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Updated on: 08/01/2023

Who said schools are boring? They sure are very appealing when they are anime schools where the teacher teaches the students the art of assassination, when everyone in your class is an aspiring ninja, or when your classmates are witches. Anime schools are far more interesting, exciting, and magical than any normal school. Almost all anime lovers would love to be a part of these amazing schools. Who knows, maybe one day, we might get to be in a school like this! So let’s take a look at some of the top-class anime schools that we wish were real.

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Anime Schools

40. First High School

Anime: The Irregular at Magic High School                                

When it comes to magic anime schools, First High School affiliated with the National Magic University in the anime ‘The Irregular at Magic High School’ is the name to reckon with. Also, it is one of the most advanced schools when it comes to teaching magic to its students. Along with teaching magic, the university is also involved in researching the country and works for the country’s national defense. Their investigative power is on par with the intelligence and military agencies. Regularly they do much research in the field of magic to upgrade its magical studies. Getting in and out from here is not easy as there are many restrictions regarding it.

To get admission to the school, one needs to take the entrance test. Then the students who pass are segregated into two groups- ‘Blooms’ for those who score high in the test and ‘weed’ for the reserved students who study the second course. The main protagonist of the anime Tatsuya, shows exceptional skills even though he is in the ‘weed’ group.

39. Karasuno High School

Anime: Haikyuu!!                                       

Karusono high school is a usual Japanese high school with an array of clubs. It has had an unbeatable volleyball club in the past, but now it has passed its prime and is not a top club anymore. In fact, it loses more matches than winning them. Shouyou Hinata, the protagonist of the anime, joins the volleyball team. He later discovers that his arch-rival, Kageyama, is now his teammate. They have to play together as a team forgetting their past animosity to make their club great again. However, this is the only way for the team to get back the club’s winning streak.

38. Luna Nova Magical Academy

Anime: Little Witch Academia                      

Luna Nova Magical Academia is an anime school that teaches magic to young witches. This academy is one of the most prestigious and well-known witch magical academies of Europe. The word witch normally brings an image of blood-sucking, treacherous women with long teeth in front of us. But here, the witches are cute short heightened girls who are jolly and lovely with whom anyone can fall in love with. In the beginning, only witches from the magical family background were allowed, but due to economic problems, a decision was taken to permit witches without magical inheritance. Therefore, our main character of this anime, Atsuko “Akko” Kagari, can attend the school despite being from a non-magical background. She begins her adventure in this magical school, makes some friends some enemies. But above all, she fulfills her dream with sheer determination and faith in herself.

37. Otonokizaka High School

Anime: Love Live! School Idol Project                                

Take a break from magic, monsters, and mechas, and this anime school is as mainstream and traditional as it could be. But due to the rise of more extravagant schools, its student count is decreasing and is on the verge of closing down. This is when some students led by a girl Honoka Kosaka take the matter in hand and try their best to prevent the school from shutting down. She even decides to create a school idol group of her own- ‘Muse.’ The idea is fabulous, but she has a lot of trouble inviting students to become a part of this group. However, her childhood friends Umi Sonoda and Kotori Minami, Honoka, are the first to support the group. Therefore, Love Live! is a story of the triumph of the human spirit and tells us that despite all the hurdles, we can achieve anything by sheer dedication and effort.              

36. Tootsuki Culinary Academy     

Anime: Food Wars                                     

Going by its name, you must have gotten an idea of what this school is all about. Yes, it’s a school that teaches culinary arts to its students. In fact, it is the only anime school that teaches anything related to food and culinary art in the whole list. Also, this is the reason it has a special place among all anime schools. The story follows the life of one of its students and the main character of the anime ‘Food Wars’ Souma Yukihira. He intends to become the best chef in the whole world. His father owns a restaurant and works there as a sous chef.

Therefore, Souma developed a penchant for cooking right from his childhood by seeing his father entertain the customers. He was famous for his exceptional cooking skills, delicious dishes, and inventive ideas. When his father decided to try his hand at other popular restaurants in the world and learn more, he sent Souma to Tootsuki Culinary Academy. Souma made many friends and battled to prove his worth in the tough competition of ‘Food Wars.’

