THEBIEM Anime and Manga News Roundup 26/08/2018 Edition

Welcome to the anime and manga news roundup 26/08/2018 edition. Manga news predominate this week so a great week for the manga lovers? Well, read on to find out.

Anime and Manga News Roundup 26/08/2018


1. Non Non Biyori Vacation Film Reveals New Ad

 The official website for the anime series, Non Non Biyori revealed a brand new ad for the series. To promote it’s brand new movie which is currently airing in 27 theaters around Japan. The movie is an adaption of the popular slice of life series with the same name which started airing in  2013. The series has 2 seasons and a couple OVA’s. The movie is set to be a sequel to the last season which aired in 2014


2. Iris Zero Manga resume In September

Artist for the manga of Iris Zero got announced over on Twitter.  Him and Story writer Shiki Piro will be resuming there manga in Novembers issue of  Monthly Comic Alive. The series first went on Hiatus back in 2012 due to one of the authors facing health issues. But returned in 2013. Only to go back on Haitus in 2014. A new volume for the manga was released in 2016. But now the series is fully returning in 2018.


3. Manga Adaption of the Novel [New Life+] Resumes

ComicWalker brought out the part 1 of a new chapter of the manga series  [New Life+] confirming that the manga series will be continuing. The manga was originally put on hold. The Author of the Novel got into a massive controversy after his discriminatory remarks to the Chinese came to light. Due to this everything of the series was put on halt. Consequently, the anime series that was meant to air soon did not materialize after most of the Voice actors left the production of the anime to show they do not support the author’s remarks.  The light novel is also not showing any sign that it will return.



4. Akame ga Kill! Zero Prequel Manga To End In 10th Volume

The newest Volume of Akame ga Kill! Zero. Revealed the prequel manga for Akame ga Kill. Will be coming to an end in the 10th volume of the series. The prequel manga follows one of the main characters of the original series. Akame when she was an assassin for the empire. The manga started serialization in 2013 and has been ongoing ever since, Until now.


5. Yuri Manga Citrus, Receives A Spin-off

The newest issue of Comic Yuri Hime magazine. Revealed the popular Yuri manga Citrus. Will be launching a brand new spin-off series titled, Citrus Plus. Citrus the main manga recently came to an end on August 18. That manga had a total of 41 chapters and has been ongoing since 2012. The main series also received an anime adaption in January 2018. The anime had a total of 12 episodes and with studio Passione bringing out he adaptation.


6. Misato Konari’s Coffee Ikaga Deshō Gets Anime

珈琲いかがでしょう アニメ版テーマソング「憂うつはコーヒーカップの中」PV

Anime Beans app by Production I.G has been adding some great content to its app platform. Misato Konari’s Coffee Ikaga Deshō (Would You Like Some Coffee?) manga will be the latest to the platform. Check out the theme song for the anime “Yūutsu wa Coffee Cup no Naka” (Depression is Inside a Coffee Cup) by Yōko Arai in the video link. The anime has 30 episodes, and the first seven episodes are available for free on the app. The manga follows a coffee food truck shop, where the barista makes an individual cup for each customer. The coffee brewed conscientiously, sincerely, and wholeheartedly helps customers unwind.


7.  Miss Beelzebub Likes TV Anime Gets New Visual

The new visual features the main cast members posing against a seafoam green, doily decorated background. The series is aiming to hit Japanese TV this October. Yen Press currently holds the domestic rights to the title, which they describe as:

Murin’s lands his dream job with the demon king he’s always held in awe, but when his tenure begins, it turns out the demon king isn’t quite what he expected…


8. Saint Seiya: Saintia Sho Confirms December 2018 Anime Premiere

Saint Seiya: Saintia Sho, a spin-off to Kurumada Masami’s manga series Saint Seiya and the series will premiere on ANIMAX in Dec. 2018. Saintia Sho is based on the manga series of the same name by Chimaki Kuori and picks up directly after the original series but focusses on the young protagonist Shou, who belongs to a class of female warriors and Athena’s personal handmaidens, known as “Saintia”.


9. Ace Attorney season 2 releases Key Visual

The Ace Attorney anime returns with a second season and the series will premiere on October 6. The official website and Twitter account went up with a new visual along with the announcement. Ace Attorney season 2 covers the events of Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations, which first hit Game Boy Advance in Japan in 2004.


10. Haikara-san ga Tooru (Here Comes Miss Modern) Releases 2nd Teaser Video

「劇場版 はいからさんが通る 後編 ~花の東京大ロマン~」30秒特報 2018年10月19日(金)公開

Key Visual

Waki Yamato’s classic shoujo manga Haikara-san ga Tooru (Here Comes Miss Modern) earlier today began streaming a 30-second teaser for its upcoming second part “Hana no Tokyo Dai Roman” (Big Romance in Tokyo of Flowers) season. The clip begins with the protagonist Benio Hanamura’s arrival at Manchuria (Northeast China) to look for her fiancé Shinobu Ijuin, who has been missing in action. Also, you can find a new character Lalissa. She is the wife of Sasha Mikhaylov, a Russian count who has lived in exile in Japan and is exactly like Shinobu. The second part “Tokyo Dai Roman” is set to be released in Japan on October 18, 2018.

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