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Updated on: 02/09/2022


Here we are, back again with another post filled with even more waifus. Only this time, THEY’VE GOT WHITE HAIR. We all already know how rare and uncommon standard colors are in the anime World. Now it is time to take on the other side of the coin. So here are our picks for the Top 29 Anime Girls with White Hair.

Top 29 Anime Girls with White Hair

Uni29. Uni

At number 29, we have Uni from Hyperdimension Neptunia. Let’s just get this straight, and She is a White-Haired Tsundere Goddess Loli. 🙂 Do I need to say anything else?

She is more friendly than her sister. At the start, Uni has little self-esteem and confidence, but later she overcomes these fears. Oh, she also wears a skirt all the time.

Urith28. Urith (L-RIG)

Coming in at 28, we have Urith from Selector Infected WIXOSS. Ulith (or Urith in the Dub) is a dark, cold, and cruel L-RIG from Selector Infected. She is one weird loli. Urith enjoys pain, suffering, and seeks out battle for the sake of crushing her opponents. Trust me, Don’t mess with messed up Lolis.

Noire (Black Heart) - white hair anime girl27. Noire (Black Heart)

At number 27, we have Uni’s elder sister Noire from Selector Infected WIXOSS. She is known to be the ideal Goddess. However, things can go awry. She also likes to work alone most of the time, so that creates a ton of team problems. Noire also bosses Uni around, but she’s got her heart in the right place. Maybe that’s why we like her so much. An ideal Anime girl with white hair.

Illyasviel Von Einzbern - anime girls with white hair26. Illyasviel Von Einzbern

At number 26, we have Illyasviel Von Einzbern from the fate stay night series. She happens to be the daughter of Irisviel Van Einzern from Fate Zero. At the start of the Holy Grail War, we see a sadistic, murderous side if Illyasviel, but this only lasts till the war. As the fandom would put it, She is cheerful and outgoing, upbeat, and generally exhibits a positive attitude. I think she’s adorable. (More white hair anime lolis coming).

Irene25. Irene

Next up, we have Irene from Claymore. She isn’t the talking type, but her wits make up for it. Irene is probably one of the most level headed anime girl with white hair. More to add, she is an excellent strategist, and oh boy, wait till you see her Quicksword technique. I think being smart has its perks, and Irene stands on top of those.

Mayu24. Mayu

At number 24, we have Mayu, another entry from selector infection Wixoss. Mayu could easily give you the wrong impression of her absurdly antagonistic personality. Her character, in my opinion, is justified later. I won’t spoil the anime for you, so I’m going to leave the ‘How’ part blank. Another perfect white-haired anime girl.

Kiriko Shikishima - anime girls with white hair23. Kiriko Shikishima

At number 23, we have Kiriko Shikishima from Denpa Kyoshi. If I had to sum her up in one line, I’d say, Maid Fan service. She’s the shy waifu we all ever wanted, trust me on this one. Later with the help of Junichirou, she embraces her imperfection and Ta-Da! We are blessed with a perfect waifu.

Origami Tobitchi22. Origami Tobiichi

At number 22, we have the Origami Tobiichi from Date A Live. Here’s a small thing about Date A Live, it’s a Harem Anime. Do I need to say more? Origami is quite flirtatious, too, and isn’t the type of person to stay quiet and not speak her mind.  She has some ecchi moments if you’re into that stuff. All over a perfect white-haired anime girl.

Hanbee Takenaka21. Hanbee Takenaka

Hanbee Takenaka is on number 21. She is one of the most powerful characters in the entire series. Her intellect and magical prowess are unmatched. Now you might think that such a badass would be a leader as well, right? Well, no, She is one of the shy-est character ever. Besides, She’s adorable.

Kamyu20. Kamyu

At number 20, we have Kamyu from Anime – The One Being Sung. Let’s just say she has a couple of things to offer *Wink Wink*. Kamyu might just be the cutest anime girl with white hair of all time. She avoids trouble as much as she can and is the most innocent waifu you can ever get close to.

Koyomi Hiiragi - anime girls with white hair19. Koyomi Hiiragi

At number 19, we have Koyomi Hiiragi from Denpa Kyoshi. She is the chairman of the Hiiragi Academy private school, and rightfully so, she does whatever she can for the students. Sometimes she can be a little deceptive, but she has her heart in the right place. Truly an idol.

Caanan18. Canaan

Next up, we have Canaan from  Canaan. She, as you guessed, happens to be the main protagonist of the anime. She is a mercenary with superpowers. Her level headed mind and calm personality make her ideal for any job. Don’t get too close to this one. Scary anime girl with white hair over here.

Tama17.  Tama

At 17, we have Tama from Selector Infected Wixoss. Tama is the L-RIG of Ruko Kominato. This child-like girl will make you scream “Kawaii”. Cuteness is her ultimate weapon, and she will not let you down. Another doll-like anime girl with white hair.

Isiviel Von Einzbern

The picture was taken from Pixiv

16. Irisviel Von Einzbern

Now we have Irisviel Von Einzbern from the Fate series. Irisviel might be the most mother-like character in this entire list about anime girls with white hair. She happens to be the wife of Kiritsugu Emiya. She has a soft-hearted character with a warm embrace. I love how she, even after being homunculi, was treated fairly. It added a nice human touch.

Lisanna Straus - anime girls with white hair

By artist – iNash19

15. Lisanna Strauss

At number 17, we have Lisanna Strauss from FairyTail. Natsu figures out that its impossible to win an argument against her and rightly so. She is also the kind of girl who is liked by everyone. What might make you like her is that she loves NEKO. All over waifu material. Not to be skipped over.