35. Kunugigaoka Middle School

Anime: Assassination Classroom                                

At Kunugigaoka Middle School, the students have the weirdest task in the world. They need to kill their teacher. And surprisingly, this teacher is teaching them how to do it. Here the students learn various skills to become highly skilled assassins. The main teacher here is a strangely-faced Koro-sensei, also known as the indestructible teacher, who has blown up the moon, leaving it to a crescent. Also, he has said that his next target is Earth. This mysterious creature is far more powerful than anyone can fathom. But, he decides to give humanity a chance. Therefore, he starts teaching at this school about the art of assassination. So that they can kill him and save the planet. Moreover, the government has put up a reward of 10 billion yens for anyone who kills this monster. It is surely an interesting school with a lot of bizarre classes.

34. Seirin High School

 Anime: Kuroko’s Basketball                     

Seirin High School tops the list of anime schools for those who love basketball. It has only been two years since the inception of the basketball team of the school, but it has already won all the major tournaments. Also, the main characters of this anime are Taiga Kagami, and Tetsuya Kuroku, both of them are part of the school’s basketball team. They are extremely good in the game. Thus, making them famous both among boys and girls. Moreover, the captain of the club is Junpei Hyūga, who, along with Kiyoshi (another star player in the team) actually founded the basketball club in the school.

Hence, this anime features the story of these young boys in the basketball team of Seirin High School as they attempt to become the best Japanese high school team by winning the Interhigh Championship. But, this journey is not going to be easy. They face many challenges and many great players that make winning a herculean task.

33. True Cross Academy

Anime: Blue Exorcist                                       

True Cross Academy is one the most exciting anime schools on this list. This tops the list of being exciting because here, students learn exorcism and get training to become the best exorcists in the world. At first sight, it looks like a normal school, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Beneath lies a whole new world of magic and exorcism. This school is located in the True Cross Campus town of Japan. It is controlled and owned by the True Cross Order, and its chairman is Mephisto Pheles. The students here are from rich families, and to the outside world, it’s a cram school for the rich kids.

Moreover, there is a forest situated on the lower level of the Academy, where many low-level demons reside. Rin Okumura decides to join the academy to fight his father, the Satan himself. Upon learning that his father has plans to rule this world by possessing him one day, he wastes no time and goes straight to the school to learn to protect his world from his father.

32. Ouran High School

Anime: Ouran High School Host Club                                 

Ouran High School is a high-end anime school with the most elaborate interior and stunning architecture exclusive to rich people only. A middle-class student on a scholarship like Haruhi Fujioka is not common here. But, still, owing to her exceptional skills, she manages to get admission to this elite school. The anime’s story follows her story. It begins when she is looking for a quiet place to study and suddenly comes across a supposedly empty music room. She opens it and finds the Ouran High School Host Club. It is a group of good-looking, rich boys, with the charming Tamaki Suou its leader.

She accidentally trips over an 8 million yen vase and breaks it. To pay for it, she is forced to act as an errand boy for the group. But, to everyone’s surprise, she is naturally good at it and earns herself a permanent spot in the group. This leads to a lot of elaborate parties, exotic food, and grand venues. Will she be able to keep up appearances or not?                                          

31. Holy Forest School  

Anime: Great Teacher Onizuka                         

This is the anime school where the main events of the anime Great Teacher Onizuka take place. Eikichi Onizuka is a twenty-two-year-old former gang leader who is now a teacher. Holy Forest School is regarded as a star college, but it has become a symbol of the corrupted educational system of Japan lately. It might not be your ideal school, but the teacher like Onizuka will surely make anyone go to school every day and enjoy it. He is determined to become the best teacher in Japan, though the reasons might not be righteous. Still, he tries his best.

Moreover, when he comes to know about the problems that the students are facing, he does everything in his power to help them. Even if it means fighting a gang or jumping off a building, also, he soon becomes the favourite teacher bypassing all the ordeals that student put him through.        

