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Updated on: 06/12/2023

Before Netflix Cartoons, Cartoons were available on Channel Networks. Due to which the viewer has to stay active to view the cartoon when telecasted. But, then the trend shifted to recorded CDs. In which one can save a program whenever he/she wants. But, also, the method wasn’t that good. Because it consumes a lot of time, money, and data. Hence, the OTT platform, like Netflix, Amazon Prime, was created. So, today let’s view the list of best Netflix Cartoons.

Day by day popularity of OTT platforms has given rise to creators. Due to which new writers, producers with great ideas coming into the face. Also, the old mind mentally of spending a lot of money on projects changed. As on the other hand, it assists the regional show to get an International audience. Currently, Netflix owns 100+ Netflix Cartoons.

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Best Netflix Cartoons

English is the most preferred language for viewing Netflix Cartoons worldwide. Hence, so many English cartoons like South Park, Family Guy, Rick and Morty, etc., evolved. Also, the animation industry is growing day by day. Let’s proceed towards the list of Netflix Cartoons.

40. Transformers: War for Cybertron

Transformers one of the oldest franchise of Cartoons from Japan. It revolves around the transformers, which are now evacuated to earth due to the destruction of Cybertron. They are hiding from the humans in Vehicles while searching for a solution to restore their planet. Optimus Prime, the leader of Autobot warriors. While Megatron leader of Decepticon. They both are searching for the Cyber planet keys ( Ancient power keys). To rule the universe by connecting through an intercross bridge.

The story shares values like friendship, opportunities, failure, success, and many more. The show originally run-in 2005 but available on Netflix Cartoons in 2020. The writer Hiro Masaki and director Hiroyuki Azuma did great work. It’s just a single season show. Recommended for the 7+ age of people by Netflix Cartoons.

39. Archer

Adam Reed created Archer in 2009. It still has a strong fanbase due to humor, action, animation, etc. The series follows a plot of Intelligence Agency. The show comes in the following genre: Comedy, Spy, Action, and Adult animation. The story revolves around the main character Sterling Archer and his Team, ISIS in New York. It consists of 118 episodes distributed in 11 Seasons on Netflix Cartoons.

The show received a positive response from viewers. Also, won awards like the Emmy award, Critics Choice award, and Annie award. The 11th Season was scheduled in May 2020, but due to pandemic released in September 2020. The show received an average score of 8.5 from most of the Rating sites. While recommended for an 18+ audience by Netflix Cartoons. On October 21, 2020, Archer renewed for the twelfth Chapter.

38. Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia

The show is specially produced by Dreamworks production for Netflix. That’s why it achieve a position in the Netflix Cartoons list. While the show focuses on the storyline of a boy and his adventures. The genre of the story rotates simply towards Sci-Fi adventure and a little bit of action. The concept of the show is based on the novel from 2015. It consists of 52 episodes on Netflix Cartoons.

It featured as Netflix Cartoons in December 2016. While the last episode of Season 3 telecasted in May 2018. The show got a high response after Avatar: The Last Airbender. Also, won a lot of awards like BAFTA, Annie, Kidscreen, Saturn, etc. It obtained a rating of 8 points out of 10. While a good show for an 8+ audience recommended by Netflix Cartoons.

37. F is for family

An American animated show specially developed for an 18+ audience. A complete pack of adult and satire comedy. Created by Bill and produced by Heath Kenny. The show consists of 4 Seasons—the show was created in December 2015. The story of the show revolves around different real-life scenarios. Due to favorable views show nominated for a lot of awards.

News: The show renewed for the last and final chapter in October 2020. While Netflix itself owns the show under Netflix Cartoons.

36. Shaun the sheep

One of the most amazing shows available on Netflix Cartoons. Shaun the sheep, aired first in 2007. While it is one of the best stop motion show ever made. Currently, nickelodeon and Netflix holds rights to the show. The story revolves around Shaun and his friends. It’s simple and interesting with a lot of comic timing. Special mention that it doesn’t have dialogues but still never bores you.

