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Updated on: 08/01/2023

Have a craze for cartoons? Cartoons are a part of our childhood. Some of us even have pertained to that craze. Well, this article is exclusively for those who are extremely involved in cartoons. If you wanna know about the best cartoons you can watch in India then you must go through the article till the end.

We have brought to you the best cartoons available in India. The list has a vivid range of cartoons which are vigorously popular among Indian kids. The list consists of 35 best cartoons. Scroll down to know the best ones!

Best Cartoons available in India

Check out the list and let us know which one is your favourite ones! Above all the list below is not any official ranking list.

Luv Kush: one of the popular cartoons in India.
Image Credits: Zee5

35. Luv Kushh

Luv Kushh is one of the popular cartoons. First aired in 2012, the series still premieres on different channels.

The story depicts the two significant characters Luv and Kushh of ‘Ramayana’. The story of the action cartoon series indeed revolves around two twins who are experts in archery and has spectacular power. The protagonists of the show, Luv and Kushh (the twin brothers) lives in the forest. The two twins are born to Lord Rama and Sita. Though Rama was the king of Ayodha, Luv and Kushh born and lived in the forests in the ashram of Valmiki, a sage. It was so because Sita was abandoned by Rama and found refugee in Valmiki’s ashram.

The story depicts the action scenes and adventures that Luv and Kushh encounter at stunning places along with their friends while having their lessons. The two kids are extraordinarily intelligent and this creates more villains in the cartoon series which grabs the hearts of millions of kids.

Image Credits: Facebook

34. Shiva

SHIVA is one of the popular anime Television series in India. Moreover, the action series has one of the top ratings in the country and is widely popular among kids.

The story of the comedy, action cartoon series follows a young boy who has supernatural powers, Shiva. Shiva lives with his maternal grandparents in a fictional town called Vedas in India. Many villains divulge into the animation series and acts against Shiva and put his town and its people in danger. However, Shiva is strong enough to deal with all these villains and to make them retreat. In addition to his extraordinary fighting skills, he also has an extraordinary talent in cycling and possesses a superbike that is capable of flying. However, Shiva never misuses his powers and uses them only to protect his people.

Besides Shiva, there are many other characters adding to the action and fun of the series. Shiva’s friends Aditya, Uday, Reva. Also, there is an Inspector Mr Laddoo Singh who tries to catch the criminals. However, he is never able to do so and gets into trouble. Fortunately, Shiva comes on time and saves him as well helps him to catch the criminals.

Paw Patrol
Image Credits: Sporcle

33. Paw Patrol

The creator of this adventurous pups and young boy’s animation series is  Keith Chapman.

The Canadian animation series follows the story of Ryder, a 10-year-old young boy, who guides and leads a group of search and rescue dogs. Moreover, the crew of dogs call themselves ‘PAW Patrol’. The crew of dogs indeed works to protect the shoreside community of Adventure Bay various problems. The series also depicts the fun of all these pups when they enjoy their free time. However, this enjoyment is short term and trouble divulges into the episodes. Every pup has a special feature, for instance, firefighter, a police officer, etc. The episodes are truly filled with technological pieces of equipment.

If you love pets and dogs are your weaknesses then this is a must to watch cartoon for you.

Golmaal Jr.
Image Credits: AnimationXpress

32. Golmaal Jr.

Golmaal Jr. is one of the latest animation series launched in India. Created by film producer Rohit Shetty, the series is available in languages like HindiBengaliMarathiTamilMalayalamGujarati and Kannada. The animation series is indeed one of the best ways to laugh. However, the show is based on Rohit Shetty’s comedy movie series ‘Golmaal’.

The story of the cartoon showcases the two competitors or you can say rival kids, Gopal and Madhav. The show depicts the prank fights between the gangs of the two. Certainly, the adventures and pranks the two and their respective partners’ plot against the other one adds to the craziness and fun of the cartoon. However, the cartoon is not centred only on Gopal and Madhav but also on the other characters which include Laxman 1, Laxman 2, Lucky, Pappi, and many other famous characters from the movie.

You must have a look at this cartoon otherwise you will miss the chances of laughing hard.

