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35+ Best Seinen Manga That’ll Stay With You Forever




Updated on: 19/01/2022

Seinen manga is in an entirely different hemisphere than either Shonen and Shojo. Not only regarding mature content but, most noteworthy, in the themes presented. Shonen manga focuses more on interpersonal development, and personal growth has to do with characters becoming physically stronger. But Seinen manga tends to be more introspective, and It deals with the main characters who face their inner demons. This list deals with the best seinen manga of all time.

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Best Seinen Manga

Sun Ken Rock - best seinen manga

 38. Sun-Ken Rock

Rating: 7.99

A cliche love story of a Japanese guy falling for a Korean woman but with a twist!

The Korean girl is in the police, and the Japanese guy is a gang leader, but this is not the twist. The twist is the guy wanted to be a policeman when he followed the girl to Korea.

The artwork of this manga is good with a lot of fighting, but sometimes the fight could seem repetitive, but overall, it is full of action. The manga deals with severe issues like gang wars, kidnapping, murder, and rape in a humorous way. Yeah! You read it correctly in a humorous way and do a pretty good job of doing so.

The manga quickly changes the theme from the dark mafia genre to hentai to a comedy with great ease. All those wanting a deep driven story will be disappointed a bit, but those wanting a lot of action and drama will be pretty much satisfied with this best seinen manga.

Origin - best seinen manga

37. Origin

Rating: 8.00

The year is AD 2048. Japan is now related to the Eurasian continent by a transcontinental railway. The capital of Tokyo has become a cauldron of crooks and terrorists. And so, in the metropolitan darkness, a mysterious presence assaults and massacres people, unnoticed, night after night. Just what are these “things that are not human” living in hiding in the human realm? And just who is this “Origin” person who faces them?

This manga will answer all these questions to the readers, and as the story continues, it becomes more interesting.

It is an ongoing story with excellent artwork and a fantastic storyline. Like other entries on our list, this best seinen manga has a lot of violence and gore too. Viewer discretion is advised because it can get bloody sometimes.

36. Otogi Matsuri

Rating: 8.07

What happens when you have a  main character that is smart, cool, and badass? I’ll tell you what happens, and you get a fantastic storyline with a lot of action. This entry is less graphic than other anime in this list, but! It has its fair share of blood and violence.

Yousuke is a regular high school student who resides in the town of Miyakono. One fateful day he unintentionally breaks a shrine of the Guardian of the South. He then gains the bow of a phoenix.

To reacquire his life energy and protect the people of Miyakono, Yousuke must fight a bloodthirsty demon.

This manga has a very emotional storyline, and the artwork depicts the same. The characters are portrayed in the right way as we get to know about each character’s backstory. But most of the character development is given to the main character that is Yousuke.

With an amazing story and a great cast of characters, this is a story one should not miss to read.

35. Fire Punch

Rating: 8.11

In the manga Fire Punch, two orphaned siblings Agni and Luna, are two “blessed” humans who hold special abilities. Although not all who are blessed are kind, and after one of the “blessed” ambushes Agni and destroys his village, Agni fights to persist and take revenge.

It is not your other go-to redemption story but is much more than that and for a depressing story and is for a mature audience.

The people who are “blessed” are accepted and welcomed by the people or shun them. Agni and Luna are lucky. They found a village that received them. Just know that this manga is not for the weak-hearted. It grabs a lot of dark themes, such as slavery and persecution. We do not recommend this manga to anyone under the age of 18. It can get explicit sometimes.

The art style of this best seinen manga is marvelous and attracts the reader towards the characters. The cold and sad world made by the witch has a perfect setting to show such kind of depressing storyline.


34. Rainbow – Nisha Rokubou No Shichinin

Rating: 8.15

If the genre of violence had a class rainbow would have topped that class! That’s the amount of violence this manga contains. But one should not feel dishearted because this is a kind of manga that requires violence to give the storyline justice.

It has earnest storytelling. Readers will rarely come across any comic relief or comedy.

The manga has genuine issues and points to put forth and takes its serious tone too seriously!

