Harukana Receive

Beach Volleyball Anime ‘Harukana Receive’ Releases PV, New Key Visuals And Cast Details


Date: 25/03/2018

TV anime Harukana Receive shared new character visuals and additional cast details earlier today. Furthermore, the first PV of the TV anime is now available. The new visuals feature Kurea (Claire) Thomas and Emiri (Emily) Thomas. The twin sister pairs are second-graders in a high school. The older sister Clarie has a roundabout personality and does not care about small details. The younger sister Emily has a serious and calm personality and serves as a student council member. Both the students excel in studies and also have 2nd rank in the nation in beach volleyball. Nyoijizai is the author of the original manga.


Harukana Receive

Kurea (Claire) Thomas

Atsumi Tesaki is the voice cast for this character.

Harukana Receive

Emiri (Emily) Thomas

Susumu Sue is the voice cast for this character. 

Additional characters for this anime series include Akari, Ayasa and Narumi.


Harukana Receive




Harukana Receive


Harukana Receive


Harukana Receive – #1 Promo Video

“Harukana Receive” is a beach volleyball manga serialized in Comic Time Kirara Forward (Yoshifusa).

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Harukana Receive – Gallary

Cover pictures, key visuals, and character art.

Harukana Receive – Synopsis

Harukana Receive is a beach volleyball anime featuring high school girls. The story takes place in Okinawa, Japan. Kanata has long given up on volleyball because of her short height. Yet, Haruka wishes to form a beach volleyball pair with her. Haruka has to hurry and convince Kanata since the junior tournament is just around the corner. Will Kanata step back on the sand once again?

Harukana Receive

What We Can Expect

Ok, lets us see what we have here. Will people love to watch a group of girls playing beach volleyball? Of course, they will. The cool glossy art and high school girls in bikinis may turn out to be a major attraction.  Furthermore, with acts of determination to achieve the impossible, I do hope that this anime would make an interesting watch. With good character development, this anime might become another good sports anime that fans would love to watch. Finally, it definitely looks like sports anime lovers really have a good reason to cheer this year.

Harukana Receive

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