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Updated on: 02/09/2022

Demon Slayer has a grasping storyline and no wonder if you’re left wanting for more after each episode. Since the show is ongoing and has only 26 episodes so far, we can’t go on a rerun or binge-watch spree as we can do with other animes such as Naruto or One piece. So, for that cause, we have compiled a list of anime titles similar to the Demon Slayer.

If you’re in love with the MC Tanjiro Kamado or in general like the story of the show then you’re just at the right place. We have tried to compile the list with those things in mind only. So, you’re still at the intro, huh. What are you still waiting for? skip it and go read the main titles right now.

15+ Anime Similar to Demon Slayer

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15. Sirius the Jaeger

In 1930, unsuspecting citizens fell prey to vampires in Tokyo. The city authorities decide to hire a strange group of individuals called the Jaegars. While carrying musical instrument cases, the Jaegars battle the merciless vampires. They do so by disguising their identities. 

Due to his werewolf blood, Yuliy possesses great strength and is the most skilled warrior amongst the Jaegars. He works with Tokyo’s law enforcement to help them solve the vampire infestation. However, this is just a pretense they use to hide any suspicion. In reality, they fight the vampires to gain the Ark of Sirius. 

Yuliy and his colleagues must find the ancient artifact before the vampires so as to prevent them from achieving their destructive goals. This anime takes the theme of vampires and throws in suspenseful thriller and action to make it actually entertaining. The dark storytelling is spectacular.

The character relationships are quite immersive and are filled with flashbacks and meaningful dialogues. The visual quality has fluidity and style throughout the series. The artwork just gets better and better. Even the theme song does its job to deliver a grim and dark mood to set the premise. Voice actors really do justice to the personalities of the characters. The anime is a thing of beauty as it constantly reinvents itself.

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14. Peace Maker Kurogane 

This is a sequel to Peace Maker. It’s been three months since the Ikedaya Incident. It propelled the Shinsengumi and destroyed the rebellion of those who are anti-shogunate.  Shinsengumi is now Kyoto’s official police and is a premium peacekeeping force.  Peace just doesn’t seem to live long in the city, though. Now, an unexpected threat arises against the Shinsengumi. 

This time, it’s going to take a lot more than swords to defeat the new terror in the world. Ichimura Tetsunosuke is a 15-year-old who wants to join the Shinsengumi. He does because he witnessed his parents’ tragic murder by one of the Choushuu.  Overcome with a thirst for revenge and strength, he still lacks the skills and mindset to become a member. He also doesn’t have the ability to mercilessly kill whoever threatens peace.

His brother and newfound friends try to help him adjust to Shinsengumi, but he’s blissfully unaware of the pain and grief he’d have to face while being part of this organization. This is a story that you’ll find yourself coming back to over and over again. It clearly shows the battle between the honor of Shinsengumi and the struggle of the samurai class.

It keeps you on your toes as the story deals with drama, action, and sadness. Despite being an action anime mainly, it also includes comedy that will make you laugh out loud. It’s amazing on several levels.

13. Fate/Stay night

Shirou is saved by Kiritsugu Emiya after his family is murdered by a mysterious inferno. Kiritsugu adopts the boy and teaches him magic and the way of justice. Years after his adoptive father’s death, Shirou is cleaning at his school. Suddenly, he gets caught in the middle of a lethal fight between two Servants, or superhumans. 

While attempting to escape, one of the Servants catches him and he obtains an injury that’s life-threatening. Somehow, he survives. However, the Servant aims to finish what he started. As he’s extremely desperate to save his life, Shirou summons a knight named Saber, a Servant of his own.

Now, the two must participate in a battle royale of seven Servants named the Fifth Holy Grail War. The Servants and the mages who summoned them will win none other than the Holy Grail itself if they manage to beat everyone.

The anime follows the story of Shirou as harsh reality hits him and he has to find a fine line between a killer and a hero. As his ideals clash, the question arises. Will he become a hero, or die trying?

12. Owari no Seraph

In a supernatural, post-apocalyptic world, mankind has been enslaved by power-hungry vampires. Due to a mysterious virus, everyone above the age of 13 is killed if exposed to it. The previously hidden vampires now subjugate society by promising to protect humans if they donate their blood in exchange.

