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15 Anime Similar to Edens Zero that are Just as Fantastical




Updated on: 08/08/2023

The power of friendship is strong with this one! It is after all, none other than the mangaka, Hiro Mashima! With popular series like Edens Zero, Fairy Tail and Rave Master, Hiro Mashima has proven his mettle as a mangaka. Now for Mashima fans out here, there is cause, yet again, to rejoice! After all, the Edens Zero series will soon hit the screens as an anime. For the uninitiated, Edens Zero is a sci-fi series with a space setting. In the fictional Granbell Kingdom, a young boy, Shiki has spent his entire life among machines. He meets Rebecca, his first human contact and her cat companion, Happy. Soon enough, his dwelling becomes the center of a robotic rebellion and so he joins Rebecca, beginning his space journey.

Anime Similar to Edens Zero

The Edens Zero manga gained a lot of attention especially with its similarity with Hiro Mashima’s previous works. But it sets itself apart as it is Mashima’s first sci-fi work, while the characters venture into the cosmos. It is a definite comfort pick for any Hiro Mashima fan. If you’re a fan and are eagerly waiting for the anime release, you will surely like the anime recommendations below. These anime shows are similar to Edens Zero in capturing the magic, adventure, fights, friendship and much more. All bundled and glued together with compelling and captivating plots. So, without further ado, here we go!

15. The Law of Ueki/ Ueki no Housoku

Who wouldn’t want godly powers or even step into the shoes of one? Such is the world of The Law of Ueki. There’re 100 ‘God Candidates’ who must transfer their powers over to middle school students of their choice. These students must battle it out to receive any ability that they so desire. While the respective ‘God Candidate’ gets to become ‘God’. There’s a very interesting range of powers in the mix too, like turning trash into trees. The story is pretty simple and straightforward too, with likeable characters, good and even emotional music. It’s undoubtedly easy to like this show. But what really makes this anime similar to Edens Zero, is the depiction of friendship and the friends that Ueki, the protagonist, makes. Even bringing cruel enemies over to his side later on. And all of it, depicted ever so naturally that you just immerse into the story.

14. Soul Eater

Death Weapon Meister Academy in the fictitious Death City is headed by none other than Lord Death himself. The academy runs with one vision, to raise ‘Death Scythes’ for the Shinigami to fight the evil forces. People attending the school are paired as meisters and weapons and hunt for evil souls, consumed by the weapons. Striving to collect evil souls to transform their weapons, they protect the city from the evil forces that threaten them. There is enough meaningful depiction of friendship, trust and growing bonds, beyond any sappiness. The personalities blend together to provide a level of realism and lend enough humor and enjoyment to the show. There’s plenty of action, humor, quirky designs and likeable characters that makes this anime like Edens Zero. This anime is also just 51 episodes long, so it’s similar to Edens Zero in its length as well.

13. Bleach

Bleach is an anime that requires little introduction. The story starts when Ichigo, a teenager, has to step into the life of a shinigami. When he takes the soul reaper powers of one named Rukia, to protect his family from corrupt spirits called Hollows. Now it’s up to him to hunt down these Hollows, and explore this previously unknown world of spirits and souls. This journey is full of making new friends, winning over enemies, forming bonds, several powers and power ups, an endless list of epic battles, and some sad moments. This anime has all that one may look for in a good shōnen anime. And even takes them to the next level. Something that highlights the similarity of this anime with Edens Zero. And thus, it is one that a true anime fan just can’t afford to miss!

12. Blue Exorcist

Speaking of souls and spirits, there’s another anime on our list dealing with similar entities and is a lot like Edens Zero. And that is Blue Exorcist. The story is about the twin Okumura brothers, Rin and Yukio, who are brought up by the Church. Unbeknownst to them, they are the sons of Satan, the very devil who’s also their ultimate nemesis! There’s a special school to train them in the ways of exorcism, involving loads of combats, magic and other weapons. The plot raises the stakes early on; as the story deals with family loss, brotherly relations, making true friends and moreover, not losing sight of your goal. The supernatural elements, Biblical elements, epic fights, suspense and moreover, the character growth will keep you glued to the screens. Do give this anime a try, if you did like Edens Zero! Or go watch the latter, if you haven’t already!