30. Tokisadame High School

Anime: Nichijo                                                            

Tokisadame High School is where all the main characters of Nichijo attend classes. A deer wrestling principal, a nervous teacher, a farmer’s son with a butler, a talking cat are some of the bizarre characters of the show. The three high school girls – Mio Naganohara, Yuuko Aioi, and Mai Minakami are great friends and continue to live their lives, ignoring all the insanity around them. They do regular things and teach us to enjoy the little things in life. The idea of this amazing school is taken from the life of the creator of the manga and anime series “Nichijo” himself. During his childhood, he used to attend a school of the same name. Its look is based on the Isesaki Commercial High School. This anime school sets the premise of Nichijo and the main characters spending their funny moments, hilarious incidents, and everyday routine in this school. 

29. Midgar

Anime: Juuou Mujin No Fafnir                                     

Midgar is an all-girls school on an island from the anime series Juuou Mujin No Fafnir. The school is well known because of a group of girl students who are highly powerful. They have the ability to yield dark matter and then alter it into powerful weapons. This group is known as D’s and each of its members has got extreme powers. The dynamics of the school suddenly change when it gives admission to its first and only male student Yuu Mononobe. Yuu is the only male member of D’s and he has to join forces with other members of the group to fight the evil dragons. They must protect everyone against these dragons with the help of the knowledge they receive in this elite school that has been fighting dragons for a long time.

28. Hoshinoumi Academy

Anime: Charlotte                                                        

Hoshinoumi Academy is an anime school that protects kids with supernatural powers from outer dangers. Yuu, a boy with unique abilities is admitted to Hoshinoumi Academy when he is caught using his powers to get admission in a prestigious school. He along with other students with unique abilities is supervised by the student council led by Nao. Moreover, the story takes an interesting twist when Yuu discovers some hidden truth about his own powers which he thought were incomplete. But in reality, his power is much more than he could ever imagine. Therefore, his life changes drastically after he gets admission here as he discovers his true self while studying here. This Academy has many similarities with Xavier’s institute for mutants of the X-men series in the Marvel universe. Hence, it is perfect for people who dig mutants and have supernatural abilities.

27. Gakubun Prefectural High School 

Anime: Sakamoto Desu Ga                                   

More than the quality of the school, a student named Sakamoto is the reason one may want to join Gakubun Prefectural High School. With his badass and sublime attitude, he makes up for a super cool classmate. What makes Sakamoto interesting is his funny ways to solve problems and his unpredictable behavior. Because of his charm, attractiveness, and intelligence, he becomes quite famous among girls and a problem for the guys in the school. Later in the series, it is revealed that Sakamoto is actually an alien in human form. Who would have thought! Despite his coolness and suave attitude, he is basically good-hearted and caring.                                     

26. Hachimitsu Private Academy

Anime- Prison School                          

Hachimitsu Private Academy is one of the sexiest anime schools ever! It is an all-girl high school where the students have to follow the rules strictly. The school was founded in 1961 and at present it has got a total of 1021 students. Also, it has one main school building and dorms which are surrounded by other buildings in the ground. The main building consists of classrooms, bathing areas, computer rooms, a huge canteen, and a library. Despite being an all-girls school, due to some turn of events, five boys get admission there.

Therefore, they are all excited to be in the school and talk to the girls. But, they don’t know what awaits them. The girls in the school are wicked and cannot be trusted. What happens next forms the crux of the story. Lucky boys, we have to say!! Imagine being surrounded by girls every time. This is one of the reasons why many wish this school to be real.                

25. Shibasaki High School

Anime: Interview with Monster Girls        

Shibasaki High School must be one of the most fascinating and unique anime schools on this list. The reason being its students are not human beings but half-human and half-monster (girls) also known as “Demi”. These Demi girls have got magical powers and are slowly becoming a part of human society. The anime follows the story of Tetsuo Takahashi, a biology teacher who teaches three such girls. Therefore, he starts taking their interviews to know more about them, their powers, their way of thinking, and how they can start getting acceptance in human society. Ultimately he starts discovering that the Demis is not as weird as he initially thought. There is more to them than it just appears on the outside.