The theme of this manga is sad and dark. Anyone who wants some intense storytelling is in for a treat. The artwork is impressive, with a lot of character design.

There is a lot of character development in this manga as each of the six main characters get their backstory. This way, readers can dive into the emotions of the characters and feel what they read.

But again, as with every best seinen manga, this manga is not for everyone. To read this story, one must possess the ability to digest some pretty disturbing artwork and dialogues.

33. Jisatsutou

Rating: 8.17

Jisatsutou, in English it means suicide island. This means it contains a concept of a severe issue like suicide and death, which further says it is for a mature audience. This story orbits throughout a group of seemingly ordinary people who have one thing in common. That is, they have all tried suicide on many occasions in their lives. They have attempted suicide so often that the Japanese government no longer wants to support such people and strands them on an island. The irony is that those people who no longer wish to live their life have to fight for their lives to survive.

This best seinen manga has solemn themes and is a psychological thriller where the readers find out about each character’s reality and why they wanted to die.

The storyline dwells deep in the character’s background, and the readers see each character’s real face.

The artwork is smooth and does a pretty good job of depicting such a dark and tense saga, which will surely captivate readers’ emotions and feelings. As each character who wanted to end his/her life struggles to save his life, we as readers come to know about the value of life!

32. Oyasumi Punpun

Rating: 8.29

Spoiler Alert!!! It is a sorrowful story. Oyasumi Punpun is possibly one of the most disheartening and pragmatic story one can ever come across. It is the tale of a boy named Punyama Punpun and trails him from school to around his 20’s. This manga has mind-boggling and psychological themes. One of the main psychological aspects of the story has to do with the character design of punpun.

There are just so many ideas that the author goes into amazing depth about in this dark and depressing story.

The artwork of this best seinen manga is just amazing and to the point. The depiction of the main character is somewhat odd, making the story unique as we see the world through his eyes and base our opinions.

The elementary school phase is a must-read for all the readers as it is the most important too. Overall the readers will enjoy this depressing and sad story and introspect it with themselves.

31. Innocent Rouge

Score: 8.30/10

In 1722, the Sanson family had two vastly different children. Charles Henri, the oldest son, has grown up as an executioner. Meanwhile, his sister Marie-Joseph has been a free spirit in the city of Versailles. 

However, a young man named Alain is killed by aristocrats. Marie-Joseph is crushed as he was her first love. This marks the beginning of the crimson revolution of innocents, Rouge. 

On the eve of the French revolution, this historical manga is riddled with grotesque and dark themes. Anger, revenge, rebellion – these emotions and human nature are the crux of this amazing seinen manga. It’s fast-paced, heart-wrenching, and entertaining, to say the least.

Once you start reading, you never want to stop. However, it’s best to take it all in slowly. If you get through it too fast, you may miss out on the small details. These details take the manga from good to great.

30. Blame!

Score: 8.32/10

Killy wanders through a lonely and colossal labyrinth made of steel, fighting cyborgs, and other nightmares. He’s a man of a few words with an extremely powerful gun. He doesn’t hesitate to use it against the futuristic monsters that dare threaten him—all in the pursuit of Net Terminal Genes. 

What are these Genes, and who is this violent yet determined man? Any community he finds hiding in the dystopian world barely gives him leads on his treasure. This only leads him to explore the ruined civilization further, revealing more and more about the world to us.

This dark, futuristic story is riddled with enough action to get you biting your nails. 

It’s clear that the author, Nihei Tsutomu, wholeheartedly believes that actions speak louder than words. You won’t find any unnecessary rants during battles here. The artwork perfectly matches the story and is nothing short of impressive, which is why it is added to the list of ‘Best Seinen Manga.’

29. Hellsing

Score: 8.34/10

Hellsing is a secret organization based in England. Run by a cunning leader, they’ve taken part in removing several types of monsters for centuries. The female leader’s most excellent hunter is Alucard, a genetically modified vampire who is unbeatable. Despite Alucard being one of the monsters, he swore that he would be a protector of the leader and her servant. 

