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Updated on: 19/04/2024

Either it is to provoke a feeling or bring more fans, or simply to exaggerate, nudity is present in many different forms of written, audio, or video media. Anime is not excluded from this, and our list of anime with nudity will show you the purpose of nudity in certain anime. Dive in with us as we pique some interest in you with nudity anime!

To prepare you in advance, the most common motives you can expect are a high school, harem, students, innocent boy/girl protagonist, world-saving monsters. Let us show your our list of anime with nudity!

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Anime with Nudity

Here you will find out the purpose of nudity in certain ecchi anime. And create a possible to-watch list on which you can start TODAY!

32.DOGEZA I Tried Asking While Kowtowing.

The series is pretty simple, The MC wants to see the naughty bits of all the female characters. So he goes around begging on his hands and knees(DOGEZA), requesting them to do all kinds of lewd stuff, and 99% of the time the girls do it.

Nudity Parts: Full frontal nudity, exhibition themes

31. My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog

A normal high school boy one day finds himself turned into a dog. How this happened, he doesn’t know but this could be a good opertunuty to live a nice calm life as a normal everyday dog. But of course, that won’t happen because he just so happened to turn into the dog of his crush. Who happily dotes on him(Dog) without realizing that the dog is one of their classmates, Thus starts a very mischievous story full of silly and ecchi events between a Dog and Girl.

Nudity parts: lots of upskirts, nudity and what can only be considered borderline-beastility(???)

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

30. Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

You emerge into a world with ambitious men and women whose souls travel to the world by the name, Alayzard. It is a magical world filled with battles, various weapons, and elements (water, earth, fire, air), and the main reward is a gift of magical abilities if you manage to survive. The story follows a young, hero-type, charismatic man Akatsuki Ousawa, one of many under Babel’s international training organization. The purpose of Babel is to train young people who came back with new magical abilities.

Akatsuki survived Alayzard, then came back to his world with a gorgeous pink-haired girl named Myuu after defeating her father, Last Dark Lord. Nudity in this anime is displayed in the form of the comedy of the situation. Myuu, a 16-year-old girl, is a busty girl who has trouble finding the clothes that fit her, which can actually cover her bust.

Demographic: Classified as Shonen, with graphic nudity elements, ecchi anime.

Nudity parts: Akatsuki often grabs Myuu’s breasts or watches her shower. Also, he has the ability to remove women’s underwear without them noticing.

Ecchi anime

29. Ladies versus Butlers!

The story follows Akiharu Hino, a young boy who lost his parents and lives with his uncle and his family. Because he feels like a burden to his uncle, he decides to apply for Hakureiryo Academy, where he manages to enter House Management Department. His dream is to become a butler for high society, and it doesn’t go so easily as his appearance frightens his classmates, or so he thinks.

It is fair to say that most of his classmates are girls, and as he tries to make friends, he meets his childhood friend Tomomi Saikyo, a girl with a rather interesting personality. A two-faced girl who traumatized Akiharu throughout his childhood. “Ladies versus Butlers!” has a no deeper meaning but simply shows nudity scenes. It draws in the audience who looking for a simple Ecchi show about two girls fighting over the main character.

Demographic: For male audience, ecchi anime

Nudity parts: Most females are mostly nude, showing breasts and nipples,

Ecchi anime

28. Kanokon

Like “Ladies versus Butlers!“, Kanokon has a similar plot. The main character is a young boy, a freshman by the name Kouta Oyamada. He transfers to a Kunpo High School, where he meets a year older girl, Chizuru Minamoto. She falls in love with him on the first day and tries to win him over by showing a public affectionate display. They are complete opposites, he is a shy boy trying to meet new friends and survive a day in school, and she is a young girl, aware of her appeal and ready to take what she wants.

Things get interesting when a new girl transfers to their school by the name Nozomu Ezomori and decides that she also wants Kouta for herself. The supernatural part about this anime is that Chizuru reveals she is a fox spirit, and on the other side, we have Nozomu, who is a wolf spirit. A typical story of two women trying to win over a guy for themselves. There is no intelligent plot behind this anime as it only exists to serve a certain fan base.

Demographic: For male audience, seinen, ecchi anime

Nudity parts: Full on nudity display with forward sex scenes,

Ecchi anime

27. Kiss x Sis

As the title says, you can expect some Ecchi romance between siblings. But not in the way you may think. You follow a plot about a blended family in which the father brought his son, and the stepmother brought her two daughters, who are a year older than their stepbrother, whose name is Keita Suminoe. He is a 15-year-old athletic boy who is currently a third-year middle school student.