24. Death Weapon Meister Academy

Anime: Soul Eater                              

Like most anime schools, Death Weapon Meister Academy is a school which trains future heroes to protect the Earth from dangers. But what makes this school different from other such anime schools is that it’s not founded by any mortal human being but by Shinigami, Lord Death himself. The Academy was created to maintain world order and stop the rise of evils and monsters by training meisters and controlling the power of demon weapons. Therefore, Death Weapon Meister Academy took part in many noteworthy events throughout history including a battle with the Witch order and even World War I.

The academy has got a set of rules and punishment which has to be followed strictly. Everyone in the academy wants to become a ‘Death Scythes’. Moreover, they can fulfill their goals by transforming their bodies into demon weapons only after consuming ninety-nine evil beings and one witch’s soul. In this school, students go on missions to fight evil and collect their souls.

23. Cross Academy

Anime: Vampire Knight                               

Cross Academy has to be one of the weirdest anime schools on the list because of the reason that it is attended by two types of students. During the daytime, normal human beings attend the classes and during the night vampires attend the class to maintain their secrecy. This academy was a result of a dream of Juri Kuran who believed that humans and vampires can co-exist together peacefully. But due to some reasons, the fact that vampires also attend classes in the academy is kept a secret from the humans.

A disciplinary committee consisting of two students is also formed to protect this secret and stop the girls from getting too close to the group of exceptionally handsome students of the night class. But, even the existence of vampires is not revealed to humans and if by chance anyone gets to know about it, his/her memory is erased at the spot. It is done because of the reason that humans may get frightened by vampires and it may give rise to some animosity between them.

22. Fumizuki High School

Anime: Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu         

Fumizuki High School is a unique school because of its use of the first of its kind of examination to test the intelligence of the students. In the examination, the marks are not limited to 100. Rather students can answer as much as they want but in a particular period of time. By this technique, there is no limit to the score students can get. The more intelligent the student is, the more he can get. Then depending on the score, the students are divided into categories from A to F. The most intelligent students go to the A category and the lowest ones go to the category of F.

Then depending on the category, they are in, students are given facilities. Moreover, the story follows Akihisa Yoshii who is stuck in the F group with his friend named Yuuji Sakamoto and an intelligent girl Mizuki Himeji. If you are wondering how she ended up in this group then it is because of a fever.

21. Youkai Academy

Anime: Rosario to Vampire       

Youkai Academy is an academy exclusive to monsters and humans are not allowed here. If the management finds a human on the campus, they execute them immediately. Therefore, the school is surrounded at all sides by a barrier that deters the Human World from seeing the school. This school was created by three dark Lords and is situated in a realm where humans cannot visit. Very few humans have even seen the school. It teaches various subjects like mathematics, literature, art, foreign language, math, music, cooking, and gym. But, most importantly, it teaches the students how to blend in with human society and live peacefully together.

The monsters here are not evil, rather they are trying to maintain peace with the humans. This is a unique anime school in the sense that monsters here learn normal subjects like literature etc and not something supernatural. However, one human gets admission here after having no luck with other schools. He is soon infatuated with the most beautiful girl Moka Akashiya. But he doesn’t know, she is a vampire.

20. Tokyo Butei High School

Anime: Hidan no Aria                           

Tokyo Butei High School is an anime school for the ones who are fascinated by the world of detectives. Tokyo Butei High School is situated on an island that is man-made. It is spread in an area of two kilometers from the south to the north and 500 meters from the west to the east. Along with teaching detective skills, it also teaches its students combat skills and usage of various types of arms and ammunition. There are many Butei schools and this one is connected to a network of Butei schools across the globe. Moreover, these schools were created to overcome the increasing crime rate in Japan. The students aspire to become elite ‘Butei’ or an armed detective. If there were a school for James Bond, this would be it.

