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Best Cartoons 2023 to Binge-watch Today




Updated on: 25/02/2024

As requested by one of the fans and readers on our website. Today we will list the best Cartoons 2020 to binge-watch at home or with friends. This whole list contains a lot of different genre Cartoon series and Cartoon movies.

Best Cartoons

As usual, Disney Animation and Warner Bros Production contributed a lot this year too. Let’s see hows the best Cartoon 2020 list is! While don’t forget to tell your friends and family about the Thebiem website.

21. Steven Universe Future

It’s an extended series of the popularly known show, “Steven Universe.” The story of Steven Universe Future starts as the end war between Crystal Gems and homeland happens. The show focuses on the co-existence concept of humanity and aliens. While it’s an American animated Cartoon show from the United States. Also, the show’s genre is a mixup of action, science fiction, comedy, coming age, etc. It’s a value for the time aftermath series of Steven Universe. One can easily catch up with the story even if they haven’t seen the previous series or Stevens Movie.

The show also focuses on handling stress, problems, believing in self, understanding mistakes, etc. Also, it talks about LGBTQ+ representation and problems too. Due to all this stuff, it’s a must-watch of cartoons 2020.

20. Over The Moon

As per the name of the movie, it revolves around the moon. Glen Keane directed the movie under Pearl Studios. Over the Moon is a fairytale adventurous story of a girl. Fei Fei wants to be immortal with her family as she heard the moon goddess can do so. While the movie teaches us the boundless of love for family in a pure way. Also, thanks to Steven Price for adding such a humble and sweet soundtrack in the movie.

Also, it was the first international film directed by Keane, who works for Walt Disney Animation Studios. While Pearl’s first collab without Dreamworks production. I am sure you will love the movie even though it’s just a part of Cartoons.

19. Solar Opposites

It was created by Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan, who is the co-creator at Rick and Morty. The show Solar Opposites is an American animation Cartoons 2020 show. While currently working on the third Season as news leaked. The genre of the show is imaginative and Science fiction base.

Solar Opposites is a short show. The story is about the aliens from the better world debating whether Earth is Awesome or Awful. The show will make you think either Earth is a curse or boon on so many topics. While the aliens are friendly and visited the earth with good intentions. Else, a thing to remember it’s an adult sarcastic, humorous show. Especially recommended for 16+ audience by Cartoons 2020 Censor board.

18. The Midnight Gospel

One of the new creative shows of Cartoons 2020 available on Netflix. It revolves around an imaginative dimension, Chromatic Ribbon in the Universe. The main character of the show is Clancy Gilroy, who is a Spacecaster. The original language of the show is English, as it’s an American adult television series. The genre of the show is Dark comedy, Adventure fiction, Science fiction, and Adult animation.

It’s the first animation project of Pendleton Ward for Netflix. Talking about the ward, he is the animator for Cartoon Network under projects like Adventure Time and so on. The Midnight Gospel is based on the actual Podcast that Duncan Trussell did with guests. The Clancy (the main character) travels in different dimensions to interview peoples about life, death, etc., for his spacecraft. Every episode ends with some tragic event through which Clancy barely manages to escape.

It’s a mind-blowing show of Cartoons 2020. Recommended for 16+ age audience. It’s a perfect example of what animation can do to the audio to make it feel more awesome. Else, if you are a podcast fan, go for Duncan Trussell’s family hour on Spotify. Due to such a different idea of the show, we added the midnight gospel to the best cartoons 2020 list.

17. Beastars

The show talks about sexual tension and so much in a relaxing manner. One can also compare it somehow to Zootopia. But, more interestingly. The story revolves around the main characters Legoshi and Haru, as Legoshi is a shy grey wolf who appears as Predator. While Haru is a white rabbit who appears as bullied by other animals for her kindness. We can’t deny the truth. It focuses on Carnivores and Herbivores. The story continues when the paths of Wolf and Rabbit crosses.

The animation done on the project is valuable to watch. Also, recommended by top sites for Cartoons 2020. Talking about series, it is a manga adaptation done by the American production house Vix Media. The original manga was created and written by Paru Itagaki. ( The English animated rights and licenses were given to Netflix. While the creative studio behind Cartoons 2020 beastars was Orange studio. Recommended for 18+ age audience by Netflix global.

16. Adventure Time: Distant Lands

It’s a part of the popular show Adventure Time. Pendleton Ward and Adam Muto created the program. It is an American show originally aired on Cartoon Network under Warner Bros production.

The show follows the adventures of Finn and Jake with other important characters throughout the show. The same concept is shown in the special episodes. Adventure Time Distant lands only have 2 episodes. The special episode of adventure time focuses on new and some old characters of the Adventure Time universe. Recommended for all ages of the audience.

