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Updated on: 19/06/2023

Love anime school uniforms? Want to explore the best of all? The best thing in school anime after their plot is their Uniforms. We see varied designs in every school uniform. Some artists just enhance the standard uniforms while others try to bring out a unique, distinctive school uniform design and feature. Every uniform has its charm and works complementary with the plot.

Choosing the best school uniform among so many anime is a difficult task. But we have put in our best efforts to give you a good list of school uniforms. Below, we present you with the top 25 best anime school uniforms that display different looks according to the anime theme. 

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Best Anime School Uniforms

Best Anime School Uniform

25. Yuru Yuri

Genre: Slice of life, Comedy, Drama, Yuri

Fall: 2011

Episodes (Including Ova): 12

Join the Amusement Club- a club with no purpose. A slice of life anime series based on the lives of four friends. 

This anime consists of the simplest yet cutest anime school uniform. Maroon colour pleated full sleeves dress. To boost the cuteness of the uniform, a one-button white colour sailor-style shrug is worn over the dress and black socks with brown shoes.

A cute typical comedy story of girls, irresistibly cute with their personalities, and attract us with their adorable anime uniforms.

Infinite Stratos

24. IS (Infinite Stratos)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Mecha, Romance, Sci-Fi

Fall: 2011

Episodes (Including Ova): 13

Welcome to the Infinite Stratos Academy, where you’ll be trained to become IS pilots. But hold on, as you’ll witness some great tournament scenes. The story is about a boy whose luck forced him to an all-girls academy.

The IS Academy uniform generally consists of a white blazer having long sleeves with red borders and lines with colour variations in necktie according to the year like the blue tie is worn by first years, yellow by second and red by the third.

A futuristic theme anime school uniform with a combination of white, red, and black colours displaying simplicity with uniqueness.

Myself Yourself

23. Maiserufu; Yuaserufu (Myself; Yourself)

Genre: Drama, Romance, Slice of Life

Fall: 2007

Episodes (Including Ova): 13

Coming back to the place you used to live refreshes memories. The same thing happened in the story where the male protagonist returns to his hometown after 5 years only to find out that things have changed.

After returning, we can watch their anime school uniforms in episode two. Simple yet graceful uniform. The girls’ uniform is a brown-grey dress with white border frills at the bottom, worn underneath a cropped shrug of dark brown colour with a brown-grey colour sailor collar. Their uniform’s colour complimented well with the story’s atmosphere. The boys’ uniform is a typical gokuran-style uniform.

A good plot with some great characters packed with romance and complex drama.

Uta no Prince Sama - anime school uniform

22. Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000%

Genre: Music, Comedy, Romance, Drama

Fall: 2011

Episodes (Including Ova): 13

A girl with six bishounen idols. Handsome faces with enchanting eyes. A story of a girl aspiring to become a music composer.

Saotome Academy is a prestigious performing arts school with some unusual colour combinations of anime school uniforms. Boys’ uniform: Dark green coat with yellow vertical stripes, worn over a white shirt with a red tie and brown pants. The girls’ uniform is a checkered dress of yellow, brown and orange colour, and a dark green coat worn over it together with a red bow. Dark green, brown, and red is an unusual set, but here it surprisingly goes well together.

A musical plot with a unique colour combo anime uniform with a light-hearted comedy story.

Medaka Box

21. Medaka Box

Genre: Action, Comedy, Supernatural, Romance

Fall: 2012

Episodes (Including Ova): 12

The story revolves around the Student Council members of Hakoniwa Academy with a suggestion box, which is an attempt to fulfil the request dropped.

Generally, the girls’ uniform here is a white jacket, a red tie, a green collar with yellow stripes, a light blue pleated skirt, and long blue socks. But some of the students are also seen wearing green coats with yellow stripes. On the other hand, the boys’ uniform in this matter is the same and just a different blue pants. Formal yet fancy design anime school uniform.

A funny and amusing story with stylish uniforms.

