Manga Ahiru no Sora gets an anime adaptation, key visual revealed

Ahiru no Sora gets an anime adaptation is a news that made me really happy. I have been reading this manga ever since it came out. And by being a huge fan of sports anime. I am always very happy when I hear about them getting an anime adaptation. Because for some reason I somehow prefer anime over manga. Even though lately I have been reading more than watching. If you are not acquainted with Ahira no Sora, let me briefly explain what it is about. First of all, the story revolves around a short basketball player. Sora Kuramatani is a young eccentric boy, that makes the heart of the story. However, I would not say that the whole story revolves around him.

Even though Sora is the key around which the plot forms, we can clearly say that others have a lot of impact in it. Though, let’s get back a bit to Soras background before this. The story starts when Sora enters Kuzuryuu high school. With passion left from his mother. Sora feels it’s time to play basketball to his fullest. His goal is to dominate in his first high school tournament. However, upon entering his club he encounters a problem. The basketball club is filled with delinquents. They don’t even play basketball. Although, there is Momoharu Hanazono and his brother Chiaki. Momoharu is power jumper with great skills as a blocker. However, he is terrible at shooting. His twin brother Chiaki is a very skilled point guard. Losing interest in the game, both of the brothers stopped playing. Until Sora comes and reignites the flame in their hearts.

Ahiru no Sora gets an anime adaptation key visual

Ahiru no Sora gets an anime adaptation – Sora

Soras design for the anime looks very well. And to be honest, in the manga, I loved the designs for the characters. They looked a bit unique, the art has it’s own style. And I always love unique styles of art. I’ll put some of the characters from the manga down below. For those that did not read it. Let’s see, so Sora is three-point shooting expert. His role in the team is shooting-guard.  So finally after Kuroko no Basket ended we are getting another basketball anime. And this time one I think will blow others out of the roof.

Ahiru No Sora Characters:

Momoharu Hanazono


Chiaki Hanazono


Ahiru no Sora Interesting Fact

The manga was  published in the Weekly Shonen magazine in 2004

So 14 long years have already passed, and damn boy I think a lot of fans will be hyped about this one. I don’t know, somehow I feel this and the upcoming year are full of exciting new anime. Last two season has been a bit dull, and they ear overall had not too many good ones, except a few. Maybe it’s just me, but I did not watch too many this year. Hopefully, I can get back into it with the exciting upcoming releases.

At the beginning the main character is only 149.22cm tall and has a nickname “Sora The Wingless Duck”

It’s hard to believe that the soul of a basketball team would be nicknamed wingless. And be 149 cm tall, but that’s what this anime is all about. Its key feature is the characters and the story that revolves around them. Truly, it is worth to watch it. Everyone I know has told me they got surprised by it.

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