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Top 20 Strongest Devil Fruit Powers That Exist In One Piece

Talking about the strongest devil fruits has always been a hot-headed argument between fellow One Piece fans. And how could it not? There is no scale in the series which we could use to describe strong devil fruits. However, we can guess about our experience and personal opinions. Therefore, this list is based on my personal

Top 100 Hot Anime Guys – They Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

hot anime guys

Welcome to the Top 100+ Hot Anime Guys list! Prepare yourself for the road full of handsome, unique and breath-taking male characters. From younger to a little older. Good boys and bad boys. From immortal to human. They are all different in their own way. But, they have one thing in common. They truly will

Top 10 Best Basketball Anime

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I love watching sports anime. However, this will not be a sports anime article, you can expect one following this soon. What we are going to be talking about here is best basketball anime, and unfortunately there is not many of them here. I have managed to put up a list of top 10, however,

Top 50+ Best Horror Anime Of All Time

One of my definite favorite topics and genres among all anime is horror. Ever since I started watching anime I have been researching horror anime and watching them as much as I could. There is something in the horror that really attracts me towards watching it, and I believe there is something that attracts you