Best Harem Manga

Top 40+ Best Harem Manga That Every Harem Fan Should Read




Updated on: 07/12/2023

Harem, a genre where a plethora of female love interests surrounds a male protagonist. Harem manga has become immensely popular since the days of Tenchi Muyou, amassing a huge fan base. So we decided to make a list of the best harem manga you all can pick and enjoy.

Best Harem Manga

Worlds End Harem - best harem manga

41. Shuumatsu no Harem (World’s End Harem)

Score: 6.35/10

Reito Mizuhara is bed-ridden with multiple sclerosis. There is no way to cure him except to put him into cryosleep until a cure is found. Mizuhara Reito does not know how long this sleep will last. Therefore, before he goes into the machine, he decides to confess his feelings to his crush Erisa Tachibana. Crushed by the devastating news, Erisa promised to wait for Reito until he wakes up.

Five years into the future, Reito is suddenly woken up only to realize that the world has gone to chaos. He now lives in a post-apocalyptic world where the “Man-Killer Virus killed 99.9% of the male population.” Reito is now a highly valuable “asset” to humanity and is tasked to impregnate every woman on this planet. However, Reito only wants to be with Erisa and decides to go on a quest to find her. Will he be able to resist the temptations of other women? Read this harem manga to find out.

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Masamune Kun no Revenge - Best harem manga

40. Masamune-Kun no Revenge

Score: 6.90/10

Masamune Makabe is a young teenager with a bizarre idea of crushing his childhood crush Aki Adagaki by making her fall in love with him and then rejecting her afterward. She rejected her when they were young and labeled him as ‘Piggy’ for his obese figure. Over the years, Makabe did everything in his power and worked on getting a chiseled body that can swoon even the hottest chicas, for he wants Aki to pay now.

Fortune favors the bold, and luckily Makabe was transferred to the same school as Aki and is destined to carry out his plan, but something happened in between, which made him abort his plans for now. The anime series is full of jokes that will make your guts fall apart, and well! Now that you’ve already acquainted with Makabe, you need to watch if he was ever able to get his revenge on Aki or not? 

Shinmai Maou no Testament

39. Shinmai Maou no Testament

Score: 6.97/10

What would your reaction if you woke up and found out that you have two new siblings from today onwards and have no other option but to deal with them? The reaction would probably be you falling out of bed and running out the window, which was not possible for poor Basara Toujou, who is forced to become the ‘Onisan’ or big -brother to two girls his father randomly brought in the house.

But real complication arises when he gets to know the two sisters’ real identity and that they were demons. He now has to be a brother to two stranger girls who wound up to be demons, he conflicts, and he is more worried because he has a secret identity; Basara Toujou is from the clan of heroes sworn enemy of demons.

What would Toujou do in such a situation where he is stuck between his duties as a hero and his role as a big brother? Watch the show to find out more.

Infinite Stratos - Best harem manga

38. IS: Infinite Stratos

Score: 7.00/10

Ichika Orimura, a 15-year-old teenager, gets massive responsibility when he comes to know that he is the only male capable of handling the Infinite Stratos, a fearful beast of a machine that can only be controlled by a woman counterpart. Infinite Stratos is not like any other mecha but has some serious capabilities, and its destructive capacity is massive. Japan has to sign a treaty with other nations declaring that it would not be used for military purposes.

Ichika is the only chosen one who gets enrolled in the IS academy and starts a new life as the single potential pilot for Infinite Stratos, where he meets old friends. His homeroom teacher is none other than the legendary Chifuyu Orimura, his older sister. The story revolves around the crazy school life of Ichika, a single male in an all-female school, and how he manages to handle his day to day life. 

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk

37. Gakusen Toshi Asterisk


Ayato Amagiri is a ‘Genestella,’ which is a new breed of humans with strange powers that came into existence after a particular incident known as ‘Invertia.’ The world he lives in has changed in many ways then. Most importantly, due to the lack of proper leadership among the countries, a conglomerate is known as the Integrated Empire Foundation is in total control of the world now.

The top Genestella’s are handpicked and allocated to six top schools in the country to take part in an entertainment battle called ‘Festas.’ Ayato being a scholarship student, is also destined to fight in the ‘Festas.’ Still, unlike others, he is not the least bit interested in becoming the most powerful Genestella.