Among the humans who survived are two young boys, Yuuichirou and Mikaela Hyakuya, and some other children who were taken from an orphanage. Mikaela comes up with a plan to rebel and escape as they don’t want to be the vampires’ livestock. However, this plan doesn’t go too well as the only survivor is Yuuichirou. He’s found by the Moon Demon Company, a special organization and a military unit that plans to terminate all vampires.

Once Yuuichirou rows up, he becomes a member of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. He’s focused on taking revenge on the bloodthirsty creatures that killed his family. But what will it cost him?

The two animes start off in a very similar way and are shounen with humans and evil creatures fighting each other. They have dark atmospheres with determined MCs. The series has a grim tone that will appeal to drama fans as well. That’s the reason it deserves a number 11 spot on our list of anime similar to Demon Slayer.

11. Akame ga Kill!

A covert assassination branch, Night Raid is part of the Revolutionary Army. This is a planned uprising against Prime Minister Honest who has been using his greed for power to take advantage of the current emperor. As the emperor is a child, the Prime Minister has been using his inexperience to manipulate his decisions. Due to this, the Revolutionary Army seeks to overthrow him.

The corrupt nature of the Prime Minister has left the country to drown in ruin, poverty, and grief. The Night Raid has experienced assassins and killers.  Despite this, the members understand that killing someone is the last option and anyone who mercilessly does so will face retribution. This will happen even if they do it for the good of the revolution.

The latest addition to the team is a naive boy from a village named Tatsumi. Initially, he left his hometown to help improve the poverty over there.  However, he was attracted by the ideals and the resolve of the Night Raid. The anime follows this boy as he fights with weapons, enemies, the Empire and ultimately challenges his morals and ethics.  He learns what it truly means to have a cause as an assassin. And due to such a grasping storyline of this anime which is sort of similar to Demon Slayer, it has made its way to the list.

10. Ga-Rei: Zero

In order to protect the Japanese citizens from unseen creatures, SDCD (Supernatural Disaster Countermeasures Division) is an agency deployed by the government. Without alerting the public, they remove these monsters swiftly and quietly. However, they now face a different kind of challenge: betrayal.

Kagura Tsuchimiya lost her mother several years ago. Ever since then, she has been in a foster family and even develops a close bond with her foster sister, Yomi.  As highly skilled exorcists, they work for the SDCD together and have an inseparable bond. However, the job brings a lot of stress and consequences along with it.

Brought down by the burden and family politics that begin to emerge, Yomi and Kagura start to drift apart slowly. One of them earnestly works hard as an exorcist. Whereas the other heads down a path from which she might not be able to pick herself back up. The story may sound generic but the execution and the way the plot folds out is just amazing. The sister part is common in both the Animes which is what makes it similar to Demon Slayer and has gained a place on the list.


Blood+09. Blood+

Initially set in the time period of September 2005, Saya Otonashi is under the care of her adoptive family. While living in Okinawa City near the US Kadena Air Base, she lives the life of an ordinary schoolgirl. However, she is an anemic amnesiac. Her happy life gets ruined when she gets attacked by a bloodthirsty creature.

The creature is a Chiropteran, bat-like creatures that feed on the blood of humans. She soon learns that she has the power to beat them, as her blood makes their bodies shatter after crystallization. Now armed with a special katana, she embarks on a journey with Haji, the man who made her realize her potential. They aim to eradicate all the Chiropteran in the world and recover her past memories.

During their course, they slowly unravel the background of the origin of the monsters while also learning about Saya’s past. It seems that it even goes into the mid-19th century.  Some of the countries they travel to are Japan, Vietnam, France, Russia, and the U.S.

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08. Blue Exorcist

Assiah and Gehenna are two worlds on different sides of the same coin, just like humans and demons. Traveling between the two realms is possible but only through possession.  However, the ruler of Gehenna, Satan, remains stuck in his world as he cannot find a host to possess that’s suitable for him. Still desperate to take over Assiah, he sends his son to that world.

