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Updated on: 22/11/2020

Anime with vampires has been popular in the otaku community since the classical era of anime. These anime vary accordingly in their genre, ranging from heavy gore and bloody to sweet romance and comedy. Vampires have are bloodsucking and beautiful beings of the night. Some are truly brutal and hunt down the human to satisfy their thirst, whereas some are passionate vampires who live peacefully with humans. Though this genre has stagnated a bit, there are still many fascinating series out there that are truly worth a watch.

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Top 20+ Anime with Vampires

Here are some of the top anime choices to pick from if you like the vampire theme series.

noblesse 202021. Nobless

Score: 7.1/10

Noblesse is the 2nd take based on the much-celebrated manhwa/webtoon Noblesse. It is a sequel to the anime Noblesse: Awakening and continues the story from the second volume. In this series, a strong secret organization -the Union, sends modified humans to meddle with Rai’s life. This causes him to exercise his mighty power to protect the people around him. After 820 years of intrigue, the secrets behind his slumber are finally revealed, and Rai’s absolute protection as the Noblesse begins.
P.s- It is recommended to watch Noblesse: Awakening before seeing this.

Noblesse - Awakening20. Noblesse: Awakening

Score: 7.67/10

The plot follows the story of a powerful vampire noble, Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, aka Rai. After waking up from his 820-years long sleep, he now has to become accustomed to modern human society. For that, he decides to enroll in the Ye Ran high school after he reunites with his loyal servant Frankenstein. Moreover, Frankenstein happens to be the principal of the school. Thus starts the journey of Rai as he thrives on understanding the new world and making human friends along the way.

The anime has been adapted from the Manhwa Noblesse. Although a bit fast-paced with beautifully animated characters, decent voice actors, and a great manifestation of the original manhwa, it will surely give you an exciting and enjoyable experience.

Rosario To Vampire19. Rosario to vampire

Score: 7.02/10

Aono Tsukane is an unlucky lass who has not been able to get into a high school. After searching for long, his parents were finally able to find a school with no entrance test. However, as soon as Aono reaches there, he discovers that the school is a monster academy. Frightened, he wanted to leave as quickly as possible, but a meeting with a beautiful girl changes his decision.

Turns out this beautiful girl, Akashiya Moka is a vampire, and she seemed to like his blood. As they become friends and return to the academy, he learns a no-human rule that exists here. So now Aono has to conceal his identity and also graduate from this school. But when other weird monster girls become attracted to him, will he still be able to keep this secret?

This anime with vampires shows us acceptance, friendship, and bravery. Although art style shines more than other aspects of the show, ecchi comedy and hilarious fanservice can also provide you with an enjoyable time.

Kekkai Sensen - Anime with vampires18. Kekkai Sensen

Score: 7.72/10

Hellsalem’s Lot, formerly known as New York City, is home to many supernatural monsters and eccentric humans. Three years ago, the gateway between earth and the beyond opened up. This resulted in the formation of Hellsalem’s lot, a different existence from the rest of the world. Moreover, there is also the Libra, a mysterious organization that keeps this strange city into order and prevent chaos from spreading out.

Kekkai Sensen follows the life of Leonardo Watch. He is a photographer who unexpectedly obtained the ‘All-seeing Eyes of the Gods” at the cost of his sister’s eyes. He subsequently gets to know about that strange city and decides to travel there to know more about his powers. After arriving there, he ends up encountering Libra and joins their ranks, which will forever change his life.

With no real explanation of the events happening inside the anime, you are sure to get baffled. If you want to enjoy the thrill, perky characters, high tier animation, and exaggerated craziness, then you should try it.

Vampire Princess Miyu17. Vampire Princess Miyu

Score: 7.20/10

This horror story is about a vampire girl, Miyu. With her only companion being larva, who was once an evil Shinma. Her destiny is to hunt down the evil demons known as Shinma and send them to their land of origin, the Dark. Himiko pursues her, a spiritualist who is out to stop Miyu from sucking the blood of the helpless humans. Follow Miyu in her quest as a chosen royal princess who is a mysterious existence in human society as she strives to hunt down all the escapee Shinma.

Vampire Princess Miyu is an underrated anime that has a great story, fascinating characters, and decent voice actors. It also has a beautiful animating style and good music, which makes the series very enjoyable. If you like vampire plus suspense, then this anime is worth a try.

Demi-chan wa Kataritai16. Demi-Chan Wa Kataritai

Score: 7.74/10

Tetsuo Takahashi is your everyday average high school biology teacher. Although besides being normal in all other aspects, he has a strange interest. That is his fascination with Demi, the strange beings who are half-human and half-monster. These beings have already integrated themselves into human society for many years. However, society does not know much about them.