Masamune Kuns Revenge

20. Masamune-kun’s Revenge

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Shounen

Fall: 2017

Episodes (Including Ova): 13

A childhood planned revengeful turned love story of an immature boy(Piggy) and a tsundere girl (Cruel Princess).

The cute girls’ uniform comes up with a pink shirt with vertical stripes together with a yellow striped design bow of blue colour and on top a white blazer. An above-knee-length brown striped skirt of mustard colour with black stockings. Matching up with the girls’ uniform, here is the boys’ uniform with a dark blue blazer worn over a vertically striped white shirt with a dark grey colour tie having yellow stripes and mustard pants.

An unusual combination of colours that still looks good and is quite appealing.

Undefeated Bahamut Chronicles - Anime School Uniform

19. Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut (Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle)

Genre: Action, Mecha, Fantasy, Harem

Fall: 2016

Episodes (Including Ova): 12

The story of the main male protagonist who accidentally meets the princess in a female-bathing area. And rest left to your imagination. He somehow ends up joining the all-girl Royal Officer Academy, and the story starts from there.

We can witness detailed, fancy, stylish anime school uniforms here. The girls’ uniform is a dress in a combination of a white top and blue bottom with golden details, with a small red ribbon knot. White crop coat on top and above-knee socks. The boys’ uniform is a white shirt, blue vest coat with golden stripes in the corners, small red tie, white crop coat with fancy shoulder, black pants and long boots.

A decent story with harem elements where the uniforms enhance the quality of the story.


18. Nisekoi: False Love

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Shounen, Slice of Life

Fall: 2014

Episodes (Including Ova): 22

Sometimes simplicity delivers the most elegant feature. The anime school uniform of Nisekoi is one example. A pendant-lock search childhood love story filled with adorable couple fights. A delightful and refreshing story that will surely bring a smile to your face.

A cute bright orange tie is swirling in the air from the collar of the girl’s uniform, reaching the skirt. White loose long shirt with above knee length sky blue colour skirt. Cute yet straightforward and, most of all, a comfy uniform. While the boys’ uniform is just another typical Japanese male black school uniform type, it’s a rival gang love story of a girl with a red ribbon tying her dazzling golden hair, with cute blue eyes complimenting her uniform and a boy looking for the key.

A soothing uniform is justifying the colourful and vibrant background and the funny plot.

Love Election and Chocolate

17. Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate (Love, Election, and Chocolate)

Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy

Fall: 2012

Episodes (Including Ova): 13

Takafuji Private Academy takes you to the story of a group of friends and their struggle to save their club through participation in elections.

Coming to the well-fitted uniform of the girls. A unique shade of green pinafore dresses with pleats, with a line of yellow buttons and a white ruffle border at the bottom, a white collar shirt underneath, together with a red bowknot and a short green coat on top. On the other hand, the boys’ uniform is a white shirt, green coat, red tie, and green pants. A perfect suit uniform with yellow borders.

Cute and striking uniform with the perfect shade of green.

Mashiro-Iro Symphony

16. Mashiro-Iro Symphony: Love is pure white

Genre: Romance, Harem, Drama

Fall: 2011

Episodes (Including Ova): 12

A merger decision between two private institutions resulted in the transfer of some boys to a girls’ academy as an experiment, which was opposed by the girls.

So coming up first to the girls’ uniform from the Yuihime Girls’ Private Academy: Black shirt and white puff princess sleeves jacket with a butterfly collar, with brown lining and a brown ribbon knot swirling from the back of the dress. Cute pleated white skirt with brown stripes at the bottom with a brown frill layer at the bottom.

Now the transfer girls’ uniform consists of a high purple neck worn inside a full-front buttoned dress with a sailor collar with black bowknot in front and back as well and white frill layer at the bottom of the dress. The transfer boys’ uniform is somewhat similar: a white shirt and blue coat with black lining, purple tie, and blue pants.

Extravagant and attractive anime uniforms of both the academy. 

A story with harem elements stuffed with comedy and romance makes it worth watching anime.