19. Hyakkaou Private Academy

Anime: Kakeigurui                                                     

Only kids of the rich and the powerful people can afford to get in here. This anime school was founded in Japan around a century ago. It is one of the most expensive anime schools on this list. Besides being rich, the students here are quite spoilt also. It may be the only school where students are not judged by studies or sports, but by the social status they have. Sounds strange? Then wait for the stranger part. Apart from studies, they do everything else here. They spend most of their time gambling and dealing in various businesses.

In the day time, it is just like any other normal school, but during the night, it becomes a gambling den. Gambling here is perfectly legal and is governed by the academy itself.  When they win while gambling they’d spend their time and money on living like royalty, playing games in casinos but when they lose, they get severe penalties too.                

18. Honnouji Academy

Anime: Killa La Kill                                       

Honnouji Academy is more of a military fortress than a high school because of various reasons. This school is ruled by a tyrant Satsuki Kiryuin with the help of small cadres of soldiers. She calls them the Elite Four. Students here have to win status and wealth for themselves and their families through a chain of violent competitions. This school is quite absurd in many ways, for example; the uniforms here are created from fabric from outer space known as “life fibres”. This uniform either gives the students superpowers or kills them. Above mentioned reasons make it one of the most dangerous anime schools on the list. Many bizarre events occur in this school like the ‘No late day’. During ‘No late day’, the students have to pass through many dangerous obstacles which are even life-threatening to reach their school on time.       

17. Wammy’s House

Anime: Death Note                                                    

Wammy’s House is one of the various orphanages founded by Quilish Wammy. Wammy’s House doubles both as an orphanage and a school. This is an anime school that focuses more on producing exceptional detectives in the world than studies. L is one of its famous students who helps the police in identifying criminals and solving difficult cases. He does all this while hiding his identity. L is now on a mission to find out the super killer Kira’s identity who is an infamous murderer. But, soon L dies trying to find Kira, who is a killer in the anime series. Then the next genius kid takes over in the series. Wammy’s House has produced many genius-minded detectives. It would be super cool to have a school like this that makes you a Sherlock Holmes.

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16. Turtle School

Anime: Dragon Ball                                                      

Master Roshi continued the teachings of his Master Mutaito and founded the Turtle School to pass on the knowledge to the future generation. It features in the famous Dragon Ball anime series. It is also one of the most well-known anime schools in the world. Ox-King and Grandpa Gohan are the first known students of the school. The other famous anime character who studied here is Goku Son. The Turtle School has a rivalry with Master Shen and Mercenary Tao’s Crane School of martial arts. After completing the training of the students, Master Roshi will test their strength by making them take part in the World Martial Arts Tournament.                                                           

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15. Yomiyama North Middle School

Anime: Another                           

Yomiyama North Middle School serves as the prime location for the anime series ‘Another’. On the surface, it seems like just any other normal school but it hides a terrifying secret. During the 70s a student named ‘Miskai’ died under mysterious circumstances and since then it seems that the Academy is cursed. After the mysterious death of that student, many other faculty members, family members, and students dropped out. The story then follows a boy named Kouichi Sakakibara who gets admission here. He gets entangled in the web of mystery surrounding students and people from the Academy falling victim to gruesome and mysterious deaths.

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14. Suruga Keijo Training School

Anime: Keijo!!!                                                

Suruga is one of the two Keijo training institutes in the country of Japan. Keijo!!! has become Japan’s most popular sport lately. In this school, students, who are mostly girls take part in the ultimate Keijo competition. It is a sport where the opponent has to knock off the other person by using their buttocks and breasts only. This anime is based on the story of a 17-year-old Nozomi Kaminashi who takes part in the competition and becomes a popular player right from the first match. This school sounds strange but it will surely be an interesting anime school to get into.                          