For the die-hard fans of Adventure Time, the show had its finale in 2019, and now it’s completely over with 2 extra specials. With a proper loving and Happy ending. Pendleton Ward showed the love of Princess Bubblegum and Marceline Vampire Queen. That’s how adventure time distant lands were added to the Cartoons 2020 list.

15. Close Enough

Close Enough is an American adult Cartoons 2020 animated show created by J. G. Quintel. Compared to Quintel’s previous work, Close Enough was a fabulous show. The show consists of 8 episodes of 22-24 minutes each. Currently, show producers are working on Season 2, which is scheduled for 2021.

The story revolves around a couple who are in their 30s while pretending to live like their 20s. To catch up with a gap of 10 years, they also have their divorced friends. It completely seems normal and interesting as you start watching. Previously, the show was going to release in 2019, but due to some issues and problems. It gets delayed and released in 2020. Most of the humor in the show focuses main characters, Josh and Emily. It’s a well-written cartoon with immature challenges of the 30s compared to the 20s.

Currently, available on Netflix in the US shows category. Recommended for 16+ age of the audience by show creators and producers.

14. Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers is a comedy Animation sitcom from the American region. The first season featured on Television in January 2011. The story revolves around the family who runs a hamburger restaurant. Bobs Burgers’ show is a peal of light daily laughter and strange humor series. While they focus on the pandemic situation more in 2020.

It has a total of 204 episodes of 21 minutes, each divided randomly into 11 Seasons. As a show, it got a heavy response after the premiere of the episode”Human Flesh” from the first Season. Also, a comic book series started based on the show in Dynamite Entertainment in 2014.

So, do check the show for some extra light humor anytime.

13. The Owl House

The Owl House is a fantasy and comedy horror show. It was released on 10 January 2020 on Disney Channel. While currently under the making of 2nd Season as per the news from November 2020.

It has 19 episodes of 22 minutes each packed up in a Single Season. The owl house was produced under the Disney Television Animation Network. It received a slightly limited audience response. The show focuses on finding family bonds and living in an unlikely situation.

The story revolves around a human teenager Luz who accidentally visits another world using a portal. Instead of becoming scared, he likes the odd and wants to live in the hazardous wizards and which world. Being powerless, he works as an assistant to a witch named Eda. The owl house is an ultimate role reversal finding of life in problems. The show is available in Canada, Southeast Asia, America, Japan, Spain, and so on.

12. Animaniacs

But, a reboot of the show Animaniacs makes the Cartoons 2020 more special. It was nostalgic for most of the teens and parents who grown watching the show from the 90s. It’s a Musical Comedy animated show from the American region. As ended the original telecasting in 1998.

Similar to Tiny toon adventures, it also had some slapstick, satire, and educational comedy. The story revolves around three main characters named Yakko, Wakko, and Dot. The show has many varieties of short sketches. While it didn’t make a good come back in 2020 as the situation wasn’t equally sealed in the show. The humor and slapstick feel old for the new generation.

Hope if you are an old cartoons lover then you will sure check the show. Recommended for 7+ age of audience by Warner Bros.

11. Primal

Primal is an ancient lifestyle animated series with a touch of problems and solutions. It is an American television series produced in Cartoons 2020 by the creator Genndy Tartakovsky for Adult audiences. Primal is specifically designed with action and adventure for an 18+ audience. The series comes in some category genres like Fantasy, Horror, Action, and Adventure. Also, the series was telecasted in 2 parts as some audience didn’t connect with the storyline. So, producers and directors released a film retelling the story in the first half.

While this time, the film was submitted for the Academy Awards but didn’t receive the nomination. So, finally, get a high response in the 4th quarter of 2020. It consists of 10 episodes of 22 minutes each. The production company behind the primal was Cartoon Network studios. Also, Warner Bros. Television was the distributor as follows.

10. Bojack Horseman

Sadly, Fans loved the series Bojack Horseman finally ended in 2020. It was awesome that Bojack Horseman continued for a total of 6 Seasons. Also, the rating and reviews for every Season were 8+, which’s fairly good for viewers. It started in 2014 as a part of a sitcom. While slowly creates a place in viewers heart and continued for Cartoons 2020. The main team behind the show consists of Raphael Bob, Patrick, Alex, and so on. As mention by us in a previous post that the storyline constantly focuses on a humanoid horse.