So Tetsuo believes that he needs to interact with them more. Therefore, Tetsuo decides to conduct a casual interview with three Demi students and a Demi faculty in his high school. As Tetsuo strengthens his bond with the Demi, he soon discovers that they are not unusual as he initially thought.

An anime with likable characters, cute monster girls, and proper dosage of comedy. The ‘Moe’ attack is sure to make you all squeal with its fluffiness. Even without a distinct plot, you will find it enjoyable to watch.

'Sirius the Jaeger' Releases Promo Videos15. Sirius the Jaeger

Score: 7.21/10

It was the year 1930 when a group of vampires fled China and started causing chaos in Japan. However, following after them are ‘Jaegers,’ an organization of vampire hunters. Undercover of being tasked by the V shipping company, they help the Japanese police forces to eliminate these vampires. However, what they all don’t know is that the Jaeger’s real purpose isn’t just that. They are fighting the vampires over the mystical Ark of Sirius, a holy relic bestowed by gods to the royal family of Sirius. Moreover, whoever gets the possession of this relic can change the fate of this world.

‘Sirius’ will follow the story of Yuliy, a werewolf whose village was destroyed by vampires. After joining the Jaegers, he vowed to take revenge by killing all the vampires. But little did he know that this journey will forever change his life.

This is an anime with vampires that are full of action, drama. And thrilling blood battles. The beautiful and artistic settings, menacing vampire society outlook, and melodramatic theme songs can make us feel that intense suspense throughout the series.

Vampire Knight - best anime on netflix14. Vampire Knight

Score: 7.26/10

Yuki Cross is the adopted daughter of the Cross Academy’s chairman and also a part of Day Class. As she is the prefect of the Day class, it is her and Zero Kiryuu’s responsibility to keep the students of their class in order. And stop them from wandering onto the grounds of Night Class. The students of Night Class are considered as Elites and have extremely bewitching looks. But nobody from the day class except Yuki and Zero knows their secret, and that is they are the mythical Vampires.

If you are looking for an anime with vampires plus romance, then I would recommend this one. It’s not the perfect romance manga and also has its shortcomings. However, the ending didn’t disappoint me even if it was not a truly happy ending.

Karin - anime with vampires13. Karin

Score: 7.26/10

The vampires from many mythical records have been described as bloodsuckers who hunt on unsuspecting human beings. Now here comes Karin, an unusual vampire who doesn’t follow this norm at all. Well, more like she can’t. And that is because, since her childhood, she has suffered from polycythemia. It is a rare disorder that causes her to produce excessive amounts of blood periodically.

Therefore, excessive blood results in her getting a nosebleed. To prevent that, she has to force her blood into random strangers, which is her only remedy. So far, her family has succeeded in keeping her identity a secret. But what will happen when Karin’s blood starts reacting abnormally in the presence of the new transfer student Kenta Usui.

If you like anime with vampires who are out of the norms, then this is for you. The plot starts getting interesting after the 5th episode, so if you do not like the initial events, you to be patient and wait for the enjoyable parts.

Blood Lad - anime with vampires12. Blood Lad

Score: 7.48/10

The plot follows the story of Staz Charlie Blood, a noble vampire who governs the eastern district of Demon World. His reputation in the demon world is that of a bloodthirsty and cruel monster. But little do they all know that in reality, he is just an otaku and entirely obsessed with the Japanese culture. So Staz was overjoyed when one day, Fuyumi Yanagi, a Japanese girl, accidentally crosses the portal to the demon world and ends up encountering him. However, this excitement was shortlived as Staz had to prepare to fight with the attackers immediately.

Unfortunately, Fuyumi is killed by a carnivorous plant while he was away. So when Staz comes back and sees her pitiful ghost, he vows to find a way to resurrect her. Hence, the adventure of Staz and his strange companions as they travel the world to discover human resurrection magic starts.

Blood Lad is a unique vampire theme that has twisted into a humorous tale. The entertaining characters, relevant plot, and lighthearted atmosphere of the anime will give you all an enjoyable time.

Dance in the vampire bund11. Dance in the Vampire Bund

Score: 7.14/10

The story revolves around Mina Tepes, the ruler of all vampires and her werewolf protector Akira Kaburagi Regendorf. After the incident of the vampire movie actor Seiichi Hirai, Mina reveals to the world the existence of a vampire and her desire for the two species to co-exist with each other. She wants to build a safe sanctuary for vampires called ‘The Bund.’ After paying off the national debt of the Japanese government, she gets permission to use the coast of Tokyo, Japan, for the ‘The Bund.’

