3 Reasons Why You Should Watch Banana Fish Episode 1


Date: 09/07/2018

Hello there, the summer 2018 anime season has kicked off finally, and with that, we have a lot of new promising titles. After watching all of the first episodes of new releases, I have to say there was this one anime that really caught my attention. I know most fans will be keeping their eye out on Attack on Titan season 3. But my favorite will most likely be going to Banana Fish. Last season my favorite was Megalo Box, and I really hope it gets a 2nd season.  Banana Fish episode 1 really hooked me on to the anime, and I do hope that it does not disappoint like 91 days.

Reasons to watch Banana Fish episode 1

Banana Fish episode 1 01. Animation

The animation gives a really dark vibe, it portrays the back alleys and gangster-mafia relations.  The character design is not generic, which is something I appreciate in an anime.  It might be a bit weird at first, but the design some characters have is really good.  You could say that it is a mix of funky and mafia style. Some characters like Shorter have a funky design. Although, on the other hand, you have characters like Dino that are pure badass mafia type of guys. And this kind of characters really gives that Seinen vibe.



02. World Setting and characters

The story revolves around Ash, a leader of the biggest gang in the town. He has various gangs under his control, even though he’s white different raced gangs also respect Ash and follow him. He has some relationship with Dino the boss of a big mafia organization. It seems they have a past that was not explained yet.  Everything is revolving around shady business and transactions. There are also drugs involved. The characters look promising and I’m hoping they will all get a good character development.


Banana Fish episode 1 - 02 03. Mystery behind Banana Fish

At the start of Banana Fish episode 1, we are introduced into Banana Fish. I was pretty surprised to hear about it at the start. And it intrigued me to watch it further.  Even though I remember some comments about people who dropped it because it did not sound serious. After watching Banana Fish episode 1 until the end, my expectations were met. It has some good mystery going on in the background. And it seems to be connected to Dino and his mafia somehow.


Banana Fish episode 1 hooked me on. I really wanna see more, and I have high expectations of this anime. Although,  I do realize that it could as easily disappoint me. I was really excited about watching 91 days when it was airing. It had a great setting and characters. But it finished off badly, so I just hope that Banana Fish ends up as a great watch and doesn’t disappoint us in the end. Leave me your opinions of Banana Fish episode 1 in the comments.



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  1. It makes me cry at the last part that totally make my night hard to sleep, because i can’t get over to it. I wanted badly ash and eiji to be together.. My heart so shattered into pieces.

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