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Updated on: 02/09/2022

Kazuya Kinoshita is a lucky dude, for he ended up getting a real girlfriend by a chance encounter while he tried to rent a girlfriend. This is why Rent a Girlfriend is a tremendously good watch and should be in everyone’s anime watch list for sure. But, eventually, you’ll end up watching all the episodes and would start searching for Anime Like Rent a Girlfriend.

This is where we can help you, for we have compiled a list of top 10 Animes which are similar to Rent a Girlfriend. Whether it is the story background or similarities in MC’s, there are other animes that you could watch if you’re coming from watching Rent a girlfriend. So, without any further ado, proceed with the list, and if you find it useful or liked it, then don’t forget to share it with your buddies.

Top 10 Anime Like Rent A Girlfriend

50 Best Romance Comedy Anime That You Should Watch

Fuuka - Anime Similar to Rent a Girlfriend

10. Fuuka 

Yuu Haruna loves to use Twitter and has just moved into town. While he’s on his way to buy dinner, he stops to take and upload a photo onto Twitter.  A mysterious high school girl named Fuuka Akitsuki breaks his phone, however. She mistakenly thought that he was trying to take a picture of her underwear. 

During this interaction, she accidentally left behind a CD. Yuu returns this to her the next day, which makes Fuuka appreciate his personality and honesty. This prompts her to start a relationship with him. How will his life change now because of this girl?

The anime has suspense, and the fast-paced progression will keep you on your toes. You’ll find yourself asking questions like “What’s going to happen next?” and “How will things end up now?”. There are a variety of diverse characters with their own set of weaknesses and strengths. The show has no unnecessary fillers and only shows what’s essential to the development of the story. Overall, this sequel to “Suzuka” is heartwarming, and the relationships displayed in it are cute and lovely.


09. Suzuka 

With an emphasis on sports, this rom-com intertwines the pursuit of athletics along with love. The story follows the life of Yamato Akitsuki, who lives in Tokyo to study in high school. Living with his aunt, who operates a female-only onsen, he begins his normal life as a high school student.

However, one day, he meets a girl and gets mesmerized by her beauty. He’s even more shocked when he finds out that the girl he met, Suzuka, is next-door neighbors with him. As she is an extremely skilled high jumper, Yamato joins his school’s track and field team to impress her. 

His ordinary life begins to change once he finds out that he has the potential to become a top sprinter. One of the main problems with rom-coms is that it’s usually always predictable. Suzuka is a different case, however.

Every character behaves naturally, which gives a real feeling to the anime. It seems almost life-like. The story is exciting and breathtaking, especially towards the end. With witty humor and slap-stick comedy, this anime is entertaining with a great message in the end.  Add it to your watchlist if you’re searching for Anime Similar to Rent a Girlfriend.

Kimi no Iru Machi

08. Kimi no Iru Machi

Living a calm life in the countryside, Haruto Kirishima is a boy who is away from the fast-paced lifestyle of the city. One day, a girl named Yuzuki Eba barges into his life. She’s come from Tokyo to stay with her family briefly. The time they spent together has left him filled with memories of a short but eccentric period.  Soon, she abruptly leaves his life just as she’d entered it, leaving him with a lot of questions.

The real story begins quite a while later when Haruto moves to Tokyo, intending to live with his sister and pursue his goal of becoming a cook. In reality, however, he wishes to reunite with Yuzuki. Things don’t go as smoothly as he wanted, however. Once he arrives, he is attacked by his sister’s neighbor, Mishima Asuka, who mistakes him for a robber.

Shortly after the misunderstanding is cleared, his feelings start to waver. Is his fate intertwined with Yuzuki, who seems to be avoiding him for no reason, or Asuka? The story has got the right balance of romance and drama. The conclusive ending will save you from the bitter feeling that shows ending with a cliffhanger usually give. You’ll be surprised at how this anime makes you feel. Both while watching it and after watching it.

Golden Time - Anime Similar to Rent a Girlfriend

07. Golden Time

When a tragic incident occurs, Banri Tada is inflicted with amnesia. As a result, his memories of his past and his hometown disappearing. However, he decides to begin a new life at law school after befriending Mitsuo Yanagisawa.

As he moves on and starts to adjust to college life, a beautiful girl named Kouko Kaga enters his life. Their accidental meeting signifies the starting of an unforgettable time. After getting a taste of college life, Banri realizes that he’s in a world where he can have new friends, be reborn, make mistakes, and fall in love. Slowly, he begins to remember who he was.

Now, the path that he chose will lead him towards a bright life that he will cherish forever. Golden Time is not the typical rom-com anime. There are plenty of things that make it an anime worth watching.

One such thing is the story itself. The plot and narration move smoothly, giving viewers a sense that Banri is telling the story. It truly gives us an in-depth understanding of what he is feeling. The art in the anime is suited for the show as well.  The anime showcases a real sense of comedy as well. It makes us feel like we’re watching a part of our own lives, which is why it can be your pick for Anime Similar to Rent a Girlfriend.

Masamune-Kun's Revenge

06. Masamune-kun’s Revenge

Masamune Makabe was a chubby child. He was rejected by a rich, pretty girl called Aki Adagaki, who ridiculed him for being overweight and named him “Piggy.”  Heartbroken, Masamune put all his effort into working out and improve his state. Now, he’s a handsome yet egotistical student in high school.

Masamune finds out that he’s been transferred to Aki’s school. To exact his revenge, he’s determined to make Aki fall in love with him and then reject her ultimately. He begins to develop a relationship with the so-called “Brutal Princess” to set his plan into motion. However, he fails miserably in the beginning.