Shaun the sheep, has many short and full-length movies too. While it featured till Season 5 on Television networks. After that, Season 6 launched on Netflix. The show consists of 170 episodes, 36 short, and 1 special. I will recommend the show to all ages of the audience. While Shaun the sheep receives 7.6 ratings by Netflix cartoons.

35. Grizzy and the Lemmings

The show is inspired by the Tom & Jerry cartoon of Warner Brothers. While originally show aired in 2016 on Boomerang in France. While later adapted in 2017 globally. The show consists of 2 Seasons (a total of 156 episodes).

The show has a good rating of 7 on Netflix cartoons. While recommended for a 7+ age audience. The genre of the show is complete slapstick comedy. The Creator and producers of the show are Antoine & Josselin.

34. Larva

A South Korean cartoon released in 2011 on KBS TV. After getting fame delivered to the global network through Netflix. The show continued running till 2019. It consists of 4 Seasons. Each episode focuses on slapstick comedy and lite adventures. While the story revolves around the two larvae, red and yellow. The original language of the show was Korean, then translated to English. As a result, the show is 7.3 rated. Else, recommended for a 7+ audience by Netflix Cartoons.

33. Fast and Furious Spy Racer

One of the Netflix Cartoons series developed, especially on-demand. The show developed on the inspiration of the Fast and Furious franchise. Vin Diesel and Chris Morgan produce the series. While it revolves around so many fantastic breathtaking races. The action and stories are great compared to any sci-fi action animation. It premiered on Netflix Cartoons in December 2019. It consists of 3 Mega racing Seasons—a standard project by Dreamworks and universal studios.

The show will grab your interest once you start watching it. The 2nd and 3rd Seasons of the show released in 2020. It’s a fan base show for F&F fans. Strongly recommended for any fast and furious series fan.

32. Peppa Pig

A funny British preschool series for all ages. It revolves around a pig family and their problems. The show focuses on skills, values, virtues, etc. So, it’s good for small kids as well as for teens. Originally Peppa pig aired in 2004 on the UK network. While later adapted by 180+ territories. Being a preschool show, it can be viewed anytime, anywhere. There have been 6 Seasons till 2019. While announcement for next Season can happen in 2021. The writer, director, producer behind Peppa pig is Mark Baker.

One of the most fabulous preschool Netflix Cartoons to date. It is also well famous in China. Peppa pig won a lot of academies, British, preschool, etc., awards.

31. Zig and Sharko

It is a slapstick comedy animated show from France. It revolves around a hyena named Zig and a shark named Sharko. While Zig being a hyena, want to eat Marina, who is a mermaid. As on the other hand, Sharko saves her from Zig always. This trio is perfect for watching when feeling low. Oliver Jean-Marie created the show. The series consists of 3 Seasons split into 78 episodes. It is a show recommended by Netflix Cartoons for a 7+ audience.

The show first aired on Boomerang Africa in December 2010. They also produce Oggy and the Cockroaches. While presently they announced for the next season soon. The show counts a rating of 7.7 by Netflix Cartoons.

30. Adventure Time

A fantasy cartoon developed by Pendleton Ward from American animation networks. Cartoon Network Studios produced it. The story revolves around the boy Finn and his friends while on their adventures. It’s an inspired animation from Nicktoons short clips. The show runs for a long time on the Television Network. While the show contains a total of 10 Seasons. The first episode telecasted on 5 April 2010. Else, it ended in September 2018.

The show focuses on Science, Fantasy, Comedy, Action, and a lot of drama. Larry has directed it and is recommended for a 7+ audience on Netflix Cartoons. Currently, Netflix has only 5 & 6 Seasons right with them. The show received positive reviews, due to which it won numerous awards.