Bojack Horseman focuses on genres like comedy, satire, sarcasm, sadness, and tragedy. It is a pure adult show with so much to learn and gain. It consists of a total of 6 Seasons with 77 Episodes in all. While each episode was around 25 minutes. The show is currently available on Netflix. While it ended on January 31, 2020. Few realistic problems are shared in the show, like depression, trauma, addiction, sexism, racism, and humanity, due to the huge learning package of the animated show. It received a lot of awards and stands in the top list of animation shows.

Bojack Horseman is a three-time Primetime Emmy Award winner. Also, 2-time outstanding animated show winner. While it’s one of the best critics’ choice show with a nice award winner. Recommended for 18+ age of the audience but surely best deep understanding show. I will say watch yourself and then comment on your response to us.

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09. Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts

In 2020 when everyone was surviving the pandemic, Netflix launches a whole new series. Named Kipo and the age of Wonderbeasts. Previously, Netflix was going to launch a single season this year, but 3 Seasons got telecasted due to pandemic. It is a story of a girl named Kipo who gets learning to fight with mutants and monsters to survive. The first episode launched on 14 January 2020. While finally ended on 12 October 2020. It is an American animated Cartoons 2020 series. Also, it was adapted from the 2015 webcomic Kipo by creator Radford Sechrist.

The show focuses on Action, Adventure, Science Fantasy, and Comedy as the main genre. Also, it’s a concept about the post-apocalyptic situation after the alien or monster invasion. It consists of three seasons with a total of 30 episodes with 23-24 minutes each. The production team behind Kipo and the age of wonder beasts include Dreamworks animation television and Studio Mir. Originally available on Netflix with up to 1080p. The series is specially mentioned for its design, character sketch, music, and so on.

Kipo and the age of wonderbeasts is a good show recommended for 13+ age of the audience. It’s a perfect show to watch for kids because it has all the necessary flavors to consume. While it’s a nominee for outstanding character voice-over performance award in 2021.

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08. Soul

Sometimes I wonder how underrated some animations are as follows for Soul—a fantastic work by Disney with the help of Pixar animation house. Even though the idea might sound too similar to any anime/ Japanese animated movie, but it’s an American fantasy, comedy, and drama film. The producer and directors behind the Soul film are Dana Murray and Pete Docter. While co-directed by Kemp powers from Pixar Animation Studios. Released by Walt Disney Pictures on October 11, 2020, and then accepted worldwide by 25 December 2020.

It’s a 100+ minute long film with a budget of $150 million. Also, it recovers only $100 million only. Due to poor advertising, the movie becomes underrated. The story revolves around a middle school music teacher who wants to reunite his soul and body—hopefully, a positive movie with many surprises and learning. Also, Soul is the first Pixar film to feature on the African side without any cut.

Due to hugely positive reviews, the film stands for the nomination in the 78th Golden Globe Awards. As Best Animated Feature Film and Best Original Score. Hope you will love the film whenever you watch it.

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07. Scoob!

Frankly, speaking the movie didn’t make it at the top as per the other tales from the Scooby franchise. While being a huge fanbase franchise, it needs to be added to the Best Cartoons 2020 list. Like the other stories from Scooby-Doo, they are solving the mystery about a ghost dog. Eventually, it happens to be a superhero movie when scoobs fate coincides with the secret legacy. Due to 2-3 crossing stories in a single frame film, it becomes cringe to watch for a new audience. Hence, a film just for the Scooby-Doo fanbase audience sincerely.

It is an American mystery comedy-drama film based on Scooby-Doo. Scoob is created by Hanna Barbera under Warner Bros Pictures. The movie was released on May 15, 2020, with a running time of 94 minutes. The film manages to recover its budget even though movie lovers hate the superhero twist in the movie. Even so, many changes in the storyline, pop-cultural humor, and voice were done by creators. It makes the place in the top chart in 3 weeks after release.

Recommended for any age of audience if a fan of Scooby-Doo franchise. On the other hand, it’s a touching friendship story with a superhero twist.

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06. Minions: the Rise of Gru

Another special mention in the Cartoons 2020 list. Yes! It’s true that the film Minions the rise of Gru just got postponed due to a pandemic in 2020. But, the official trailer released and makes a lot of plot clear to understand. It is also known as Minions 2 in some parts of the world. Minions are an American computer illustrated animation cartoon movie. It was created and produced by Universal Pictures and illumination. Also, Universal Pictures postponed the Fast and Furious 9 movie in 2020. Currently, the Despicable Me Franchise has 4 movies under their sleeves. And Minions 2 will be the 5th installment to the franchise.

The Minions or Despicable Me is the second-largest popular franchise after Toy Story. While Kyle Balda directed the upcoming movie with Brad and Jonathan. Now, it’s releasing on 2 July 2021. Other details are still hidden. But, Gru a 12-year-old boy steals a precious object with the help of minions. And then got into trouble. Here comes the point that even bad people need the help of their friends in danger. So, hope you will watch the film.

