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Updated on: 23/04/2024

If you are a reader and loves to read the best stories belonging to different genres, you might know about Wattpad. Wattpad has millions of book collections that are admired by the readers.

The community has millions of readers and writers who publish their stories on the social platform. However, among the millions of stories, which one is the best? Also, know the best of 2020 chosen by Wattpad.

Here is the list of best stories on Wattpad in different genres:

We have brought you the list of the best collection from Wattpad from various genres. The list includes all the famous titles, and the must-read completed Novels which has gained vivid popularity.

A thriller story on Wattpad
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10. Confessions about Colton by Olivia Harvard

Genre: Fiction.

This Wattpad novel has crossed 7.3 million reads and is included in the paid stories of Wattpad.

This Novel is mysterious and filled with thrills. The story follows Elliot Parker, who searches for his best friend Colton Crest’s murderer. He needs to search seven clues to find the murderer, out of which the first one he gets in the jacket’s pocket worn by the dead body of his best friend. The clue, which was a note, mentioned that the person writing the note had killed Colton. Elliot finds no other way to find the murderer except to begin his search for the clues. He needs to find six more letters, six more confessions about his best friend, Colton. The more he unveils the truth, the more he questions himself whether he knew Colton.

If you are a mystery lover and loves to read a thrilling novel. This one is for you.

You can also get it on Amazon.

Story of love blossomed on Wattpad
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09. My Wattpad Love by Ariana Godoy

Genre: Fiction

The novel has crossed over 49 million reads on Wattpad.

The story’s protagonist Julie life changes when she finds the community of writers, Wattpad. After she joins the platform, her life changes, she posts her own stories on Wattpad and gets fans, friends, votes, reads, and much more through the platform. But apart from all these, Wattpad also gifts Julie with something special. The story is about Julie, 17 now, and her love life, heartbreaks, and more.

This book is also available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle Edition.

Love story of a possessive bad boy
Image Credits: Wattpad

Genre: Romance.

This novel has crossed 55.8 million reads on Wattpad, earning 1 million votes.

08. The Bad Boy Is Possessive by Brittany Hensley

The Story follows Farrah Bryant and Brody Bauer. The story begins when Farrah finds out that after being in a relationship for six months, her boyfriend, Blake Coleman, is cheating on her, and she wants to get revenge on him. When she is broken as hell, the person who stays with her in her hard times is none other than Brody Bauer, the person with whom the entire school fears. The notorious bad boy helps Farrah to get her revenge and stays with her in her hard times. But things were not as simple as they look, and they changed when Brody changed his personality and started his own demands from Farrah, the possessive demands.

One of the most read books on Wattpad.
Image Credits: Goodreads

07. The Bad Boy, Cupid & Me by Slim Shady

Genre: Romance Novel

The Wattpad novel has crossed 75.7 million reads on the platform securing 2.2 million votes.

The story is definitely a worthy read. The love story or a story of a good girl and a bad boy. It is about Chloe Armel and Reece Carter. Chloe and Reece are two opposite personalities but are neighbors. Chloe is a good girl who never gets into trouble or creates any problems, her grades are excellent, and she is someone loved by all. Contrary to her, Reece has an ego level higher than the sky, someone who gets into fights, breaks the rules, and a carefree person. The two get involved with each other when Chloe’s parents had to go out for two weeks, and Chloe had to live with her neighbor’s house, the one where Reece lives. This is where the story takes its turn.

My life with the walter boys by Ali Novakl
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06. My Life with the Walter Boys by Ali Novak

Genre: Fiction

The story has crossed 79.3 million reads on Wattpad and has reached 1.8 million votes, and is available on Wattpad for you to read.

The story follows the life of Jackie Howard, who is 16 and is always proper and perfect. When she shifts to Colorado from New York after her parents died in a car accident, she had no idea about her new Guardian, Katherine Walter. Jackie had to learn to live with a family, which is a large one. Katherine had twelve sons with whom Jackie had to adjust and learn to live. The thing Jackie hated the chaos. Unfortunately, she is surrounded by twelve annoying but handsome boys who are loud, dirty, and know nothing like personal space. It is not an easier task for Jackie to fit in with the new family while forgetting the daunting memories of her parents’ death while being perfect.

This book is also available on Amazon.

One of the famous stories.
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05. Storm and Silence by Robert Thier

Genre: Romance Novel and Historical Fiction.

‘Storm and Silence’ has crossed 100 million reads on Wattpad. The novel is followed by a sequel, ‘Eye of the Storm, which is also available on Wattpad.