29. All hail King Julian

All hail king Julian is an American Animated show. It is taken from the Madagascar franchise. While it’s the second special individual series made by Madagascar Franchise. It revolves around Julian, Mort, and Maurice as named in the show. It’s one of the best Netflix Cartoon show available online. It completely focuses on the stories before the Movies of Madagascar. A lot of adventure, comedy, and shitty stuff for the audience.

Recommended for 7+ age audience as per Netflix. It received a perfect 7.2 rating on the board. Also, a media company outlet for so many collab brands. The opening theme, “Who the king,” is catchy. It consists of 5+ Seasons as per the new update. The owner of the show is a Dreamworks production studio. The first show telecasted on Netflix in December 2014.

28. Young Justice

Are you a fan of Teenage life stories? Then, there is a perfect Netflix Cartoon for you. It has Comedy, Action, Adventure, Romance, Sci-Fi, and Superheros. A complete package of Creativity. While a show by a big brand company like DC comics. Yeah! You heard it right. Young Justice is a teenage sequel of Justice League but with a lot more action heroes from the DC franchise.

The story revolves around superheroes who protect the world while dealing day to day life. It consists of 3 Seasons and telecasted firstly on Cartoon Network. Currently, running on Netflix. It has a well deserved 8.5 rating by Netflix Cartoons as known recommended for any 8+ audience. The series first aired in 2010 with a one-hour-long episode.

27. The Amazing World of gumball

Firstly, a show that will bring a smile to your face. The show is an American surreal comedy Cartoon. It revolves around the life of the fictional character gumball. It first aired in May 2011 on Cartoon Network Europe. The creator, producer, writer behind the show is Ben Bocquelet. A large audience over the globe prefers the slapstick dark comedy show. It consists of a total of 6 Seasons that ended in 2019.

The show received a lot of good awards and remarks. While recommended for any 7+ age audience. A slightly low rating of 7.8 but a fantastic show to binge on Netflix Cartoons.

26. Bakugan

It is an adapted Cartoon version of Anime from Japan. So, many cartoons were adapted from the Japanese, Canadian, Mexican, etc., regions. Bakugan, a show, revolves around a completely new concept. In the show, the peoples are fighting with each other to acquire glory. While as usual theirs a negative part to the show. There are the villain and evil people too.

The anime consists of 3 Seasons, while the Cartoon series consists of only 2 Seasons. While comparing the rating, people preferred more to the Cartoon version. Hence, it has a rating of 6.9 more than the 5.5 as to the anime. The show aired in 2009. Moreover, there’s plenty of variety in the sequel.

25. Big Mouth

One of the top adult humor shows I saw online. Created by the well-known famous writer Andrew Goldberg. He’s the writer behind Family Guy too. An adult comedy sitcom especially for an 18+ audience. It focuses on the growing up of ages. While the name suggests, it will surprise you on every note. Currently, it has 4 Seasons split into 41 Episodes. It was specially written for Netflix Cartoons. The show talks about Sex, Crime, Puberty, and many middle-age problems. Bigmouth show has zero censored scenes, so watch under permission.

The series aired in late 2017, while the last season ended in 2020. The series won many academic awards. While recommended for 18+ audience only. With a popular rating of 8.1, it’s best to binge watch in 2021 on Netflix Cartoons.

24. The Last Kids on Earth

When I first heard the name, I thought it might be the story on Pandemic. While after watching, I got to know it wasn’t the story about Pandemic. The story revolves around a 13-year-old kid and his friends in problems. The attacks of zombies, monsters, and cyborgs are featured in the series. A well-designed show for a 7+ age audience. It aired in 2019 on Netflix Cartoons. While the last kids on earth were specially made/produced for Netflix.

The story copied from Max Brallier’s book named similar to the title. It is an American-Canadian show originally. It consists of a total of 3 Seasons. Each episode focuses on action and comedy. It won the 2020 daytime Emmy Award. Currently, rated 7.5 by major review sites.

Tip: Read the book; it’s more fabulous than the show. If you are a passionate cartoon lover, go for the series too.