Ayato has another motive for which he has joined the Seidoukan Academy. Still, before he could focus on his real task, he got into a fight with Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld, who challenges him to a battle. Now, Ayato, too, wants to stand at the top and also complete his hidden agenda. Tune into this anime series to watch the life of Ayato Amagiri while he goes through the daily hustle.

Strike the Blood - best harem manga

36. Strike the Blood

Score: 7.27/10

Getting from the point of no attention to all the attention in the world can be overwhelming for a high school student. But that’s what exactly happened with Kojou Akatsuki when he manifested the abilities of a Vampire overnight. Kojou has to shift his lifestyle from a typical high school kid to that of a vampire, which made him fazed, confused, and worried, all at the same time.

But to his surprise, later on, he discovers that he is not even a typical vampire but a fourth primogenitor, a legend which has been talked about for centuries with no sign of existence. Being that rare and powerful made the people in command treat him as a potential threat to humankind’s existence.

And Yukina Himeragi, someone powerful enough to control the fourth primogenitor and bring him under control, is assigned to look over Kojou and to assassinate him if necessary. In this anime, the arc revolves around the story of Kojou and Himeragi teaming up against the unnatural forces and protecting everyone from chaos.

Date a Live

35. Date A Live

Score: 7.36/10

The world has been turned into turmoil since the first ‘Spatial Quake,’ which is like an earthquake but on a much larger scale and resulted in the death of about 150 million people. These Spatial quakes have turned into a regular thing that arrives unnoticed and starts chaos while the earthquakes’ source has remained undiscovered to date.

Until Shidou Itsuka comes face to face with a girl who is seemingly in control of the spatial quake while he was trying to save his sister, Kotori, from getting trapped in the same, later he discovers that she was a ‘Spirit’ and also gets to come across the existence of the Anti-Spirit squad, which is there to remove spirits from the face of the earth.

While thinking of ways to help the Anti-Spirit squad or somehow make the spirits go away from his world, he comes across another bizarre idea. The idea was that he had to woo the spirit and charm her to the point where she falls in love with her to save the world. Watch how tragedy brokes when a simple high school student tries to attract a spirit and what follows after.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

34. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Score: 7.40/10

Kodaka Hasegawa is excited to enter a new high school, and well! Start a new life, make new friends, and have all the fun in the world. Things are not looking bright on his side as on the first day, and he has been labeled as a ‘notorious kid’ who everyone should stay away from due to his delinquent looks. 

With crushed hope of a new beginning and all the time in the world to process that, he turned into a loner and started a life opposite to what he had imagined. Until he meets, Yozora Mikazuki who shares the same kind of life, being a fellow loner. They decided to start a neighborhood club for people just like them, having no friends, and their idea skyrocketed in no time. 

Watch as Kodaka Hasegawa, and Yozora Mikazuki explores new forms of life and make new friends, build new bonds, and learns to socialize all through the help of their neighborhood club while helping others with the same problems.

Mayo Chiki - best harem manga

33. Mayo Chiki!

Score: 7.47/10 

Kinjirou Sakamachi is someone who has superhuman strength, which is a result of hard training he has gone through the years. While he can be knocked over by a car and wouldn’t cry, he shivers at the sight of women, for he has gynophobia, a mental condition where one is fearful of the female gender.

Also, the reason behind him having such a hard and robust physique are his mother and sister, who’ve tortured him all life long and treated him as their wrestling dummy, for they were fans of wrestling. Kinjirou could easily be spotted running and hiding from the female counterpart all day long, but the turning point in his life only came from one such incident.

While hiding in the restroom, he discovered that the Subaru Konoe, the some-what celebrity of their school, is a girl and gets a beatdown from her. Upon waking up, they both agree to keep her secret hidden, and in exchange, she will help Kinjirou get over his fear of women-counterpart.

Zero no Tsuikama

32. Zero no Tsukaima

Score: 7.50/10

Living in a world where magic is the new normal and performing not even a single spell is what the life of Louise looks like. Being a Tristain Academy student, she should be one of the sorcery elites, but instead, she is not good at casting magic spells. Instead, she has been given a new nickname, which is ‘ Louise the Zero.’