His stepsisters, Ako and Riko, develop strong feelings for him. Keita wants to establish himself as an academic intellect as well and manages to go to the same school as Ako and Riko. Now, he is a first-year high school student focused on his ambitious dreams and torn between school and his stepsisters, who don’t know how to give up. Surely, one of the best anime with nudity.

Demographic: Seinen, ecchi anime

Nudity parts: More nudity visible in OVA’s, while in anime series not so much

Ecchi anime

26. Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven” anime may appeal to you if you’re a big fan of fantasy anime. It is about Arata Kasuga, a boy who has a completely normal life until one day the Black Sun appears in the sky and causes the Breakdown Phenomenon. This Phenomenon destroys his town and takes his childhood friend Hijiri Kasuga away from him. As Hijiri slowly disappears in his arms, she hangs him a grimoire and begs him to protect Kasuga. At that moment, Arata wishes for his world to be good again, and grimoire listens to his words. It recreates his world the way it was and instantly forgets what happened moments ago.

Another character steps the scene, Lilith Asami, a mage who visits Arata’s town, which is, in fact, in ruins. Lilith meets Arata and forces him to remember the events that happened before reconstructing his world. Arata decides to become a mage like Lilith to save Hijiri and enlists in the Royal Biblia Academy, a secret school for mages. There he learns of the Trinity Seven, seven well-known mages (Lilith is one of them), who train Arata to become like them – a powerful mage who wishes to save Hijiri.

Demographic: Shonen, for male audience, ecchi anime

Nudity parts: Naked female bodies or in swimsuits

Ecchi anime

25. Battle Vixens: Ikki Tousen

Battle Vixens: Ikki Tousen” is a must if you love it when your anime taps into a historic plotline! Seven high schools in Japan take place in a turf war, and the main cause is territorial supremacy.

Each school has fighters who bear the sacred jewels magatama, and they contain the essence of warriors who lived long ago. And by long ago, we mean 1800 years ago, from the Three Kingdoms era of Ancient China.

The story revolves around Hakufu Sonsaku, the descendant of legendary conqueror Sun Ce. She attends Nanyo Academy, and her goal is to conquer all the seven schools, but it doesn’t always go as you plan. Surely, one of the best anime with nudity.

Demographic: Seinen, ecchi anime

Nudity parts: Panty shots, graphic depictions of sexual acts

Ecchi anime

24. Seven Mortal Sins

You all know the story about Lucifer, son of God and archangel who decided to rebel against God. In this anime, Lucifer is a female who is then cast down from Heaven, and she crashes into a school’s church where she meets a young girl Maria Totsuka. Lucifer infuses her with a small part of her angelic blood, but Lucifer doesn’t stay on Earth, but she continues to fall down to Hell.

There, she is challenged by Leviathan and the Seven Sins, the ruling Demon Lords of Hell. They manage to seal her away, but not much time passes when she swears on revenge. She returns with Leviathan to Earth to continue her, oh so sweet, influence on young Maria, turning her into her own immortal obedient slave. Although “Seven Mortal Sins” sounds serious and promising, it is still an anime with a main focus to create a certain easy-to-please fan base. Surely, one of the best anime with nudity.

Demographic: Shonen/seinen (manga), ecchi anime, almost hentai-like

Nudity parts: Graphic foreplay, sucking nipple, breasts

Ecchi anime

23. Bikini Warriors

The title says it all – young female warriors in bikinis that serve as armor. They fight against various dangers that inhabit their world. It sounds a lot like female avatars you create in various MMOs, only to realize that there is much revealing armor that somehow serves their purpose in protecting their bodies.

This anime is presented in the form of short stories of our female adventures – Fighter, Paladin, Mage, and Dark Elf (you see what we mean?) in everyday life. Gamers here will get a feel of a game as their group is treated as a game party, with one being their party leader and others fulfilling their roles as a healer and DPS. “Bikini Warriors” is nothing more than a desire to watch something simple and funny when you want to take a break from more value-filled anime.

Demographic: For male audience, lesbians, ecchi anime

Nudity parts: Naked bodies, molestation, breasts, and licking, bondage

22. The Qwaser of Stigmata

As mentioned before, this anime also has a plot set in high school, but with a touch of Russian culture. We follow Mafuyu Oribe and Tomo Yamanobe, who go to the Japanese Eastern Orthodox school with the name St. Mikhailov Academy. They are in a great way stigmatized and treated wrongly by Miyuri Tsujidou, daughter of the current dean, and Hana Katsuragi, her second-in-command.