23. Supa strikas

Everyone is familiar with these fantastic sporty Show. If you never heard about the show, then you aren’t growing up with the surrounding. Supa strikes a football comic theme from Africa. Being originally named “the world’s greatest.” It has 1.4 million-plus copies printed per month in 16 countries—a large fan base franchise. The show is available in 11+ languages like Hindi, English, French, Arabic, Urdu, Telugu, and so many more. The show was first printed in 2001 as a comic strip. While currently, the show is available worldwide in different languages.

The show’s story revolves around a football team, and it’s the story of becoming number 1 in the football world. It has a total of 7 Seasons. While available on Netflix from 2008. Recommended for all ages of the audience. Also, 95% of the audience likes the show. It’s the best show for football fans. While it has 7.1 ratings on Netflix Cartoons.

22. Cocomelon

Cocomelon is an American preschool nursery cartoon. Why Cocomelon included in the list of Netflix Cartoons? Even though it’s a nursery rhyme toon, but the Animation and other creative is superb. The show revolves around different humans, animals, plants, and so on. Netflix aired it in 2020. Cocomelon is the third most subscribed Youtube channel after T-series and PewDiePie. It’s more than a kids cartoon.

21. Teen Titans Go

It is based on the DC comics firstly aired on Cartoon Network. The show is an American animated cartoon. It focuses on Action, Comedy, Adventures. The show contains a lot of superheroes. Teen Titans Go’s production is DC and Warner Bros. It premiered as a Cartoon show in 2013. The DC fans will love the cartoon as numerous Cameos and references can be seen. It was also featured as a Cartoon movie later in 2018. Beastboy, Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven are the main lead characters.

The show has so many collab episodes with teenage ninja turtles. It consists of 6 Seasons. A total of 300+ episodes. It is nominated for numerous awards while managing to won some. It has a rating of 5.3 and is recommended for a 7+ age audience.

20. We Bare Bears

One of the best shows still ruling the hearts of viewers. The show is simple and classy. One of the best entertaining Netflix Cartoons ever. It’s the story of three bear brothers. Grizzly bear, Panda, and Ice bear while in the area of San Francisco. Each episode focuses on a different topic—no episode connectivity. While being an American animated show, it is based on a webcomic. Named “The Three Bare Bears.” Also, it won the Amsterdam Young Audience Award. The show first aired in 2015 while currently ended its last telecasting Season.

It consists of 4 Seasons from 2015 to 2020. While it also got released as a movie on 30 July 2020. It is one of the internationally famous Netflix cartoons. Recommended for all ages of the audience. A pure comedy show with a lot of teaching. Due to these, it received an 8.0 rating over the net.

19. Sonic boom

If you are a 90s kid, you might hear about Sonic. If not, then you are following the world too late. While before PlayStation and Xbox, kids used to play video games. Sonic is one of the top games played during that decade. Eventually, Sega production, the owner of Sonic, decided to telecast a game-based series. Finally, in 2014 Sonic premiered as a Cartoon show on Cartoon Network. In the name Sonic boom.

It gets telecasted for the whole 2 Seasons featuring 104 episodes. Currently, available on Netflix cartoons. The Doctor Eggman is the villain in the show from whom Sonic saves the hedgehog village. Recommended for 7+ age audience. It achieved a low rating, still being famous.

18. Johnny test

As the name suggests, the show revolves around experiments. The character Johnny in the show is notorious, funny, and sarcastic. While the show focuses on Action, Comedy, Adventure, and Science. It is an American-Canadian show from 2005. It was produced by Warner Bros production house. Jhonny has two twin super genius sisters. He uses their brain to cultivate machines, gadgets for him by convincing them.

Speaking about the show, it featured on various network channels throughout the years. It has a total of 6 episodes to date. While Teletoon in 2013 promised of making 7th Season. The show is recommended for a 7+ audience with a normal rating of 5. It won many awards too in the last decade. Currently available on Netflix Cartoons.