Fukrey Boyzz
Image Credits: Cine Talkers

31. Fukrey Boyzz

This cartoon series is based on a popular Indian comedy movie, Fukrey which depicts the story of three friends with different personalities. However, the cartoon series is quite different from the movie. While the movie depicted the story of three adult boys, the cartoon, on the other hand, depicts the school life of three kids namely Hunny, Choocha, and Laali.

The story depicts the adventures of the three mischievous kids. Hunny is the most intelligent among the three. He is the one who always deciphers the dreams of Choocha that turns out to be true. On the other hand, Laali is the one who is always scared of his father. However, Hunny and Choocha manage Laali to be a part of their jugaad plans which results in him getting a slap from his father. However, these plans are mostly spoiled due to the innocence of Choocha who unintentionally spits out the truth. Apart from the three characters of the series, the series also has a powerful character, Bholi Punjaban, who always shows her powers on the three. However, Choocha has a soft corner for Bholi and always exclaims her as his best friend.

Arjun: Prince of Bali
Image Credits: Green Gold Animation

30. Arjun: Prince of Bali

This animation series is actually a spin-off series of the popular Indian cartoon Chotta Bheem. It was first premiered on  June 1, 2014.

The story of the animation series features the character Arjun as the protagonist. However, this show is a spin-off of the Indian animation series Chhota Bheem. The protagonist of the show has appeared in the Chotta Bheem series.

Arjun is the prince of Bali, a kingdom. The show follows his adventures of bravery. In the series, Arjun protects his kingdom and his friends from the villains who enter the series. Other important characters which are found in the series include Zimboo, King Sahadev Verma, Tanya, Khojo, and many other interesting characters. If you haven’t binge-watched the series you must give it a shot.

VIR-The Robot Boy
Image Credits: ZEE5

29. VIR-The Robot Boy

The animation series, VIR: The Robot Boy was launched probably in 2013 and was over by 2016. However, it still premiers these episodes on various cartoon channels in India like Hungama.

The story of the animation series depicts the story of a young robot named Vir. Vir is a robot that is created by Dr Prem Sahay and has inherited human emotions and superhuman abilities. However, these superpowers of him are used to save his place and people from the villains. Vir lives with his inventor. Also, he lives with his best friends, Chulbul (a pet donkey), Imli (who is eight), and Gintu (who is a magical jinn) . Thre interesting powers and features of his friends add to the fun of the story. For instance, the power of Gintu to forget important things.

If you like both action with fun then go for it.

Little Singham
Image Credits: Facebook

28. Little Singham

This animation series is based on Rohit Shetty’s movie Singham which features Ajay Devgan. However, the movie and animation are two different poles despite the common link between them which is the styles and work of the protagonists.

The series follows a young cop, Ajay who is famously known as ‘Little Singham.’ However, the real identity of Little Singham which is Ajay is concealed. Not everyone knows that Little Singham is actually Ajay, not even his best friend Lattu. Lattu calls himself the assistance of Little Singham, however, he has no idea of Ajay being the Little Singham However, Babli, his other friend knows his identity. The young cop certainly protects the city from the criminals, monsters, and other villains with the help of his team of three members which include Inspector Kavya and Hawaldar Karate including him. Also, Chikki, (monkey pet & assistant of Little Singham) helps him to catch the criminals and safeguard the city.

Selfie with Bajrangi
Image Credits: Koimoi

27. Selfie with Bajrangi

Started in 2017, the animation series has surely gained an enormous fanbase in India. Written by Dheeraj Berry, the series was premiered for the first time on Amazon prime. However, it later begin to air on Hungama TV.

The story of the animation series follows the life of a young schoolboy named Ankush. He lives in the contemporary city of India with his parents. However, Ankush’s life changes when he meets Bajrangi, the young mysterious kid of 9. However, Bajrangi resembles the Hanumana of The Ramayana (mythological epic). Bajrangi is visible only to Ankush and has magical powers. With the help of Bajrangi Ankush succeeds to solve the problems that enter the show and gets him into trouble. Also, with Bajrangi’s help, Ankush succeeds to help the citizens of his city.