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05. Sonic the Hedgehog

It’s a plus point to watch Sonic the Hedgehog because it has a start cast of Jim Carrey and Ben Schwartz. The film originally is a Spain action, adventure, and comedy movie. It was released in 2019 only for the Spanish version. While the English version launched in 2020. The first time the animation and real-world are mic together for the Sonic series. Also, the role of mad scientist done by Jim Carrey was awesome. The movie was directed by Jeff Fowler and written by Pat Casey with Josh miller.

The movie is recommended for the 8+ age of the audience by Sega production house. It’s a much-watch film for Jim fans and Sega fans. I hope the new audience too will love the film.

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04. The Spongebob Movie: Sponge on the Run

Who didn’t love Sponge Bob? Yes, of course, everybody loves SpongeBob. It’s such a heartwarming character that everyone likes watching it. However, Series the director and writer Tim Hill thought of producing a film in 2015 after its first special for SpongeBob. After that, in 2020, a movie in the name Sponge on the run get featured. It is the first 2D complete animated franchise film of Sponge Bob. While the storyline is continued from the previous movie end. Also, it is the 3rd theatrical movie based on the regular series, as per 2004, 2015, and finally 2020.

The film was dedicated to Stephen Hillenburg, who died in 2018 while he was also a part of the show as an executive producer on the project. It is currently available on Netflix. Released on August 14, 2020, for Canada and near states. 90 minutes long, sweet movie with a lot of friendship. It doesn’t make a good recovery on the budget, and also, reviews were poor. It comes under a Happy, Joyful, Sweet, Memorable, and Comedy genre.

Digitally the film was launched on Netflix on November 5, 2020. Also, the music directors behind the film are Hand Zimmer and Steve Mazzaro. Recommended for any age of the audience and especially kids above 6.

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03. Trolls World Tour

Poppy and Branch are the main characters in the film Trolls world tour. It is an American computer-animated film. The film Trolls world tour majorly focuses on Musical comedy. Also, distributed by Universal Pictures. Also, it is the first film by Walt Dohrn as director. The story revolves around the main characters and their tour to trolls.

Poppy and Branch discovered that 6 different types of music present on the land scattered in 6 different regions. Namely funk, country, techno, classical, pop, and rock. While two evil peoples Queen Barb and King Thrash are behind them. They are trying to destroy the other music to become number one. On the other hand, poppy and branch save the diverse melodies of 6 trolls from becoming extinct. Due to Covid 19 pandemic, the film released in limited theatres on 10 April 2020. As a result, it got only a 30% recovery of the Budget.

The film is a sequel to the 2016 Trolls animated film. Recommended for little kids and babies.

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02. Onward

Onwards is a magical adventure tale of two brothers. It demonstrates the love for family and friends in a wide range. Even one can go in trouble for loving ones. Pixar Animation produced the film in the name of the producer Kori Rae. While released by Walt Disney in the director named Dan Scanlon. It is an American fantasy adventure film. Some big names like Tom Holland and Chris Pratt are associated with the Onward film.

It’s a touching, heartwarming, funny family movie. Somehow looks similar to zootopia. It released on March 6, 2020, in the United States. It is 102 minutes long medium hit film. Firstly, the film was considered a flop due to low response. But, slowly it got positive reviews from critics. It includes elf brothers who are on a mission to bring back the dead father.

Onward is the second financially disappointing film by Pixar due to Covid 19 pandemic. A film to be watched with kids and family.

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01. Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is an animated adult American television series based on DC Comics. Created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm according to the Character sketches from Comics. Season 1 premiered on November 29, 2019, while season 2 launched on 3 April, 2020. The storyline follows the misadventures of Harley Quinn and her best friend Ivy after leaving Joker. The show has many cameos of DC superheroes like Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and so on.

The critics praised the animation, humor, dark tone, and voice as unexpectedly awesome. While the genre of the series is adult-based. Also, black comedy, surreal comedy, superhero, and crime. It consists of a total of 2 Seasons. Else, a show with 26 episodes with 29 minutes each episode featuring superheroes and villains from DC. The series created by Warner Bros and distributed by Dc Entertainment.

I hope that the list of Best Cartoons 2020 was valuable. Also, if I miss any of the best cartoon animated shows from 2020, then comment below. Do read our other articles and posts on Anime, K-pop, Cartoons, and so on. Keep supporting Thebiem, and thanks for your patience in reading. Stay tuned! See you soon with another topic till then keep reading & sharing thebiem articles.

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