But things change for her when she accidentally summoned a boy named Saito Hiraga to be her familiar. Which is someone who accompanies and be loyal to the wizard who summons them. Now that Loise has her servant, she overused Saito to the point where he gets irritated with her.

Before they could fight, Saito discovers the mark of another familiar engraved onto him, someone immensely powerful known as Gandalf. Together, they went out to unravel the mystery behind Saito’s new mark, and Louise blossoms in ways she couldn’t imagine.

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka - best harem manga

31. Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?

Score: 7.60/10

What if you were dead seconds ago, and when you wake up, you found yourself surrounded by girls wearing armor who tells you that you have been revived! And for what? To return to the world as a Zombie. However, that’s the life story of 16-year-old Ayumu Aikawa, who goes through the same after being murdered in a particular accident.

While he is a little fazed with all that’s happening with his life, he again bumps into another armored girl while she was slaying a monster bear and accidentally absorbs her powers. As a result, Haruna, the girl who has transferred all her powers to this young man, orders him to take the responsibilities as well.

The show takes you on a trip into Ayumu’s life where he manages to survive into his new life where a 16-year-old teenager has turned into a zombie and has to search for beasts named ‘Megalo’s and hunt for them.

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Saeni Heroine no Sodatekata

30. Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata

Score: 7.64/10

Tomoya Aki, the protagonist, is someone who has been reading mangas, watching animes, and making a collection such a grand collection of the same for himself. However, things started to change for Aki when he realized that he wants to share his experience with everyone else and sets out to make a game that will make everyone go head over heels with great content.

But the task is not going to be comfortable, and he needed help, for which he hired  Eriri Spencer and Utaha Kasumigaoka to help him with illustration and writing. Even with his elite team backing him, he can’t get to the point of creating something great.

Looking for Inspiration, he bumps into Megumi Katou, which later becomes the main character in his creations. He looks out for some real-life experiences through which he can make his inventions more intriguing. Watch the anime to know what happens when Tomoya muddles hilarious and awkward instances of his daily life.

Highschool DxD - best harem manga

29. High School DxD

Score: 7.67/10

Issei Hyoudou is a perverted high school teenager who is quite passionate about his quest for women. The ordinary world he knows about, one day, takes a complete turn toward something unexpected. His girlfriend Yuuma stabs him while he was out on a date with her. Revealing her identity as a fallen angel, she was sent here to kill Issei because he possesses the “Sacred Gear” given to humans by the Gods.

Fortunately, Issei ends up summoning Rias Gremory, a charming high-level devil who reincarnate him as her devil servant. Subsequently, Issei comes to know about the on-going war between the Angels and Devils, and he is fallen in the middle of it. He then joins the Occult Research Club in his school, a headquarters for the family of Gremory, and starts his life as “Devil Pawn.” Follow as Issei strives hard to create his harem of beautiful girls while also facing all the grave dangers that lie ahead of him.

A manga with a great combination of Shounen battle and harem element. It has extreme ecchi moments that will give any man a nosebleed. So, if you are looking for the action plus harem genre, then you should try ‘High school DXD.’

Seto no Hayanome

28. Seto no Hanayome

Score: 7.68/10

Nagasumi is a young boy who almost drowned to death, but fortunately, he is saved by a mermaid called San. However, an unexpected situation arises because of it. The mermaid law doesn’t allow any human to touch the mermaid. Therefore, now they have to marry, or else they will be killed. Nagasumi and San decide to live as a couple while hiding San’s secret in the human world.

This harem manga has a good plot and art coupled with the unique expression of its characters. With the combination of comedy, romance, and supernatural, you will have a good time reading this manga.

Love Monster

27. Love♥Monster

Score: 7.68/10

Hiyo Osora is quite depressed after failing the entrance exam to enroll in her desired school. Somehow, she ends up getting an acceptance letter from the SM Academy, but she didn’t even apply there! Strangely, what greeted her is an academy full of monsters. Subsequently, she encounters the head of the student council, “the Tengu demon,” Kurou, who says that he is her fiance. What is the mystery behind Osora getting the academy’s letter? Now how will she deal with all the supernatural things happening around her?

It might be a little cliche, but if you are a fan of rom-com mixed with supernatural, this manga will not bore you. The plotline, though having some similarity with other works, is an exciting read with its element. So get ready to enroll in the Monster Academy.