Grisaia no Kaijutsu

15. Grisaia no Kajitsu (The Fruit of Grisaia)

Genre: Drama, Psychological, Romance, Harem

Fall: 2014

Episodes (Including Ova): 13

A school consisting of only five students? Yes, Mihama Academy is one where only five female students study. Things change for the main male protagonist when he enrols in this academy, hoping to get a regular life, but the prison-type school held something else for him.

Presenting you with one more pinafore dress on our list. The girls’ uniform is a cute high-collar sailor-type button pinafore with two colour combinations of black and blue together with a bow/tie of red/blue colour and a white shirt worn underneath the dress. In contrast, the boys’ uniform is just another ordinary school anime uniform of a white half-shirt, black pants, and a blue tie with a black and white crossing.

A school with every student with some circumstances and tragedy they experienced that made them end up in Mihama Academy. A well-written dark plot sprinkled with light humour.

Aikatsu - anime school uniform

14. Aikatsu!

Genre: Music, Idol

Fall: 2012

Episodes (Including Ova): 50

Becoming an idol is no joke! Welcome to the Starlight Academy, where using the right combination of Aikatsu cards will help you win the various auditions. 

Blue, red and white, are the right and bright colour combinations for an anime school uniform with a genre of music and idol. Classy uniform of girls with white collar shirt, red bow tie, and a chic blue coat with zig-zag cuff. A white pleated skirt with blue stripes at the bottom and tall white boots. The golden button chain on the jacket symbolizes the prestigiosity of the school.

Witness the fancy and adorable anime uniforms and outfits in the anime.

Akashic Records

13. Roku de Nashi Majutsu Kōshi to Akashikku Rekōdo (Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor)

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Comedy, Magic

Fall: 2017

Episodes (Including Ova): 12

Alzano Imperial Magic Academy is a prestigious academy where students are trained to be magicians. Their stylish, bold, and catchy uniforms are displaying the anime theme i.e., magic.

The girls’ uniform is an adorable and incredibly sexy-themed anime uniform. White shirt with golden buttons and golden neck border worn under an indigo-coloured coat with a unique neck design, together with a red ribbon knot. The shirt joined with the pleated white skirt, with borders at the bottom, through straps. Down they wear knee-length indigo colour stockings. Boys’ uniform: full-sleeve white shirt, red tie, crop closed coat, and brown pants. 

Overall, the outfit emits a bold royal look. Light-hearted comedy with significant magical elements displayed.

Little Witch Academia

12. Ritoru Witchi Akademia (Little Witch Academia)

Genre: Comedy, Action, Magical Fantasy

Fall: 2017

Episodes (Including Ova): 25

In a world where magic is considered outdated, the main protagonist though being a normal girl, after being inspired by a witch, sets on a journey to be trained as a witch by enrolling in Luna Nova Magical Academy. The story is about the struggle she faces and her adventures. 

A magical academy in a magical anime title says it all about the anime school uniform in it. A vest, tie, skirt and socks, all blue colour. A ribbon tied around the waist. But during practicals, they are supposed to wear a blue colour long hoodie dress with a blue tie, red belt, and long blue boots. And don’t forget the essential accessory of a witch- the witch-pointed blue hat.

A delightful anime story to watch of witches with their cute uniforms, filled with comedy and action.

Sailor Moon - Anime School Uniform

11. Sailor Moon

Genre: Magical Girl, Action, Adventure, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy

Fall:  1992

Episodes (Including Ova): 46

Our favourite childhood anime, which won the heart of many. The magical girl with her moon sticks is ready to protect the Earth with her never giving up fighting spirit.

The well-known anime school uniform of Sailor Moon compelled the girls to try the adorable magical outfit once for sure. Blue-coloured sailor fuku uniform: white top having a blue collar with white strips together with a lovely red ribbon in front and knee-length blue skirt. Red and blue are compatible colours when they come together.

 It has become a typical school uniform these days, but still, the charisma of the outfit never faded away.

