Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga is reaching its end

Hello everyone, today we got some exciting news for you. This Tuesday Kodansha’s weekly magazine revealed some very interesting information that I think you might want to know. Ryo Suzukaze and Satoshi Shikis Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga is about to reach its final arc in the July issue. They also announced that the manga will have a colorized opening page in the July issue. Now if you have not heard of Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga before reading this post, then you might be wondering what is it? I came across this news when a friend of mine suddenly started panicking that AoT manga is ending. When I started researching the news I realized he was completely off the track on what’s going on.

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About Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga

Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga is basically self-explanatory. As its name stands, before the fall, the manga story is happening before the current events in Attack on Titan.  This series is set 70 years prior to the events of the anime/manga most people are familiar with.  The story follows two characters, the main character Kuklo.  The story starts when a certain titan worshipping cult opens up the gate and one titan starts running while inside the walls, they managed to kill it.  Although, inside a stomach of a certain female titan, there was a baby inside. Kuklo, also named the Titan’s son is harassed due to his heritage. Even though, he, later on, joins the Survey Corps.

The manga is also focusing on another important character. Angel Aaltonen is a weapon-smith and also the genius behind the creation of Vertical Maneuvering Equipment.  This manga is quite good, has a good story, and I do think that most Attack on Titan fans will be more than delighted to hear about this if they already have not.  Reading this might be a great way to kill some time while waiting for Attack on Titan season 3.  And if you’re a fan of AoT and also into gaming then you will love this Attack on Titan 2 game.

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