Aragne no Mushikago

Horror Anime Movie Aragne no Mushikago Releases New Promo Trailer, Key Visual


Date: 18/07/2018

Official website for the anime film Aragne no Mushikago (Aragne: Sign of Vermilion) began streaming a new promotional trailer. Additionally, a new key visual also made a release. With this the film looks to be on track for its 18th August premiere. This is much later than its July 15 world premiere during Montreal, Canada’s Fantasia Festival.

Saku Sakamoto, who is the director and producer as well as the writer and music composer for the film is also behind the anime film’s original concept. Also, Kana Hanazawa, Ayana Shiramoto, Fukujurō Katayama, Shōgo Batori and Yōsuke Itō will voice cast Rin, Nasuha. Saion, Mikaya and Tokiyo, respectively.

Key Visual

Aragne no Mushikago


The story centers around an 18-year-old female university student Rin. Shy and anxious, she ends up in a huge apartment building with the help of rental listings.To her horror the rundomw housing complex not only grim but also is a place where spirits would lurk. Consequently, her life gets complex with a mix of fear and ghastly crimes hapening around her. Added to this is the unsettling presence of a grinning strange. Beyond all this, Rin is coming to realize that something even more sinister is manifesting itself, something at the cursed crossroads of mythology, monstrosity and medical science. Determined to find out more, Rin visits the library, where she meets a sympathetic young staffer. But what she learns does not begin to put her mind at ease.

The two-minute trailer for the anime flim Aragne no Mushikago righly previews what we can expect from the film. The 2.26 minutes long trailer introduces some of the main characters and also features the theme song Sono Uso ni Chikai (Close to That Lie) by Memai SIREN.

Aragne no Mushikago New PV

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