In the story, Mafuyu and Tomo save the silver-haired Russian-born Alexander Nikolaevich Hell, and as soon as Alexander regains consciousness, he decides to repay Mafuyu and Tomo in every way possible with kindness. Alexander, or Sasha for short, is a thrown away Qwaser, and people who hate him, the Adepts, will attack him, even if that means making the school a war zone. The anime is still considered an ecchi anime, and it serves its purpose in depicting graphic nudity and fantasy about drinking breast milk.

Demographic: Shonen (manga), ecchi anime

Nudity parts: Breast milk depiction (soma), violence

Ecchi anime

21. Samurai Girls

You emerge into a world called Great Japan at the academy by the name Buou Academic School. It is inspired by historical Japan when Japan’s feudal military government was active and military families taught their children to become soldiers and warriors. This particular school is set at the base of Mount Fuji, and as mentioned before, military families train their children to become samurai warriors.

We have two major figures, Yukimura Sanada and Mtabei Goto of the Toyotomi faction, who fight over a power to run the academy. But, we also find other characters involved in the conflict – Muneakira Yagyu, the owner of the Yagyu Dojo, and Jubei Yagyu. The story revolves around female warriors representing descendants of historical figures from the Sengoku period and early Edo period. This anime is filled with samurai action and harem comedy scenes.

Demographic: Shonen, ecchi anime

Nudity parts: Naked female bodies, kissing

20. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

This is one of those plots when you hear at first, you are not really sure is it a joke or not. So, you have two classes of girls infected with an Armed Virus (A Virus) and separated into two classes depending on how the virus manifests in them. The first class is called Extras, and it is made of women who physically turn into weapons when aroused sexually. The other class is Liberators, and it consists of women who can wield an Extra’s weapon form.

So, in a way, you have one woman controlling the other. These classes are brought to separate islands (Mermaid Island and Bhikkhuni Island), isolated from the rest of the world while the Observers on those islands evaluate them and decide when they are ready to rejoin society.

Demographic: For hentai lovers, ecchi anime

Nudity parts: Sexual violence, sex scenes, display of breasts, group baths

19. Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya

This anime introduces us to a magical world where you have a magic wielder and a Kaleidosticks, magical sticks who choose their wielders to control their magic. We have two main characters, Illyasviel von Einzbern, a middle school student who is unaware of the magical world, and Miyu, who is considered a Magical Girl once her Kaleidostick chooses her. But where it gets interesting is that those two Kaleidosticks had previous owners they abandoned because their owners were collecting the Cards (which is the main purpose of the story) for the purpose of a quarrel.

The Kaleidostick Ruby chooses Illya, and the Kaleidostick Sapphire chooses Miyu. Through their adventures, they try to collect all the Cards and, well… it is up to you to see how that goes. Or ends. Naked scenes are mostly used for laughs!

Demographic: Seinen, but discreet, ecchi anime

Nudity parts: Bath scenes, naked flat chested bodies

Ecchi anime

18. Prison School

Kiyoshi Fujino and his four male friends attend the Hachimitsu Academy, a strict girls’ academy. They are the only males in a school which counts over 1,000 girls, and you can kind of see what to expect here. The school is overwhelmingly strict, and if they don’t obey its rules, punishment follows. Yes, you see that right. They will be sent to prison school because this school obviously has it.

You can see scenes like boys taking a bath together while completely naked in front of each other. And as the plot delivers, after minor infractions, they will be given an ultimatum – go to school prison for a month or be expelled. In prison, some of them turn into masochists while others form feeling towards their jailors. They scream for punishment from very strict, very appealing supervisors. This anime is perfect for those who like to be submissive from time to time. (

Demographic: For those who like dominant women, Seinen, BDSM

Nudity parts: Bath scenes, male arse, sexual references, whipping, face-sitting, heel stomping

17. Manyuu Hiken-chou

“Manyuu Hiken-chou” can be described with one phrase – fixation on big breasts. If you have big breasts, you will go well in life. If not? You’re not worthy enough to even be considered a human. Here, we have a clan Manyu whose goal is to raise big-breasted women in leading the clan. The anime lets you know about a secret scroll in their possession, and it harbors tips on how to grow big, beautiful breasts.