Just as Masamune began his efforts to gain vengeance, he receives an anonymous letter that addresses him as “Piggy.” Now, he has to figure out the identity of the mailer, or his plan is foiled before it could even start. The characters have a unique personality, and the story is quite different from other animes as well. Although simple, the animation is gorgeous. The show is enjoyable to watch with characters that make the series fun. 

3D Kanojo: Real Girl

05. 3D Kanojo: Real Girl

Hikari Tsutsui is a socially awkward boy who chooses to immerse himself in video games and anime. This leads him to be ostracized and teased by his classmates. For him, life in the 2-D world is much simpler. Yuuto Itou, his friend, shares a similar viewpoint and is equally obsessed with games. The only difference is that Yuuto wears cat ears.

One day, Tsutsui arrives late and gets punished with the task of cleaning the pools. While doing this chore, he meets Iroha Igarashi, a girl with a notorious reputation. Due to this, he tries to steer clear of her.

She’s a girl who is infamous for being blunt and messing around with guys. Additionally, her female classmates loathe her. Tsutsui thinks that if he gets involved with her, she will cause nothing but problems for him. This anime revolves around the two outcasts. One is a boy who is full of emotions unknown to him, while the other is a girl who aims to make him break out of his shell.

The animation is both well designed and animated. The show integrated various themes into the strong story and unique premise.  With excellent characters, one of the show’s strong points was the relationship between the leads, hands down. The anime makes you realize how deep your love for a person can be.

After the Rain Koi wa Ameagari no You ni

04. Koi wa Ameagari no You ni

A shy high school student and a former track athlete, Akira Tachibana has not been able to race for a long time. This is because of a prior foot injury, which turned out that to be severe. She’s considered attractive by her classmates, but she has no interest in the boys at her school.

While holding a part-time job at the Garden Cafe, she begins to have feelings for the 45-year old manager, Masami Kondou. Despite this considerable age gap, she loves how he shows genuine kindness and concern. Akira views this innate goodness in him as attractive. As they spend more time in the restaurant, they grow close. This ends up with her feelings getting strengthened for him.

After weighing all the possibilities and uncertain emotions, she finally decides to confess. But what will be the result? As the show emphasizes characterization, there are plenty of backstories and a focus on character development. The series brings along with it a rollercoaster of emotions.

From the storytelling point of view, this anime is a drama done right. The character chemistry between the two makes it so that you never lose your focus on them. Even the emotional segments are as real as it can get as the tone makes it more impactful.

Nodame Cantabile - Anime Similar to Rent a Girlfriend

03. Nodame Cantabile

As a first-class musician, Shinichi Chiaki’s only dream is to play amidst the top elites in Europe. Born in a distinguished and wealthy family, he is known for his perfectionism. He’s critical of other people as well, not just of himself.

Well, what’s stopping him from his dream and flying off to Europe? His fear of flying. Due to this, he’s stuck in Japan. While studying at the nation’s top university for music, Shinichi meets Megumi Noda. She’s otherwise known as Nodame. To the naked eye, she seems to be a weird and aloof girl with no goals in life.

However, when Nodame plays the piano in front of Shinichi for the first time, he’s taken aback by her music. Despite this, he is annoyed to find out that this girl is his neighbor. Much to his dismay, she ends up falling in love with him.

This romantic and musically-focused anime handles the story in a hard-hitting yet relatable way. This show is not just for romantics but for anyone who’s had a passion. The story is superbly written and wonderfully developed. The progression in characters is subtle, and there are plenty of humorous and light-hearted moments. Along with this, there’s also drama and twists with fantastic music. Nodame Cantabile is one of the true classics and deserves a special spot on the list of ‘Anime Similar to Rent a Girlfriend’.

School Rumble

02. School Rumble

With merely three words – ‘I love you; – everything can change in the trials of romance during high school. A second-year student, Tenma Tsukamoto, is on a mission to confess to the boy she has a crush on. A delinquent with an infamous reputation, Kenji Harima is also in a troubling situation. He cannot convey his feelings to his crush in a proper manner.

With so many things to take care of, be it school, rivalries, friends, or hobbies, the two individuals will find that high school love is not as easy as it seems. The characters try to make the people they desire to fall in love with them. Misunderstandings will complicate their troubles even further, sadly.

This anime is rom-com full of situations that the audience can relate to. The show does not drag on unnecessarily as each episode is entirely random, albeit with the main storyline kept in mind. It becomes funnier the more you watch it.

The animation is beautifully done, and voice actors exaggerate their lines in such a funny manner. The characters’ personalities are very distinct, and they have a diverse set of them too. This anime is delightful to watch as long as you don’t mind some half-naked scenes thrown in here and there.

Lovely Complex

01. Lovely★Complex

The story follows Koizumi Kisa and Ootani Atushi, two individuals who are trying to find true love in high school. However, at 172cm and 156cm, respectively, they have an unusual look about them. Koizumi is much taller than any other girl, whereas Ootani is much shorter than any other guy.

To make matters worse, the people have a crush on fall in love with each other. This leaves the two heartbroken and utterly flustered.  To add on to their plights, they’re also labeled by their teacher as a comedy duo. Due to their personalities and comical heights, even their arguments are seen as sketches by their classmates.

However, pretty soon, they realize that they have an unforeseen similarity in their fashion and musical tastes. As they become close friends and encourage each other to find love, possible chemistry could bloom between this unusual pair. This anime did a great job of being funny, tender, sweet, and honest. The characters are so over-the-top that it’s hard not to laugh. The foundation for the romance is rock-solid, and it’s developed naturally over time.


So, do you like our list of ‘Anime Similar to Rent a Girlfriend’? If yes, then share it with your friends and comment down below, which one of these Animes are going inside your to be watch list. Also, don’t forget to check out other exciting reads such as Top 40 Best Ecchi Manga To Check Out (2020).

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