17. Thomas and friends

A show that revolves around animated trains. The trains have emotions and problems as humans. It relates to too many actual life situations we face during the day to day life. While the show has no dialogues as compared to most shows. ( Either it has a narrator voice or else surrounding sounds like horn, etc. It’s a kids Cartoon not made for a grown-up. But, the way it explains problems and methods to solve them is Unique. It was released in 1984 and running still on some networks in different countries.

Thomas is the Main Character in the show, while other friends (trains) are just apart of the scripts and episodes. The unbelievable thing about the show, it has 24 Unique Seasons. With a total of 500+ episodes when calculated. I hope as a kid one will love watching Thomas and friends. Recommended for 5+ age audience. It has won many kids’ choice awards till 2020.

16. Winx club

The Winx club was produced by Nickelodeon and is an Italian animated show. Later, it converted into the English language and spread globally. The show focuses on Fairy, Action, and Adventures. The story revolves around bloom, which is a fairy in the show. While show contains witches, monsters, fairies, ponies, and so on. It premiered in 2004 on Nickelodeon Network. It achieved a big success in Italy. Due to which it gets a big boost, but the show looks so childish. Hence, viewers rate the show below 6 on the top rating sites.

It’s the best show for girls specifically. It helps them develop and learn values, skills, etc. Iginio Straffi is the writer, creator, and producer behind the Winx club. Even low rating, but the show has 200+ episodes to binge on. Also, it has 8 Seasons aired from 2004 to 2009. Currently available on Netflix Cartoons.

15. Hilda

Hilda is an American urban animated Cartoon. It focuses on Urban Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy, and so much more. The show has a good theme line for viewers. Luke Pearson is behind the creation as well as the production of the cartoon. It is based on the Comic novel Hilda. It is a great story for understanding virtues, values, and friendship in life. Even older people will love to watch the show—a short and sweet series with only 2 Seasons. Hilda has 26 beautiful episodes to watch.

The show got a great response while it’s a premiere in New York. It aired first in September 2018. Currently, it’s available on Netflix Cartoons. While the production company is deciding to launch a movie based on Series. Recommended for 7+ age audience and the rating of the show is dot 8.

14. Simon

No one can reject a joyful show like Simon. It is a story of an Adorable rabbit who is so energetic and genius. But, due to the teenage phase, do silly things. But, later on, I learn too much from that. Also, he comes out of every puzzling situation with humor and a smile. It first telecasted in 2016. While only has 3 Seasons consisting of 1 Season on Netflix.

A show for every age group of audience. It will surely teach you how to deal with responsibilities while enjoying life. It has so many values and virtues to teach you. I love the show and hope you will too. It has a rating of 7 only due to its dumb Sketching, while the stories and other stuff are solid.

13. Angry birds

Everyone is well aware of the Android game, Angry birds. It got a lot of positive response during the last decade. While due to that, Movies too were created on the franchise. And the same goes for the animated series due to the strong fan base. The director Mikael Hed released the animated show with the help of Sony Pictures. In 2013 the first episode aired in Finland. While later distributed through Netflix. The show consists of 3 Seasons.

A 100+ episodes Show focusing on random Comedy and Adventure. It is recommended for kids and fans of Angry birds. While a shallow rated show I saw till yet—the last Season released in 2018.

12. Oscar’s oasis

What to say about the brilliant sketching of the show! It focuses on a lizard (especially a Chameleon) who is in the middle of the desert. The show has numerous write-ups in Short length and Full length. The first episode was slightly short, also said as a pilot. It aired on 25 May 2007 as per the data from Wikipedia. Oscar oasis has been produced in two languages English and French.

It only has a single Season of a total of 78 episodes and 7 shorts. The episodes were too short, with a minimum of 7 minutes only. While the show won numerous awards on the storyline. It’s a practical topic converted to Comedy. Recommended for any age of the audience. It has nearly 8 rating on Netflix Cartoons. It focuses on Silent comedy and Slapstick script.