The main character of the story, Chifusa, has a task to become the clan leader, but she doesn’t like how this clan separates women. One day she decides to take the scroll and run away with it, and set her foot on the ground. Things need to change, and she will be the one to do it. This anime actually has a decent plotline if you put the nudity aside. You can always watch the censored version if it is too hard to focus with all those boobs on screen.

Demographic: Seinen, for the lovers of big breasts, ecchi anime

Nudity parts: Revealed huge breasts, nipples, panty shots

Anime with nudity

16. I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job.

Most of us feel this title on a deeper level, and the plotline is quite similar. The main protagonist, Raul Chaser, wishes to become a hero by taking the Hero Program, but that dream dies when the Demon Empire collapses, and the Hero Program is shut down.

Raul was forced to get a job, and so he did. He starts to work in a small department store Magic Shop Reon. It isn’t as exciting as being a hero, but it provides salary, and there was no other option for him. One day, a new worker interrupts his everyday boring job, and Raul realizes it is the Demon Lord’s daughter. Not to mention she could be considered a cutie. His job doesn’t seem so boring now, does it?

Demographic: Male, Shonen and seinen (different manga versions)

Nudity parts: Mild nudity parts, naked female bodies, panties

Anime with nudity

15. Maken-Ki!

Have you ever heard of the game the Yandere Simulator? Well, it is quite similar. As it is already typical on this list, we have Tenbi Academy, a private high school that accepts boys as well, after being an entirely all-female school. Takeru Ohyama enrolls in the school, and after his childhood friend Haruko Amaya shows him around the school, he realizes it is, in fact, a magical school.

Students possess magical and spiritual energies that go by the name Elements, and Takeru grows worried as he is aware that there is no manifestation of his powers. But, not to despair, soon his female classmates surround Takeru, ones calling themselves his fiancee, and others threatening to kill him. Maken-ki represents the Security Committee, an organization that fights evil and helps operations supported by the student council. There is a high focus on the nudity aspect, and for truly to grasp what it is going for, you have to watch the uncensored version.

Demographic: For male, Shonen (manga), ecchi anime

Nudity parts: Panty shots, over the top nudity, Takeru’s pervy attitude, clothes being torn apart during school sports, breasts, showers

Anime with nudity

14. Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs

Who is Yuuna? Yuuna is a beautiful female who becomes a ghost after dying in the Yuragi Inn. She frequently haunts the Inn, and because of her, the Inn can’t make much money, and it is forced to rent out its rooms for a low price. Kogarashi Fuyuzora enters the scene, a young homeless high school student. Kogarashi searches for a home, and he finds out about the Yuragi Inn. There, he meets the beautiful but transparent Yuuna, who tells him about her sad fate. He decides to help her finish what she feels is left unfinished, and meanwhile, he discovers some supernatural secrets of other tenants of the Inn.

Demographic: Shonen (manga), harem, ecchi anime

Nudity parts: Breasts grabbing, panties, face-sitting, clothes tearing

Anime with nudity

13. Cat Planet Cuties

The story starts with Kio Kakazu, a kind and polite guy who is pictured attending a funeral in honor of his ancestors. At the funeral, he meets Eris, a girl with cat ears. He meets her again the very next morning in his bed, sleeping half-naked. Kio learns that Eris is, in fact, an alien who wants to learn more about Earth and its life forms. To make a plot a bit more interesting, there is also a group of worshippers whose main goal is to find aliens like Eris. Soon they learn about her being on Earth, which triggers a hunt for Eirs, and it is up to Kio to save her or deliver her to their arms.

Demographic: Seinen, for male audience, ecchi anime

Nudity parts: butt depiction, showers, undressing

Anime with nudity

12. Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time

Peter Grill is a warrior of the Brave Swordsmen’s Guild who decides to take the strongest man’s title in the world by winning an international fighting tournament. And he succeeds. By becoming the strongest man in the world, he uses this accomplishment by asking for a hand in marriage a young girl named Luvelia.

Luvelia is in Peter’s Guild member and also a daughter of Guildmaster Sanctus. But it doesn’t stop there. Women from other races learn about Peter and his victory and decide to ask for his “seed” to give birth to strong future warriors. It gets complicated as Peter tries to hide his lovers from Luvelia and her father. And on top of that, Luvelia’s father is trying to find a way to end the relationship because of his strong love for his daughters. Surely, one of the best anime with nudity.