Ai Kore

26. Ai Kora

Score: 7.75/10

The story of Ai Kora revolves around Hachibei, who has a fetish of ‘parts love,’ and his motto is “if you love the parts, then you should also love the owner of those parts.”  After he moves to Tokyo for his schooling, he finds a dormitory to live in. Moreover, much to his delight, the five females live in that same residential area as him. With the females possessing what he as a parts lover worships, will Hachibei be able to keep his wits, or will he end up acting upon his urges?

This harem manga offers you an original series, which is enjoyable. The art style is also complimentary with the expressions and scenes of the manga, which enhances the characters’ beauty and the humorous aspects of this series.

Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai chapter 1 - best harem manga

25. Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai

Score: 7.76/10

Yuiga Nariyuki has a history of poor grades in his starting high school year. However, he decided to work hard in his third year and obtain a full college scholarship to support his impoverished family. But he has an unexpected obstacle standing in his way. The headmaster of his school gives him a condition. Although these two genius female students of his grade, Furuhashi Fumino (Literature-genius) and her friend Ogata Rizu (Science-genius), are excellent in almost every subject, they both are rather mediocre in science and literature respectively. Therefore, now he has been asked to tutor them. Will he be able to teach them properly with the girls being inferior in their desired course?

The manga is relatable to the student’s life and had a nice mix with rom-com. This series had good potential. If it had kept at it instead of making a mess with all the cliche romance and unnecessary harem characters, it would have been more exciting. But despite all of that, it still is delightful too.

Toaru Majutsu no Index

24. Toaru Majutsu no Index

Score: 7.77/10

A world where supernatural powers are a reality and exist in the form of science and magic. Espers who believe in science and the magicians who worship religion. Both these groups’ beliefs create contrasting ideologies, which leads to the power struggle between them for the world.

The story is set in Gakuen Toshi, a scientifically advanced city in Tokyo known for its educational institutes. Toma Kamijo is a young esper student with terrible academic records. Even though his immeasurable power- Imagine Breaker can nullify any other powers; however, it is also negating his luck. One day, he finds a girl in white named Index hanging on his balcony. Subsequently, he learns that her mind has been implanted with a map of numerous forbidden magical books hidden secretly by the church.

With its synopsis, I am sure the series might have aroused your interest. With the supernatural elements, the protagonist’s peculiar ability, and catchy art, you are sure to find this harem manga enjoyable.

23. Nyan Koi!

Score: 7.77/10

The story is about a high school student named Junpei Kousaka, who hates cats and is also extremely allergic to them. Unfortunately, the girl he has a crush on really adores the cats. While he was returning home from his school, he kicked a can that accidentally hits the Guardian deity of cats. The angered god then bestows upon him a curse in the form of a gift. Now, he has to grant 100 wishes of the cats, or else he will be turned into a cat himself.

If you like romance, comedy, harem, and cats, this manga is worthwhile. With fluffiness of love and cat, what more could one ask for! The storyline is also excellent and not boring at all with its intriguing artwork.

Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Comedy wo Zenryoku de Jama shiteiru

22. Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Comedy wo Zenryoku de Jama shiteiru

Score: 7.79/10

The story centers around a high school boy called Kanade Amakusa, who is cursed with a weird power. A type of mental power “absolute multiple-choice”- where he will see multiple quiz questions in his mind chooses his desired option. Moreover, the possibilities which he decides upon will become his reality. Like one time, a quiz appeared in his mind with two options, going nude from the waist up or naked from the waist down. Due to all these absurd actions of his, he got infamously known among the neighbors. One day, another either-or quiz pops up, a Bishoujo will fall on him, or he will fall in drag. And he ends up choosing the first option.

The supernatural ability with a weird twist made up for the hilarious part of this harem series. Check out the silliness of the characters and craziness of the plot as you read through this manga.

Nisekoi - Best Romance Manga

21. Nisekoi

Score: 7.80/10

Raku is a high school student and the sole heir to an intimidating Yakuza family. Due to the promise from 10 years ago, he has been looking for a fated person who holds the key to his heart. Now though, he is living like a typical teenager while also crushing on a girl named Onodera.
However, his ordinary school days soon come to an end. He is forced into a relationship with the rival gang leader’s daughter, Chitoge Kirisaki, to bring peace between the families.
Will love ever blossom between this unwilling couple who hated each other from the first time they met?
And what will happen when the search for the key gets complicated with more girls coming into the plot.

