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Updated on: 23/11/2023

 Are you also waiting for the premiere of Aoashi in April 2022? The series has been a craze among sports-anime lovers. Aoashi is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Yugo Kaboyashi in 2015, which thanks to its popularity is now being adopted by Production I.G. as an anime series to be premiered on the 9th of April 2022.

 Anime similar to Aoashi

The series revolves around a young soccer player, Ashito Aoi, and his adventures in the world with his dream game soccer. Ashito Aoi is a straightforward third-year middle school student from a backwater town of Japan, who is aspiring to become a great soccer player. But his dreams are dashed when his team loses the match and is eliminated from the tournament because of an incident caused by him.

Due to a turn of fate, Fukuda Tetsuya, manager of a youth soccer team “J1 Club Tokyo City Esperion” witnesses the match and sees the immense potential behind the inexperienced raw game of Ashito, and invites him for a test training session with his club in Tokyo. And, from here on, the journey of a revolutionary soccer player starts.

So here are Top Anime Similar to Aoashi

 Anime Similar to Aoashi

There is still a bit of time until Aoashi is premiered; until then, here are a few anime similar to Aoashi, encompassing the zeal and spirit of sports, that you can watch while waiting.

1. Inazuma Eleven

Inazuma Eleven is an anime adaptation of a Japanese manga and game series football-themed franchise by Level-5. A highly underrated anime series with a unique plot and world-building. It not only focuses on the sport but also the bond of friendship and sportsmanship among the members, with a bit of mystery and comedy in the mix.

The series tells the tale of a talented goalkeeper and football enthusiast Mark Evans, who takes upon the mission to revive his Ramon Junior High School team after it is terminated. Mark as the team captain, recruits Axel, a fallen star in the football world, disliked by many to strengthen his team of misfits to take his school team to the zenith it once was.

Inazuma Eleven is another anime similar to Aoashi, a sports series revolving around soccer and the story of the dedication and enthusiasm the team members put to make their team the best one out there.

2. Haikyuu!!

Anime Similar to Aoashi

Although Haikyuu!! may not be an anime similar to Aoashi in the choice of sports, as it doesn’t revolve around soccer, it is still one of the best sports anime to exist. The series is an anime adaptation of a manga written and illustrated by Haruichin Furudate. The anime revolves around the hilarious and determined journey of a junior high schooler Hinata Shouyou who wants to become an outstanding volleyball player like his idol “Little Giant”.

 In the pursuit of his dream, Hinata revives his school’s volleyball team and participates in a tournament. But after facing defeat in their first-ever match by Tobio Kageyama, also known as “the king of the court”, Hinata makes his life aim to surpass Kageyama. He joins the volleyball team in his new high school, only to know that the rival he so wanted to defeat is not his teammate.

Haikyuu!! shows the determination of a boy who struggles in the sports world because of his short height, only to convert his weakness into his strength with his self-proclaimed rival’s help. In the sense of dedication and determination, Haikyuu!! ( is also an anime similar to Aoashi

3. Days

 Anime Similar to Aoashi

Days an anime series similar to Aoashi deals with the theme of sports, soccer, and tournament, portrayed with a comedic undertone and drama. It is an anime adaptation of a Japanese manga with the same name by Tsuyoshi Yasuda; consisting of 24 episodes that aired in 2016.

 It’s a story of two boys, Tsukushi Tsukamoto and Jin Kazama; Tsukushi, the one with no special talent for the sport, and Jin, on the other hand, a soccer genius. They meet on a stormy night, and that’s when Tsukushi’s journey with Jin in the soccer world starts. Although in the beginning, Tsukushi is considered a plain and talentless person, he surprises everyone with his dedication and hard work.

Days has a simple storyline but the interaction between the characters and its fast-paced plot with comedic undertone makes it worth watching.

4. Free

Anime similar to Aoashi

Free like Aoashi is another anime series based on Japanese sports manga. It was adopted and produced by Kyoto Animation and Animation Do, loosely following the plot of High Speed!, a light manga written by Koji Oji.

The story orbits around the life of Haruka Nanase and his love for water and swimming. It starts with his first victory in a relay race of his elementary school competition, that he participated with 3 of his friends Makoto Tachibana, Nagisa Hazuki, and Rin Matsuoka. After the tournament, the four friends go their separate ways, meeting years later in high school.

Hakura, Nagisa, and Makoto go to the same school, and Rin belongs to another, not only that Rin no longer see Haruka as a friend but as a rival, he needs to defeat. The three friends decide to revive Iwatobi High School Swim Club, where Rei Ryuugazaki, a former member of the track team becomes a part of their team.

Free an anime similar to Aoashi deals with the main character’s realization of their potential in their chosen sports while working in a team and forming a close bond of friendship with other members.

5. SK8 the infinity


Ever been interested in skateboarding? This series just might be for you. The story revolves around the adventure of two boys Reki and Langa in the illegal no-holds-barred competition known as “S” racing. With its formidable story plot and mind captivating visuals, SK8 the infinity is considered one of the best anime of Winter 2020.

Reki Kyan is a high school student whose only passion is skateboarding, a frequent visitor and participant of an illegal underground skateboarding race called “S”; a place where carved out of a mine where safety is your own business and no one else’s. After breaking his arm and losing his skateboard in a race, Reki can no longer participate. He comes across the new transfer student Langa Hasegawa, while working on a task given by his boss, and introduces him to a new world of Skateboarding.