But not all are in peace with this decision. The fearful humans and the extremist vampire factions always try to interfere with her plans. Now it is up to Mina and Akira to fend off their evil intentions and succeed in the creation of the sanctuary.

An anime with vampires that has managed to utilize the vampire legends and myth aptly. It has impressive animation, complimentary soundtracks, and characters that have surely left a powerful impression on the viewers.

10. Strike the Blood

Score: 7.31/10

Kojou Akatsuki has been living an ordinary high school life in the Demon District of Itogami Island. However, after a fateful encounter, his life changed forever. This led to him gaining the power of the Fourth Progenitor, one of the very powerful vampires. Fearing Kojou’s destructive existence, Lion King Organization decides to send Yukina Himeragi, Neophyte Sword Shaman. Her mission is to observe his every move. And if such a day arrives where he becomes a threat to the world, she is to kill him immediately. With both of their fate now intertwined, together they will face the emerging strong chaotic forces and protect the city with their life on the line.

If you like the plot with a young boy who becomes ridiculously strong and then saves the world while getting a lot of female attention, then here it is. The anime’s strong points are its distinctive arcs and impressive animation. Despite its flaws, this vampire series is delightful.

Black Blood Brothers - anime with vampires9. Black Blood Brothers

Score: 7.22/10

Jiro Mochizuki, aka. Silver Blade is an old noble vampire. He fought Hong Kong Crusade and was successful in defeating the Kowloon King at the cost of his lover’s life. Ten years later, he again returns to Hong Kong with his younger, Kotaro Mochizuki, in hopes of reaching ‘The Special Zone.’ It is a strange city specially created for vampires. However, soon he encounters his past enemies and new threats. He comes to know the plan of Kowloon children to infiltrate the particular zone that will endanger the existence of this sanctuary. Moreover, with the abduction of Kotaro by Kowloon leaves no further choice for Jiro but to fight once again.

At the beginning of the anime, you might not be able to grasp the story entirely. But then, after a few more episodes, you will begin to understand the connections.  And this splendid vampire anime will make you immersed in its well-thought-out story.

8. Blood +

Score: 7.74/10

The series sets in Okinawa City, where the protagonist Saya lives with her adoptive family. Aside from her being an anemic amnesic, she is quite an ordinary girl. However, one day a dangerous encounter with the Chiropteran, a bat-like creature who feeds on human blood and a mysterious man named Haji changes her life forever. After saving her from the beasts, Haji brings her to the organization called Red Shield, which has formed to hunt down the Chiropteran. Subsequently, she learns that her blood is the only thing that can kill these beasts. And thus begins a journey fraught with countless dangers where Saya and her allies will fight against the Chiropterans and ultimately recover her identity.

An anime that gradually transforms from a fairly conventional storyline to unraveling a vast and more complex narrative tapestry. It has superb animation and exceptional soundtracks that complement the mood of the series surprisingly well. This anime with vampires is worth a pick.

Trinity Blood7. Trinity Blood

Score: 7.39/10

The story sets in a distant future after the destruction brought about by Armageddon. As the vampiric Methuselahs return to earth from mars after the apocalyptic event, they waged war against the humans aka The Terrans. The Vatican has tried to protect the humans against these vampires for centuries with the aid of their allies.

Abel Nightroad is a traveling priest from the Vatican who was once on the side of Methuselah. His body had installed with Crusnik, an alien vampire technology that enables Abel to drink the blood of Methuselahs. He is part of the special force called ‘Ax’ led by Cardinal Catherina Sforza. Follow Abel as he with his comrades combat against his twin Cain and Methuselah to stop his evil plans to conquer the world.

The plot of trinity blood can be quite complex to understand. Some even say that this anime is a rip-off of some other anime. But one cannot change the fact that this series is enjoyable. The animation is beautiful, the soundtracks are amazing, and the voice actors have done their part well.

6. Owari No Seraph

Score: 7.61/10

The plot sets after the apocalyptic events of 2012. When the human race almost become extinct due to the outbreak of a human-made virus. It infected every human being leaving only the children under the age of 13 untouched. Now the only hope for humans is to become the livestock for the powerful vampires who finally decided to emerge from hiding.

