series would probably have more freedom in whatever direction it chooses to go.

    • They are asking 60 k dollars per epsiode tho since they want to make the animation lit, it will take a lot of time for this project to realize it’s goal

  4. I too noticed the daisy in his mouth which was quite amusing! I like they way they combined a historic content with something as modern as a selfie. I hope this anime has a bright future!

  5. 4.5