The story is loaded with laughter, especially when Bajrangi avenges Ankush on Ranga. Ranga is the kid who always competes with Ankush and gets him to involve in troubles.

The moral values of friendship and selflessness are sheerly depicted in the animation series which is also loaded with fun in the meantime.

Dora the Explorer
Image Credits: Animation World Network

26. Dora the Explorer

First released back in 1999, most of the kids in India are fascinated by the adventures that protruded in the show.

The animation series generally follows the adventures of a young girl named Dora. Dora is seven years old. However, the girl sets on numerous adventures and explores in wild. In her this adventures, her friend Boots, who is actually a monkey, accompanies the little girl and generally helps her to find out her ways to her destination.

Generally, in the animation series, Dora asks the viewers most of the time to suggest her ways to find out her destination as well as to solve certain problems that occur.

Thomas and his Friends
Image Credits: Facebook

25. Thomas & Friends

This animation series will take you to the unique world of locomotives and other vehicles where each vehicle has its own characteristics which you will surely enjoy. Despite being launched in 1984 the series is widely popular among the kids and is widely appreciated.

The story of the series is set on the imaginary island of Sodor where every vehicle has its own distinct characteristics and with its unique styles of living they will certainly entertain you. In the series, you will encounter many locomotives and other vehicles performing their duties giving their full efforts and helping each other to perform their duties efficiently. The series mainly follows Thomas, a blue locomotive engine, who travels around the Sodor and performs his duties as well as helps his friends to come up with their problems and complete their tasks while adding to the fun of the series. Along with the fun in the series, you will come to find many moral values regarding helping each other and friendship.

SpongeBob Square Pants
Image Credits: IMDb

24. SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob SquarePants takes you to the underwater world and helps you to explore in a comedy way. The series was launched back in 1999 and still entertains its fans in the most entertaining ways.

The story of the animation series follows the life of a yellow sponge named SpongeBob SquarePants who explores the depth of the Pacific Ocean. He enjoys being a cook at Krusty Krab, a fast-food restaurant. Also, he attends a boating school. However, the only place he founds for him to make his home is a yellow pineapple under the sea. Along with the talking sponge, you will also encounter many other aquatic animals in the series like an octopus, starfish, and many colourful fishes. The series follows the misadventures of SpongeBob along with his friends in the oceans which will leave you to laugh at your extremes.

Super Bheem
Image Credits: YouTube

23. Mighty Raju

Mighty Raju is one of the spin-off series of the prominent cartoon series Chhota Bheem. It is based on one of the characters of Chhota Bheem however, the locations and the background of the character is different.

The story of the animated series follows the life of a four-year old kid named Raju who has super powers. However, the series is set in the fictional city of Aryanagar. With his superpowers, Raju sets out to save his city from the predators and the evils. However, these superpowers are not subjected to any magic. Instead, he gained them when his mother accidentally drank a solution when she was pregnant resulting him to gain extra-ordinary powers. Above all, if you are fond of actions and adventures this is a must-to watch animation series for you.

Super Bheem
Image Credits: Pogo

22. Super Bheem

Super Bheem is also a spin-off series of the anime series, Chhota Bheem. However, unlike Mighty Raju, this spin-off series contains all the characters of Chhota Bheem and has not manipulated their backgrounds. However, there is magic in the show.

The series contains all the characters of Chhota Bheem. In the series, Chhota Bheem along with his friends viz, Raju, Jaggu, Chutki, Kalia, Dholu, and Bholu, sets out on the adventures to protect his people from the demons who comes in their way. The series is certainly filled with actions and magic. Also, you will encounter many demons with different powers that appear in the series and creates trouble. Also, the Chhota Bheem in the series has gained magical powers with the help of which he fights the demons and protects his friends.

If you are a fan of Chhota Bheem you will definitely enjoy these adventures of Chhota Bheem in a new world.

Ben 10 is one of the favourite cartoons
Image Credits: Facebook

21. Ben 10

Ben 10 is one of the most famous action series which are loved by kids in India. If you check out the notebooks of a school kid in India, at least one among the ten will have a name-sticker of Ben 10.

