Censorship Of Anime And Games

Ghost In The Shell, anime illustration by Guweiz, artist on Deviantart

Yahallo!Censorship has become a must, especially in this world of free media and insecurity. The internet is no more a safe place, with pop up ads and dangerous content. It has an adverse effect on the minds of our young audience.

It is the suppression of dangerous or harmful content as decided by the government. Censorship differs from region to region. A noteworthy example, censorship in USA and censorship in Middle Eastern countries differs because of specific rules.


Ronin – Guweiz

Media Censorship : Video Games

Nair Automata 2B

2B, a character from Neir Automata – Guweiz

•  World Of Warcraft – Blood is coloured black and anything visually similar to bone structures is removed from the chinese version of the game.

• Grand Theft Auto Series – GTA V is heavily modified to remove scenes of blood or nudity in the Japan and Korea. Hot Coffee, a normally accessible mini game in GTA : San Andreas created a controversy in many countries due to the explicit content of the mini game. The mini game has been completely removed now. The game will crash if you try to access it.

• Fallout –  The “Fat Man” nuclear catapult weapon is given the name of “Nuka Launcher”. As the original name is a reference to the bomb used on Nagasaki. The side quest “Power Of Atom” is given a change.

• Fire Emblem – They removed the feature allowing ‘petting’ a user’s face. Furthermore, some probably gay scenes created controversy. So they edited it out now.

• Mario Kart – They edited offensive arm gestures.

• Until Dawn – They censored death scenes in Japan.

Censorship : Anime

Censorship in anime and games

Ghost In The Shell – Guweiz

• One Piece – It received a lot of censorship in Middle Eastern and other countries. It includes blood edits and female characters edits. In addition to that, they edited guns into safer types. We know 4kids for a variety of edits like how they changed Onigiri into ‘jelly filled doughnuts’ or Sanji’s cigar into a lollipop.

• Rosario the Vampire – They censored panty shots with bat cliparts.

• Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei – In some bath scenes, the writer’s assistants head is used to censor them.

• Sailor Moon – The change the gay relationship or genders in this anime.

• Terra Formers, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures and a few others – These anime got a high amount of censorship for blood, gore and nudity. Seems like the censorships were big black dots on the screen, as a result of lazy animators.

Finally, a list of most censored countries.

Most Censored Countries ( 2015 )

1) Eritrea
2) North Korea
3) Saudi Arabia
4) Ethiopia
5) Azerbaijan
6) Vietnam
7) Iran
8) China
9) Myanmar
10 ) Cuba


1.Should the government censor media?
2. Do you think censorship is not necessary?
3. What’s your personal opinion on censorship?
4. If you could censor an entire show/person/content, what would you censor?

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