Upcoming Original Sci-Fi TV Anime Revisions Releases Striking New Teaser PV

Anime Revisions

Anime director Goro Taniguchi is back with another Sci-Fi series to capture the imagination of his auidance. His previous works include Infinite Ryvius and Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. Now his original sci-fi TV anime Revisions is working towards a premiere in January 2019. The sereis will air on Fuji TV’s newly created midnight programming block “+Ultra”. Also, Netflix holds the exclesuive worldwide streaming rights and it should be available for stream pretty soon after the release.

The official website for the anime has put up a 60-sec action-packed teaser video, a main visual and detais of the six main voice cast in preperation for the upcomng premiere. Anime production company Shirogumi is bringing out the series with music from Azusa Kikuchi. Other notable members of the staff include Takamitsu Hirakawa (CG Director), Sunao Chikaoka (Original Character Design), Jun Shirai (CG Character Design). Also, Makoto Fukami along with Taichi Hashimoto doing the series composition.

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Main Visual

Anime Revisions

Main voice cast

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Milo, a mysterious person saves young Daisuke Dojima when he gets kidnaped years ago. Ever since, he looks forward to the fateful day according to the prophecy foretold by Milo. This attitude ultimately drives up a wedge between him and his five friends Gai, Lu, Marimari, and Keisaku.

Daisuke Dojima is now a 2nd-year student in high school. One day he begins to experience strange phenomenon – “Shibuya Adrift” along with his five friends. Soon he realises that the prophecy is coming out to be true. They find themselves at the center of the city of Shibuya, transported to more than 300 years in the future. What they can see is nothing but vast wastelands and forests, dotted with ruins. Furthermore, they face an hostle attack from beings know as “Revisions,” who have the ability to control massive mechanical monsters. And so begins a fight for survival.

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Anime Revisions Releases 2nd Teaser PV

TVアニメ「revisions リヴィジョンズ」ティザーPV②

This year we have seen quite a good number of sci-fi anime rolling out. Do let us know what has been your favourite so far.

Source: TV anime “revisions” official website, Twitter

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Upcoming Original TV Anime Revisions Releases Striking New Teaser PV
Article Name
Upcoming Original TV Anime Revisions Releases Striking New Teaser PV
The official website for the anime Revisions has put up a 60-sec action-packed teaser video, a main visual in preparation for the upcoming premiere.
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