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Updated on: 27/12/2023

Hello guys, today we are going to see a list of the top 10 best cats in webtoon. Cats are adorable and loving creatures. But they are also considered like teenagers who don’t have a limit for their evilness and will act like devil spawn from hell. They will first steal your heart and then your bed. And after that, they will steal everything including your freedom and will make you their slave. But I don’t think anyone will have any problem being a slave of such a super cute animal. Still, they do love their humans. (like a slave. But it doesn’t matter because you need to be the chosen one to get their love.)

These best webtoon cats are not only super cute but also play a major role in their story. They all have different personalities and likes. Some even have superpowers. So are you ready to hail our best cat gods? (Don’t worry I won’t spoil you much) Here we go.

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Best Cats In Webtoon

10. Mom From Litterbox Comic

best cats in webtoon- Mom From Litterbox Comic

Litterbox comic is about parenting except everyone is an animal. This is a really funny comic where you will get to see problems parents face while taking care of their kids or kittens in this comic. Why did I add Mom to the list of best cats in webtoon? Because who doesn’t love mom?

This cat mom is the same as our mom. She loves her kittens a lot. But she also has to go through lots of hardship and embarrassment because of them. She also has to bear all kinds of tantrums from her kids from time to time. The Cat mom is kind and takes care of her kittens and also punishes them when they go out of line.

09. Niko From Fluffy Boyfriend

best cats in webtoon- Niko From Fluffy Boyfriend

Fluffy boyfriend is a love story between a human girl Anna and a half-cat named Niko. Niko is a cute white cat who has been living with Anna since her childhood. Niko has two bodies. One is the cat form and another is the human form. Because of this, he gets tortured and experimented in a laboratory.

When he was young, Anna saves him from the street and adopts him. One day Anna gets cursed and loses all of her family and friends. But our best cat Niko remains with her to take care of her. Growing up together he falls in love with her. Everything was going well till she catches him in his cat form and the story begin.

08. Cat Loaf From Cat Loaf Adventures

best cats in webtoon- Cat Loaf From Cat Loaf Adventures

Cat loaf is a cat made of bread. All animals in this webtoon are made of pastries and that makes them adorable. (And also makes you hungry as you read webtoon) Cat loaf is a cute and energetic cat who loves adventures. He always makes his friends Rye loaf and Tabby loaf to go along with his silly adventures.

As the story goes on because of his friendly nature he becomes friends with other pastries in the bakery too. He is super lovable but he is too dense in romance. This makes life harder for Rosie (a raspberry mousse) who has a crush on him. Because of the cute design of the characters, I am adding this cat to our best cats in webtoon list.

07. Sam From Tori And Sam

best cats in webtoon-Sam From Tori And Sam

Samuel or Sam is a mature cat who loves to read books. He is a rich, supportive and loving cat. He gives off the aura of the wise old man. When his human passed away, he left all of his possessions, including his house, in the name of Sam. After that, for some time, Sam lived alone in his big mansion. Until the day he meets Tori. Tori is a dog whose humans had left her on the street. So she was crying alone on the streets. Sam sees her and after asking the reason he invites her into his mansion.

So from then on, they both lives together. He takes care of all of her demands and always goes along with her silliness. This fluffy but wise cat definitely makes one of the best cats in webtoon.

06. Nameless Cat From Boxer

best cats in webtoon- Nameless Cat From Boxer

The next one in our best cats in webtoon list is the nameless cat from Boxer webtoon. This Cat is an adorable black furball anyone will fall in love with. He/she knows our protagonist Yuu from his childhood. Yuu doesn’t have parents and lives alone in his apartment with his cat. He is going through crippling depression because of his past. But because of the cat, he is still living his life.

This Cat is like a ray of sunshine in his dark world. He/she has been with him all of his ups and downs throughout his life. His mere existence gives a reason to Yuu to live his life. This Cat isn’t often shown in the story. Even his/her name isn’t revealed yet. But the people who have read Boxer know how important his/her character is for the story and also for Yuu.

This webtoon again shows that how much big difference animals can make to your life. Because of his/her great supporting role in the series I am adding this cat to our best cats in webtoon list.