11. Seven Deadly Sins/ Nanatsu no Taizai

The Seven Deadly Sins is another shōnen anime that deals with demons, knights, magic and a lot of combat. It is about the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’, a group of powerful warriors. The said group was framed for the death of Zaratras, a top Great Holy Knight. And so, they’ve been hiding as fugitives as well as taking down demons and the 10 Commandments. Ultimately, the fate of the world hangs in the balance; as the group faces more fierce and deadly opponents later on, no pun intended! The writing may seem weak at times. But the characters in this anime are undoubtedly cool and badass, much like Shiki, Weisz and many other characters in Edens Zero!

10. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

While most shōnen anime shows have a similar taste, this one manages to stick out, and for the better. Taking inspiration from the 1001 Arabian Nights, it has a gripping narrative and a political aspect to it. Set in a magical world that we explore with the main characters, Aladdin and Alibaba. They try to become explorers as they conquer dungeons, meet new friends and enemies turning the show into an epic adventure. But, little do they know that this adventure may as well determine fate of the world itself! While initially, it may look like a kid’s show, but the plot thickens soon after. (Xanax) Almost each character is fleshed out well and with a strong plot, elegant art style and captivating music, the show is not be missed out on. Being a popular hit but yet an underrated anime, it definitely reminds us of Edens Zero!

9. D.Gray-man

The story revolves around a boy named Alan Walker who joins the Black Order organization. This is in order to take down the enigmatic Millennium Earl and his soul-fueled, obedient demonic machines- the Akuma. It is now up to Alan and his companions to stop the Millennium Earl and his destructive schemes for good! D.Gray-man is a bit more serious and comparatively darker than its other shōnen counterparts. The series itself is underrated but good and enjoyable. And the anime has enough battle scenes to stand toe to toe with Edens Zero too. So, give it a try, especially if you liked the fight sequences in Edens Zero.

Anime Similar to Edens Zero

8. Naruto and Naruto Shippuden

Naruto is another anime that needs no introduction, being one of the most popular anime of all time. The story is about a hyperactive young’un, Naruto, wanting to become the Hokage to lead his village. Having a monstrous fox sealed in him and being an orphan, he is ostracized and feared by the others. The show explores his life and many other lives that he touches. It expands further into Naruto Shippuden; introducing not only more nefarious organizations and villainous characters but also more friends as the world’s fate is at stake.
Together, the two series explores in depth, each main and supporting character; as they’re fleshed out enough to relate to them and understand their motivations. There’s plenty of epic fights and badass moments, more than you can count. There’re also quite a few emotional moments that may make you weep. Overall, this anime is nothing short of a masterpiece, that competes with the likes of Edens Zero too!

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Anime Similar to Edens Zero

7. My Hero Academia/ Boku no Hīrō Academia

Izuki Midoriya is a young, powerless boy in a world where most people have superpowers called ‘quirks’. He’s one of the few without these ‘quirks’. And he wants to be a hero, admiring them from the sidelines. His passion and persistence pays off as he meets the number one hero. And even manages to acquire his power too. But being a hero is not all sunshine. And he comes to realize what it truly means to be a hero! Making new friends at the UA High and beyond; while dealing with criminal organizations and villains. There’s a myriad of awesome powers, mind blowing battles and emotional moments that’ll make you root for the characters. It’s a conventional underdog shōnen series, playing its limitations to its strength, using compelling narratives and character depictions. You simply can’t stop watching it. Any shōnen fan will easily love both, this anime and Edens Zero!

Anime Similar to Edens Zero

6. One Piece

Ahoy mateys! Welcome aboard one of the longest running shōnen anime series, One Piece. Our main character, Monkey D. Luffy, a teen pirate, is as far as possible, from the image of one in your mind. No, he doesn’t rob ships and villages for fun. He dreams of being a pirate to satiate his wonder of the seas. Exploring the vast oceans, finding the greatest fabled treasure- the One Piece, and becoming the pirate king! On his journey, he makes true friends, meets powerful enemies and solves dark mysteries, all culminating into one helluva crazy adventure! With the right balance of humor, actions and emotions, there’re several impactful, powerful moments that’re as memorable as they’re remarkable. The overall balance in this anime is something that holds true for Mashima’s Edens Zero as well. This is one sea adventure of epic proportions, that you’ll wish doesn’t end anytime soon!