The story will focus on the lives of Yuichiro and Mikaela. At the age of twelve, both of them and others try to run away from the stronghold of vampires. However, their escape plan became a waste when after an encounter with a vampire, only Yuichiro was able to run away. His escape, though was only possible after he met the Moon Demon Company, a Japanese unit created to hunt the vampires. Now years later, Yuichiro has become a part of the vampire extermination team and vow to take revenge on vampires for slaughtering his family. But what will happen when he finds out that Mikaela is still alive?

An anime with vampires plus shounen with action combining elements of horror and suspense. Though its nothing unique and have a dragging story, you can pick it up if you like to watch a vampire theme with action.

5. Shiki

Score: 7.88/10

It is set during summertime in the mid-1990s in a small town of Sotoba, Japan. One day, unexpected death of fifteen years old Megumi Shimizu onset the start of a ferocious epidemic, which turned the hot summer into a season of terror and blood. When a young doctor named Toshio Ozaki started investigating the truth behind this disease. He found the cause surprisingly leading to the vampiric creatures known as Shiki. Meanwhile, Natsuno Yuuki, an antisocial youth who hates living in a village, also becomes involved in this event after being haunted by the death of Megumi. Will they be able to save the town from becoming a graveyard, or will they learn something more unexpected as they venture deeper into this mystery?

This anime has adapted from a famous horror novel written by Fuyumi Ono. A series that goes beyond an average anime with a vampire story. So if you are looking for an intelligent horror with the vampire theme, then you should check this out.

Jojos Bizzare Adventure - anime with vampires4. Jojo No Kimyou Na Bouken

Score: 8.37/10

A man named Dario once saved George Joestar. To repay him, George promised the dead Dario that he would take care of his only son Dio. But little did George know that who he now calls brother is already brewing evil thoughts against his family and fortune. He has a stone mask with mystical powers. And when the ancient power behind the mask is uncovered, this malicious plan becomes much more than they all expected. This continues even 50 years later when Jonathan’s grandson finds the mask and learns of his family’s history.

This anime adapted two arcs from the manga of the same title. One of the popular macho manly type anime with vampires theme. You will not be disappointed if you decide to pick this series.

3. Vampire Hunter D

Score: 7.93/10

Set in the year 12,090, after a nuclear holocaust, which made the entire world reset to the old medieval age with lurking monsters and mutants, not a myth anymore. A vampiric mutant known as D is a renowned vampire bounty hunter in the whole world. One day, he gets an enormous bounty where he is tasked to find Charlotte Elbourne, who has mysteriously gone missing. But will he be able to handle all the unexpected trouble that will come with this mission?

A classic vampire anime that has managed to combine western pacing with the absurd gore. With all the fabulous action, exceptional animation, and excellent character progression coupled with such vampiric bloodlust makes this the most excellent vampire movie ever.

Bakemonogatari2. Bakemonogatari

Score: 8.35/10

One day, a high school student Koyomi Araragi was attacked by a vampire, nearly losing his humanity. But with the help of Meme Oshino, a strange man living in an abandoned building, he was able to survive this ordeal. Though the cost of retaining his life came with him gaining the supernatural powers of vampires. Now he wants to live a normal student life while hiding his superpowers.

When Hitagi Senjogahara falls down the stairs into the Koyomi’s arms, he realizes that she is unnaturally weightless. Despite her warning him to stay out of her business, he offers to help by introducing her to Oshino. Thus the series continues with many such encounters of Koyomi Araragi with other supernatural beings who suffer from these maladies.

Bakemonogatari is a part of the Monogatari series. The characters in this series are indeed very unique and complex. With such an unconventional and intriguing animation style, it was able to complement the series effectively.

hellsing ultimate - best military anime1. Hellsing Ultimate

Score: 8.49/10

Hellsing sets in England and centers around the Royal Order of Protestant Knights, who are currently led by Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing. The only objective of this force is to destroy all the undead creatures. Integra is an only child of Van Hellsing, who was once the most powerful man and inherited his will after his death. She is protected by the most powerful Butler of Hellsing family Walter C. Dornez.  And the vampire lord, Alucard, who has sworn to protect the Hellsing family after he was defeated by Van Hellsing centuries ago. Follow Integra and her companions as they combat against all the evil forces, be they in the guise of monsters or humans, that threaten the queen and the country.

Hellsing is the epitome of senseless violence and sheer brutality. And it is a cruel gore anime with the epic plotline, excellent characters, and classic soundtracks, which goes perfectly with the series. So if you want to experience the real bloody anime with vampires, then you should pick out Hellsing Ultimate.

With this last ultimate anime with vampires, I conclude my list. So which anime is your favorite? Do comment down below.

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