Back Street Girls New Visuals Revealed For The Anime Adaptation

Back Street Girls new visuals were recently revealed on their official Twitter account. If you have not heard about Back Street Girls before, it is an anime adaptation from Jasmin Gyuh’s Back Street Girls manga. The visuals got out this Monday.  What can we expect from Back Street Girls? Well, definitely comedy. I did not read the manga, but the promo video for Back Street Girls really made me wonder what the anime will be about.

We saw three Yakuza members after doing a big mess up end up as idols through a gender transformation surgery. This is I assume for them to earn money, perhaps they were in debt. Now to repay it, they will be working as Idols. I can already imagine them feeling weird as girls. Some people might even have divided opinions about this anime due to its transgender characters.  Although, I will surely check it out, and perhaps make a review on it once it’s done airing.

Back Street Girls new visuals

Back Street Boys new visuals poster looks great, and I’m quite excited for it to air. But, when will Back Street Boys anime premier? Well, the anime is premiering on July 3rd. Chiaki Kon will be directing the anime at J.C staff. Along with Chiaki Kon, Susumu Yamakawa will be working on the script for the anime, and Jin Kitagawa will be assisting them as the sound director.  The overall sound production by Jin Kitagawa d will be held at Magic Capsule. We got, two good studios collaborating on this anime. We can definitely expect something good.

J.C staff is the anime production house that brought you known titles like the currently airing Shokugeki no Souma.  And Magic Capsule is the studio that brought us Toradora and Re: Zero. Considering that both studios are known for producing some really enjoyable anime, and as the reviews for the manga seem quite positive, I think that we can expect a really good laugh out of this series. J.C. Staff will also be handling this year’s One Punch Man season 2.

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