Things start to go haywire, and he enlists the help of Seras Victoria, a recently turned vampire. Together, they must discover the truth behind the sudden and mysterious vampire attacks. Every human may not be his ally, and Alucard will not hesitate to kill anyone who comes in his way.

Despite being a heavy action manga, the plot still unfolds in a significant way. The gore and violence of humans battling monsters are prominent. If you want a dark story with vampires and action, look no further!

Shamo - manga

28. Shamo

Rating: 8.35

What happens when a wealthy born 16-year-old kid murders his parents? Shit happens! And a lot of shit happens to the main character  Ryo Narushima who is sent to a reformatory for young offenders where his whole life turns upside down.

He is subjected to beatdowns, sexual assault, and whatnot in the penitentiary, and he copes with all such atrocities by learning karate and gets pretty good at it. When released after a few years, he is thrown back to the ugly world and has to live in the streets and face the music. Often while reading, you will feel like punching some sense in Ryo’s main character, but sometimes you feel sad for him when thought the story many times. Ryo has visuals of his dead parents and understands him more and more.

This anime is for mature readers who can withstand a mental takedown because this story gives many. The main character murders, rapes, assaults, and does most of the nasty stuff like that, but we still feel pity for him, which is the epitome of writing such an intense and excellent story arc.

This anime is not for the weak-hearted as you already read but gives a mysterious, sadistic pleasure to the readers, which can only be felt when you read it.

With outstanding artwork and even more significant character development, this story of Ryo is something well deserved for its position in the list of ‘Best Seinen Manga.’

27. Liar Game

Score: 8.37/10

Kanzaki Nao’s father hoped that she would live up to her name and thus, named her for “honesty.” Nao has definitely made her father proud, but maybe at an extreme level. She’s earned the label of a girl who is “foolishly honest.” This would obviously mean that she is the last person who would be qualified for the “Liar Game.” 

This is a high stakes game where participants must deceive their opponents. Losing would mean obtaining massive debt. One day, Nao receives a mysterious box at her doorstep. It contains a million yen and a card. The latter informs her of her participation. Within no time, Nao has been tricked out the entire one million yen. With a newfound determination, she tries to get an infamous swindler named Shinichi Akiyama to ask for his help.

26. I am a hero

Rating: 8.40

Zombies! A genre that everyone has to dig into a write their own stories. I am Hero is no such exception but in the right way. The story is excellent, and the artwork is great, the ending is good. Overall it’s a total package.

The story revolves around Hideo Suzuki, a former unsuccessful manga writer with a rocky relationship. When a sudden disease starts spreading to Japan’s people, he does everything he can do to survive. However, the story begins slowly with many characters to develop and read when it acquires pace, My God! It does wonders with the story.

In a typical zombie movie where savage zombies go on a rampage, but here there is a twist after a person turns into a zombie, a part of their personality remains intact.

With a lot of comedy and horror, this is one of the best seinen manga, which should be on your must-read list.

25. Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer

Score: 8.44/10

The world is in peril. A talking lizard named Sir Noi Crezant has been sent to recruit a great warrior. Who is this great warrior? A college student named Yuuhi Amamiya. Crezant informs Amamiya that the earth is under threat from the incredible ‘Biscuit Hammer.’ Now, Earth’s only hope is left with Princess Samidare and her Beast Knights. 

To everyone’s surprise, though, the Princess doesn’t seem to be the shining hero that everyone expected. Will Amamiya be part of this ridiculous plan?

An integral part of the manga is undoubtedly the humor. The dry sense of humor is something so classic and not really seen in mangas. It even pokes fun at shounen tropes and cliches. This was a breath of fresh air. With almost no plot holes, the story has quirks and twists that never fail to surprise the readers. 

Each character is given a proper backstory, making it easier to fall in love with the manga.