The series consists of aliens, monsters and many other fictional creatures. The story of the animations series follows the life of a ten-year-old boy Ben Tennyson. However, the life of Ben changes when he finds a strange device called Omnitrix which resembles a band. However, this device allows him to transform into ten different alien forms who have distinct yet powerful powers.

In the series, you will surely encounter many aliens and monsters. If you are fond of watching action and tremendous fights then you will definitely enjoy this one.

The Jungle Book
Image Credits: Wikipedia

20. The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book is one of the popular cartoons not only in India but also around the world. Mogly’s adventures in the jungle are widely loved.

The storyline of ‘The Jungle Book’ follows the life of a young kid named Mogly who lives in the jungle along with the wild animals who enjoys and plays with him. However, Mogly is a human child but he does not live with humans and is not familiar with the human world. Despite being a human he is capable of understanding the animals’ language and thus lives with them since he was a kid. He was brought up by a pack of wolves. The series follows Mogly’s adventures in the jungle along with his friends. However, his fun is always spoiled and he gets in trouble as Shere Khan always threatens to kill him and plots ways to kill him. However, his friends, a panther and a bear help him to be safe from Shere Khan.

Hagemaru is one of the famous cartoons
Image Credit: Amino Apps

19. Hagemaru

Hagemaru is one of the most comedy animation series you will ever watch. The series premieres on Pogo TV and Hungama TV in India and is loved by kids due to its distinct comedy stories.

The story of Hagemaru follows a stingy family who figures out their own unconventional ways to save their money which eventually leads the viewers the end up laughing hard. Hagemaru is a young kid who has distinct ideas in which he saves his money. Hagemaru is popular among his friends for his this money-saving nature in comedy ways which entertains the viewers incredibly. If you wanna learn how to save money then you must watch Hagemaru’s unconventional ways. The series has loaded with laughter and unique lifestyles and solutions related to saving money which will eventually make you laugh at your extremes.

Roll No 21
the story of krishna is quite famous in INDIA.
Image Credits: Facebook

18. Roll No. 21

The Indian animated series premieres on Cartoon Network in India and is widely popular among the kids. Though this cartoon does not entirely depict the mythological story of Lord Krishna and his maternal uncle Kans. However, to some extent, it at least shows the storming relationship between the nephew and the uncle in a whole different manner.

The story of the animation generally series follows the life of a young schoolboy named Krish who lives in an Orphanage School along with his friends who include Pinky and Bablu. However, things change when an evil monster enters the school in human form as the principal named Kanishk of their school creates havoc in the school. However, Krish gets some magical superpowers after he prays to Lord Krishna. Thus, with the help of these superpowers, he protects the school and his friends from the monsters of Kanishk. The story is filled with laughter as well as actions which will definitely entertain you and make you laugh.

Little Krishna is widely popular among the kids as it depicts the tales of Lord Krishna.
Image Credits: YouTube

17. Little Krishna

Little Krishna depicts the life of Lord Krishna when he was young. The show is widely popular among kids. Along with entertaining the viewers the show also introduces the kids with virtues and selflessness of Lord Krishna.

The story of the animation series follows the life of a mischievous kid, Krishna. The story is set in the village of Vrindavan. The animation series beautifully depicts how Krishna saves his village and its people from the evil intentions of Kans who sends evil and ferocious monsters in order to harm the villagers and kill Krishna. However, every time Krishna defeats his monsters and make him taste defeat. Apart from the action scenes, the series is also subjected to the fun which the Vrindavan kids have with Krishna and how the villagers are tired of Krishna and his friends’ notorious acts. Apart from everything, everyone loves Krishna.

Pakdam Pakdai is also very famous in India.
Image Credits: Facebook

16. Pakdam Pakdai

The animation series, Pakdam Pakdai which is also known as Rat-A-Tat is inspired by the French animation series, Oggy and the Cockroaches. However, the series is similar to Oggy and the Cockroaches but it features dog and mice instead of cat and cockroaches like the latter.

The story of the animation series follows the fights and quarrels between Doggy-Don (a dog, though it was apparent from the name I thought to brief it out) and three mice viz, Chhotu, Motu, and Lambu. However, Doggy Don’s brother Kernel helps him to come out of the trouble created by the mice and take revenge.