05. Claud From Meow Man

best cats in webtoon- Claud From Meow Man

Claud is a half-human half-cat who has three forms. One is a super cute cat form. The second is the monster cat form and the third one is the hot and handsome human form. Claud is a prince of the cat kingdom. When he gets kicked out of his kingdom, he comes to the human world. On a rainy day, when he was dying on the street from cold in his cat form, Bonnie sees him and brings him to her house.

So to pay his gratitude for saving his life, he decides to grant her three wishes by using his sorcery skills. Bonnie then asks for a handsome boyfriend. Claud agrees and becomes her boyfriend. Even though that’s not what she wanted, she couldn’t refuse him because of his handsome face. Hence begins our story.

Even though Claud can transform into a human, he still has a cat-like personality. He is naive, sensitive, and clumsy. Claud has a fear of getting abandoned because of his past, which later creates some problems for him.

But as the story goes on, he becomes mature and brave enough to overcome his entire trauma. I really liked his character development in this series. Hence I am including this cat prince to best cats in webtoon list.

04. Simba From Saphie The One Eyed Cat

best cats in webtoon- Simba From Saphie The One Eyed Cat

This brown cinnamon roll named Simba is the oldest brother in the family. His mature and responsible personality steals everyone’s hearts and makes him suitable for our best cats in webtoon list. He takes care of all of his younger siblings and humans in the family. He is a really cool cat and the boss of the family. He punishes his siblings when they do something evil and rewards them when they do something good. He solves all quarrels between his siblings.

As an older brother, he has to do lots of work and sacrifices. But in the end, he loves all of his siblings and is always the first one to protect them from all the dangers. I wish I had an older brother like Simba. (But I am stuck with this stupid sloth. >︿<)

03. Uri From Watermelon

best cats in webtoon- Uri From Watermelon

Uri and Simon are two cat siblings who lost their mother at the very beginning of the story. Uri is a brave, cheerful, and beautiful white cat who loves her little sister Simon and deeply cares for her. But in the story, everyone hates her for her white hair. Cats with no color i.e. white hairs are called “Laibah.” Laibah’s are considered as cursed and are usually hunted down.

Because of hatred, Uri and Simon have to go through lots of hardship while living on the street. They can’t find food to eat or can’t get any job to earn money. One day Uri meets Doran and Leon and her life changes completely. (Ambien Generic) This great story has so many best cats in it but Uri is our main protagonist that’s why I am adding her to our best cats in webtoon list.

02. Saphie From Saphie The One Eyed Cat

best cats in webtoon- Saphie From Saphie The One Eyed Cat

So next one on our best cats list is Saphie. This webtoon is named after Saphie. So you can say that she is the heroine of this webtoon. Saphie is a cute, fat cat who loves food a lot. She is a cat of focus, commitment, and sheer will. She has one eye because she lost another one due to an infection when she was a stray cat.

Saphie is a mischievous and smart cat. She always uses her cuteness in her favor to get food from her human Joho. And even if Joho tries to control her diet to make her lose weight, Saphie always finds ways to get more food and ruin Joho’s plans. She also messes around with her siblings especially Sahn, because he is a coward of all four. Due to her personality, she is worth being in second place in our best cats in webtoon list.

01. Kayden/ Casein Nitrate From Elceed

best cats in webtoon- Kayden/ Kasin Nitrate From Elceed

Kayden is a fat, sassy, and badass cat who can beat people with his bare paws. Kayden, also known as the great Kayden, is an awakened one (i.e. human with a superpower). He is the strongest awakened one in this world.

At the beginning of the story, it is shown that some awakened ones gang up on Kayden and beat him brutally. So while running away from them to save his life, he had to transform into a cat to erase his tracks. When he was lying unconscious on the floor, brutally injured in a cat form, Jiwoo who is the main protagonist of the story, saves him. He takes him home and takes care of him.

At first, Kayden doesn’t like Jiwoo. But after some time, they become really good friends. Later Kayden even becomes the mentor of Jiwoo and teaches him lots of things about his powers. This savage Cat definitely deserves first place in our best cats in webtoon list.

You can read this webtoon here! This webtoon has the highest rating of 9.93. Do check it out.


So this was our list of top 10 best cats in webtoon. This list is based on my personal opinion. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know which cats are the best webtoon cats for you? And also recommend your best cats webtoons in the comment section below. And most importantly, if anyone knows where I can buy catnip please comment below. I think I can use tons of it.

Thanks for reading. ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

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