24. Otoyomegatari

Score: 8.55/10

Amir Halga has arrived in a tribal town for her arranged marriage with Karluk Eihon. Karluk is a charming 12-year-old boy, and Amir is a beautiful 20-year-old woman. She’s skilled in horseback riding, archery, and hunting. At first, their relationship is a bit awkward, owing to the large age difference. Despite this, the small, daily interactions allow them to grow their bond.  Soon, they develop feelings of respect and love as they strengthen their bond. 

Set in 19th century Central Asia, the inhabitants near SilkRoad have a strong culture. Due to this, they vehemently believe in many customs and traditions. Otoyomegatari is a beautiful portrayal of this culture and the various things that brides have to go through. It may be difficult for modern readers to read about arranged marriage as we have our own biases. However, it is important to note that the characters are happy about the arrangement. 

This manga requires you to leave your prejudice and have an open mind. Once you do that, this manga is delightful to read.

23. Holyland

Rating: 8.55

With fantastic artwork, this manga series focuses on fighting, and every scene is portrayed with an outlandish amount of detail. The author gives a lot of attention to detail as every fighting technique is shown with the utmost realistic approach. The artwork of this manga gives a dark tone to the central theme of this storyline.

The story in this manga is very ingrained. There is a lot of bullying, and there is a lot of fighting!

As the story continues, there is a lot of character development as its character-driven storyline continues. At the start of this manga, the protagonist will make the readers feel pity for him, but as the story progresses, we see how he comes out in the real world by facing all the hardships and beatdowns from the streets.

But this best seinen manga is not for the weak-hearted as it has a lot of fighting, and what comes with struggle? That’s right! A lot of blood and gore! So reader discretion is advised. But for someone who wants that kind of content, they can surely add it to their checklist of Best Seinen Manga to read.


22. Homunculus

Rating: 8.59

The story is simple initially; our broke protagonist (Nakoshi) receives an offer of 700,000 yen for agreeing to get a hole drilled in his head. And guess what? He agrees while being initially reluctant. Therefore, he ultimately undergoes surgery and receives a supernatural effect of the trepanation: that is, the ability to see Homunculi, the repressed feeling of an individual by covering one of his eyes.

Notwithstanding what you just read, Homunculus still manages to remain stubbornly rooted in reasoning. Because what Nakoshi sees is the reality of human emotions! That is often, at times, disturbing. The readers will have to use their minds to truly understand the premise because the imagery that Nakoshi sees is very complicated and dismal.

With exceptional characters and detailed artwork, this manga tries to achieve something, which’s the charm of this manga. But readers must keep in mind this best seinen manga has abstract art, so faint-hearted people, read with caution!!

21. Alice in Borderlands

Rating: 8.60

The tale concerns a boy named Arisu Ryouhei and his friends trapped in the alternate dimension known as the Borderlands and their struggle for their lives.

Every person must participate in a game to survive. The game is all about collecting points as the points give you days to live as you run out of points. There is only one end, sweet, sweet death! Every game is very different, as players have no idea what game they will be playing until they enter the arena.

The artwork of this manga is rugged, which genuinely highlights the central theme of this manga. There is a lot of character development in the storyline because each character gets his/her backstory, which is great!

This best seinen manga focuses on psychological and horror survival themes.

dorohedoro - best horror manga

20. Dorohedoro

Score: 8.63/10

Kaiman is one of the victims of the cruel experiments by Magic users. One of the consequences of this experiment left him with a reptile’s head and no memories of his prior self. Nikaido, his female companion, helps him track down the sorcerers in “The Hole” and execute them. 

They do so in hopes of finding out information on which magic-user left him in this state. Each time, he puts magic users inside his mouth in hopes of identifying the culprit. Once the magic users get pulled out, he asks them, “What did the guy inside my head say?”

In this post-apocalyptic world, Dorohedoro contains cyberpunk-like elements along with magic and death. You could definitely say that this manga crosses all boundaries to create something you’ve never seen before. The combination of comedy and grotesque events makes the story extremely entertaining to read.