Code Geass

10. Kōdo Giasu: Hangyaku no Rurūshu (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion)

Genre: Action, Mecha, Military, Sci-Fi, Drama

Fall:  2006

Episodes (Including Ova): 25

The anime school uniform of one of the best animes you can watch. A story of a man driven by revenge and his journey of hardships to create a safe world for his sister. Get ready to experience a rollercoaster of emotions.

Coming up to the Ashford Academy where you’ll find one of the most royal uniforms exhibiting an extravagant yet decent look. Senior Girls’ uniform is a light yellow jacket with golden borders worn over a white shirt, a dark green tie with the academy’s logo, and a black mini skirt. Junior girls have a pink robe with a red tie worn over a full sleeves white shirt. The boys have a classy gakuran uniform with golden borders.

A classic anime with royal uniforms with a great plot and character development that will get you hooked up to the story.


09. Kanon

Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy

Fall: 2002

Episodes (Including Ova): 14

Seven years have passed, and it seems that the main protagonist has his memory locked and slowly tries to unravel his mind as the story goes on with the help of some girls whose uniforms emits cute elements and is justified by their charming personality.

Describing the girls’ uniform consists of a dull dark red colour long sleeves dress in buttons, a red knotted bow, and a white shrug kind of clothing with red borders, worn over the top of the dress. Quite a cute combination. Eh! On the other hand, the boys’ uniform is a pure white sweater worn under a blue jacket and dark green pants with checked patterns.

A story with supernatural elements with an engaging plot.

Inu x Boku SS - Anime School Uniform

08. Inu x Boku SS

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural

Fall: 2012

Episodes (Including Ova): 13

Secret Service! Black theme uniform with great artwork!

An introverted tsunshun character girl with a bodyguard with a request, “Please make me your dog.” A cute story to adore.

The black theme outfit was dominating the entire show. The girls’ uniform gives off a fashionable outfit look with a deep black v-neck knee-length dress worn over a white high-neck ruffled blouse. The dress has several golden buttons. The main protagonist is seen wearing a long white jacket over the dress and black stockings that boosts the style of the anime uniform. The boys’ outfit is a standard gakuran uniform.

A slow yet enjoyable story with their outfit complementing the plot well.

11eyes - anime school uniform

07. Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shōjo (11eyes)

Genre: Action, Fantasy,  Romance, Ecchi, Supernatural

Fall: 2009

Episodes (Including Ova): 13

A mysterious suspense story of two people who got thrown into another dimension where Red Night occurs, and monsters appear. The school uniform here consists of blood-red dresses influenced by Lolita fashion. It kind of resembles Kaichou wa Maid-sama dress.

The girls’ uniform here is a cute feminine-themed dress. Blood red top with white collars puff long sleeves with a cute little light-red tie. Down going on the skirt, we see a checked pattern border with lace-up high boots. If that doesn’t melt your heart, then blood red beret with a long black bow attached will surely do. A beautiful yet dreamy dress every cosplayer will yearn to wear. On the other hand, the boys’ uniform is a regular red-blood coat with a light-red tie.

In short, charming and appealing anime school uniform.

Irregular at magic high school

06. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (The Irregular at Magic High School)

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi, Drama, Magic

Fall: 2014

Episodes (Including Ova): 26

Welcome to the school of magic where you’ll be either called the Blooms(the First Course) or the Weeds(the Second Course). 

The Blooms have a flower emblem embroidered on their uniform, defining a sense of superiority over the Weeds.

Both genders have kind of similar uniforms with black ties. High-end contemporary styled suits with a colour combination of emerald green with white are striking. A little touch of black borders supports the geometry-shaped uniform. The girls’ outfit is a long white dress with a short green jacket over a translucent cape down that changes colour according to the magic the owner possesses. The cape is the Kawai feature in their uniforms. On the other hand, the boys’ suit is a long coat with kind of the same designs as that in girls’ outfits.

Their uniforms give futuristic wizard-type vibes for sure.

Rage of bahamut - mineria friends

05. Rage of Bahamut: Manaria Friends

Genre: Fantasy, Demons

Fall: 2019

Episodes (Including Ova): 10

Mysteria Academy is a place where men, gods, and demons are taught without any discrimination. Great animation provides us with a tremendously detailed anime school uniform.