If you read the starting chapters of the manga, you will be hooked on its plotline. However, as it starts progressing into more chapters after, like 100+,  you will find that the story has become repetitive with little to no character development and strayed away from its original decent plot. But still, the starting chapters and even the ending are good enough to read if you do pick up this manga.

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Denpa Kyoushi

20. Denpa Kyoushi

Score: 7.80/10

When Kagami Junichirou was in school, he was the top genius in science and even had his thesis published in a renowned science magazine, “NATURE.” But eventually, he lost all of his interest when he came to college, which resulted in him becoming a NEET who just watched anime and read manga while updating his blog every day.

One day, his sister, Suzune, decided to make her brother scratch his NEET life and finds him a job in the same high school where he used to go. At first, he was somewhat reluctant to do it, but later after getting experience as a teacher, he started liking this profession. Will Kagami continue as a weird teacher, or will he go back to his previous lifestyle again? Find out in Denpa Kyoushi.

Although the manga has borrowed many themes from the other existing series, it has managed to turn it into something unique and exciting in the process. Each Arc is illustrating different stories, which makes this harem manga enjoyable to read. The only weak point the manga has is its art style, which is entirely inconsistent throughout the series. But with its plot and fantastic characters, it was able to surpass that lacking aspect.

Grisaia no Rakuen - best harem manga

19. Grisaia no Rakuen

Score: 7.80/10

The story unfolds after the events of Grisaia no Meikyuu. It involves Kazami Yuuji, who has been detained. And suspected to be connected to the international terrorist organization that has managed to enter Japan with a dangerous weapon.

Meanwhile, due to financial issues, the Mihama Academy might close within a month. The girls whom Yuuji has helped the past year to gain their stand are not willing to let the man who changed their lives go without repaying him. But what will this group of students be able to do anything against the countries and big organizations with their puny strength? And Yuuji’s case is a lot more complicated than they initially thought. Fortunately, after getting help from a mysterious individual known as Thanatos, they might be able to achieve their goal.

The plot sounds a lot more complicated as it has various franchises interlinked with each other. But the series will make you interested in reading it through.  A unique story and mystery theme coupled with the psychological genre will make you engrossed in its universe.

Kyou kara ma no Tsuku Jiyuugyou

18. Kyou kara Ma no Tsuku Jiyuugyou!

Score: 7.82/10

What will you do when your friend is getting bullied? Of course, go to save him. But what if he runs away and leaving you alone to get beaten up in his place? That’s precisely what happened with Yuuri Shibuya as the bullies even dunked his head in the toilet. But somehow, he ends up in another world after that. At first, he thought he was in some amusement park where people were cosplaying in the medieval getup. But the people suddenly started throwing stones at him and shouting in an alien language.

Fortunately, he is rescued by Conrad Weller and Günter von Chris. And later, they take him to Blood Pledge Castle, where he learns that he is the new Maou or demon lord who will rule over ‘Shin Makoku.’

Follow the journey of Yuuri as he tries to get used to his new status as a demon lord and also deliver justice in the world of Shin Makoku.

Are you a passionate Fujoshi (BXB) and looking for great fanservice in a manga? Then look no further because you have found it! This harem manga is heavy on the Shounen Ai moments to the point of extremely cliche. The first Arc of this manga is enjoyable. But the mangaka entirely focused on the Fujoshi pandering in the later arcs, which dropped its rating from better to average.

monster musume - best ecchi manga

17. Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

Score: 7.83/10

Humans thought that monsters are just mythical creatures. But they soon discovered that harpies, centaurs, catgirls, and other creatures are not merely a myth or a fantasy, and now both these species have to learn to coexist with each other. Thanks to the “Cultural Exchange Between Species Act,” coexisting might become a lot easier.

In the Government program to aid these species in assimilating with the society, they choose ‘volunteer’ humans to live with. One of those humans is Kurusu Kimihito, and a sexy snake-like lamia named Miia is selected to live with him. Now Kimihito has to take care of her and be careful not to pursue any unwanted thoughts toward this beautiful lamia. But it might become harder to endure when a ravishing centaur and a flirtatious harpy also moves in.