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13. The Shinigami Academy

Anime: Bleach                                                  

The Shinigami Academy, also known as Shino Academy, the souls get training before getting entry into one of the three military arms of the soul society. The students here are trained to safeguard society and humans from evils and demons and also ensure the safe passage of souls into other worlds. This academy is situated in the Seireitei. The academy is very ancient and was established 2000 years ago. It is a huge multi-story building and comprises many classrooms, dormitories, an open courtyard, and practice areas for the students to practice and enhance their skills. The anime is based on the story of Ichigo Kurosaki, a common high schooler who becomes a soul reaper. He then starts fighting the forces that pose threats to the human world.

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12. Ooezo Agricultural High School                    

Anime: Silver Spoon                                                   

As the name suggests, Ooezo Agricultural High School teaches its students things related to agriculture. Besides it also teaches how to milk cows, take care of cattle, how to ride horses, cultivate cheese, etc. Students here have to get up early in the morning to complete these daily tasks. Then they start their regular school day which involves learning literature, history, math, and other subjects like any other normal school. It is an extremely disciplined anime school. Moreover, it has got no supernatural elements or does not teach magic but its uniqueness lies in its simplicity and reality. It teaches the students to be disciplined in life which will help them in the long run. It would be a blessing if we could have a school like this in real life.

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11. SAO Returnee School                                     

Anime: Sword Art Online                                   

SAO Returnee School was established for the survivors of Sword Art Online who are still underaged. Its location is Nishitokyo, a suburb in the capital city of Tokyo, Japan. The present school building was actually an abandoned metropolitan high school waiting for its demolition. Due to the fall of Sword Art Online, the school building has been transformed into a makeshift school just within 2 months. The school doesn’t conduct entrance exams for its students rather it admits middle and high school students who have returned from SAO and are lagging behind in their studies because of being in a coma for two years. That sounds like a reasonable idea!

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10. Kuoh Academy   

Anime: High School DxD

This anime school features in the anime High School DxD. The school was initially an all-girls school but later it became a co-ed school. This school that seems like any other normal school is actually keeping a dark secret unknown to humans. Imagine fallen angels, demons, and all kinds of magical creatures as your fellow students. Would you like it? Well, this is just the case in this anime school. The story revolves around Issei Hyoudou, who was nearly murdered on his first date. Later it is revealed that his first date is actually a fallen angel. The story then takes interesting twists and turns that make it a fascinating watch.

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9. Fuuka Academy         

Anime: My-Hime            

It must be damn cool to go to a school which exists on an island. Well, if you agree Fuuka Academy is for you. What makes the school more interesting is that you have to go there on a boat. How fun is that! If that is not enough, you have girls there with magical powers battling each other. But it’s expensive to be at Fuuka Academy and only rich people can afford it. So if you have got enough bank balance then be ready for a magical experience. If not, then you have to be smart enough to get a scholarship there. Though getting admission to this anime school is not an easy task but the interesting premise of the school is worth it. 

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8. Military Academy of Granzehle   

Anime: Majestic Prince 

Who in his good mind will miss a chance to attend a school that gives him a chance to go to space? In addition, students get to pilot a giant robot. Military Academy of Granzhele features in the anime Majestic Prince. When everyone has left the planet Earth and starts living in space, they need to learn some skills to adapt to the new environment. Thus, engineered children called “Princes” are artificially raised and trained for this task. It follows the story of princes Hitachi O Iziru who studies in the Military Academy of Granzhele. The story is basically about a bunch of genetically engineered kids who along with Hitache o Iziru battle against an advanced alien race of Jupiter. So be ready to have a joyride with genetically engineered kids, giant robots, and a trip to space when you join this anime school.   

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7. Hakoniwa Academy

Anime: Medaka Box              

Hakoniwa Academy from Medaka Box seems just like any other school. It was earlier known as Kurobako Cram School. Apart from its giant clock tower, there is nothing that makes it unique. But when you scratch the surface, you discover a whole new world. A world where kids with unique abilities are students. The students here are divided into three categories-normal, special and abnormal. As the names suggest, students under the normal category don’t have any special abilities and the latter two consist of students who have unique abilities and superpowers. Some of them have the power to even alter reality. As long as normal students mind their own business, it’s safe for them. It is one of the most famous anime schools. So, which one do you want to join?

