Back Street Girls

Back Street Girls TV Anime Reveals Two New PV, July 3 Premiere


Date: 06/06/2018

Back Street Girls is a comedy story about three yakuza men who are forced by there boss to undergo a sex-change in order to perform as the idol group Goku Dolls. The anime is an adaptation of Jasmine Gyuh’s manga by the same name and will premiere on July 3, 2018.


After an unforgivable mistake, they are offered two options: Commit honourable suicide or go to Thailand for gender reassignment surgery so they can become a popular idol trio. Their boss also happens to also be a producer so the men need to perform for him. The story centres around these three yakuza men, the difficulties they face hiding their true selves from their fans and meeting the demands of their boss. (Crunchyroll, ANN rewrite)

Back Street Girls

Back Street Girls – Characters & Voice cast

Two voice actors will be playing each lead character as per the demand of the anime. The male “before” voice and the respective female “after” voice is as follows:

1. Kentaro Yamamoto (Male voice) casts Daisuke Ono and  Airi Yamamoto (Female Voice) casts Yuka Nukui

Back Street Girls

2. Ryo Tachibana (Male voice) casts Satoshi Hino and Mari Tachibana (Female Voice) casts Kaori Maeda

Back Street Girls

3. Kazuhiko Sugihara (Male voice) casts Kazuyuki Okitsu and Chika Sugihara (Female Voice) casts Hikaru Akao

Back Street Girls

4. Boss Inukin voice cast by Keiji Fujiwara

Back Street Girls

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Back Street Girls TV Anime – Promo Videos

The latest promotional videos/trailers are two versions introducing the anime. One is the Gokudo (Yakuza) version and the other is the Idol version. The two videos feature the different voices of the main characters. Hence, in the Gokudo (Yakuza) version, we have the male voice cast talk and in the Idol version, we hear the female voice cast talk.

#1 Idol Version

#2 Gokudo (Yakuza) Version

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Back Street Girls TV Anime – Gallary


Back Street Girls

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