11. Pucca love recipe

A must watch simple and creative show. You might forget the character name or title name but unforgettable comedy. It’s a story of a girl named pucca who falls in love with a traveling ninja Garu. She tries to impress Garu but being ninja Garu is busy in training. While also fighting with his opponent Tobe. Recommended for 7+ age audience by Netflix Cartoons.

It aired in September 2006 in the Korean version. While later made into English dubbed. Due to the global response, which made it stand in the top Netflix Cartoons. It launched in numerous regional languages too after 2007. It consists of 3 Seasons with a lot of variation. The show focuses on Action, Adventures, and Slapstick Comedy. It achieved 8.2 ratings over the net. While Season 1 and 2 are available on Netflix while Season 3 on Hulu.

10. Horrid Henry

Are you a fan of shows like Shinchan, Hagemaru, Oggy, and Cockroaches? If yes, then this show is made for you. It revolves around the Main Character and his notorious behavior. Henry always bullies his younger mother and colleagues to prove himself superior. It is based on the Novel of the same name by Tony Ross. While the illustration differs largely from the original animation. It telecasted in October 2006. While then adapted by channels like Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and CITV. Currently available on Netflix. It’s a complete naughty animated show. As seen, the rating might look low, near to 6, but it has a large audience base.

Netflix took over the show in 2018. It has 5 Seasons split into 250+ episodes. The series recommended for an 8+ age audience while the show broadcasted in 90+ Countries. Dave Unwin is the animation director behind Horrid Henry.

09. The spectacular Spiderman

As known to everyone, Spiderman belongs to Marvel Studios. The Main Character in the show is Peter Parker. Yeah! A superhero show based on the Marvel comics of the same name. Spiderman (Peter Parker) saves New York from different villains attack. The story started when An experimented spider bite, Peter, while on tour to Museum. The show started in 2008 as an animated Cartoon. While it’s a vast fanbase franchise over the world.

The show has a rating of 8.2 over the internet. Stan Lee was the creator behind Spiderman as well as Marvel studio. The show completely focuses on superhero adventures and action. It consists of 2 Seasons and 26 episodes. Recommended for any age audience. Sony pictures television also contributed so much to the show. While so many movies and different series were made on Spiderman.

08. The boss baby back in Business

After the success of the Movie “The boss baby” in 2017. The creator, Brandon Sawyer thing of producing extra sequels to the movie. Hence, in 2018 the boss baby back in Business was telecasted as animation series. The show focuses on Comedy as the primary genre. It is an American show under Dreamworks production. The story revolves around the same plot plotted as in the movie. Recommended for 7+ audiences throughout the world. The show consists of 4 Seasons.

While the show premiered on Netflix Cartoons in April 2018. It contains a total of 40+ episodes. While any person will love to binge-watch such a show. It has a perfect 7 rating over the internet by viewers community.

07. South Park

It’s one of the oldest shows available on Netflix Cartoons. It has a high rating of 8.7 throughout the globe. The south park is an old show that has a large fanbase. Recommended for 18+ age of audience only. It has numerous adventures, actions, stories, comedy, and humor. The show is one of the best shows to binge-watch anytime throughout the year. South Park was created for an 18+ audience considering the Comedy genre on Comedy Central.

The show got a massive hit in that era. It first telecasted in 1997 on Television Network. While later on adapted by Netflix Cartoons. It consists of large 24 Seasons with a high rating. It got a rating of 8.7 by viewers and audience. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are the people behind the success of South Park. It is an American animated show with dark and mature comedy—300+ episodes of a minimum of 22 minutes each.

06. Bojack Horseman

An adult American animated show with a lot of learning to the audience. Bojack Horseman is a humanoid horse who is the main character in the show. He loses his dignity and then gets troublesome off problems. The story revolves around how he will get back and regain his name. It focuses on Comedy, Satire, Drama, and so many other things.