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6. Duel Academy

Anime: Yu-Gi-Oh-Gx      

Duel Academy is a school that centres around teaching its students the art of duelling. Unofficially it’s sometimes also referred to as the Central Academy. This Academy is founded by Kagemaru and owned by Seto Kaiba. Here aspiring duelists get training in the field of Duelling so that they can enter the pro league. Getting admission here means you become a pro in duelling and be ready to face the real world of duelling. This school sets the main premise of Yu-Gi-Oh! Gx series. It is situated somewhere in the southern part of Japan. This anime school has got four main subsidiaries: North Academy, East Academy, South Academy, and West Academy. With the increasing popularity of duelling, it is only natural to want to take admission here.

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5. Ashford Academy      

Anime: Code Geass        

Ashford Academy is founded, operated, and owned by the Ashford Foundation. It is located in the former Britannian settlement in the United States of Japan. This anime school has no elements of the supernatural but other things make it unique and special. During the black rebellion, it served as a battlefield. It’s a high-end school where kids of rich people go. The school is quite large and lavish. What makes this school an interesting choice to be on the list is the subplot about a terrorist posing as a normal person there and trying to wipe out the Britannian army. Sound dangerous! Would you want to take admission here?

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4. U.A. High School           

Anime: My Hero Academia      

An anime school that asks its students to battle against giant robots on their first day. Sounds weird? If that is not enough this school is famous for producing students who are going to do some of the most important heroic jobs out there. This school only takes few students and getting admission here is not an easy job. But once they get admission, they should be ready for one hell of a ride.

The school is best known for providing the best heroic education in the whole of Japan. In fact, it is ranked at the top for heroic education. Here the students get to learn everything needed to become nothing but the best of the heroes. Izuku Midoriya joins the academy with hopes of becoming a great hero and helping people. But, this path is not easy. De you have what it takes to be in this prestigious school?

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3. Mahora Academy 

Anime: Negima! 

Located in Northern Tokyo, Japan, Mahora academy is one of the biggest anime schools you can imagine getting into. It was founded during the Meiji era of Japan(1868-1912) by a European. The school has thousands of students ranging from elementary school goers to University students. The academy with its students and area is so big that it can be considered as a city itself. It is the headquarters of the Kanto Magic Association. Students here learn magic which they use for the betterment of society and help the needy. It is the school where the main protagonist Negi got training to become a magister Megi. 

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2. Academy City 

Anime: Toaru Majutsu no Index

As the name suggests, it is a city that has many anime schools and institutions. By size, it is one-third the size of the city of Tokyo and must be a dream place for many. With more than a million students, it’s one of the most technologically advanced academies in Japan. It is believed that this city is thirty years more advanced than the rest of the world. Here one can get normal education right from kindergarten to University level along with learning students here researching on higher technology and psychic powers. Students here learn to yield superpowers and research ancient spell books besides learning about the existence of power.   

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1. Ninja Academy  

Anime: Naruto   

Ninja academy was founded by the Second Hokage because of the military needs. The school is quite large and its building can be identified by a tree which is right in front of it. As the name suggests, it teaches its students the skills to be a great ninja. Here students are trained to become ninjas and official ninjas get their missions and assignments. After going out of school, students go on missions which can be life-threatening. But the specialty of the anime school is that it teaches its students skills that are useful for them in every walk of life. Above else, how cool it is to be in a school that can get you the skills of a ninja? If you join this academy, you may get to meet one of the most popular anime characters- Naruto!

So, which one of these schools are you interested in? Is it the one where they teach you to be the world’s number one ninja or is it the one where they teach you to assassinate your teacher who is about to destroy Earth? Whatever you choose, all of them are special. We wish for all of them to be real but even if they are not, their notion is tangible enough for all anime lovers. You can still attend these schools with the characters in these shows and enjoy the thrill, excitement, magical adventures, supernatural happenings and emotional turmoil in the shows.

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