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Attack on Titan 2 new trailer reveals multiplayer game-play

Attack on Titan 2 new trailer was just launched and it was a bit shocking.  If you watch towards the end after credits you can see a shocking new mode. The game itself looks very good and I can’t wait to play it. Personally, I love games where you can roam around the town. Especially games

B The Beginning new trailer, visuals and screenshots

Netflix has announced that they will be diving deeper and deeper into the anime industry. Last year we have seen Devilman Crybaby and now we are expecting even more. Netflix is aiming to get a bigger audience. And with that their next big project is  B The Beginning. The anime was originally scheduled for 2017 under the

One Piece world seeker gets a new impressive 4k trailer.

On December of 2017, Bandai Namco announced the release of their new game One Piece world seeker over twitter.  Bandai Namco announced the release for PS4, X1, and PC sometime in 2018. There is no specific date for release yet but we eagerly anticipate this open world adventure game. When it was just announced I had a

Steins Gate 0 TV release date and new character designs announced

After 7 years of waiting, Steins Gate 0 TV is finally coming to our screens. The story revolves around an alternative ending which will cover Okabe’s new attempt at saving Kurisu. Steins Gate zero is one part of a big project called Steins Gate World Line, a 2017-2018 anime project discussed at the recent Anime