The show focuses on many mature topics like sex, murder, crime, politics, etc. Hence, it is recommended for the 18+ age audience by Netflix and the censor board. It has a positive rating of 8+ while being an adult slapstick series. The first episode aired in August 2014. Currently, the show ended in January 2020. It consists of 6 Seasons. Also, so much relatable to humans around us.

05. Rick & Morty

An American show with the highest hype in the audience. Almost every viewer liked it to date. It has a tremendously advanced storyline in the show. The story focuses on the Adult swim (growing up) of a grandchild with his grandpa. The first episode telecasted in December 2013. Rick is the Grandpa who is a Scientist while Morty, his grandson, is a Student. The program is developed and written by Justin Roiland. Normal of Science Fiction can be seen in the whole series.

It consists of 4 Seasons with each episode of 22+ length. The Warner Bros, too, contributed some to the show. The show is recommended for 18+ age audience by Netflix. It confirmed the fifth season would be launched sooner or later in 2021. Currently, it has 9.2 ratings over the globe. So, one of the best series to binge-watch in the current year.

04. The Simpsons

One of the longest-running American Cartoon Series. It is officially made for Fox Broadcasting Company. The series focuses on the satirical expansion of American day to day life. The story revolves around the Simpsons family, who lives in the fictional town of Springfield. It also includes so many parodies of different shows and culture. Surprisingly, it also has predicted so many correct predictions till yet. The show started in 1989, while the last Season was published in 2020.

Netflix is trying to buy the copyrights of the show. Currently, the show can be seen on Disney+ Hotstar. It consists of a total of 32 Seasons(695 episodes) till the post is published. Recommended for 11+ age audience by Network. It has a well deserved 8.7 rating by audience viewers.

03. Family Guy

Seth McFarlane is the Creator, Writer, and Producer behind Family Guy. It first aired in 1999 on Television. Family Guy is also made for the Fox Broadcasting Company. One of the best American animated programs. The story revolves around the family, as suggested by the title. It has a total of 19 Seasons. While 350+ episodes with dark and sarcastic humor.

The show won a lot of awards like primetime, Emmy, kids choice, etc. It is recommended for the 16+ age audience by Network. Sadly speaking, it is also not available on Netflix currently. But, one can watch it on Disney+ Hotstar. It has a rating of 8.1 over the Internet by the viewer audience.

02. Sponge Bob Square Pants

Sponge Bob Square Pants is the most popular show among kids. The show first telecasted on Nickelodeon in 1999. While after a great hype and success, the show brought a feature film. It has a pretty good rating of 8.1 as per the viewers. Stephen Hillenburg is the producer, creator, and writer behind the show. As being the firstly American animated show, it got massive success in the USA region. Later, on distributed to other neighboring countries.

It is the highest-rated and viewed show on Nickelodeon Network. Due to the positive response, it becomes a media franchise for Nick. It consists of 13 Seasons split into 265 episodes. Currently available on Netflix Cartoons and Nickelodeon Television. Recommended for 6+ age audience by Netflix and the Internet.

01. Steven Universe

The show was officially made for Cartoon Network Television. While the hype made it a global show telecasted later on Netflix. It is Cartoon Network’s first show to be completely handled by a Woman. The show focuses on Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, and so on. The story revolves around Steven, who got magical powers from his mom, discovering them. While Coming of age is also shown through the show. The show first appeared in 2013. While a movie was also made on the same story. It contains 5 Seasons split into 160 episodes.

Rebecca sugar is the whole and sole of the show. The last season aired in 2019. It teaches many values like love, family, the importance of health, relationship, etc. Recommended for the 7+ age audience by Netflix Cartoons. Rebecca also worked as a storyboard artist for Adventure Time Series. Steven has a rating of 8.2 out of 10 over the Internet. While 100% votes on Rotten Tomatoes till 2020.

Here, the list of the top 40 Netflix Cartoons end. While a lot more cartoons are available on Netflix under different categories. We hope you like the content on Thebiem. Do share the post with your loving ones and colleagues. Thanks for dropping by and reading. See you soon on another topic till then keep reading. Have a happy reading!

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