Alien Hand Syndrome : Look What My Hands Can Do

It had been the worst day of my life today. Tired, I closed my apartment door, throwing the keys carelessly on the kitchen counter. I’ll get a drink, perhaps; thinking so, I walked over to the cabinet to get myself a cup. Suddenly, I felt a strange sensation in my hand. I kept directing it to the cup, but it won’t do so. Frantic, I desperately grabbed my hand with the other, forcing it to carry out my action….but somehow, it had a will of its own. It wouldn’t do what my brain asked it to do. It was as if….. my hand was alienated from the rest of my body. An Alien Hand.

Terrifying, isn’t it? When we suddenly lose control of a part of our body, sure, but when it starts to move on its own? I’d definitely exorcise my hand. But no, there is no need to do so, because it is nothing paranormal, its just another psychological syndrome, more commonly known as the Alien Hand Syndrome.

The Alien Hand Syndrome

The Patient – Alex Cherry

You see, it is a condition where a person experiences his limbs moving on their own, without any control. It derives its name from the fact that it commonly affects the left hand. If I had to express it in other words, it would mean a ‘disentanglement’ between the thought and the action. Despite being a neurological disorder, people often associate AHS with psychology.

Its quite detrimental, especially when the hand suddenly grabs objects or stuffs food, sometimes causing harm not only to others, but also the poor individual. Patients often feel a disassociation with the alien hand, furthermore, they also claim to involuntarily ‘speak’ to the hand, as if it were another separate individual. However, this syndrome is fairly rare : people have reported only four dozen cases in the world. This is mostly because the causes vary, or usually take place after an incision to the corpus callosum. Even if there is no cure as such, proper medication can bring it fairly under control.

The Case Of Karen

Karen Bryne

Source of this excerpt can be found here

It started after Karen had surgery at 27 to control her epilepsy, which had dominated her life since she was 10. In Karen’s case her surgeon cut her corpus callosum, a band of nervous fibres which keeps the two halves of the brain in constant contact. Cutting the corpus callosum cured Karen’s epilepsy, but left her with a completely different problem. Karen told me that initially everything seemed to be fine. Then her doctors noticed some extremely odd behavior.

“Dr O’Connor said ‘Karen what are you doing? Your hand’s undressing you’. Until he said that I had no idea that my left hand was opening up the buttons of my shirt.

“So I start re buttoning with the right hand and, as soon as I stopped, the left hand started unbuttoning them. So he put an emergency call through to one of the other doctors and said, ‘Mike you’ve got to get here right away, we’ve got a problem’. Karen had emerged from the operation with a left hand that was out of control.

“I’d light a cigarette, balance it on an ashtray, and then my left hand would reach forward and stub it out. It would take things out of my handbag and I wouldn’t realize so I would walk away. I lost a lot of things before I realized what was going on.”

In Popular Media

Parasyte Anime
Parasyte Anime uses the concept of Alien Hand Syndrome
  • Parasyte Anime makes use of the alien hand concept in the series.
  • In House M.D. episode ‘Both Sides Now’, the patient is suffering from Alien Hand.
  • South Park episode ‘Fat Butt and Pancake Head’, shows Eric Cartman suffering from AHS.
  • In Episode 12, Season 1 of the Netflix show Grace And Frankie, the character Frankie refers to alien hand syndrome.
  • In Season 4 Episode 5 of Grey’s Anatomy ‘Haunt you Every Day’, a patient complains of ‘Alien Foot Syndrome’.
  • Tamil comedy ‘Peechaankai’ is about an AHS patient.
  • In Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 film ‘Dr. Strangelove’, the Peter Seller’s character is shown to be suffering from alien hand syndrome.


  1. What is your opinion about Alien hand syndrome?
  2. Have you ever met someone with AHS?
    If somehow your hand suddenly started acting like an independent individual, what would you do? What would you do if it started speaking and doing actions as per its will?
  3. What would happen if one of your internal organs were to behave on their own accord?

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161 Replies to “Alien Hand Syndrome : Look What My Hands Can Do”

  1. But in more serious though, this is scary
    I mean why tf would my hand wanna undress me and acting on its own.
    Will call the cdc, tell them to find me a cure or cut it off.

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  2. This never happened to my hand, however it oftened happens with my entire councipusness, its like my mind drifts away and at one moment i come back and just resume

  3. What if your hand had a higher IQ than yourself, then savagely murders you in your sleep. After that takes complete hold of your body, while you are having one last faithful dream to remember… what would you do?

    1. As this Alien would be parasitic, I’d cut off my blood stream so it doesn’t spread, then have to cut it off assuming it doesn’t deform my hands like in “Parasyte”.

  4. uwu imagine if an alien was controlling the hand of the first woman
    Unbuttoning her shirt cause it wanted to implement a baby in her;. :

      1. I don’t know yet, I know some people that could help, but we have our own channel ofc.

        I’m making a thread that I believe will be my best yet, scheduled for the 27th

  5. I have experienced both my legs going numb for a few good 5mins
    Worst 5mins of my life
    Tho I lost the use of my legs and that I was dying lol

  6. Sometimes, I want to type something but I ended up typing something else… it feels like my fingers are acting on their own.

  7. I heard of how it’s possible you have 2 halves of your brain that are completely diffrent people but one is silent so THAT part of you is who you think you are yet theres another person inside of you.
    So you, Are 2.
    That would explain the posability of you having 2 seperate actions due to disconnection.
    So to sum it up.
    Your actually 2 people each commanding 2 halfs of your body but the silent one follows the ones goals as the other cant communicate.

  8. I think this is crazy, I beileve in it but I’m not sure it’s real, I would like to feel it or experience it JUST FOR SECONDS NOT FOR EVER LOL

  9. I don’t know someone with the Alien Hand Syndrom, but I already heared about it before. It must be a really strange feeling, even though I would like to experience it once, just like I want to see how sleep paralysis feels. Must be horrible for those people who suffer long term from it though.

  10. I think this would quite a concerning condition to have but I’m fortunate in that no I know has it. If it happened with an internal organ of mine, I guess I might end up dead or in the hospital depending on which organ is affected. I’d make a run for the doctors immediately if I got it though,,,

  11. In my opinion, That’s fake situations.
    I never met anyone with this situation before and I don’t believe this stories to even think it would happen to me.

  12. How do you know it is not paranormal? It could be…

    It reminds me of this scene from Evil Dead 2:

  13. This is certainly a special mental state/condition of being too fearful at times. This probably happens a lot to overly possessive people. It is very scary & can be remedied with counseling regularly.

  14. I don’t thik it ever happened to me and I dont know anyone with that problem. I think if I experienced that I would get very scared and probably freak out

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