His plan is that his son will grow into a vessel that will eventually allow Satan to possess him. The anime follows the son, Rin Okumura, who seems like a normal teenager until he’s bombarded by demons one day. Once he finds out he’s the son of Satan, his world turns upside down. 

He doesn’t want to fulfill his father’s wishes and sets off to begin training as an exorcist. Along with brother Yukio, he aims to defend Assiah and fight his father. Demon Slayer and Blue Exorcist have main characters that are fighting demons in order to get revenge and save mankind simultaneously. They’ve lost their families and are hopeless optimists that make them a bit naive. This shounen has strong themes and a great plot.

07. Claymore

A bloodthirsty demon with an ability to shapeshift, known to most as “youma”, arrives in a village. A woman with a single sword on her back walks into town. She is a “Claymore”, someone who’s a half-human/half-youma manufactured for the sole purpose of exterminating the demons. She saves a man called Raki after his family is killed. 

Raki has nowhere left to turn to as he is banished from the town. He soon finds Clare, the Claymore, and accompanies her wherever she goes. The pair go from village to village, town to town, and aim to defeat the youmas that come in their path. While this happens, however, Raki learns more about Clare and her fellow warriors.

With each accomplishment, Clare comes closer to exterminating the youma she has sought vengeance from ever since her beginning. Both animes have monsters that turn humans into them if they’re not eaten completely. Organizations that specialize in exterminating them are also present.

Both MCs have loved ones that are killed by the creatures and that serves as their motivation to joining the organization. Just like in Demon Slayer, Clare also travels wherever her mission leads her. And that’s why it would be a good addition to your list of anime similar to Demon Slayer.

06. InuYasha

Kagone Higurashi is a young girl whose ordinary life comes to an end when a demon attacks her on the grounds of a Shinto shrine her family owns. She gets dragged into a cursed well. However, instead of reaching the bottom, she ends up 500 years in the past. This is during Japan’s Sengoku period where the demon’s true target is.  The target is called the Shinkon Jewel, a wish-granting jewel that gets reborn inside of her.

The jewel accidentally shatters after a battle with a demon and Kagone enlists the helped of Inuyasha. He’s a half-dog/half-human hybrid and he helps her find the sacred shards to prevent them from falling into wrong hands. The two get other people to join them in their journey as they find these power granting shards and deal with the challenges and threats that come their way.

Both animes involve demon-slaying and are set in historical Japan. The characters are extremely well-described as sometimes, even the demons get backstories. Inuyasha provides a similar experience to Demon Slayer as they’re amazing shounen with lovable characters.

05. Dororo

Daigo Kagemitsu is a greedy samurai lord whose land is dying. To get power, he would even be willing to make a pact with demons and renounce Buddha. 12 demons answer his prayers and promise to grant the power he desires. They’ll aid the growth of his prefecture but only at a price. Kagemtisu’s first son is born, but with no nose, no eyes, ears, limbs, or even skin. Despite this, the boy lives.

The child is thrown in a river and was left to die. However, through luck, he is saved by a kind man who allows him the chance to survive. By giving the boy weapons and prosthetics, he learns to fend for himself. The child grows up, without sight, hearing, or feeling. His only goal is to defeat the demons that snatched his normal life away as a sacrifice. With the death of each demon, he gains a part of his complete body.

He wandered alone for several years until an orphan boy, Dororo, becomes friends with him. Now, this unlikely pair of outcasts have to fight for survival in a demon-infested world. Unless the similarity wasn’t clear enough, in both shows, the main characters travel to find demons. Their goal is to become human again. However, in Demon Slayer, it’s for the MC’s sister but still, Dororo can be considered an anime similar to Demon Slayer on multiple fronts.


04. Rurouni Kenshin

A legendary assassin known as Hitokiri Battousai lived in the final few years of the Bakumatsu era. He was unmatched with regard to his skill and was feared by many as a merciless killer. However, at the peak of the Japanese Revolution, he disappeared suddenly. It’s been 10 years since his mysterious disappearance, but his name still evokes terror into the hearts of people and war veterans alike.