You might be bored with all the girls being normal in most harem manga, but this series presents to you the harem of monster girls. The art style is well done and a fantastic job showing itself as an ecchi comedy harem that will make you laugh and enjoy it fully.

Rockin Heaven - best harem manga

16. Rockin’★Heaven

Score: 7.84/10

Sawa is a young girl who enrolled in Heaven’s wing academy because she thought that the uniform would look cute on her. However, little did she know that this academy was previously an all-boys school. Moreover, even the academy’s head boss started disliking her on the spot, making her school life from here on out miserable. One day, the bullies threw her shoes in the water, and when she went to retrieve them, she almost drowned. Surprisingly, she is saved by Ran, her biggest bully in school. And she slowly finds herself falling for him.

If you are looking for a shoujo with a happy ending and cliche plot, then Rockin’ Heaven is for you. Some matters in manga might have been left open by the mangaka. But overall, the story is quite enjoyable.

Trinity Seven - best harem manga

 15. Trinity Seven: 7-nin no Mashotsukai

Score: 7.87/10

The plot revolves around Kasuga Arata, who lives in a small town with his cousin and childhood friend, Kasuga Hijiri. He was living a mundane life in the city, but it all changed one day with a black sun’s appearance. And he seems to be the only one who could see this phenomenon. Following the black sun’s destructive event, a magician arrives who tells him about the virtual world that he had created with the Grimoire, a magical item given to Arata by his cousin for the keepsake. Now, what new adventure awaits our protagonist as he learns about the secret existence of magic?

A high rated harem manga, which has managed to balance the different genres of the series fantastically. Even the art of this manga is excellent, with beautiful girls and a detailed background. The plot might not be that unique, but what it has done is enough to capture its readers.

Ichigo 100

14. Ichigo 100%

Score: 7.90/10

As Junpei Manaka sneaks to the roof to enjoy the sunset, he unexpectedly found a beautiful girl. Startled, she immediately escapes, but Junpei was still able to catch a sight of her strawberry panties in an extremely close upshot. Follow Junpei Manaka in his quest to find that enticing girl with the only clue being those panties.

Ichigo 100% is one of the great classical harems and ecchi manga. A loser boy with beautiful girls surrounding him is a typical plot, but it is rather enjoyable with its likable characters and romance development. You will always be speculating about the ending and with whom the protagonist will end up.

Konosuba - best harem manga

13. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

Score: 7.91/10

A humiliating traffic accident brought the life of  Kazuma Sato, a video game-loving freak, to an untimely end. But this is not the finale for our protagonist. After his death, he is greeted with a beautiful Goddess, Agua, and is given a chance to be transmigrated to another world. Moreover, he can also wish for power or anything he wants before going there. But granting him this might have been the biggest mistake this celestial has ever done. Follow Kazuma and his crazy party in their adventure in the world of magic.

The manga has your typical “another world” plot like other similar series. However, satirical nature and abundant comedy in the manga make up for what lacks in the plot. So if you would like an ‘Isekai’ genre with a comedic view, I highly recommend this series.

12. Love Hina

Score: 7.93/10

A hapless student, Keitarou failed to get into his desired university and has no luck in women. But he decided not to give up and strives to do his best in studying. He also volunteers to manage his Grandmother’s hotel. However, his plans might fail again when he discovers that it is an all-girl dormitory. Will Keitarou be able to accomplice his dream while also facing some dangerous distractions from the girls?

A great story with humorous moments that will make you laugh until you cry. You will also meet with a crazy cast of likable characters, and you will have a fantastic time understanding their stories. And with such a beautiful art style, Love Hina is a masterpiece of a harem genre.

Hayate no Gotoku - best harem manga

11. Hayate no Gotoku!

Score: 7.96/10

Hayate Ayasaki is a high school student who works hard at his part-time jobs to support his thriftless parents. And just because they ran away at the time of urgency, the massive 150 million debt now falls on his head. One day, seeing a rich heiress at the park, Hayate approaches her with the thought of abduction. However, he saves her from the other kidnappers, leading to the emerging feeling of Nagi Sanzenin for him. Nagi then offers to pay off his debt in exchange for Hayate becoming her butler. And this is how the story of a combat butler begins.

