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Updated on: 15/06/2024

Associations with distinguishable character traits and portrayals are what make most anime series unique and stand out. Their appearances often leave a lasting impression on viewers, long after the series has ended. You may forget the series and its plotline, but one glance at the character, and it’ll all rush back. Apart from character outfits, the hairstyle, especially the outlandish ones, lend personality to the characters. Love them or hate them; they will surely leave their mark on you.

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Most Unique Anime Hairstyles

20. Afro- Afro Samurai

Staying true to the anime name and played by none other than Samuel L. Jackson, Afro is the first on our list. Having overgrown hair larger than the head is commonplace for most anime. Add in a few gallons of hairspray to keep it in place. However, Afro strays from this practice with the freer flowing hairdo. What’s more, is that it ain’t just for show! After all, that messy mass of hair protects the head from attacks in the numerous fights throughout the series. And thus, finding a spot on our list of some of the best anime hairstyles.

Anime Hairstyles

19. Kenpachi Zaraki- Bleach

Jingle bells jingle bells… Oops, Christmas is long gone. Then what is that sound? Ta-da! It’s the sound of Zaraki crashing next on our countdown with bells hanging from his hair! That monstrosity of a hairdo, however, does do justice to the brute that is Kenny. Did he use his zanpakuto to cut his hair? In any case, a sense of direction isn’t the only thing he’s bad at, eh?

Anime Hairstyles

18. Charles zi Britannia- Code Geass

A Darwinist through and through, such was Charles Zi Britannia. Sporting European old powdered white wigs styled into Renaissance-style curls. It turns out he has the hair and the powers to go with that to mess up your mind, truly. While his other powers from the Code of Immortality defy rules of reality, so does his hair. Thus, the main antagonist of the series, and rightly so! Don’t you think?

17. Yasuhiro Hagakure- Danganronpa

Moving on to the next anime hairstyle contestant on our list, we have Yasuhiro from Danganronpa. Here is someone who has taken social distancing in the pandemic period to heart. Or maybe not so much, given that he washes his hair once a season! He still is an underrated comic relief character, and that hair adds to the goofy persona charm. Add to that his chill bro attitude, you got a perfect hangout partner! That is if you can stand that hair.

Anime Hairstyles

16. Ran Mouri- Detective Conan

Detective Conan, a popular mystery thriller anime series that solves, well, mysteries! Yet one mystery continues to baffle us, wannabe detectives. And the name of that mystery is Ran Mouri! The secret of the eye-catching, lopsided patch of conical and comical hair continues to elude us. One that even the great detective hasn’t solved yet. Jokes have been cracked, and memes have been made, but what lies beneath, nobody knows!

15. Son Goku- Dragon Ball Series

Hair = Power! Now, that’s indeed an equation we can all agree on within the Dragon Ball series. Especially true for the members of the Saiyan race in the series. The flair of those gravity-defying hair spikes and the hair growth on powers up along with the yellow glow. It all adds to the cool factor of the show and the fights. Moreover, Goku isn’t alone in this regard either. While it may be ridiculous, the series won’t be quite the same without the same spikes that we’ve accustomed to. Speaking of which, is the Super Saiyan form a hair fall solution, especially for a bald Saiyan?

Anime Hairstyles

14. Grévil de Blois- Gosick

Having hair that’s midway between a unicorn’s horn and a drill, next on our list is Grévil de Blois. Accompanied by a flowery scent, it matches his flamboyant personality. But what is more, mind-blowing is his commitment to his hair care. Especially considering the long time it takes for the hair to set and that he’s never seen with unkempt hair. After all, when you’re a rich aristocrat, you gotta find new ways to spend your money! Which would be a hairstyling and hair gel bill in this case. And along with one at that!

Anime Hairstyles

13. Jean Pierre Polnareff- Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and its characters live up to its namesake! Bizarre characters and designs are galore! But it is Polnareff with his silver hair that really takes the cake. A literal long flat top with a mullet hairdo is all that it is. But all the pieces come together once you pair it with his wacky traits and his funny lines. Additionally, we can definitely say that he’s also one of few who can sport such a hairstyle and still look cool!

Anime Hairstyles

12. Ragyou Kiryuin- Kill la Kill

It is hard to take someone sporting rainbow hair seriously. Much less imagining one to even have an authoritarian personality. Cute and cunning, extravagant and evil, a multicolored megalomaniac! Yep, that pretty much sums up the main antagonist of Kill la Kill. Additionally, the bat wings like hairstyle give a more eccentric touch. Kudos to her for pulling off that outlandish hairstyle while being as intimidating as ever! An interesting anime hairstyle indeed, but would it work so flawlessly in real life?

Anime Hairstyles

11. Selnia Flameheart- Ladies versus Butlers

Hair drills form a niche of their own in the world of anime hairstyle. It is a sign of rich, quirky, and classy anime characters. Even proving to be great waifu material for the fans. And Selnia Flameheart is certainly no exception. But those large drills of outlandish proportions wouldn’t be a hassle with a bottomless supply of money at one’s disposal. Even her classmates joke over the size of her hair. Adding to the ridiculous nature, they even spin, twirl and swirl occasionally! So, there’s some novelty you won’t get tired of any time soon either!

Anime Hairstyles

10. Minoru Mineta- Boku no Hero Academia

What! Is! What?! It’d be an understatement to say that the pervy Mineta is all about being purple. Also, are those grapes on his head? Nope, that’s supposed to be his hair, fellas! Sticky and bouncy blobs of purple mass for hair! Even his quirk has him literally pluck them out and use them as adhesive and bouncy balls. Gross much? What’s more, is that they grow back as soon as they’re plucked off. Definitely not an anime hairstyle you get to see every day!

