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RaW Hero new manga launches on September 25th

Good news for the fans of Prison School has spread last week. Akira Hiramotos RaW Hero new manga will launch on September 25th.  The 19th edition of Kodansha Comics magazine announced last week that is titled RaW Hero.  The series will premier in the magazine’s 20th issue.  Unfortunately, there is not much known about what RaW hero

Hokago Saikoro Club TV anime adaptation announced

Hokago Saikoro Club TV anime adaptation was announced by the Shogakukan’s Monthly Shounen Sunday October magazine. Hiro Nakimichi launched Hokago Saikoro Club manga in 2013.  Nothing else has been announced so far, so we can safely assume that the anime will be released somewhere in 2019. If there’s any news regarding information about the upcoming adaptation we

Temple Manga Launched by Grand Blue Dreaming Artist Kimitake Yoshioka

Manga artist  Kimitake Yoshioka launched a new manga titled Temple. The temple manga first two chapters are available to readers for free on Comic Days. Comic Days is a new app and web service launched by Kodansha. Kimitake Yoshioka is the manga author behind Grand Blue Dreaming, so we are expecting some good new reading material

I’m glad I could keep running TV anime premiers on October 8

I’m glad I could keep running original TV anime will premiere on October 8.  SIGNAL.MD announced on Saturday that they are working on producing a 4 episode long original TV anime series. Not much detail is known about the anime so far, except that the episodes will be 15 minutes long. And based on the posters

Best Anime Similar to My Hero Acadamia (Boku no Hero Academia)

Boku no Hero academia has taken one of the top spots in the shounen genre. And how couldn’t it? It has a likable main character,  superpowers, action, great animation, power scaling, and let’s not forget the intriguing superhero society. However, what goes wrong with every great anime is that we run out of content to watch.

Vinland Saga New Visual and Staff Revealed for the Anime Adaptation

Vinland Saga new visual was just rolled out yesterday on twitter, and we are already pretty excited. The anime adaptation of Vinland Saga is will be released in 2019. We do not know the exact release date, however, we are hoping that the spring season will feature Vinland Saga. The sooner the better, although, we

What is the Proper Durarara Watching Order?

Recently, I have suggested Durarara anime series to a friend of mine. Only then to have realized that the watching order is a mess. Even I have forgotten in which order to watch it, so I quickly skimmed through all of the series and specials that were released. And I got the final list for