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Date: 03/03/2018

A lot of Attack on Titan 2 game-play videos and promos have been released in the last few months. We have waited for quite some time for this. And finally the 20th of March is drawing even closer and everyone in the west is excited about this game. The gameplay videos have shown us many characters from the anime series. Such as Eren, Levi, and Hanji. With them, we also have other options such as the multiplayer. And the ability to swing around with the omnidirectional mobility gear also known as ODMG.

Just like in the anime, we will be using this gear in the story. To fly around and slay dragons. I mean titans, it would appear that mastering this maneuvering gear is one of the key factors in beating titans. Who would have thought? Though, I do like the way it swings around the air. I have always been a fan of spiderman type of free-roaming.  And there are some cool new modes that let you turn into a titan. Recent Attack on Titan 2 game-play videos has revealed that you can customize your own character. Which is pretty exciting don’t ya think?

Attack on Titan 2 game-play videos:


Press release statement:

Players will experience the Omni-Directional Mobility Gear (ODMG) as they fly into battle against devastating titanic foes, and mastering this equipment is key to ensuring victory and survival. A new b-roll showcases a Custom Scout utilizing the ODMG alongside Eren and Mikasa; fighting swarms of Titans to rescue their squad mates from peril. An exciting look at Titan transformations are also teased as Eren turns into his powerful Titan form to defeat anything that crosses his path.


Attack on Titan 2’s online multiplayer features were detailed for the first time in our Multiplayer Highlight Trailer. In this video, players will be able to take a first-look at the Annihilation Mode; a gripping 4v4 mode where Scouts have to compete for the highest score through defeating Titans and capturing bases. In Story Co-op players can call upon their friends to aid them as they complete the main storyline’s gripping narrative. This is just the beginning as a captivating new online mode featuring playable Titans will be made available after launch; more information on this new mode will be made available in the coming


Attack on Titan 2 game-play - titan

Attack on titan 2 game-play – titan

Attack on Titan 2 conclusion:

The game looks promising, now I won’t judge until I play it. But that will have to wait for the release. When I play it I will make some review of the gameplay for everyone that is a fan of the anime but is not sure if the game might suit them.  As for the previews and trailers themselves. They look good, however, I won’t judge it until I experience it. Many projects have had high expectations and then failed.  If you wanna kill some time here is our anime recommendation guide for 2017


AoT Interesting Fact:

Erens name means saint or holy person in Turkish, and his surname Yeager comes from a German word with a meaning of hunter. ( Tech Reviews)

So his name would be Holy Hunter, well, to be honest, I don’t know what to think about this. One way, it describes his character very well. He has always fought for the good of humanity. Even risked his life for it, you could call him a saint. And he does hunt the Titans, he wants them all dead.  So yeah, it is fitting for him. However, I don’t particularly find it intriguing. Holy Hunter sounds a bit cliche. Anyway, what is your opinion on this?

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