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Fall 2018 Anime Guide

Hello there guys, today I present you our Fall 2018 Anime Guide. I have researched some upcoming anime with Kuma. I am working together with Kuma (as the co-writer) on this blog post. And we have decided to bring you our top recommendations of fall 2018 anime. The new season is going to be very

Top 13 Crazy Anime Girls – Insane Anime Girls Who Intrigue Us The Most

crazy anime girls

In anime, we can see a lot of different and interesting characters. Some of them intrigue us less, some of them intrigue us more. But, whatever the case, animes wouldn’t be so fun to watch without all those crazy and insane characters. They make animes more thrilling and they lead to an interesting plot and

Top 13 anime similar to My Hero Academia

Boku no Hero academia has taken one of the top spots in the shounen genre. And how couldn’t it? It has a likable main character,  superpowers, action, great animation, power scaling and let’s not forget the intriguing superhero society. However, what goes wrong with every great anime is that we run out of content to watch. 

Top 12 Best Mind Game Anime For You To Check Out

There is one thing that fans of Mind Game anime have in common, and that is having a hard time finding good ones to watch. I was introduced to the concept of psychological mind game animes with Death Note. The battle of wits in the anime really surprised me, it instantly hooked me on to

5 Korean and Chinese Animation Worth Checking Out

Korean and Chinese animation

Today I want to recommend a few Korean and Chinese Animation people should check out. Korean and Chinese Animation was something that many people were not paying attention to or simply did not even know it was a thing. But times are changing and people are starting to notice, Korean and Chinese Animation thanks to popular