Anime Similar to Edens Zero

5. Gurren Lagann/ Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagangn

Brought up in an underground village, the surface world is a mythical legend to the boys Simon and Kamina. The duo comes across an ancient weapon that is named as Lagann during an excavation. And soon, they try to fend off against a surprise attack from the surface aided by a girl named Yoko. Following the battle, the sky is in view as they can now explore the surface. An unknown world awaits them as they discover new lands, fight against the beastmen and unravel galactical mysteries. The story offers a great deal of mecha-battle action, a gripping story and many emotional moments to keep you grounded. The underground, surface and space and galaxy settings in addition to this anime’s shōnen aspects strikes a deep resemblance with Edens Zero. So give it a try, especially if you’re into loads of mecha battles, supported by a strong plot.

Anime Similar to Edens Zero

4. Dragon Ball Z

Regardless of whether you watch anime or not, chances are you have definitely heard of the Dragon Ball series. Especially with its success and popularity in the pop-culture and its immense influence on the shōnen genre or on anime in general. The story is fairy simple and straightforward, with muscled fighters galore. There’s over the top fight scenes, power ups and war cries aplenty. And also, more kamehamehas and spirit bombs than you can count. With enemies getting ever more powerful as the series progresses, the power scaling is handled spectacularly. The humor, battles, power scaling etc., all such aspects in the Dragon Ball anime series are identical to Edens Zero. And thus, earning Dragon Ball one of the top spots in this list.

Anime Similar to Edens Zero

3. Black Clover

Black Clover has all the right elements that make for a good, successful shōnen series. The plot focuses on two orphans, Asta and Yuno, raised by a Church in the outskirts of a village. Living in a world where magic is everything, Yuno manages to acquire the fabled 4 leaf clover Grimoire. Asta, however, lacks any magical talent, but also somehow acquires a 5 leaf clover Grimoire, something that’s an extreme rarity. Thereafter they decide to become the strongest mage in the Clover Kingdom one day, the Wizard King. They make infallible bonds, deal with various stigmas, fight powerful enemies and become stronger by exceeding their limits. There is enough magic battles for the buzz and mysteries to keep you guessing. The action in this anime is similar to Edens Zero too. So you are sure to like one, if you’ve enjoyed the other.

Anime Similar to Edens Zero

2. Rave Master/ Groove Adventure Rave

Rave Master is a popular Hiro Mashima classic, and also his first work to be serialized. The story follows Haru Glory, who inherited the power of the Rave Stones and the title of Rave Master. However, there’s a nefarious organization called the Demon Card that seeks to collect other malevolent stones- Dark Brings. The Dark Brings brought about the ‘Overdrive’, a calamity that wiped out about a tenth of the world. The story follows Haru and friends’ adventure to collect the Rave Stones and end this malice once and for all. Almost all of Mashima’s works have a great degree of similarity, in the plots, character depictions, character designs, art styles etc. you name it! And similarly, you will find that this anime and Edens Zero alike in many aspects!

Anime Similar to Edens Zero

1. Fairy Tail

The mystical world of Fairy Tail is one where magic is everything. There’re innumerous magic guilds where mages gather together to take on jobs and requests. Fairy Tail is one such guild, which Lucy joins to learn and master magical arts. She partners with other wizards and witches like Natsu, his flying cat partner Happy, Gray and Erza. Each character has their own unique goals, aspirations and motivations that are explored throughout the show. As the guild expands, our favourite band of mages make new friends and they grow into a family over time. So, come explore this magical world as they fight evil forces, help those in need and bond with new people. The similarities between this anime and Edens Zero is obvious at first glance. From character designs that are almost doppelgangers of each other, to the art style, plot and the larger than life gang of friends. It is a very easy and enjoyable watch with several overpowered magic battles, enough depictions of friendship and some sad scenes too. Any Hiro Mashima fan is guaranteed to love both Fairy Tail and Edens Zero no matter what!

And so, with that we’ve covered all the anime that we think have some degree of resemblance to Edens Zero. Do you think we should have covered some other anime too? And are you excited for the serialization of Edens Zero? Do let us know in the comments below! And a great deal of thanks for making it to the end! Also do check out our other contents and articles for other enjoyable reads too.

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