Anime Hairstyles

09. Rikuo Nura- Nurarihyon no Mago

Rikuo of the Nura clan, part human and quarter yokai/ demon. Nothing stands out in the day. But wait for the Sun to set, and you get poked in the eye with that long, pointed hair. That is if you stand close enough. And oh boy, how does he fight with that hairstyle? Does it only grow on one side? Does having demon blood in you give such a wacky and cool anime hairstyle? Well, sign me up!

Anime Hairstyles

08. Mozu and Kiwi- One Piece

When their hairstyle defines an anime character, you know you’re in the realm of absurd. And such is the case with Mozu and Kiwi from One Piece. And they do make a strong case for it, too, with their square hairs. After all, they hold the nickname of Square Sisters. And no points for guessing why. They even have to walk sideways, lest the windblown them away. One thing’s for sure, though, and we sure are blown away by their hair. Maybe, don’t put your hair in a lamination machine the next time?

07. Jessie- Pokemon

A series that has been a fan favorite ever since it started running. Jessie, with her trademark long red-magenta hair, has graced the series in all the seasons yet. And she looks quite elegant with that abnormally long but stylish hair too. After all, she aspired to be a model in the past and is obsessed with being fashionable and stylish. She doesn’t even like anyone touching her hair either and is very hot-headed at that. While it does make for incompetent thugs, she comes through with her fashionable looks. More power to you, girl!

Anime Hairstyles

06. Ritsuko Kunihiro- Shiki

Shiki is an amazing horror genre series. But what’s even more horrific is the hairstyle art in this anime. And the one that grabs our attention the most is the kind-hearted and friendly nurse- Ritsuko. Her turquoise-colored knee-length hair beats out the competition by a mile. While the anime may be quite interesting, the hairstyle animations may require some time to get used to. It’s like the hairstyles live in a world of their own, oblivious to all rhyme or reason. After all, ‘s said and done, this does take nutty anime hairstyles to the next level.

Anime Hairstyles

05. Shaula Gorgon- Soul Eater NOT

While anime fans may be aware of Soul Eater, Soul Eater NOT is a spin-off prequel to the main show. And so, next on our list is the youngest of the Gorgon sisters- Shaula. Her hair is crazy long, arranged into a long loose plait, and ends in the shape of a scorpion’s stinger. And this isn’t just for show either. Much of her magic and powers lie in her offensive and defensive use of her hair. It contains venom that allows her to control her victims’ minds, leaving us with our minds blown too.

Anime Hairstyles

04. Squid Girl (Ika Musume)- Shinryaku! Ika Musume

While squids have a notorious connotation in the world of anime, this is a rather innocuous and innocent one. Squid Girl lives true to its namesake. The protagonist is a humanoid squid girl. Say goodbye to your Monday blues with this blue girl with her…. blue tentacle hair? From the deep blue sea, as hilarity ensues! Besides, she can even use her tentacle hair for everyday use and even fight with it. If only we had extra arms… or tentacle hair to use as arms!

03. Sunny- Toriko

Each character in Toriko has its own attribute that makes them weird. But the one that stands out with their weird hair is Sunny, with his vibrant colored hair. Perhaps someone ate a bit too many Jordan almonds? Furthermore, each colored hair has its own use, from detecting temperatures to pressures to even tastes of whatever they touch! He even has over a million tiny controllable feelers emerging from his hair and extends up to 300 meters! But if that’s not mad enough for you, Dragon Ball fans will be delighted to see his Satan Hair form. Golden and even longer strands of hair granting enhanced powers. Yep, as you thought, Hair = Power!

Anime Hairstyles

02. Yugi Muto- Yu-Gi-Oh!

Spiked hair? Check! Multi-colored hair? Check! A goofy persona to go with it? Check! Yep, it’s a shonen anime, alright. A unique style from a childhood anime that none can fail to recall. Yugi, with his triple-colored hairdo and multiple layers of hair, also has a multi-personality issue. A more serious alter-ego that we know by the name Yami Yugi. Well, someone is in their emo-teen stage!

01. Franky – One Piece

One Piece is full of weird, bizarre, and ridiculous characters of all shapes and forms. From character designs to outfits to even their hairstyles, this anime is bonkers when it comes to appearances. And it’d be an injustice to this list if we ignore Franky of the Straw Hats. Being highly customizable, Franky can turn his bright blue hair into practically everything conceivable to the human mind. More often than not, for cosmetic and comedic purposes. From pigtails to wings to even a cannon or a blue whale. No wonder he’s the anime hairstylist reigning supreme in this list!

Bonus! Saitama- One Punch Man

Now that you’ve reached this far, here’s a little bonus for you! No anime hairstyle list can be truly complete without the hero we all know and love from One Punch Man! Here’s the antithesis of the established rule in the world of anime. Saitama gives the finger to all of the anime that relies on the belief of Hair = Power! Once an average everyday man with a chock full of hair, now a bald hero saves people every day. Losing his hair after rigorous training, he obtained inhuman powers to defeat inhuman monsters. He surely makes the Gokus and Vegetas of the anime world go green with envy!

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With this, we’ve reached the end of the countdown. We hope that you enjoyed and had fun reading it. As it’s not feasible to cover each and every quirky hairstyle in the vast world of anime, we’ve taken some of the more popular ones. Having covered various anime hairstyles that reside in the realms of the absurd and weird, the cool and funky and the funny and quirky ones. Do you have other hairstyles in mind that should’ve been included in this list? Also do let us know some of your other webtoon and manhwa series too!

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