One Outs

19. One Outs

Rating: 8.64

Toua Tokuchi, a master of betting and mental games, holds an exceptional record of 499 wins and zero losses in “One Outs.” It is a purer form of baseball that consists of only a batsman and a pitcher. Paying a visit to Okinawa, Tokuchi’s hometown, is Hiromichi Kojima, the hero batsman of the Saikyou Saitama Lycaons. But it is the feeble team in the Japanese baseball championship. Fantasizing of leading the Lycaons to win the league, and in terrible need of a substitution for their wounded pitcher during a training camp, Kojima includes himself in One Outs game, only to lose to a standard fastball from the invincible Tokuchi.

Enthralled by his skill, Kojima hires Tokuchi to the team after barely avoiding defeat in a rematch, thinking he might be their answer to victory. Nevertheless, the greedy owner of the Lycaons declines to give him a decent salary, leading Tokuchi to suggest an unusual contract. Every out he pitches will get him fifty lakh yen, but every run he gives up will lose him fifty million yen. With his fate now tied to that of the team, Tokuchi’s fight to bring the Lycaons to victory becomes yet another gamble—the very thing that he does best.

Shimanami Tasogare - seinen manga

18. Shimanami Tasogare

Rating: 8.65

After recently moving to Onomichi, Hiroshima, high school student Tasuku Kaname is tossed into anguish at the chance that he may have been outed for being gay. Persuaded his life is over, his anxiety turns into trauma when he spots a woman jumping out of a neighboring house window.

Tasuku races to the house in an alarm only to find out that it’s a public meeting sitting room owned by the woman he saw earlier. Tasuku comes face to face with the woman as she strolls past him safe, but not before she tells that she had been watching him from afar. Bewildered, Tasuku follows her up to the top of a slopy hill, where she accepts to listen to what is on his mind briefly. Even though Tasuku doesn’t go into too much information, he later agrees with her invitation to come to the lounge to meet others with similar issues.

17. Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou

Rating: 8.66

The story is placed in the future of Japan. In which the sea level has arisen and submerged many of the coastal areas. Also, Mt. Fuji has belched lava within living memory. The populace has been dramatically reduced, and political and technological organizations have broken-down. Local groups have become nations, and telephone and TV no longer exist. Although coffee vending machines and streetlights adamantly proceed to work. There are peculiar new animals and plants (like airborne fish and glowing streetlight trees).

The remaining people have embraced a slower-paced, straightforward way of life and depend more on each other. Along with humanity are some brilliant, humanlike robots. One of the robots, a female, called Alpha, owns a café by the same name in the countryside of Yokohama’s remains. With her reliable motor scooter and her camera, she travels around the area befriending the humans and robots, gathering new experiences, and noticing the passage of time.

Real - best seinen manga

 16. Real

Rating: 8.72

Tomomi Nomiya, late captain of his high school’s basketball team, turned lawless. He ends up dropping out of school after being squeezed by the guilt of destroying a young girl’s life in a traffic accident. As he devotes his free time to provide for her, he comes across Kiyoharu Togawa. Also, she is a former runner who has lost her right leg and now enjoys wheelchair basketball as an alternate outlet.

After daring Kiyoharu to a one-on-one game, Tomomi is vanquished. Inspired by this meeting, he understands that he can’t let his love for basketball perish so quickly. Also, he decides that he will do whatever he can to provide for others while trying to become a professional player. Meantime, Hisanobu Takahashi, Tomomi’s substitute as the high school’s team leader, gets into an accident. Sadly, he finds himself forever paralyzed below the waist. Real tells these three young men’s touching story as they fight to beat their disabilities and inner conflicts. They have to do this to attain their dreams while lighting a passion that will bring them together.

3 gatsu no lion - seinen manga

15. 3-gatsu no Lion

Rating: 8.73

Our hero is Rei, a 17-year-old shogi player. He lives by himself. Also, he does not have a family and does not go to school. Also, he has very few friends. Among his contacts is a family comprised of a young lady, Akari, and two young girls, Momo and Hinata. Also, they keep a high number of cats. You should definitely check out this best seinen manga.