A lighthearted harem manga coupled with romance, comedy, and action. It has its shortcomings in the form of fillers. Aside from that, an excellent manga to pick up.

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To Love Ru

10. To LOVE-Ru

Score: 7.61/10

The story revolves around an unfortunate high school boy called Rito Yuuki. He had wanted to confess to his crush for a long but has failed to do so many times. One day, while he is agonizing over his failure in the bath, a mysterious nude girl suddenly appeared in front of him. He soon learns that her name is Lala, an alien from the planet Deviluke, and he is to be her fiance.

To Love-Ru is one of the most entertaining harem manga. It consists of episodic chapters, random comedic moments, and different arcs for character development. Its art is quite decent, which makes the scenes even more playful. A highly recommended manga if you are looking for an ecchi and harem genre.


09. Ranma ½

Score: 8.0/10

‘Spring of drowned girl’ is a place highly recommended for martial artists to visit to hone their skills. Unfortunately, the spring is also a cursed one. And a teenage martial artist Ranma also became a victim of this curse amongst the many others. From then on, he will unexpectedly turn into a girl whenever cold water is splashed on him. However, this does not deter his father from engaging him with the daughter of his old friend. With both parties unwilling to agree to this, will engagement still occur, or will they develop feelings for each other? And what will happen when more rival lovers keep on appearing?

This manga consists of a combination of related short stories, which are quite humorous to read. And if you are looking for a martial arts plus comedy genre, then this harem manga is quite enjoyable and suitable for a pick.

08. Mahou Sensei Negima!

Score: 8.04/10

Recently, Negi Springfield, a ten-year-old genius wizard, graduated from Merdiana Magic Academy in Wales. He has two goals in life. First of all, he wants to become the Magister Magic to utilize his powers to help ordinary individuals. Second, he wants to find his father, aka. ‘Thousand Master.’

To reach his former goal, he was assigned to teach English at a high school in Japan. However, what he didn’t expect was that his classroom consists of 31 girls who initially didn’t take him seriously at all. But as he started teaching there and assist them all in their troubles, slowly earning respect from his students. One day though, Asuna Kagurazaka, a student in his class, discovers his identity as a wizard. And thus began the journey of a young wizard who tries to hide his secret while confronting the magic threats from inside and outside the school. At the same time, also keeping a watchful eye on his father.

Initially, the series seemed to be another romance-comedy with harem genre, but it has also advanced into the shounen, horror, fantasy, and action. To read this manga, the reader needs to have patience because of its subplots and slow pacing. Aside from being a little ecchi (a little weird considering the protagonist’s age), this harem series is a good pick.

Seitokai Yakuindomo

07. Seitokai Yakuindomo

Score: 8.10/10

Ousai Academy, an all-girls school, is now being converted to co-ed due to the declining birth rate. With the boys enrolling, the girls would persistently surround them. One of those boys is Tsuda Takatoshi, who applied here. However, on his first day at school, he got scolded by the student council president and the other members, which made him late for class. Therefore, as an apology, the president lets him join as a vice-president of the student council. Though unwilling, he is still forced to accept. So what is the reason that the president offered him this position? Will Tsuda Takatoshi be able to handle those ‘reasons’?

If you are looking for a series with heavy dirty jokes which are humorous, then you have found it. This 4koma manga is filled with quite a lot of dirty jokes that will leave you speechless. Even though it is moderate with the ecchi genre, this manga is delightful with all its comedy moments.

06. Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo

Score: 8.13/10

After attending school for the whole year, Ryuu Yamada is quite bored. One day, he accidentally falls from the school stairs along with the topper student Urara Shiraishi. Surprisingly, when he wakes up, he realizes that they have switched bodies. And learns that he can swap the body with anyone after kissing them. So they decide to take advantage of this power to improve their lives fully. But will they be able to hide this secret for long? And what will happen when more individuals with strange power start to appear?

A harem manga with the supernatural element in the mix and magic power that involves kiss. You can unquestionably imagine all the harem mess it is undoubtedly going to have from the ‘kiss power.’ This manga has a decent plot, an excellent supporting cast, and humorous parts. But if you are not a fan of dragged up series, then I would recommend reading it until the first Arc only.

