Yama no Susume

TV Anime ‘Yama no Susume’ Season 3 To Premiere In July 2018


Date: 09/04/2018

The official website for the anime Yama no Susume/Encouragement of Climb announced the release of Key visuals and promo video. The anime is an adaptation of  Siro’s mountaineering-themed manga by the same name. Also, it was announced that the anime will premiere in July 2018, first on Tokyo MX.

Encouragement of Climb is a slice-of-life manga series which began serialization in Earth Star Entertainment’s Comic Earth Star magazine in 2011. The first season was a five-minute series of 23 episodes that ran from January to March 2013. Furthermore, the second season was a 15-minute series of  24 episodes that ran from July to December 2014. Also, the main staff of the previous seasons are returning to this season as well.


As a child, Aoi Yukimura adored mountains and was passionate about climbing. However, a playground accident has since left her afraid of heights, turning her toward indoor hobbies. Unfortunately, now a shy and timid first-year high school student, Aoi has become so absorbed in these pastimes that she can barely socialise with others, leaving her practically friendless. It’s only when she runs into the lively Hinata Kuraue, an old friend from her climbing days, that things start to change.

Impulsive and high-spirited, Hinata insists on having Aoi join her in all sorts of climbing activities. Though reluctant at first, Aoi quickly finds that her time with Hinata brings back fond memories of their childhood and soon decides to start climbing again. As the return to her past hobby starts to bring her out of her shell, Aoi finds herself gaining close friends, taking on new challenges, and continuing to find her own encouragement to climb.

[Source: MAL Rewrite]

Yama no Susume – #1 Promo Video

Yama no Susume

First Season Key Visual

Yama no Susume

Second Season Key Visual

Source: “Yama no Susume/Encouragement of Climb” anime official website, Twitter

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