Amanchu! Advance season 2

Amanchu! 2nd season – ‘Amanchu! Advance’ Releases New Promotional Video & Key Visuals


Date: 28/02/2018

TV Anime Amanchu! is going to have its second season – Amanchu! Advance this year. Earlier today, the official website shared the 2nd Promotional video and key visuals. Kozue Amano is the author of the original scuba diving-themed manga. The 90-second promotional video contains the new season’s OP theme song – ‘Crosswalk’ by singer/voice actress Minori Suzuki. The anime is set to premiere first on AT-X on April 7, 2018, and then followed by Tokyo MX and BS11.

Amanchu! – Synopsis

Hikari Kohinata is a high school girl who lives near the sea. Through her high school teacher, she learns about scuba diving. She tags her classmate Futaba Ooki along with her to the sea and soon others join. Amanchu! is an anime which is warm, gentle and although it can sometimes be a bit painful, yet it always tries to be full of happiness!

Amanchu! Advance – PV 1# & #2


Amanchu! Advance – Key Visuals

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What We Can Expect

The anime falls under the genres of  Slice of Life, Comedy, Shounen. I am a huge fan of the Slice of life genre and I look forward to watching this anime. Also, I love the sea and scuba diving is going to be the biggest reason why I would give this anime a sincere chance. I have checked the reviews of the first season and although its rating falls short of the best, it does have very great reviews. Hence, people who are going to love it will definitely enjoy watching this anime. Season one carried a ‘feel good’ factor with it and probably season two would also continue to do so. I would love to review slice of life genre anime and manga and I hope to review this anime too. With good art and character designs, we have here an anime that offers good entertainment value.

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