Little do they know that Battousai has given up his lifestyle of battles and bloodshed in order to repent for his sins. Now, he lives as a wandering swordsman named Kenshin Himura. With this new identity, he’s quite cheerful and has a strong will to never kill again. He dedicates all his actions towards protecting those who are weak.

One day, a copycat claims to be the real Battousai and threatens Kaoru Kamiya. Kenshin stumbles across her kendo dojo where she’s being harassed and saves her. Due to gratitude, she provides him accommodation at her dojo. And so, the former assassin stops his travels temporarily.

Attack on Titan Season 3

03.  Attack on Titan

In this post-apocalyptic world, mankind was almost slaughtered to extinction by monstrous creatures. These humanoids called Titans forced humans to hide behind concentric walls in fear of their next attack. It turns out that Titans eat human flesh, not due to their hunger, but to gain pleasure. What was remaining of humanity began ensuring their survival by living in barriers. 

Their defense resulted in 100 years without one Titan breach or encounter. However, the flimsy peace they felt is soon broken down as a Colossal Titan breaks through their ‘impregnable’ outer wall. This reignites the war between humans and the man-eating monsters.

The Survey Corps combat the merciless monsters as they’re a top-notch unit in the military. They do so outside the walls where they have no guaranteed protection. Eren Yeager dedicates his life to the complete extinction of Titans by joining the Survey Corps. His motivation comes after he witnesses his town and family dying at the hands of the humanoids.

His adopted sister and childhood friend join him in the war against the creatures. They aim at finding a way to beat them before they breach all the walls they’ve kept in place. The protagonists fighting Titans is similar to fighting demons in Demon Slayer as they eat humans. Along with this, the main characters face a lot of trauma initially.  It comes into the top three when we talk about Anime similar to Demon Slayer. Which is why you need to add it to your list as well.

02.Samurai Champloo

Fuu Kasume is a clumsy waitress who works peacefully in a small teahouse. Everything goes smoothly until she spills a drink over one of her clients.  Now, a group of samurai are constantly harassing her. To help her, she desperately seeks the help of Mugen, another samurai in the shop. With his wild and unusual fighting technique that resembles breakdancing, he quickly defeats them.

However, he then decides to pick a fight with Jin, an unwilling ronin who possesses a more traditional and precise sword fighting style. Jin proves to be a commendable rival. There’s one tiny problem though. They end up damaging the entire shop and accidentally kill the son of the local magistrate.

For this crime, the two samurai are to be executed upon capture. However, Fuu decides to rescue them by hiring them as her bodyguards. The former waitress seeks to find a particular samurai who smells like sunflowers. Despite having no place to return to, she uses the help of the duo to achieve this goal. 

Although the two initially disapprove of the plan, they eventually agree to help her in her plan. Now, the trio travels together to find the unknown warrior. This will only work if Fuu manages to keep the two from killing each other.

01. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

After attempting the one forbidden act of alchemy – Edward Elric and his brother Alphonse realize the price for this transgression. Edward has to lose his left leg due to the Law of Equivalent Exchange.  Alphonse, on the other hand, loses his physical body.

Only through Edward’s sacrifice of his right arm, he is able to maintain his brother’s soul in a suit of armor. In hopes that they will convert back into their original bodies, Edward aims to become a state alchemist. He’s now known as the Fullmetal Alchemist.

The two brothers set off on a journey three years later to find the Philosopher’s Stone. The stone is a mysterious relic that allows alchemists to reverse the Law of Equivalent Exchange. Both the animes consist of protagonists that are driven by one thing – saving a sibling that they deeply love. Similarly, the main villain or antagonist is one that the public is not aware of. 

Although the siblings have suffered tragic accidents, they are not completely helpless. This anime has no fillers at all so it doesn’t lose momentum. It’s one of the highest-rated animes of all time and it’s definitely not something to be missed out on. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood deserves the number one spot on our list of ‘Anime similar to Demon Slayer’. There’s a reason behind that and you need to check it for yourself, so go watch the show now.


So, do you like our list of ‘Anime similar to Demon Slayer’? If yes, then share it with your friends and comment down below, which one of these animes are going inside your watch-list. Also, don’t forget to check out other interesting reads such as 25+ Best Action Romance Anime That Will Boost You Up Completely!.

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