14. Akira

Rating: 8.74

1988: It is World War III. Tokyo is demolished by a puzzling black explosion, unmatched in immensity.

2019: Moving on to 31 years. Neo-Tokyo, hurriedly built on the ruins of old Tokyo, is a stretching cityscape of neon spectacle. It is a combination of tall skyscrapers and cutting-edge technology. It is also permeated through and through with a volatile, hyper-violent mixture of biker gangs, poverty, and revolutionaries. In this dangerous metropolis live Tetsuo Shima and Shoutarou Kaneda, two motorcyclists are the best of friends and the strongest of rivals, despite being associated with the same gang. Hopeless to prove himself as Kaneda’s equal, Tetsuo accidentally pulls a stunt that climaxes in the rise of mysterious existence that threatens to change both the face of Neo-Tokyo and the lives of those who call the city their home—the growth of a government secret known as Akira.

13. Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan

Rating: 8.75

They wanted to perish for their reasons.

Juri Mutou is the daughter of an erstwhile-famous pianist whose career concluded after giving birth to her. After a shocking event she underwent as a teenager, Juri has attempted suicide thrice and has started to hate her mother. With her life darkened due to a dark past. Her aunt Monica, a clergy member, summons her to visit a criminal sentenced to death.

Yuu is a death row inmate charged with killing three people, leading to many efforts at ending his own life within his jail cell. He repeatedly gets letters from Monica, who believes in helping him, but he sees this as an act of pity. But when Yuu agrees to meet Monica to say that he wants her to stop sending letters, he meets Juri, an encounter that would change both lives.

12. Kozure Ookami

Rating: 8.75

Ittou Ogami has very little left to exist for. Though once the Shogunate’s chief official killer, his name is left in ruination after being conceived for treachery. The traitorous Yagyuu Clan did this, seeking to take his position of power. His problems do not end here; however, the climax is the brutal killing of his entire family, including his spouse Azami, with only his child Daigorou still left alive.

With shame upon his head and his loveable wife in the grave, Itou takes up a new role as an assassin for hire. Alongside his young son, Itou roams the country in search of vengeance, and He wanders with only the total annihilation of the Yagyuu Clan on his mind. As he wanders the land, the number of his victorious assassinations rapidly grows. And soon, the nickname of “Lone Wolf and Cub” becomes famous across the land as the choice assassin to get the job done right.

 11. Vinland Saga

Rating: 8.76

Thorfinn, son of one of the Vikings’ exceptional warriors, is one of the best fighters in the merry band of hired soldiers. The scheming Askeladd, a magnificent task for a person his age, is the one who runs it. However, Thorfinn is not part of the group for the pillage it needs—instead, for having created a great tragedy for his family, the boy has promised to kill Askeladd in a fair duel. Not yet experienced enough to win him but unable to let go of his revenge, Thorfinn spends his childhood with the mercenary team. He is sharpening his skills on the battleground with the war-loving Danes, where murdering is just another pleasure of life.

One day, when Askeladd gets word that Danish prince Canute has been held hostage, he conjures an ambitious plot; A plot that will determine the next King of England and completely change the lives of Thorfinn, Canute, and himself. Set in 11th century Europe, Vinland Saga tells a brutal epic in a time where violence, insanity, and unfairness are unavoidable. It provides a paradise for the battle-crazed and utter hell for the rest who live in it. If you are looking for an awesome story and historical action/drama, wait no more, because Vinland saga is one of the best seinen manga.

 10. Houseki no Kuni

Rating: 8.78

In the distant future, new organisms called Gems come to life. The 28 gems must battle against the Moon People who want to fight them and turn them into decorations. Therefore, each gem is given a role, such as a fighter or a medic. Though they hope to battle the moon people, Phosphophyllite is a gem who is assigned no assignment until the gems’ manager Kongou asks them to copy edit a natural history magazine.

09. Mushishi

Rating: 8.80

“Mushi”: the most standard form of life in the world. They live without any ambition or purpose, aside from naturally “existing.” They are way past the handcuffs of the words “good” and “evil.” Mushi can live in many forms and mimic things from the natural world, such as plants, diseases, and even phenomena like rainbows.