Demographic: Seinen, Ecchi anime

Nudity parts: Naked female bodies, sex scenes, forced sex

Anime with nudity

11. Sekirei

Ambitious yet shy and caring, Minato is a boy who wishes to be accepted into an academy of his choice, but he fails the entrance exam more than once. One day, a girl falls from the sky into his arms, and she introduces herself by the name Musubi. She explains to him that he’s an ashikabi and that she is his sekirei. What Musubi wishes to say is that she is a weapon he can use and only him if he seals a contract in a shape of a kiss. Together they are stronger, and soon it things complicate when more sekirei wish to serve Minato.

Demographic: Seinen, Ecchi anime

Nudity parts: Kissing, clothes tearing during battles, display of panties, baths, beach scenes, hot spring scenes

Anime with nudity

10. Queen’s Blade

Queen’s Blade represents a tournament that determines who will be the fairest and powerful Queen. The Queen will rule for the next four years until the new Queen is chosen. The current Queen that rules is Aldra. And many warriors travel to Gainos, the Queen’s Capital, and among those warriors is Leina. She is the heiress of the Vance Family. Although she meets many threats along her way to the capital, nothing will crush her will to be the next Queen that will rule over the nation. Surely, one of the best anime with nudity.

Demographic: Seinen, ecchi anime

Nudity parts: Breasts, naked wrestling matches, panties, tentacles

Anime with nudity

09. Monster Girl Doctor

Dr. Glenn Litbeit and his lovely lamia assistant Saphentite Neikes run a medical clinic for monster girls in the town of Lindworm. It is a place where monsters and humans live in peace. Many things happen in this medical clinic, whether it is an injured centaur, or a mermaid, or a flesh golem, take your pick! Monsters upon monsters, upon monsters. So, Dr. Glenn could be described as a graceful, kind, and confident young man, but he can only take a certain amount of pressure. What kind of pressure? Well, that is up to you to find out. ( But keep in mind that even though it is an Ecchi anime, it doesn’t have many scenes for the right fan service, and its animation could be categorized as awkward.

Demographic: For male audience

Nudity parts: Hot springs, oral sex, breasts, role play

Anime with nudity

08. Why the hell are you here, Teacher!?

A lot of you had this fantasy, and “Why the Hell are you here, Teacher!?” is here to deliver. You have a young, gorgeous, female teacher Kana Kojima and a kind, ambitious high school boy Ichiro Sato who is dreaming about entering college. The comedy of this anime consists of constant awkward and erotic situations between Ichiro and Kana. For example, in the first scene,

Ichiro stumbles upon his teacher Kana in a rather dire situation – she has to use the bathroom, but she uses the male bathroom because it is the nearest. Ichiro didn’t expect her there so… You can imagine what happens next. The comedy in this anime is spot on! As you progress through the story, you meet more female teachers and their student counterparts in similar embarrassing situations. But, all in all, it is a pretty funny anime.

Demographic: Seinen, for male audience

Nudity parts: Sunscreen rubbing, breasts, bathroom scenes

Anime with nudity

07. Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia

Invaders from another universe attack Earth by entering through various portals. Their weapons fuse together magic and science, which humanity cannot fight. People on Earth have weapons that are completely useless against the invaders, and they are forced to build Mega Floats – floating structures on which they live. They manage to create effective weapons by the name Heart Hybrid Gear (HHG), which they place on themselves and say its name. HHG envelopes their bodies like a shield and protects them from harm.

The main character, Hida Kizuna, has his own HHG, but it is quite weak when you compare him to others. Ecchi part of the anime arrives when the true ability lies in Hida’s… manhood. It seems that if he has sex with other girls, it will replenish their strength and powers. His deliverance will help women warriors to be even better, making a change on the war front. By keeping their powers on high levels, he will prevent their deaths which usually occur once the power diminishes. The story is a bit bland and illogical, but it is good if you just want to watch something to kill time.

Demographic: Seinen, Ecchi anime

Nudity parts: Breasts

Anime with nudity

06. High School DxD

“High School DxD” is a school full of ordinary students. At least at first sight. Along the way, you find out that some students are angels, fallen angels, or devils as they pretend to be students. Issei Hyodo one day receives an invite to a date by a girl Yuma Amano. She takes Issei to the park where she reveals her request to him – die for me!

She is, in fact, a fallen angel Raynare who decides to take his life. Another girl steps on the light and revives poor Issei, and he wakes up the next day in his bed, believing that everything was just a dream. As he opens his eyes, his savior stands naked in front of him, revealing her body and identity. She is, in fact, a devil who revived Issei as another devil, forcing him to be her faithful servant. Surely, one of the best anime with nudity.