The story follows Lilly Linton, for whom Freedom is the most important thing in life. Marriage and love are not the things that Lily wants in her life. The only thing she is willing to gain is Freedom. ( But this freedom was something that was not for the girls in the 19th Century in London. At that time, the girls had only one task to do: to sit at home and look pretty, which was not accepted by Lilly. But her dream for freedom is blocked by a man who comes to her way of achieving freedom. The meeting with the strange, dangerous man changes her entire life forever.

The novel is also available in the bookstores in paperback format. You can also buy the paperback or Kindle edition from Amazon. It is also available in audiobook.

Love story of a Tomboy
Image Credits: Goodreads

04. The Bad Boy and the Tomboy by Nicole Nwosu

Genre: Romance

The story has crossed over 106 million reads on Wattpad and has received around 3.3 million votes. Currently, the book is not available on Wattpad. But you can buy it from Wattpad or Amazon, whichever you are comfortable with.

The story follows Macy Anderson, 17, a tomboy who never dreamed of anything except soccer, studies, and a scholarship. Macy was never fond of romance or relationship, but things change; her all-time crush Cedric Cahill asks her to go out on a date. Cedric has everything Macy ever dreamed of in a boyfriend. However, things change with the entry of Sam, Cedric’s cousin, into her life. The bad boy Sam constantly comes in her way to annoy her. Things between the two changes when Macy comes to know about the past behind Sam’s nature. This is the thing that changes her mind and makes her confuse about whether she really loves Cedric or someone else is there in her heart.

Fiction Genre story on Wattpad
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03. She is with me by Jessica Cunsolo

Genre: Fiction.

The story has crossed 142 million reads on Wattpad and is available in the paid stories collection. This book is the first one in the ‘With Me’ series. Other books in the series are also available on Wattpad.

The novel’s story follows Amelia Collins, who moves to another town with a new identity to forget her daunting past. Collins is so serious about completing her senior years, so she keeps her head down. But this was not accepted by nature. She runs into the hottest bad boy of the school, Aiden Parker. Amelia joins Aiden’s friends’ group, and soon she starts falling for him. However, Amelia tries to escape from those feelings. Stuck in the love triangles existing in her life, Amelia has to deal with a lot of things along with not distracting with either Aiden or Mason, her gorgeous friend, along with struggling with her past.

You can also buy this book through Amazon.

A Wattpad Story
Image Credits: Goodreads

02. Bad Boy’s Girl by Blair Holden

Genre: Romance Novel

The novel has crossed 219 million reads on Wattpad. This book is the first one in the Bad Boy series by Blair Holden.

The story follows Tessa O’Connell, who is an ordinary girl. She does not try to get involved too much in school dramas and clear her senior school. Also, deep down, she wants to convince Jay Stone, her childhood love, to love her back. However, things change when she meets Cole, Jay’s brother, who comes back to the town, who was once a person Tessa hated the most. But when she meets him grown up, he is someone whom Tessa has never met in her life. This bad boy brings out the buried girl in Tessa and changes her life.

The book is also available on Amazon.

Best Wattpad story
Image Credits: Amazon

01. Chasing Red by Isabelle Ronin

Genre: Romance Novel and New Adult Fiction.

The novel has crossed 251 million reads on Wattpad, gaining a vote of 8.9 million votes. It is one of the best books available on Wattpad and is a must to read one.

Veronica Strafford, a cynical straight student who gets kicked out by her landlord, and Caleb Lockhart, a notorious basketball player, offers Veronica a place to stay. Caleb falls for Veronica and tries his best to pursue her, but Veronica’s past haunts her. The love story of Caleb and Veronica is elegantly described in the story.

‘Chasing Red’ is one of the books from duology ‘RED’. ‘Always Red’ has concluded the series. Always Red is a perfect and epic conclusion to the Chasing Red.

Sequel of one of the most read books on Wattpad.
Image Credits: Amazon

Chasing Red is also available in the bookstores in paperback format. You can also buy the paperback or Kindle edition from Amazon. It is also available in audiobook.

The Best chosen by Wattpad in 2020

Wattpad has chosen the best story for Wattpad Wattys 2020, the story which will be converted to paperback. How to be the best Third Wheel by Loridee De Villa has been chosen as the Best Wattpad Story in 2020 through Wattys.

This story depicts the life of a single person covered with a group of friends who all have partners. It follows the life of Lara De La Cruz,16, a student. Her life takes a different turn when her three best friends, Kiera, Jasmine, and Carol, find their partners, and she starts on a new mission of how to become the best Third Wheel.

Credits: Wattpad

This story will be coming to Wattpad Books, i.e., the printed version of Wattpad’s best collections.

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