SK8 the infinity is a series manly focusing on Reki’s passion and adventure with his favorite sport, similar to Ashito of Aoashi’s. if you are interested in watching Aoashi, then SK8 the infinity just might be for you. Although the sports and story plot may not contribute to making it another anime similar to Aoashi but the game spirit, dedication and passion sure does.

6. Yuri!!! on Ice

 It is usually considered that the older you get, the harder it becomes to maintain the touch with your sports; especially with the sports like gymnastics and figure skating. Maybe that’s why it’s so satisfying to watch Yuri Katsuki, a 23-year-old Japanese figure skater who is contemplating retirement after facing defeat at the Grand Prix Finale, rekindle his fire and aim for the world championship.

The story starts with Yuri putting his career on hold and returning to his hometown in Kyushu, where he performs choreography by his idol Victor Nikiforov and becomes the center of the spotlight when the video of his skating goes viral. Suddenly Yuri finds Victor at the doorstep of his family house, offering him his mentorship; which, him being one of his biggest fans, he eagerly accepts.

So here starts Yuri’s journey to the world championship. Yuri!!!on ice shares the same genre of sports, tournaments, and comedy with Aoashi. If you are interested in watching Aoashi you might enjoy Yuri!!!on Ice as well, as most of its genres are quite similar to it, reserving it a place on the list of anime similar to Aoashi.

7. Baby Steps

Baby Steps is one of the anime series with the most realistic plotlines. The series is about a first-year honor student Eiichirou Maruo, who realizes that he is not an academic because he enjoys it but because he thinks he needs to. He becomes worried about his health and decides to start exercising during his free time.

Eiichiro comes across a flyer of Tennis club and decides to take the free trial, where he meets Natsu Takasaki, an aspiring tennis player, whom he develops a crush on. And hereon forth his boring days come to an end, as new friendship blossoms and he starts enjoying playing tennis.

The anime furthers the adventure of Eiichirou in school life and tennis. Despite his poor health and no prior experience in the sport, Eiichirou develops his unique playing style with his hard work and dedication. Eiichirou’s dedication and hard work to excel in his sports remind you of Ashito from Aoashi. Baby Steps is another anime similar to Aoashi, so sports enthusiasts might come to love this one as well.

8. Kukoro’s Basketball

Kukoro’s Basketball is an anime adaptation of a Japanese manga series by Tadatoshi Fujimaki. It is a fast-paced and entertaining anime series that will capture your interest even if you are not as interested in Basketball as you are in Soccer. The matches are thrilling and captivating, leaving you wanting more.

The story revolves around the teamwork of light and shadow to defeat “Generation of Miracles”. Taiga Kagami, an upcoming basketball player coming from America, joins Seirin High school where he meets Tetsuya Kuroko who is not very good at basketball. Later Kagami comes to know that Kuroko is the legendary 6th player of “The Generation of Miracle”; whose plainness makes him almost invisible to the opposite players making it easy for him to pass the ball around.

Kuroko decides to become Kagami’s shadow to help him become Japan’s greatest basketball player and defeat the “Generation of Miracles”. Another anime similar to Aoashi, that’ll keep you wanting more.

9. Clean Freak! Aoyama Kun

Anime Similar to Aoashi

Clean freak! Aoyama Kun, originally a Japanese sports manga written and illustrated by Taku Sakamoto, was later adapted into an anime series by Studio Hibari aired in 2017. if you are interested in watching another anime similar to Aoashi, this might just be for you.

The story revolves around a genius soccer player who’s obsessed with cleanliness. Aoyama a first-year high school student who plays as a midfielder for the National U-16 Soccer team is also an extreme mysophobe. It presents a hilarious paradox as someone afraid of germs and dirt plays a rather dirty sport.

The series presents Aoyama’s unique story of taking Fujimi High School’s Soccer Team towards the Nationals along with his striker Kaoru Zaizen while balancing his mysophobia. It is a short anime of 12 episodes that will keep you going with its matches and comedic undertone.

Being another anime similar to Aoashi, Clean freak! Aoyama Kun revolves around soccer and the main lead’s determination to succeed with his talent and hard work no matter what.

10. Hungry Heart: Wild Stricker

 Hungry Heart: Wild Striker is one of the classic sports series, that was aired in 2002 by Nippon Animation. It is also an anime adaptation of the popular manga of the time with the same name, authored by Yoichi Takahashi.

The series tells the story of Kano Kyosuke, the younger brother of a successful football player Kano Seisuke, who is also the one who taught him how to play. Initially, Kyosuke loved the game of football, but after his brother becomes an A.C. Milan football player and people started comparing and criticizing his different playing techniques, he gradually lost interest in it.

Kyosuke’s interest reinvigorates after he transfers to Jyoyo High School and meets Tsujiwaki Miki, a football enthusiast. He later joins Jyoyo’s Football Team and makes new friends, with the help of whom he discovers his passion and talent in the game.

Akin to Aoashi, Hungry Heart: Wild Striker represents the power of passion for the game of soccer. If you are interested in Aoashi then this series is another anime similar to Aoashi, which might just be for you.

These are a few anime similar to Aoashi on the theme of sports, game spirit, and tournaments. Some of these are soccer based but some are not, but they all give you the same feeling of hype, sportsmanship, and inspiration as Aoashi; making you feel like “yeah maybe if I also give my best and don’t stop trying, I can accomplish my dreams as well.”. If you are a sports enthusiast, you might have watched a few on the present list of anime similar to Aoashi already. Please comment and share which one of the above anime is similar to Aoashi you have watched and which one made you feel like picking a sport yourself.

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