The animation series depicts these comic fights and quarrels in a lot more funnier way. If you are a fan of ‘Oggy and the Cockroaches‘, you will definitely fell in love with ‘Pakdam Pakdai.’

Gon: the stone age
Image Credits: YouTube

15. Gon: The Stone age Boy

Mere by the title of the cartoon series you might have guessed in which era the cartoon is set. However, just for confirmation let me tell you the cartoon is set in the ancient age during the times of early men.

The story of the animation series follows the adventures of Gon, a young kid, in the stone age. Gon lives with his parents in a cave. In the animation, you will also come up with many ancient animals that have actually extinct. The series explores the life of human in ancient times. The series basically brings out the adventures of Gon and how he creates trouble for himself with his pet friend. The kids today might be envious of Gon’s free life where there were no schools. However, the troubles and misadventures he does make the viewers laugh out loud. If you too wanna explore the stone age world then you must watch it once.

Ultra B
Image Credits: Facebook

14. Ultra B

Ultra B is one of the cutest cartoon series you will ever watch. The cuteness of the alien baby is overloaded in the series.

The story of the animation series follows the life of a young school kid Michio Suzuki. However, Michio’s life is never the same after he met Ultra B. One day, when Michio wanders around he finds a spaceship in which there was an alien baby who has magical powers. Michio takes the baby to his house and makes him a part of his family which is more of a surprise to his family, however, they all accept the kid and calls him UB as UB and BB are the only things the kid speaks. The fun adds to the series when UB creates trouble for Michio with his magical powers. However, he also helps him out at times of trouble.

Image Credits: YouTube

13. Beyblade

Beyblade is as popular as Pokémon and other action anime series which are widely seen in India. If you like competitions then definitely this anime series will lure you.

The story of Beyblade mostly revolves around the games, competitions and rivals on Beyblade, a line of spinning toys. However, the anime series like all other cartoons has its protagonist and a bunch of people around which it revolves. Tyson Granger is the young boy who sets out on the journey to become a Blader. In this journey, he meets many people, however, not everyone befriends him. There are some who also becomes his rivals. However, in this journey, he figures out different powers of his Beyblade and learns out to become better. This anime series is loaded with super and awesome fun and intense competition.

Dragon Ball Z
Image Credit: YouTube

12. Dragon Ball Z

If you are a fan of adventures and loves to watch action loaded animation series then you might have watched Dragon Ball Z. Despite being launched back in 1989 the popularity of the show is unbeatable.

The story of the animation series basically follows Goku as the protagonist and his adventures. Goku sets out to defend the earth from the evil forces. In this journey of Goku to defend the earth Z Warriors come along with him. The animation series is loaded with incredible action scenes which are deliberately entertained by its viewers. Besides, the actions of the series also bring to you moral and character virtues like teamwork, friendship, loyalty, trustworthiness, and a lot more. Also, the anime reinforces the concept of good versus bad along with loading its viewers with fun.

Pokemon is widely popular in india
Image Credits: The Guardian

11. Pokémon

Pokémon is one of the most famous animation series which is widely popular among teens in India. Various fictional characters depicted in the show are most people’s favourite.

The story of the animation series follows the journey of a young boy, Ash Ketchum, who dreams to become a Pokémon Master. He sets out for his this adventurous journey after he gets his first Pokémon, Pikachu, a yellow-electric Pokémon. Although in his the journey of him becoming the best Pokémon master Ash meets many people like Brock, Misty, May, Dawn, Serena, and many other characters. However, they all stay with him for some time and accompany him in his way to catch different Pokémon’s and his way to master them to become the best Pokémon master.

Above all, the people who stay with Ash till the entire series is ‘Team Rocket’; a team of three members viz, James, Jessie, and Meowth (the only Pokémon who can speak in human language.) However, the three are definitely not his friends. Instead, they follow him only to steal Pikachu for his awesome powers. However, they never succeed in their attempts. Instead, they end up entertaining the viewers and leaving them laughing behind.

Bandbudh and Budbak
Image Credits: ZEE5

10. Bandbudh Aur Budbak

The animation series made in India is widely popular nowadays among kids. This series explores the school life of two mischievous students whose notorious acts are widely loved by the kids.