Rosario + Vampire - best harem manga

05. Rosario + Vampire

Score: 7.8/10

Aono Tsukane is an unlucky lass who has not been able to get into a high school. Finally, they can find a school with no entrance test. However, as soon as Aono reaches there, he discovers that the school is a monster academy. Frightened, he wanted to leave as quickly as possible, but a meeting with a beautiful girl changes his decision. It turns out this sexy girl, Akashiya Moka, is a vampire, and she seemed to be drawn to his blood. As they become friends and return to the academy, he learns a no-human rule that exists here. So now Aono has to conceal his identity and also graduate from this school. But when other weird monster girls become attracted to him, will he still be able to keep his secret?

This manga is one of the best supernatural harem manga amongst the various others. The story is based on acceptance, friendship, and bravery, and you can also relate to the characters of this series. Still, the artwork of this manga is its most significant selling point.

5-toubun no Hanayome

04. 5-toubun no Hanayome

Score: 8.25/10

Fuutarou Uesugi is a poor high school student who got a temporary private tutoring job with good pay. But unexpectedly, he finds that his pupils are his classmates, and they are quintuplets sisters. They are all beautiful but are quite troublesome and hate studying, which resulted in their poor grades.

Now on the verge of being dismissed from the school, the responsibility falls on Uesugi to make them study and score passing grades. And his first task is only gaining the trust of the sisters. Will he be able to handle all the quirkiness of the sisters?

The mangaka has already concluded the series within the first chapter, and now the readers are left with the guessing game. With an excellent cast of characters and a fantastic art style, this manga can engage you in its story. The craziness of sisters will leave you laughing until you cry. There might be many cliches moments, but you can still expect to enjoy it fully.

Hanazakari no Kimitachi

03. Hanazakari no Kimitachi e

Score: 8.38/10

Mizuki is a Japanese- American track and field star who transferred to a Japanese high school. But this is not your typical co-ed school. To follow her idol, the top jumper Izumi Sano she disguised herself as a boy in this all-guys academy. And as fate would have it, she became his classmate as well as his roommate. Now, Mizuki will have to keep her secret in front of everyone with no time or place for relaxation. And she will even cause the boys around her to start feeling doubt about their sexual orientation. Will she be able to succeed in her attempt to get close to her idol?

This shoujo harem manga has a decent plot and handles its gender bender genre quite well. The series also has few ecchi moments, but they are not that extreme. Though, the slow pacing and dragged plot might just bore you too. But if you are a patient reader and would like a good story with a good ending, then this manga is for you.

Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai

02. Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai

Score: 8.54/10

Known as the ‘God of conquest,’ Katsuragi Keima, a high school student, can quickly capture the hearts of any dating sim girl. However, in real life, he is known as otamegane and hates all real-life girls. He thinks that three-dimensional girls are annoying, not how a real girl should be like. One day, after accepting a weird message that wants him to conquer the girls, a devil girl named Elsie appears in front of him. She tells him that he is now tasked with capturing all the runaway souls that particularly like to hide in girls’ hearts. And if he refuses, then he will lose his head. ( Will Keima, equipped with his dating games expertise, be able to obtain real girls’ hearts?

A manga with depth in plot and great arcs, which makes it enjoyable. But the mangaka seemed to have rushed it quite a bit at the end, which has disappointed many readers. Overall though, it is an excellent series with a unique story and decent character development.

Ouran High School Host Club

01. Ouran Koukou Host Club

Score: 8.58/10

Haruhi Fujioka is a scholarship student studying in the Ouran Academy, an elite academy for high pedigree students. One day as she was looking for a quiet place to study, she stumbles upon the abandoned Third music room, where a group of six male student hosts gathers to entertain female “clients” with sweets and tea. While she was trying to escape from the room, she accidentally breaks an 8 million yen vase. Now, she has to do menial work for the host club to pay off the broken pottery.

However, thanks to her convincingly handsome appearance and her popularity with the girls, earn her the spot of becoming a member of the host club. But the boys are still in ignorance that she is a girl, not a boy. When they discover what new situations will arise, find out in the Ouran High School Host Club.

One of the most popular harem manga. The fillers are quite interesting to read and do not drag the series. Also, the dedication to the details in its artwork is visible. With an interesting plotline, perfect character intro, and progress with plenty of comedy, it is a must-read manga.

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So which manga is your favorite? Which harem manga would you like to read? Please do comment down below.

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