Archive Of Memories

Archived memories in the form of ploaroids
Polaroid Memories

Yahallo and Greetings! Memories. Archive.  Every minute, every second of our lives, our brain perceives so many things around us. Like a recycling system, we forget the most trivial memories , while our brain archives the memories with an impact or ones with more importance deep into our minds.

Archived memories in the form of ploaroids

Polaroid Memories

This Archive Of Memories…

But often these archive memories are temporary. Yes, even we can forget an important memory given the consequences. A simple harsh word can break us entirely, destroying our motivation, distorting our foundation of thoughts, thats how fragile we humans are. Wouldn’t you agree? The same way our mind is a fragile component of this vessel, everything our senses pick up affects it.


Archives depict memories.

But nevertheless, as long as these memories stay, they provide us with a sense of security. Consequently , we can easily be bound to our memories, and in fact, they implement the foundation to most of the decisions we take on life. We can think about the fun times we had with our friends, the weird and vivid things we did together, and almost instantaneously our mood improves. Whilst we had remained depressed the entire day, or productivity would have been null. Its a small flame providing us light in a dark room, and sometimes, its the darkness itself.
Some memories we wish to forget, we don’t want to remember anything about it. But alas, our mind is stubborn; it will create more emphasis on the things we hate.

What I Want To Do…


Landscape Polaroids

So as I sit here and think about it, what I really wish to do is have an impact on others. Not only as a role figure, but more than that, rather, I want people to be remember me for something. If not much, the little joy I could bring to others. In conclusion, humans constantly require to be noticed, to be remembered; How should others remember you?

What are the most beautiful memories you have archived in your mind?

Are memories really of that much importance?

That, my friends, is up to you, and you only.

I hope you enjoyed this discussion. I tried to write it in an essay format to put forth my point better. Enjoy ❤

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"With dark raven paper and twinkling white ink, I wrote my heart in the night's sky."

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