The storyline of the anime series basically follows the misadventures of two best-friends, Badrinath and Budhdeb. The two somehow creates adventures and gets involved in trouble all the time. However, the two anyhow manage to solve the problems created by the end of the episode or at least manage to do something relevant. The two kids study in the same school and are also counted among the dumbest students of the school. Also, most of the episodes of the series are set in school. In the series, along with the two mischievous kids, you will find the other students and the teachers who all have their distinct qualities which add to the fun of the episodes. The episodes are loaded with laughter spices for you.

9. Perman
Image Credit: Wikipedia

09. Perman

If you are a fond of superpowers and superheroes then you will must love Perman. The series follows a group of superheroes who works to protect the cities of Japan.

The story of the animation series follows the life of Mitsuo Suwa who is a clumsy boy. Mitsuo is neither good at studies nor excels in sports. However, his life changes when he is chosen to apprentice the superpowers and thus becoming Perman. After getting the superpowers, he embarks on the journey to protect the people of Japan residing at different places along with the other three Permans. However, Mitsuo is conditioned to conceal his identity of being a Perman which many times gets him into trouble for being living dual lives. Despite showing the superpowers, the animation series does not divulge monsters and other fictional characters in it. Instead, most of the problems that trouble people are quite realistic. Also, the animation brings out the values like helping others and selflessness to the kids.

Mr. Bean is widely popular in India
Image Credit: YouTube

08. Mr Bean

The silent adventures of Mr Bean are unbeatable in India when it comes to the popularity of the show.

The story of the animation series basically follows the life of Mr Bean who is a fastidious bachelor. However, Mr Bean is not like other teenagers. His unconventional ways to solve out day-to-day problems end up entertaining the viewers and make them laugh harder. Mr Bean loves with his stuffed brown little teddy with whom no matter what he never apart. However, this also gets him into trouble many times. Along with his unconventional ways to live life, the thing that adds more to the entertainment is whenever he gets into trouble with his landlady named Mrs Wicket which he always does. You will seemingly enjoy the series and by any chance, if you have not watched it you must give it a shot.

Credits: India Parenting

07. Tom and Jerry

Most of the Indian grown-ups have their memories with Tom and Jerry. Like who has not watched at least a single episode of the cartoon series??? Certainly, you will rarely have anyone who has not enjoyed the fights between Tom, the cat, and Jerry, the mouse.

The story of ‘Tom and Jerry’ mainly revolves around two characters Tom, a cat, and Jerry, a little mouse. Jerry always annoys Tom which makes him angry and compels him to chase Jerry to take revenge. However, most of the time Jerry escapes. In spite of all the acts, Tom performs to take his revenge on Jerry, mostly he ends up entertaining the viewers and fails to take his revenge. The comic fights between the two iconic characters indeed make the viewers indulge in laughter.

Despite being originally premiered back in the 1900s, the cartoon is still dominating the sources of entertainment of the kids.

List of Best cartoons in India
Credits: Pinterest

06. Ninja Hattori

Fan of Ninjas??? If yes, then you will definitely be fond of the adventures of the young ninja, Ninja Hattori.

In the animation series, you will find n eleven-year-old kid Kenichi Mitsuba who is neither good at sports nor at studies. However, after he befriends Hattori who is a young Ninja, his life changes. Hattori becomes a part of the Mitsuba family and along with his younger brother and pet dog lives in Kenichi’s parents’ house. The series vividly depicts the adventures of Hattori and also the misadventures of Kenichi who always gets into trouble because of Amara (Kemumaki). Amara becomes the rival of Hattori meanwhile he fights with Kenichi so he can impress Yumeko. Both Kenichi and Amara has a love interest in Yumeko as is shown in most of the episodes. However, by the end of the day, all the problems get sorted out due to the smartness and intelligence of Hattori.

Best cartoons in India
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05. Oggy and The Cockroaches

Fights of cat and three cockroaches is widely popular in India. This French animation series has reached a wide popularity in the country.