Demographic: For male audience, ecchi anime

Nudity parts: Shower, full body nudity, swimsuits, body massages

Anime with nudity

05. To Love Ru Darkness

Not to mistake for “To Love Ru,” this story happens after the events of “To Love Ru.” Our main protagonist is Momo Belia Devilduke, Lala’s younger sister. Lala and Momo now live with Rito, and as you can guess, we have a lot of love interests that continue from “To Love Ru” to some new crushes. Rito is in love with Haruna yet can’t deny new emerging feelings towards Lala.

Momo, on the other hand, since this is her story now, falls in love with Rito but doesn’t want to betray her sister Lala. So, she thinks of a plot that any of us would think of in her situation. Listen to this: she tries to build a harem of girls for Rito, hoping that Rito will become the King of Devilduke and marry Lala, then he can legally marry any girl he wishes. Including Momo herself. As we said, you would make a plan like that as well, right?

Demographic: For male audience

Nudity parts: Bare chest, touching, scenes including animals, face-sitting, armpit fetish

Anime with nudity

04. Monster Musume: Everyday Life With Monster Girls

Monster Musume” is set in Asaka, Saitama, and it is a story about Kimihito Kurusu, a boy who lives a fairly regular life until his friend Kuroko Smith brings a scared girl to his doorstep. Kimihito takes the girl Miia to his house, and they start living together. After a while, more girls find themselves at his doorstep, and he takes them in. From there, it gets pretty much wild – a house full of girls and one boy.

At this point, it is important to mention that those girls are not human, but they arrive from various species. Species like centaur, harpy, devil, and similar. Kimihito tries to help them settle in the human world while at the same time he tries to ward himself off their “love” attacks. So, the plot thickens when he needs to marry one of the girls in his household because of the change in the law that deals with human-liminal relationships. Girls start to compete even harder for his attention and love. It is up to Kimihito if he will love it or hate it.

Demographic: Seinen, ecchi anime

Nudity parts: Bare chests, touching, oral pleasuring insinuations, shower scenes, wet clothes

Anime with nudity

03. The Testament of Sister New Devil

Basara Tojo is a boy who lives with his father. His father Jin decides to remarry and brings home his wife and her two cute daughters, making them Basara’s stepsisters. Their names are Mio Naruse and Maria Naruse. Eventually, father Jin has to go overseas, and he leaves Basara alone at home with his stepsisters.

Not much time passes when he realizes that Mio and Maria are part of a demon clan while he is a part of a hero clan. Mio decides to go dominant with Basara and tries to make him her servant. On the other hand, her sister Maria is quite shy, and she keeps to herself, so her wish is that Basara dominates her. They find themselves in various awkward situations that include nudity and all other ecchi things you might expect.

Demographic: Seinen

Nudity parts: Recording someone sleeping, incest, touching, naked chest

Anime with nudity

02. Interspecies Reviewers

As the title reveals a bit, Interspecies Reviewers is an anime about various species set in a world with various brothels. Each brothel offers succu-girls, and it literally means – one brothel, one species of succu-girls. Those girls have succubus blood running through their veins, hence the name.

In this anime, reviewers are people who visit various brothels and then rate their skills, experiences, and imagination. The story revolves around a human named Stunk, an angel Crimvael and an elf Zel. Surely, one of the best anime with nudity.

Demographic: Male, ecchi anime

Nudity parts: Fetish, naked bodies, sucking milk fetish, changing sex

Anime with nudity

01. Tsugumomo

Kazuya Kagami experienced something he never thought he would in his young life. One of his late mother’s obi turns into a girl in a kimono. Her name is Kiriha, and she explains to him that she is a Tsukumogami. This means that she is a tool that acquired a spirit and, by that definition, became alive.

Other different spirits start to manifest around Kazuya, even trying to claim him with their impure actions with her arrival. They are called “Amasogi,” and they represent prematurely born spirits whose sole purpose is to fulfill other people’s impure wishes. Kazuya soon learns of other Tsukumogami and realizes that life won’t be the same from now on. Surely, one of the best anime with nudity.

Demographic: For male audience, ecchi anime

Nudity parts: Bath scenes, showering, breasts, harem baths

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This is just a small list of ecchi anime with nudity but an interesting anime list when you are unsure where to start. Either you’re into monsters or high school drama, there really is something for everyone. Do you like our list of anime with nudity? Did you watch some of the anime on the list? Tell us in the comments! What is your favorite anime? Recommend some of them below!

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