The general uniform of girls in the academy is a long sleeve blouse with ribbon bowknot and a high-waisted checked pattern skirt. We can see the students wearing dark green, reddish-brown or dark blue dresses. Most of them are seen wearing a vest coat, coat, or black knee-length stockings also. The boys’ uniform is generally regarded as a dark green coat with a blue tie and blue pants.

The anime uniform worked, ultimately supporting the fantasy and demon theme of the anime.

Kenja no Mago - anime school uniforms

04. Kenja no Mago (Wise Man’s Grandchild)

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Comedy, Isekai, Romance, Magic

Fall: 2019

Episodes (Including Ova): 12

Reincarnation of a young salaryman! Magic and Demons World! What’s more for the main protagonist with no common sense, who recently joined Magic Academy. Watch to find out more!

As we head to the academy, we’ll see the girls’ uniform with a cute white shirt with a blue cuff, a red bow, a long blue vest with a short black pleated skirt while the boys’ uniform does not have much difference, just the replacement of a dress with black pants.

The uniform gives off supernatural elements being fashionable with uniqueness on top.

Vampire Knight

03. Vampire Knight

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Vampire, Drama, Mystery, Supernatural

Fall: 2008

Episodes (Including Ova): 13

Another Vampire story with a dark theme where humans and vampires co-exist together. Characters with mysterious pasts and struggles in life with suspense all over. The day and night students with Black and White Uniforms, respectively.

The details of this anime school uniform are just eye-catching. The blood-red colour tie works perfectly well with the white and black uniforms. The night class uniform gives a high-class elegant look while the day classes have a classy look. Black and white lining are working with the opposite colours giving a graceful look. The boys have a formal suit-type uniform while the girls have a jacket, shirt, red bow, and as most of the time, above the knee-length skirt.

You will find yourself drawn to the characters as you watch further. The alluring look and their style are giving the opposite genders heartbeat-fast moments while watching the series.

Diabolik Lovers - anime school uniform

02. Diabolik Lovers

Genre: Harem, Shoujo, Drama, Horror, Romance, Harem, Mystery

Fall: 2013

Episodes (Including Ova): 13

If you are a sadistic vampire genre fan, this anime can be counted as one of the most enjoyable anime you can watch. Every character gives a blood-lust vibe through their blood-red colour wearing, either through their bow or tie or beret cap.

Coming up to the female uniform. The sizzling cute dress consists of a blood-red bow worn over the white bow. Black blazer with shiny gold buttons and black v-neck vest worn with an elegant above-knee-length black skirt with white borders. Black knee socks with brown shoes and voila! The cutest uniform for a cosplay event.

The male uniform generally consists of a tie worn over a white shirt with a black jacket on top. The bottom is black uniform pants with every character wearing different types of shoes. Each male character has an unusual tie colour and a different way of styling their school school uniform, giving a classy look.

The Asterisk War

01. Gakusen Toshi Asterisk (The Asterisk War)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Harem, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi

Fall: 2015

Episodes (Including Ova): 12

Finally, coming up with the top best anime school uniform from my perspective and view. Here we are with the number ONE!

The story is about super-powered humans (Starpulse Generation) and tournaments/battles(Festas) between six academies.

Seidoukan Academy, where the main protagonist enrols, has one of the unique school uniforms. Who would have thought that pink, black, and white can go so well together? This anime uniform has one of the best colour schemes on the uniform list. First, the girls’ uniform: high neck white shirt with pink neck border. On top of it, a knee-length vest dress with side magical pockets, worn under a white coat with pink collars. This outfit works well with tall black boots. The boys’ uniform is the same as the girls, just a replacement of the vest dress with a vest and black pants.

Just the type of uniform that’s unique, fashionable, and gives off an extravagant look.

The school anime uniforms are not only appealing in their way but are also designed by the artists according to the plot and genre to suit the environment. It’s every cosplayer’s dream to dress the same way the anime characters do and to pull off the same enchanting look the characters do!

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