However, this is just an unclear definition of these beings that occupy the vibrant world of Mushishi, as even to call them a form of life would be an oversimplification. Detailed data on Mushi is very less because most humans are unaware of their existence.

So what are Mushi, and why do they live? This is the question that a “Mushishi,” Ginko, wonders continuously. Mushishi is those who investigate Mushi in hopes of understanding their place in the world’s ranking of life.

Ginko continuously chases rumors of happenings that could be tied to Mushi, all for the sake of finding an answer. Mystery and thriller elements make this one of the best seinen manga to check out.

08. Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen

Rating: 8.83

Considered an intellectual due to having the country’s sky-high grades, Miyuki Shirogane leads the reputable Shuchiin Academy’s student council as its president. Also, He is working along with the beautiful and rich vice president Kaguya Shinomiya. The two are typically seen as the perfect couple by students despite them not being in any romantic relationship.

However, the fact is that after spending so much time together. The two have begun to have feelings for one another. Sadly, neither are willing to tell it, as doing so would show a sign of fragility, with their dignity as best students on the line. Miyuki and Kaguya start on a quest to do whatever is needed to get a confession out of the other. Through their daily behavior, the fight of love begins!

Uchuu Kyoudai

 07. Uchuu Kyoudai

Rating: 8.84

“An elder brother must always stay ahead of his small brother. That is my job as the elder sibling”—these are the words that had always driven Mutta Nanba to give his best when it came to his younger sibling Hibito. So usually, in the summer of 2006, when the Nanba brothers see something peculiar in the night sky, Hibito decided that he would become an astronaut and go to the Moon, while Mutta countered with the declaration that he would go to Mars. Both of them took this oath.

In 2025, Hibito is working with NASA and getting ready to become the first Japanese to set foot on the moon. Also, an automotive development company has fired Mutta from his job.

Having a problem finding another job, Mutta is given a life chance once he receives a JAXA letter—the Japan region Exploration Agency—telling him that he has been accepted to participate in the next astronaut selection. As if fate has given him a chance to fulfill the promise he made all those years ago, Mutta undertakes the problematic challenge of going to space. If you like Slice of Life, then this best seinen manga is what you are looking for.

 06. 20th Century Boys

Rating: 8.95

As the 20th century approaches its end, people worldwide are anxious that the world is changing. And probably not for the better.

Kenji Endo may be a traditional shop manager who’s merely attempting to urge by. But he learns that one of his old friends, going by the name “Donkey,” has suddenly committed suicide. Also, a new cult led by a figure known as “Friend” is becoming more notorious. So Kenji starts to feel that something isn’t right.

With several critical clues left behind by his deceased friend, Kenji realizes that this cult is much more than he ever thought it would be.
This is because this mysterious organization is directly targeting him and his childhood friends. Also, the whole world faces a grave danger that only his friends have the key to stop.

Kenji’s natural lifetime of barely creating ends meet is flipped the other way up once he reunites along with his childhood friends. And along, they have to discover the reality. However, their past is connected to the cult.
This because, as the turn of the century could mean, the possible end of the world.

vagabond - best manga of all time

05. Vagabond

Rating: 8.99

In 16th century Japan, Shinmen Takezou is a wild, rough young man in his appearance and actions. His hostile nature has won him the rebuke, reproach, and fear of his village. This makes him and his best friend, Matahachi Honiden, to run away in search of something grander than a provincial life. The pair enlist in the Toyotomi army, yearning for glory. But when the Toyotomi suffers a crushing defeat at the Tokugawa Clan’s hands at the Battle of Sekigahara, the friends barely make it out alive.

Shinmen returns home on a self-appointed mission to notify the Hon’iden family of Matahachi’s survival after they are separated. But he finds himself a wanted criminal. He is framed for his friend’s supposed murder based on his history of violence. Upon being caught, he is tied up on a tree and left to die. A nomadic monk, the eminent Takuan Soho, takes pity on the “devil child.” He secretly frees Shinmen and christens him with a new name to avoid the authorities’ pursuit: Musashi Miyamoto.