Tomoyo Sakagami14. Tomoyo Sakagami

Next up, we have Tomoyo Sakagami from Clannad. Tomoyo is introduced as the tough popular girl who always tries to play the cool character.  In reality, she’s a bit misunderstood. There’s a softer side to Tomoyo, for example: Even though she acts tough, she hates initiating fights. One of the more misunderstood white-haired anime girls.

Sorano (Angel) - anime girls with white hair

By artist – kvequiso

13. Sorano (Angel)

Coming in at number 13, we have Sorano from FairyTail. She is the ecchi queen on this list. Let me just state this, “She has everything an otaku would wish for” *DOUBLE WINK*. She can be described as a cruel, sadistic, harsh, and arrogant person who enjoys toying with her enemies. According to Yuukino, Sorano was initially a kind girl and was always supporting her little sister when their parents were scolding her.

Sakura - Danganronpa12. Sakura

At number 12, we have Sakura from Danganronpa. She might seem heavily intimidating, but trust me, there is more than what meets the eye. Sakura is one of the characters trapped inside the “school” and is forced to play by the sick and twisted rules to survive. I feel sorry for her at times, but her caring heart also makes me root for her. An absurd candidate to the anime girls with white hair list, perhaps.

Index Librorum11. Index Librorum

Next, we have Index Librorum from Toaru Majutsu no Index. To start with, she has a photographic memory but the naivety of a child. However, she is smart……. actually, much smarter for her time. Another weird fact about our cute catholic girl is her appetite. She can devour food faster than pac-man.

Orphelia Landlufen10. Orphelia Landlufen

Next up, we have Orphelia Landlufen from the Asterisk war. Are you into girls who are colder than the beer in your fridge? Then, my friend, you have stumbled upon gold. Orphelia happens to be the best friend of Alexia Van Reissfeld. Unlike Alexia, Orphelia has a dark personality and a distant past. Fascinating character, though. Don’t know if this being dark and mysterious is a common trait between anime girls with white hair.

Shiro - anime girls with white hair9. Shiro

Hailing from Deadman Wonderland, we have Shiro coming in at number 9. Shiro is one of the protagonists of Deadman Wonderland. She is a rather bubbly, eccentric, and fun-loving girl even though this anime is not at all close to that. Even though her ways might crack you up, she is much stronger than she is credited for.

Mirajane Strauss - From Deviantart8. Mirajane Strauss

At number 8 we have Mirajane Strauss from FairyTail. First off, she is straight-up gorgeous, and to add more, she is generous. Imagine having a girl who wouldn’t jump at conclusions and listens to your explanation. Well, that is how one can define Mirajane Strauss. It truly must be protected at all costs.

Kaguya otsotsuki7. Kaguya ĹŚtsutsuki

Coming in at number 7, we have Kaguya ĹŚtsutsuki from Naruto Shippuden. Like her or don’t like her, you simply can’t deny how powerful and badass she is. Once a perfect person, Kaguya turned into a god-like entity by consuming the fruit from the god tree. Her powers are immense, and I feel she is a character that’s often left out.

Shiro - anime girls with white hair6. Shiro

Coming in at number 6, we have Shiro from No Game No Life. Let me just say this; she is the kawaii queen of anime. Nobody even comes close. Apart from that, she is incredibly smart…. like brilliant. When you see Shiro, the only thought in your head would be “HEAD PATS”. But on a more serious note, No Game No Life is known to be ecchi, but our Shiro is safe, or is she?

Tsubasa Hanekawa - anime girls with white hair5. Tsubasa Hanekawa

Up next, we have Tsubasa Hanekawa from Nekomonogatari: Kuro. I mean… practically she is a half Neko, isn’t that Nya-ice? Jokes apart, Tsubasa Hanekawa possess enough power to take on a full-blooded vampire. This mixed with her Neko cuteness makes her a strong contender in a list for anime girls with white hair.

Seitenshi4. Seitenshi

At number 4 we have Seitenshi from Black Bullet. She is the governor of the Tokyo area. Seitenshi is the all series girl, and she doesn’t slip up. She’s always confident in whatever she does, and her calm nature only makes her more suited for what she does. Apart from this, I like her dressing sense.

Koneko Toujou3. Koneko Toujou

Coming in at number 3, we have Koneko Toujou from High School DXD. Koneko is one of the quietest members. She spends a majority of the early episodes berating resident pervert protagonist Issei, for his ecchi advances. I mean…. you guy get the idea. Koneko is a perfect example of what to expect from a white-haired bishoujo.

Kanabe Tachibana2. Kanade Tachibana

At number 2 we have Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats. She serves as the wrongful antagonist for a good amount of time, and it is hilarious to watch the misunderstandings take their place. She appears to have no feelings or emotions at all, but she is simply bad at making friends. Her character was a really important one for the entire heartfelt series. Once you get to know her, you’ll find out how wrong you can be about Kanade.

Nakiri Alice1.Nakiri Alice

At the prime spot, we have Nakiri Alice from Shokugeki No Souma. Her character has always been an interesting one, and her backstory tells so much more. She is one of the, if not the funniest character in the entire anime. And fret not, food wars have enough ecchi scenes to make you stay. I think that her role and character development are and always will be a vital element in Shokugeki no Souma. Her bipolar and fast-shifting nature has way too many fans, and especially her chibi form is something every Shokugeki fan craves.

White hair is another rare breed in the anime business. It is often used to denote “Outwardly” in characters. As rare as these characters are, they all have something good and warm to them or their past. Either way, these girls have so much to them, that a simple brief about them wouldn’t do much justice, but this was our list for the top 29 Anime Girls with white hair. Do you agree with our picks? Comment down below to let us now.

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