The animation series mainly protrudes the quarrels and fights between three cockroaches viz, and a cat name Oggy. Oggy is a lazy cat who loves to watch TV and eat. Despite being lazy he keeps his house clean which is not able to digested by his unwanted flatmates_ the three cockroaches. The three attacks his refrigerators and steals his food and creates mess around the house. This makes Oggy angry and he is compelled to chase after them so he can take his revenge. However, this fight leaves the viewers to laugh out loud and love the cuteness of Oggy. Also, Oggy has a crush on Oilivia whom he always tries to impress in the series.

Famous Indian Cartoons


Who does not know Shin-Chan’s notorious adventures? No matter what age you are Shin-chan is someone who is always in our hearts.

The story of the Japanese animation series follows the notorious adventures of a five-year-old kid named Shin-Chan (Shinnosuke) Nohara. Shinchan is a five-year-old kid who with his parents, his baby sister, and a pet dog, live in the city of Kasukabe. Shinchan has four best friends and all of them study together in a kindergarten. the animation series depicts the lives of different people residing at Kasukabe and whose lives involve Shinchan; either it is his teachers, family, friends, or neighbours. However, Shinchan loves to flirt with elder girls and does things that he likes. He is kind of a carefree nature. Also, Shinchan has a crush on Nanako. She is the only person in front of whom Shinchan behaves well.

Indian Cartoon
Credits: ParentCircle

03. Motu Patlu

It shows the adventures of two friends ‘Motu’ and ‘Patlu’. The show is full of laughter and action.

The story is set in the fictional place of Furfuri Nagar. It depicts the adventures of two friends named Motu and Patlu. Motu and Patlu generally involve in troubles mostly because of Motu’s clumsy actions. However, Patlu’s intelligence somehow saves them. However, only Patlu’s brain is not enough to get them out of the troubles, they also need to seek the help of other friends. Meanwhile, adding to their troubles, John the Don comes and do something to arouse fear among the residents of Furfuri Nagar. However, after eating SAMOSA Motu’s powers increases and he defeats John along with his partners with mere a punch.

Indian Cartoon
Credits: India Parenting

02. Chotta Bheem

It is the story of the bravery of Bheem and his friends. Surely, Chotta Bheem is a show that every kid knows. Rarely there will be a kid who does not know this cartoon and its songs.

The story follows the adventures of a young kid, Bheem, who regains his powers once he eats Laddoo which is made by Tuntun Mausi. In the series, Bheem plays with his friends, Chutki, Raju, Jaggu (a speaking blue monkey) and explores various new adventures. Also, the other important characters in the show include Kalia who always try to compete with Bheem. In this attempt, his two side hands Dholu and Bholu help him. However, the adventures and fun are added to the show when the villains like Dacoit Mangal Singh divulges into the series and tries to exploit and rob the villagers and the king’s treasury.

However, there are many other adventures that you will find in the series which include varieties. This is surely worth watching cartoons and probably one of the most popular ones though.

Best Cartoons in India
Credits: Talepost

01. Doraemon

The gadgets of Doraemon and the adventures of Nobita is loved by millions. The Japanese cartoon series is the most famous animation series widely popular in India. Since the time Doraemon entered India, it has created a massive fanbase.

Most of you probably know the storyline of Doraemon. Still, let me give a glimpse once.

Doraemon showcases the story of a cat robot that has come who has come from the 22nd century to help Nobita, a primary school kid. Doraemon comes to 21st Century to help Nobita change his future which he has destroyed completely. He is sent by Sewashi, Nobita’s grandson from the future. Subsequently, Doraemon helps Nobita to change his future and solve his problems by providing him with extraordinary gadgets like anywhere door which helps anyone to go anywhere in just one step. Also, the story involves other characters like Takeshi Goda (Gian), Suneo, and Shizuka who is Nobita’s crush.

Doraemon indeed helps Nobita to improve his poor grades and protects him from the bullies of Gian and Suneo.

Aforementioned are certain cartoon series that are widely popular among the kids in India. Not only the kids but also teenagers love watching them. However, there are also some adults who enjoy revisiting their childhood through these cartoon series.

Hopefully, you indeed got your favourite ones on the list of Best Cartoons in India.

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