Vagabond is the fictional retelling of the life of one of Japan’s most celebrated swordsmen, the “Sword Saint” Musashi Miyamoto. This story is about his rise from a swordsman with no desire other than to become “Invincible Under the Heavens” to an enlightened warrior who slowly learns of the importance of close friends, self-reflection, and life itself.


04. Kingdom

Rating: 8.99

During the Warring States period in China, Xin Li and Piao are two brother-like youngsters who dream of becoming Great Generals, despite their low status as orphaned slaves. One day, they encounter a man of nobility, who allows Piao to undertake an essential duty within the state of Qin’s royal palace. In parting ways, Xin and Piao promise each other to become the greatest generals in the world one day. However, after a vicious coup d’état occurs in the palace, Xin meets with a perishing Piao, whose final words spur him into action. Also, it leads him to encounter the young and soon-to-be king of Qin, Zheng Ying.

Although initially on bad terms, Xin and Zheng become friends and start on a path filled with trials and slaughter. Zheng aims to bring all the warring states under Qin, and Xin wants to reach the top of the army ranks. This is set against a backdrop of the persistent calculated battle between states and significant political disruption. The two friends endeavor towards their grand ambitions that will change history forever.

 03. Grand Blue

Rating: 9.00

Among the seaside town of Izu’s ocean waves and rays of shining sun, Iori Kitahara is just beginning his freshman year at Izu University. As he moves into his uncle’s scuba diving shop, Grand Blue, he eagerly expects his dream college life, filled with attractive girls and good friends. But things don’t exactly go according to plan. Upon going to the shop, he meets a group of unruly, naked upperclassmen. Also, they instantly pressure him into taking part in their alcoholic activities.

Though reluctant at first, Iori soon gives in and becomes the heart and soul of the party. Sadly, this earns him the contempt of his cousin, Chisa Kotegawa, who walks in at correctly the wrong time. Steadfast, Iori still pledges to realize his perfect college life, but will things go according to plan this time? Or will his situation take yet another dive? Grand Blue provides excellent adult humor earning its place on the top 3 best seinen manga.

02. Monster

Rating: 9.05

Dr. Kenzou Tenma is a celebrated brain surgeon of Japanese ancestry working in Europe. His peers highly laud him as one of the great young minds that will revolutionize the field. Also, he is blessed with a beautiful fiancée. He is also on the cusp of a big promotion in the hospital he works at.

But all of that is about to change with a grave dilemma that Kenzou faces one night. Should he save the life of a small boy or that of the town’s mayor? Despite being coerced by his superiors to perform surgery on the mayor. His morals force him to operate on the other critical patient. He ends up saving his life and forfeiting the mayors.

A doctor is educated to believe that all life is the same; however, when a sequence of killings occurs in the surgeon’s vicinity, all evidence points to the boy he saved. Kenzou’s beliefs are shaken after these incidents. During his expedition to resolve his patient’s true identity, Kenzou finds that the destiny of the world may be interlaced with the enigmatic child. Monster’s psychological aspects are what make it one of the best seinen manga.

Berserk - Best Horror Manga

01. Berserk

Rating: 9.32

Guts used to be a hired soldier. Now he is famously known as the “Black Swordsman,” and he is out for revenge. After a turbulent childhood, he finally meets a person he holds high in esteem and believes he can have faith in him. But everything takes a wrong turn when this person snatches everything significant to Guts to attain what he desires. Therefore, Guts is sentenced to a destiny in which demonic beings continuously chase him after being marked for death.

Guts, equipped with a huge sword and has terrifying strength, decides to go on a terrifying journey riddled with difficulties. Also, Nothing can halt his quest as he won’t stop his massacre until he slices off the head of the person who ripped the humanity from him and his loved one.

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With this, we have reached the end of the Best Seinen Manga list. Check out our other posts to find more anime and movies that you can enjoy now and in the coming future. Sayonara!

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